Aleppo Victory... US And Its Crime Partners Suffer "Meltdown Of Sanity"

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Submitted by Finian Cunningham via,

The US and its terrorist-sponsoring partners are seeing their criminal regime-change project in ruins, as the Syrian army and its allies win a spectacular victory to retake the strategically important city of Aleppo.

Western governments and their flunkies at the UN are cynically, perversely decrying a «meltdown of humanity».

Closer to the truth is their own «meltdown of sanity». This is because the official Western narrative about the Syrian war is finally being exposed on a glaring scale.

The exposure for the whole world to see is one of a systematic, fake propaganda cover that concealed a criminal enterprise – an enterprise involving terrorist proxies, or fake moderate rebels, whom the Western governments have sponsored for the past six years in a conspiracy to overthrow the government of Syria. The gravity of this systematic crime committed by Washington and its various partners is now unfolding.

Unable to cope with their own cognitive dissonance over the criminality, the Western governments and their complicit corporate news media are resorting to outright denial and to compounding lies with even more lies.

Instead of dealing with the reality that Syrian state forces have recaptured Aleppo from brutal, illegally armed groups, which the West and its regional clients have bankrolled and armed, the West distorts the dramatic victory as the «fall of Aleppo». One report on American channel CNN even referred to the victorious Syrian army and its allies as «persecutors».

With typical unhinged emotion, US ambassador to the UN Samantha Power cited unverified reports of civilians being executed in Aleppo, and slammed Syria and its allies Russia and Iran for having «no shame». It is Power and her Western partners-in-crime, including top UN officials, who should be hanging their heads in shame.

Among the hysterical soundbites about alleged atrocities and slaughter being lobbed around this week was this from UN «humanitarian» official Jens Laerke who said Aleppo was seeing a «meltdown of humanity». Catchy words, but divorced from reality.

Western news media outlets were screaming headlines alleging summary executions of women and children by the Syrian army and its Russian, Iranian and Lebanese allies as they moved in to finally retake the whole of the northern city.

Outgoing UN chief Ban Ki-Moon talked in disparaging tones about an «uncompromising military victory», while his underlings Rupert Colville and Jan Egeland decried «hellish» conditions and «war crimes» committed by Syria and Russia.

The problem is that all these sensational, reckless assertions are based on unverified claims by anonymous «activists» or persons involved with militants – militants who are integrated with terror groups like Jaysh al Fatah, Jabhat al Nusra, Ahrar al Sham and Nour al din al Zenki. All of them affiliated with the internationally proscribed Al Qaeda terrorist network – which the Western governments claim to be at war with.

It truly is a grotesque revelation when Western governments and UN officials publicly spout propaganda on behalf of terrorist groups.

Samantha Power and her British counterpart at the UN Matthew Rycroft cited UN «reports» of 82 civilians being executed, including 11 women and 13 children, by the pro-government Syrian forces during the final hours of recapturing Aleppo. But the same UN «reports» were themselves based on unverified sources supposedly embedded among the terrorists. This is not reportage. It is simply recycling rumors aimed at saving the necks of terrorist groups.

The simple fact of the information coming from unverified sources did not stop the UN, Power, Rycroft and the raft of Western media outlets, including the Washington Post, CNN, Guardian, Independent, France 24 etc, presenting the claims as if they were fact.

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov accused Western governments and their dutiful, unquestioning news media of spreading «fake news» about the dramatic events in Syria this week. Lavrov pointed out that none of the alleged atrocities were acknowledged by independent humanitarian groups.

Syria’s ambassador to the UN Bashar al Jaafari also refuted the claims of atrocities that Western counterparts appeared to be so perplexed by.

Western governments and media outlets persisted in their gory fantasies despite abundant video footage that even they themselves were broadcasting which showed thousands of civilians calmly walking away from militant-held pockets of Aleppo towards the Syrian state forces. Is that the behavior of people who are being massacred, summarily executed, slaughtered?

