Trump Picks Rick Perry To Lead Energy Department (That He Wanted To Do Away With In 2011)

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Trump's string of 'anti'-status quo appointments continues with his selection of former Texas governor Rick Perry to lead the Energy Department, which it is worth noting he wanted to do away with in 2011.

Perry twice ran for his party’s presidential nomination, including against Trump, presenting himself as pro-business candidate.

Perry's selection is amusingly ironic, because five years ago, Perry wanted to eliminate the Energy Department: in an infamous 2011 Republican primary debate, Perry forgot that the Energy Department was one of the three federal government agencies he wanted to do away with. The other two were the Commerce and Education Departments. According to some pundits, the gaffe may have cost him a shot at the party’s 2012 nomination.

Perry, Texas’ longest-serving governor, was indicted in 2014 for abuse
of power and coercion after threatening to veto funds for a Travis
County office that investigates corruption unless the district attorney,
who had pleaded guilty to driving while intoxicated, resigned. Another
potential conflict of interest: Perry serves on the board of Energy Transfer Partners LP, the
company whose pipeline project has drawn opposition in North Dakota and
has become a rallying cry from environmentalists. While the Obama
administration has stalled the project, Trump has said federal approvals
for energy infrastructure need to come quicker.

Finally, those curious about Rick Perry's policies, we bring your an
interview from June, where Perry questioned the science behind global
warning.  Here are the details:

During his 2012 presidential campaign, Perry regularly questioned climate science, saying that it hadn't been settled. "There
are a substantial number of scientists who have manipulated data so
that they will have dollars rolling into their projects,"
claimed during one New Hampshire campaign stop. He called the EPA a
"cemetery for jobs." In his pre-campaign book, Fed Up!, Perry referred
to efforts to tackle global warming as "hysteria" and described the
science a "contrived phony mess." He even wrote that "we have been experiencing a cooling trend."
Perry's 2012 campaign collapsed when, during a debate, he forgot which
three cabinet-level departments he wanted to eliminate. He called for
axing Commerce and Education, but he famously couldn't remember that
Energy was also on the list of federal agencies he'd proposed
eliminating. "Oops," he finally said when he was unable name the

At the Conservative Political Action Conference this in February
0215, Perry touted his record fighting smog. But he sidestepped climate
change and called for the Keystone XL Pipeline to be built. "The point
is, you can have job creation, and you can make your environment
better," he said. "That ought to be our goal in this country, and it all
starts with energy policy. Open up the XL pipeline, create jobs."

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Haus-Targaryen's picture

Maybe he'll start firing everyone and turn the place into such a hole that it collapses into itself.  

Oh wait --- that is the Treasury department.  Nevermind.  Carry on.

UndergroundPost's picture

Trump is hostile to regulation that hinders economic growth and so is hostile to the bureaucratic dictatorship that the meddling Socialists and Neo-cons have gradually built over the decades. "Slash & Burn the Bureaucracies" is part of what will "Make America Great Again."

curbjob's picture

Rick Perry is a fucking moron ... but not to worry, if there's a way to spin this as a positive, Tyler will haul out the knee pads.

Arrest Hillary's picture

Your hurt butt needs a pad ?

curbjob's picture

So you're disputing that Rick Perry is a moron ? 

Link ?

VinceFostersGhost's picture



(That He Wanted To Do Away With In 2011)


Secretary of nothing.........that's a good start.


There were some others he wanted to do away with.....but for the life of me......I just can't remember.

Handful of Dust's picture

Rick Perry can barely pull his boots on. I think he has Alzheimers. But that's the only poor choice I have seen so far so there's that.

Holy hand grenade of Antioch's picture
Holy hand grenade of Antioch (not verified) SoilMyselfRotten Dec 13, 2016 10:24 AM

Time to dismantle this Carter era boondoggle

letsit's picture

Trump is piling more crocodiles in the swamp. He's pissing on the American people and calling it rain.

Mano-A-Mano's picture
Mano-A-Mano (not verified) letsit Dec 13, 2016 10:25 AM

Something did smell funny. :-))

Oh regional Indian's picture

All the reformed libertarians here, newly minted trumpettes will not care, since they are so...errr..Macho....but Rick perry started one of the most ill-advised, genocidal campaigns in texas, HPV Vaccination/Gladrasil to all the girls in the school system. He is not only moronic, he is dangerous and a puppet like all others, including Drumf....


