Industrial Production Disappoints For 15th Straight Month - Longest Non-Recessionary Streak In 100 Years

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For the 15th straight month, US Industrial Production has decline YoY (by 0.6%). This is the longest streak in US history without a recession.

IP decline 0.4% MoM in November (the biggest drop since March) and missed expectations... despite a surge in surveys proclaiming manufacturing picking up? 


The biggest driver of the drop... Vehicle Production declined 3.7% MoM


At some point this matters, right?


"probably nothing"

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nothing to see here

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Obama already fixed this.

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"Nobody saw this coming..."

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A turd by any other euphemism is still a turd.

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Obama was such a complete waste of time... 

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Just about to drop $2000 fixing up our 2011 Mitsubishi for Mrs. Beddoe. She was all excited that she might be getting a new ride. 

Fuck that honey! We are driving this bitch into the ditch and then we can talk. 

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Shut the fuck up and buy motherfucker.


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King Tut (not verified) Dec 14, 2016 9:26 AM

aka Stagflation

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Sorry, not quite.  Wages are not rising like they did in the 70's. Moreover, we really do have a global marketplace and the purchasing power of all fiat is declining.

You really think that interest rates can be raised like they were in the 70's or 80's?!?!? That is the only way out of such stagflation...

LMFAO!!! Good luck with that!

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Missing expectations is a good thing for the market

Just like:

the italian vote is "good" for the market

just like brexit and trump were good for the market

low rates are good for the market

higher rates are good for the market

lower oil prices are good for the market

higher oil prices are good for the market

more qe is good for the market

ending qe is also good for the market

bad jobs report is good for the market

good jobs report is good for the market.

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Make Bad News Great Again!


Buy buy buy buy buy buy buy


Ignore the fact that I'm selling ;)

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Ministry of Plenty never lies and never fails to meet its quotas

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production of real assets or useful technology is far too capital intensive and just too damn hard...

Almost 40% of our GDP is nothing but useless fucking financial "products"!!!!

Fucking joke!

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Trump will certainly see the economic downturn that is long overdue and will be blamed for it, especially by the left. But it's the left that has attempted to circumvent the necessary economic cycle by pumping the markets at the cost of the future, just deferring and compounding the downturn. 

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the ponzi scheme domestically and globally is maintained by constantly expanding credit and debt...without growth in debt, the charade cannot be maintained.  Savers are shunned in this world...people who don't have babies are shunned, but fools who buy mcmansions on a mcdonald's salary and have 6 kids all on governement assistance are glorified and heralded as the "saviors" of our economy.  There is a whole lot of truth in that statement.

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 BTFRATH- Buy THe fucking REtarded All Time Highs<

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This recovery is more recession than recession.

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What component of that index actually measures the new economy of page views and add clicks?

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Exactly. That "industrial production" graph should be near zero. We don't make anything, anymore. Maybe industrial production of debt?

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no...the US is the largest exporter of war and military hardware and support.

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True dat... I stand corrected. But, that is only 1 industry. You don't see any Ford automobiles in Japan...

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Strange feeling that whatever the number is, that whatever the fed does or say---the markets will rally hard, the vixx along with precious metals will plummett and the "feel good" narrative continues as dow blows through 20k and the S&P surges towards 2300...just a little over 2 hours until the pain train leaves the station on to its' next destination---NeverNever Land where the ghost of Michael Jackson touches all the little shrivelled peepees of the short players.  I'll probably be walking out with a rhinestone covered white glove stuck up my ass.

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Dont think, just press BUY. Survival of the most ignorant.