One of the most absurd distortions was this from France 24. The state-owned broadcaster of one of the countries that has supplied weapons and propaganda cover to terrorists in Syria over the past six years described this week how «people in government-held areas of Aleppo were celebrating». Given that the Syrian government holds virtually all of Aleppo that means that the vast majority of Syrians were celebrating. Yet France 24 roils its words to contrive a false division between pro and anti-government populations.

The more logical and truthful depiction is that Syrian civilians are at last able to flee from terror gangs that have held them under siege. But in reporting that the whole false Western narrative about what has been going on in Aleppo and Syria for the past six years would implode like a house of cards.

Why aren’t the Western news media interviewing the tens of thousands of civilians who have now managed to flee from the defeated terrorist groups? Why don’t the Western media ask questions about the nature of their captivity? Such as, why could they not escape from militant-held eastern Aleppo until now? What do these civilians think of the Syrian army and its allies who have crushed the militants?

The curious, gaping absence of any testimonies carried by the Western media from the thousands of liberated civilians in Aleppo is mirrored by the same curious, gaping absence of testimonies from thousands of civilians liberated elsewhere in Syria by the army over the past year.

That’s because those civilians are telling media outlets which are willing to report, such as the Syrian state broadcaster SANA, as well as RT, Press TV and Al Manar, that their nightmare siege imposed by the Western-backed terrorists is over. If Western media outlets were to actually bother to conduct real journalism they would go into liberated areas of Aleppo and other towns and villages across Syria and report that life is returning to happy normalcy for these families and communities.

The truth is Aleppo was invaded by Western-backed mercenaries in July 2012, who turned the eastern side of the city into a den ruled under a reign of terror. A twisted, demented caliphate run by head-chopping Wahhabi jihadists was imposed. Like Syria as a whole, these mercenaries were sanitized in the West as «moderate, pro-democracy rebels» – albeit somehow supposedly «intermingled» with jihadi extremists.

If that were the case, then where are these supposed «moderates» now that the last den of the «rebels» in Aleppo has been routed?

The stark absence of «moderate», «pro-democracy», «Western-value-supporting rebels» emerging from the ruins of Aleppo is as stark as the absence of petrified civilians denouncing Syrian army «atrocities» or Russian «war crimes».

In one resounding moment this week, the Western narrative about Aleppo, and the Syrian war more generally, has collapsed in a pile of dust. No amount of denials and further distortions can hide the exposure of Western lies and propaganda fabrications.

So ironically, Western media outlets have recently whipped up the phenomenon of «fake news» in the context of trying to discredit Russia over alleged electoral interference in the US and Europe.

What Syria has demonstrated is that the real culprits of peddling false news, and more gravely false narratives, are the Western governments and their conceited, self-important news media.

Unable to deal with the unbearable truth of criminal complicity, the official West is displaying a meltdown of sanity.

Aleppo and Syria will one day emerge again from the present ruins. No such recovery from ruins will be made by the ignominious Western governments and their lying, criminally complicit media.

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yovatti's picture
yovatti (not verified) Dec 16, 2016 2:07 AM

Um, yeah. If you wonder why ZH is accused of being a Russian propaganda site..... well, the answer is "articles like this".

bintercorp's picture

Fuck off you dumb NSA cuck faggot.

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Yes is sad for dweller of Aleppo, but on bright side, apartment is now all have picture window and better Wifi reception.

Ghordius's picture

yes, listen to him for a moment: "'' [The ENF parties including the PVV] just want to celebrate Aleppo's "liberated", but that is not so. They would not discuss Aleppo to mourn the thousands of people, men, women and children who were slain by the groups who support you at this time, "Verhofstadt shouted in Parliament. "

that discussion in the EU Parliament was about noting that the liberators of Aleppo are very heavy-handed

some of the blame should not even be put on the Syrian gov forces, nor the Russian airforce. have you guys forgotten how many other groups are armed and fighting in Aleppo? just one: troops under Iranian command

I'm fine with you calling Verhofstadt a "EU dumfuck". but his call for mourning for the victims, isn't a bit callous to dismiss it as dumbfuckery?