Reality Creator's picture

The Dept. of energy is the most scientifically oriented cabinet level agencies requiring a high level of intelligence and professional experience in that sector. Rick Perry will not comprehend the level of knowledge required to run this department, much less possess the knowledge to run the department. Trump has built a cabinet made up of billionaires, generals and incompetents, no surprise there, a fascist stew in the making.

From wikipedia:

Its responsibilities include the nation's nuclear weapons program, nuclear reactor production for the United States Navy, energy conservation, energy-related research, radioactive waste disposal, and domestic energy production. It also directs research in genomics; the Human Genome Project originated in a DOE initiative. DOE sponsors more research in the physical sciences than any other U.S. federal agency, the majority of which is conducted through its system of National Laboratories.

letsit's picture

o boy, naivete is bliss.

philipat's picture

Dear letsit, tazs, techies-r-us, stizazz, lock-stock, beauticelli, Mano-A-Mano, mofio, santafe, Aristotle of Greece, Gargoyle, bleu, oops, lance-a-lot, Loftie, toro, Yippee Kiyay, lonnng, Nekoti, SumTing Wong, King Tut, Adullam, espirit, rp2016, Holy hand grenade of Antioch, One of these is not like the others, amongst many others, I wonder why you continue to talk to yourself? When you use honest disclosure in the link to your Biblicism Institute site (Even though the site has no connection whatsoever to your comments) I will  not respond with a SPAM alert. So there is no need to talk to yourself to prevent my SPAM alert appearing right below your fake links. Unless you see the need to congratulate and/or reassure yourself on your clever comments, knowing that nobody else will? Alternatively, it can only mean you are seriously mentally ill. Talking to yourself is not good; you MUST remember to take your meds.

divingengineer's picture

(That He Wanted To Do Away With In 2011)


Expect Reforms.

Kevin Trader's picture

Are you sure that he said he wanted to do away with it...I thought he could remember waht he wanted to do away with....appparently had trouble reading his notes (which is why he got those coool new glasses!) :) Nothing like a guy who freezes on stage to be part of your leadership team. 

Dormouse's picture

Rick Perry can remake the Department in his own image. Trump is no fool, he knows Perry's position.

Rick Perry is also a hero. While on a jog several years ago, followed by reporters, he pulled a pistol from his running shorts and shot a vicious coyote saving everyone weeks of rabies shots.

garcam123's picture

WELL......YES.....In fact, he is a moron's moron.  Stupid with boots.  Ya kin tell them texias is all inbred!

Fucking stupid piece of shit and should be a warning to America, and I too voted for Trump, that he was only a 1/2 step up from that tratiorous cunt, Hitlery, but is a LONG, LONG, LONG way from a good choice.

If he'll just hang the Cluntons and her gang, it'll be a small right step, buy don't count on it.  The fucking will continue until America burns Shittington to the ground and with McShitstain's and Senior Turtle's help maybe that'll get started in earnest.  I'd love to that punk McShitstain make the drop.

enfield0916's picture

The guy who couldn't count during a presidential debate against Ron Paul is being asked to do the math on energy. Good ol Republicunt days are back again. Killary must be laughing when she heard the news!

J S Bach's picture

Can a head of a department initiate its own termination?  This would drive the commie-libs nuts.

Jim in MN's picture

90% of DOE funding is for the 'weapons complex'.  Dozens of operational and defunct nuclear weapon labs, fab plants, and so on.

Hanford, Savannah River, Rocky Flats.....every nuclear waste disaster site in the USA is under DOE site management.

The R&D and little policy bits and pieces are more or less a sideshow.

Still, one could make progress, of a sort. 

Blankone's picture

Perry was picked for this dept for the humor in it.  Makes for a good show.  But he had to be rewarded with a pick somewhere.

The real reason Rick Perry had to be picked for a dept head was due to his pushing and furthering the jewish forced innoculation agenda.  Perry, while in office, used an executive order to force all young girls in Texas to be injected with the HPV vaccine in order to go to school.  The vaccine is manufactured by Merck, for whom Perry was(is?) a lobbyist.  Enough people threatened to just pull their children out of the next school year to avoid the forced vaccination that it was reversed.  This was for a virus only transfered by sex.  To young girls before they could attend school.  Forced by the Texas govt.