I'm reminded of the old ugly adage from Vietnam: "we had to destroy the village in order to save the village"

yes, the troops there are liberators, be them Russian, Syrian or Iranian or else

no, when they behave in a less then civilized way, they can be criticized for that, and others for their unquestioned full support

it's not a frigging video game. it's not a simple affair, featuring "heroes versus villains, period, don't bother with details"

YHC-FTSE's picture


Of course criticism should be expressed when due. But the point is, unless I am given evidence to prove otherwise, I think the forces of liberation - Syrian govt., Russia et al - have been exemplary in their diligence to avoid civilian casualties. Not only that, merciful to the point of stupidity to those who took up arms against the legitimate, elected president of Syria with foreign terrorists. Quite frankly, I think Assad should be much more cautious and imprison everyone involved in the rebel (terrorist) factions, not give them freedom, shelter and a chance to attend reconciliation conferences.

You have got to see the reports from people who have actually been to Aleppo. This is a fact - there are NO, ZERO, NADA, mainstream media reporters there. So it's almost ALL made up second hand bullshit from suspect sources like the one-man joke that is the "Syrian Observatory for Human Rights" based in Coventry in the UK. I would urge you to search for Vanessa Beeley or Eva Bartlett (Who was at the UN a few days ago) and listen to their stories.

Ghordius's picture

YHC-FTSE, please note your own wording:

"...unless I am given evidence to prove otherwise, I think the forces of liberation - Syrian govt., Russia et al - have been exemplary in their diligence to avoid civilian casualties "

I fully agree that when it comes to individuals, particularly vs groups or vs the state, the individual ought to be considered as innocent until proven guilty

but I do not extend that concept to armed groups in a war, particularly not to a jumble of government forces, expedition forces and mercenary outfits

there, even the suspicion of dirty play ought to be examined, fully

note, further, the wording that Vanessa Beeley is using: "Liberty Report talks to Vanessa Beeley: ‘Everything the US media says about Aleppo is wrong’"

the title could as well be "the US, the UK and all that media that simply slavishly follows those "sources"..."

further, sieges of cities, particularly without humanitarian corridors, are already a barbarism to start with, in my book

but I do bristle at both the propaganda that the liberators are behaving as monsters and the counter-propaganda that says the liberators are behaving as angels

in my experience in wars, you will find monsters and angels on every side. I have two personal sources in Syria. no, nothing they tell me is that clear cut as both propaganda and counter-propaganda are suggesting

so no. I do not extend the "innocent until proven guilty" to any of those sides. and there are some 17 of them, on the Syrian ground, while interestingly the propaganda war behaves as if they were only two


consider Dresden. the liberators were both the US and the Soviet Union. both were angels... compared to the Nazis

but they had their monsters, too. every frigging war has monsters on every side

we have practically a duty to remember that every side has monsters, in war

it is practically a sure bet that in twenty years you might look back at your "in exemplary manner" and think in a different manner

every belligerent has to feel the breath on his neck of the world watching and expecting the worse from him

YHC-FTSE's picture

Dresden is indeed a good example of the monsters in war on every side. I understand and I say fair enough to your perspectives, but please don't dismiss the reports of people who have actually seen it first hand. The heading of Vannessa's report on Liberty Report speaks of the exasperation at the non-stop lies from the mainstream people who have never been anywhere within a thousand miles of Aleppo.

I followed "The Siege" of Aleppo very closely. Every single time humanitarian corridors and aid through cease fire was attempted by Assad, it was bombed by the US backed rebels. Every frigging time.

There may indeed be monsters in the Syrian government side but it behoves me to see the evidence first before I join the hysterical proven liars of the mainstream who scream blue murder without a single shred of proof. As the article says, it's as easy as sending reporters to see for themselves to report what they see and interview the thousands who have been liberated from their nightmare captivity.

I feel like a hypocrite typing these views in support of one side over the other when as an anti-war advocate, I should be condemning every side in the war. I think I know evil and lies when I see and hear it, and I just cannot bring myself to condemn the Syrians in their fight against foreign terrorism in their own country.

Ghordius's picture

YHC-FTSE, the point about what the EU, both Parliament and Council, are saying, is a different one:

they say that this war can't be won by the militaries alone. they say that there needs to be diplomacy, now

and this voice is being drowned... by two immense propaganda efforts. two sets of proven liars, in my eyes

those terrorists are being supported, like every side in this conflict, by external powers

the very same powers that could, if they wanted or get forced to, sit at a table instead of feeding the war

Wahooo's picture

Simple question: Why should Syria sit down to negotiate with its invaders?

Ghordius's picture

simple counterquestion: is Syria a main actor in this war?

Iran, with or even without Russian backing is more. Saudi Arabia is more. Turkey is more. the Kurds are more. Russia itself is more. the US is more. even puny Qatar is more of a main actor in this war then the Assad gov of Syria

no, it's not a point I expect anybody to understand, here

and that's one reason why this 17-sided war goes on. no calling out on all external sides, only a select part of them, all wrapped in "one side against the other, and those are angels while the other are devils, period" for simplicity's sake, then propaganda has to be simple

Syria is the host for this conflict

Onan_the_Barbarian's picture

Syria is certainly a main actor in this war, yes, even with their greatly diminished military.

There is simply no way to cast it differently.

YHC-FTSE's picture

It's a good idea and sooner or later the diplomatic solution should be attempted. After the foreign terrorists are driven out and Syria secured.

What is the saying? Once bitten, twice shy?

Since 2013, I have seen Sergei Lavrov plead with the rebels and their backers to seek a political solution with offers that included in the early days, the resignation of President Assad and fresh elections. When the rebels were winning through massive funding and arms from the Americans, they spurned every offer - the terrorists never wanted democratic elections because Assad has the popular support. Talks after talks collapsed because the US backed rebels thought they would win. The hiatus in fighting merely bolstered their positions and opened Syria to more foreign terrorists.

So yes, there should be a political solution when Syrian security is assured. As for the external actors, I don't think diplomatic efforts at Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UK & USA will ever curb their support of the terrorists in Syria now. Perhaps after Trump is inaugurated, but I won't hold my breath.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture


the point about what the EU, both Parliament and Council, are saying, is a different one:

they say that this war can't be won by the militaries alone. they say that there needs to be diplomacy, now

So are they sincere this time, or are they posing for holy pictures again? Because that's what Lavrov and Putin have been saying for years, long before Russia became directly involved. Do the EP and EC seek actual diplomacy, or is 'diplomacy' a just a euphemism for holding a meeting for the purpose of reciting US demands and ultimata, like every other time prior to this?

and this voice is being drowned... by two immense propaganda efforts. two sets of proven liars, in my eyes

Rubbish. That voice is being drowned by the US government, including its subordinates like the EU, EP, and EC, as well as US government toady states with seats on the UN Security Council. Every single attempt to resolve this conflagration diplomatically has been scuttled by the US demand that Assad Must Go®. Its easy for the US (including the EU, et alia) to play pretend diplomacy when they know ahead of time that it's simply another opportunity to spout sanctimonious propaganda and then undermine all efforts at real diplomacy.

those terrorists are being supported, like every side in this conflict, by external powers

Yes, because those terrorists are, for the most part, external powers (US, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the other Arabian peninsula dictatorships) and/or their hired mercenary invaders.

the very same powers that could, if they wanted or get forced to, sit at a table instead of feeding the war

One power has been feeding and profiting from this war.

Ghordius's picture

+1 though note that not every EU country insisted that Assad must go, and not every EU country insisted the opposite

"So are they sincere this time, or are they posing for holy pictures again? " well, both

SoDamnMad's picture

Why did I see pictures of these White Hats running around in front of cameras with a victim in their arms and then later with their AKs and pickup trucks full of bodies of the enemy rudely stacked like firewood.  