Should we remember how a intentionally contaminated vaccine was distributed to East Ukraine (before the war) and some other places.  (by Bayer I believe)  It was shown that the contamination with a live virus could have only happened on purpose, that there was no way it was an accident.

Or the contaminated vaccines given to people in Africa?

Wait, wasn't there a vaccine, known to be contaminated, forced upon children in the US way back in the 60's? 

Jim in MN's picture

Paging Jill Stein, paging Jill Stein.....vaccine argument in Aisle 9

garcam123's picture

 we all remember Bayer..........Of Nazi Germany and slave labor fame  and possibly a purveyor of gasses used to exterminate prisoners.  How is it that they are still around? Maybe we should ask the family of Prescott Bush?

Tarzan's picture

I can think of no one better to lead the DOE then a man who wants to eliminate it,

but I don't trust anyone who's camped in the Bohemian Grove,

a Spirit Cooking Party on steroids!

Mix fresh breast milk with fresh sperm milk...

BorisTheBlade's picture

The surest way to run any department into the ground is being the head of one. Same with the company (or the country), given proper motivation.

onewayticket2's picture

who better to lead the dismantling of the DOE??


Huge cost savings....

spastic_colon's picture

what do you do when you want to get rid of a department? hire incompetence of course; plausible deniability for trump....brilliant.

JRev's picture

Hmm... didn't know DoE ran the Human Genome Project. Interesting.

tmosley's picture

Nah, he'll start redirecting and embezzling the budget to pay for his fancy penthouse apartment and french champagne. Maybe a foam party or two.

This will all be a more productive use of these funds than has been seen in the Energy Department since its founding.

Dormouse's picture

You're mistaken, the foam party faggot is Rubio. But don't let facts get in the way of petty little ad hominem attack. Rick Perry drinks Lone Star from a can, kiddo.

tmosley's picture

Right, because there can't be TWO homos on the planet Earth.

Sorry, "kiddo", but Perry is a homosexual. Everyone who went to school with him knows this. Friends with one of them.

He might have had beer out of a can once for the cameras, but that doesn't belie the fact that he broke the fucking budget with his insane spending, including his fancy french champagne that he had flown in special.

X_in_Sweden's picture
X_in_Sweden (not verified) Haus-Targaryen Dec 13, 2016 9:49 AM


try this without the girl:

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

I'm hoping he'll out the DOE inventory of Ammo on Sale.

Not a fire sale though. You don't want that.

UndergroundPost's picture

Picked because they might actually get rid of it...practically speaking

CHoward's picture

OK Rick - it's up to you now to dismantle that behemoth!

spastic_colon's picture

rick is too much of a dolt to "figure out" how to dismantle will implode on its own; which is the plan.

trumpala's picture

 'anti'-status quo? Take this: Gary Cohn - Goldman Sachs bankster!

gatorengineer's picture

Its anti status quo as everyone used to work for goldman, he still does.... see the difference?

williambanzai7's picture

Turn it into a Saloon called Department of Energy

nonclaim's picture

Maybe Trump means "department" as a verb.

quasi_verbatim's picture

I hope all these Trump picks are carrying heat.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Yes, but that was the department he could not remember, so it's okay.



The Fonz...before shark jump's picture

Once he enjoys the Perqs of his new office he will determine that the energy department isn't so bad after all..despite what he has said in the past....

We need incorruptible people in power....if we are to have any chance at saving this country and by extension the world..........yet the odds are against us....the amount of people who can say no to a suitcase full of cash is very very very low....God help us!

garcam123's picture in point....Bernie me coming and going.  I've never given a nickle to a politician in my life, until this year.  I sent him money because  he appeared to have ethics and principles....then he took the buy out and my money and is sitting pretty at the new lake house.  He's the usual piece of shit we have come to suspect them all of.  They ALL, every fucking one of them has a vested interest in feeding at the same trough.

How many of you would cut yourselves outof a lifelong gravy train?

I'm betting, NOTHING gets better, the fucking continues like nothins changed and if you like your murdering cops, you get to keep em, nigga!

GraveDancer's picture

Someone started dumping Lockheed Martin stock just before Trump's tweet: Tweet was 8:26 AM EST, LMT dumping started 8:20 AM

adamas's picture

MMnuchin and Cohn did it of course

orangegeek's picture

Wipe out this big fat goobermint department - build some infrastructure.