Why did I just see huge convoy of buses leaving a section of Allepo with unarmed men trotting on each side of the bus to protect them. We didn't organize that evcuation. 

Why do I see Russian troops handing out packages of food to starving civilians and kids. Why did those people look happy and not fearful if it was staged. 

Where are all the Bristish, French and American aid agencies?  Why aren't they there (I suppose they expect to be invited) No International RC. Granted MSF hospitals get bombed so they have their hands full elsewhere and must be concerned for the safety of their personnel who have died helping the innocent people of Yemen.

YHC-FTSE's picture

+1 Yep.

(I'm assuming your questions were rhetorical and not directed at me since I haven't disputed any of your questions)

Trucker Glock's picture

"I would urge you to search for Vanessa Beeley or Eva Bartlett"

and Lizzie Phelan

I Feel a little Qeasy's picture

.'...when they behave in a less then civilized way'.


Yes you stupid fuck, war should be 'civilized', never in my wildest fantasies have I ever read such shit as you write. And of course you witnessed this less than 'civilized' behaviour yourself? Or are you just an MSM fake news slurping FAGGOT! FUCK OFF!

Onan_the_Barbarian's picture

I mourn every victim of this stupid, senseless war.

Early on, I remember seeing a video of a pile of little dead kids being loaded into the back of a truck. It did not matter to them if it was government or anti-government forces that killed them.

But I don't mourn the headchoppers, they can rot in hell. And the evil, evil people that started this bullshit for their own purposes. I would like for them to taste their own entrails before they die and rot in hell too.

quadraspleen's picture

Articles that tell the truth supported by sourced reports, you mean?

Samantha powers is a cunt, and the Russian spokesperson owned her ass. Watch it, its funny

Cynicles's picture

If the heat is too hot...

scatha's picture

More on Syria and  McCarthyite propaganda, denying physical reality on the ground and criminal behavior not only terrorists by those governments who paid them like US EU, Turkey and GCC.

AriusArmenian's picture

The US is the Empire of Lies along with its Anglophere and EU vassals.

The US has been aiding and abetting terrorism since it helped Osama bin Laden create Al Qaeda in Afghanistan.

Al Qaeda = The Base = The Database = The CIA Rolodex.

The CIA bought the running of the Muslim Brotherhood networks from the British at the end of WW2.

When Nasser cracked down on the MB in Egypt the CIA aided the MB escaping to Saudi Arabia.

The CIA Rolodex aided OSL in creating Al Qaeda in Afghanistan.

The US creates terrorism then claims to fight terrorism.

Ghordius's picture

that's a very tall horse that the author rides on in this article

as Nassim Taleb recently wrote, nobody ought to hold the Syrian gov accountable as if it was the Norvegian or Danish gov. it isn't, it can't, literally, just relax and do everything in the nicest possible way

yes, the Syrian gov is fighting against barbarians

this does not mean that they have to adopt the full barbarian set of options in that war

or that complaints against their barbarism have to be shut up, "because"

lies, lies and more lies on 17 fronts. both Washington and Moscow resort to propaganda that tries to make this war a simple two sided affair. well, it isn't

AriusArmenian, you, for example, talk about the US "... and EU vassals"

well... NO. THIS IS A LIE, TOO. and not only because it would have at least to read "... and NATO allies", but because not even NATO is involved as such in Syria

as a reminder, it's France and Germany that are involved... at the edges. you are welcome to delve in the details of that involvement

part of the German involvement, btw, looked strangely like an attempt to makes sure no Turkish missile would hit again a Russian warplane

under the "Western allies" label... are countries that aren't neither US nor european. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and a few others. not my allies, btw

under the "Syrian allies" label are troops that are led by Iran. not my enemy, btw

it is not simple. it is not a two-sided affair. it is not a US-Republican-vs-Democrats affair only, with Russia at the only "counterpart"

meanwhile, when someone is fighting let's say a WWII against Nazism, it's still wrong to wait until Dresden is packed full with German refugees and then try out that theory that if you bomb a "ring of fire" around a city, the very heat sucks the flames to the center and you have "a perfect annihilation"

some people here and elsewhere are behaving as if Dresden would be ok, because you see, the other side does worse. well, NO

Aleppo is something like 17 times more complicated then Dresden was, as this whole war

if you reduce that to "White Hat" versus "Black Hat", then you are supporting some asshole's point

reduce assholery, stop this return to "it's simple, and very easy to explain, they are wrong, we are right, period"

BobEore's picture

Acutely insightful, as per usual Squire.

However, I would urge that you update/grade your arsenal of truth bombs by acknowledging that the missing piece of the puzzle by which you attempt to dissect and dispel the inky clouds of dissimulation...

is that Tel Aviv is running BOTH SIDES of the false narrative tsunami which now stands in for real reportage of events. Since I wrote - months ago - this reflection upon the nature and progress of that program of deception by which NATO itself has now become an Israeli-controlled puppet enforcer of the moneypower -

And while it will be hidden for a while longer- via storylines about "the BRICS" & Russia as peacemaker and global savior, a new multipolar era, etc., etc., behind the carefully crafted media narrative the real face of international terror is ready to step onto the stage as the new power uber-alles. The ZATO alliance which I have spoken about the reality of for the past couple of months is going to become not only de facto, soon enough, but also de jure. But first, the world must turn upon a wounded and self-absorbed USA...

nothing at all has changed. The deception designed to deceive the denizens of Gulagistan into acclaiming as their leader the designated shabba goy of the dual-citizened controllers of the Occident's appointment with destiny... has succeeded grandly!

And not a soul there stirs in awareness of the peril.

Ghordius's picture

well, since compliments are rare, here, thanks

I can only add: Tel Aviv? not my alliy, neither

so no. NATO is an alliance between european countries, the US, Canada, etc.

"ZATO" does not exist. Israel is an ally of the US, yes. but since the 1956 "Tripartite Aggression War" it isn't an ally of european countries

the US and the Soviet Union were both very keen to keep it that way. the whole "UN story" is based on that, since then

BobEore's picture

"so no. NATO is an alliance between european countries, the US, Canada, etc."

That common, but mistaken belief is exactly why I urged you to update your knowledge base.

Israel is now a part of the [NATO]proceedings in Brussels - irregardless of any formal announcement of the fact - which remains "fact" indeed - no matter if only renegade journos with no access to the "free" press are the only ones who report it.

They are also in de facto alliance with Moscow - as part of a mutually-advantageous plan to dismember the alliance by divorcing Europe and the Anglos. Brexit was a prelude... the misinterpretation of which event event has been deliberately encouraged by their numerous media minions.

Fighting back against the moneypower DOES NOT require rooting for Russkies. But you'd never know it, if you buy into the controlled alt-media storylines!

ALL roads lead to the spider's nest in tel aviv.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture


yes, the Syrian gov is fighting against barbarians


this does not mean that they have to adopt the full barbarian set of options in that war

Are you referring to something specific and verifiable? If so, then I agree.

or that complaints against their barbarism have to be shut up, "because"

Asking for evidence of such claims of barbarism is not shutting them up. Even the most thoroughly discredited fictional claims (Assad the butcher, chemical weapons, barrel bombs, gassing his own people, etc.) haven't been shut up. If anything, they're just repeated more frequently with an increasing sense of hysteria.

as a reminder, it's France and Germany that are involved... at the edges.

Then de facto the EU is involved, and not just at the edges. Or can you point to any instances where the EU/EC/EP have taken a position opposite that of the US? Any instance when their policy didn't ultimately come down to Assad Must Go? I'm asking this sincerely, not rhetorically.

I Feel a little Qeasy's picture

...'well... NO. THIS IS A LIE, TOO. and not only because it would have at least to read "... and NATO allies", but because not even NATO is involved as such in Syria.

Wrong again asswipe. It IS simple, and all different parts of the same 'game', where the US and its vassals attack countries that will not bow down to them so that they can steal their resouces using toilet paper dollars/Euros or Pounds. As simple as that. So stop trying to justify violence against the worlds people because 'it's complicated'. 

Due North's picture

It would be a personal wish of mine to see these so called Western "leaders" disavow their cowardly Machiavellian shenanigans and come out for a few rounds of honorable single combat!

Wahooo's picture

I pray that the Rodent is right: that they all hang.

RedDwarf's picture

I agree the West is largely responsible for the current situation via funding various terrorist groups to overthrow Syria as part of a larger power play.  At the same time this article is long on opinion and short on hard evidence.  It's the type of article that is written for the choir.

BobEore's picture

Can't upvote you because something bizarre happens when I click the up button.

So let me just thank you instead - for not falling prey to the latest flavor of Koolaid to hit the stands of the self-described "alt-media."

"The stark absence of «moderate», «pro-democracy», «Western-value-supporting rebels» emerging from the ruins of Aleppo is as stark as the absence of petrified civilians denouncing Syrian army «atrocities» or Russian «war crimes»."

yea, and it's as stark as the absence of "moderate," non-aligned reportage which - in days of yore, long before "journalism" descended to the current level of duelling factions of state-sponsored scribblers willing to sacrifice all objectivity and standards for a pay-cheque -

would never have for a moment considered the need to offset one barking mad media narrative[the western one]with another - equally duplicitous barking mad narrative. Comix book concoctions of "Russia/Syria Good - USA/West Bad" are not a suitable antidote to obvious regime agit-prop from the western satrapies of the moneypower

Sign o the times, what I saw on a Muslim driver's windshield the other day...


glancing familiarity with the English language is but a small sin, compared to a glancing familiarity with the standards of real journalism... which is all we are offered in the current crop of media "reportage" out of Syria.


Dark Daze's picture
Dark Daze (not verified) BobEore Dec 16, 2016 7:22 AM

Your screen name says it all. Just another useless, braying donkey who refuses to see reality for what it is. You have lots of company of course, as that has been the desired outcome for most americans. You feel no shame, harbor no good intentions; only war, death, plague, disenfranchisement and destruction for anyone who dones't toe your line.

You will not survive what's coming next.

BobEore's picture

If you were shooting for zero there...I think you've made your mark. While I'm partial to four-leggers, and can take none of the intended offense of being called one, your outburst of vituperation against some stranger of whom you haven't the slightest concept - of either their thoughts, motivations, or quite clearly, even nationality - the degree of error in sum total in your remarks

can only serve to increase my quiet confidence that I will indeed... be one of those who "survives what is coming next." Those such as yourself will occupy the usual position on the road sides reserved for the casualties of unhinged emotions and unrealized projections.

Ghordius's picture

fine, but who is that "the West", Kemosabe?

is Japan included? is Greece? is Portugal? is Ireland? is Norway? is Croatia? is Hungary?

on the other side, are Saudia Arabia and Qatar now simply part of "the West"?

"At the same time this article is long on opinion and short on hard evidence.  It's the type of article that is written for the choir."


RedDwarf's picture

"fine, but who is that "the West", Kemosabe?"

A few handfuls of elites who wield a great deal of influence and power over America, most of Europe, and various satellite countries.

Escapeclaws's picture

I would rather an asteroid hit the earth than have a nuclear war with Russia. Too bad we can't pick our poison. The Neocons seem to want the war with Russia. First thing is to get Trump out of the way and put someone like Krauthammer in the WH.


(or at least get them out of government)

Other suggestions of what to do with the neocons? Recipes?


ManTheMan's picture

A spaceship to the sun ? Way too many resources wasted on those bastards.

More practical: put them on a ship destined to Antartica and drop them there. One way trip.

AlexCharting's picture

I would like to personally congratulate Assad for surviving Western interventionism.... few Arabs can put that on their resume. 

Wahooo's picture

And I congratulate the Persians for re-imposing their strength and their rightful position in the Middle East.