Silver Slammed As Gold Crashes Below $1150 On $10 Billion Post Fed Hike Puke

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Gold is suffering the worst 6-week tumble since May 2013 and the last 24 hours have seen the losses accelerate as following The Fed's second rate hike in a decade, someone dumped over $10 billion notional of the precious metal through the futures market. As the dollar surges to 14 year highs (and EUR tumbles) so silver also is plunging most since the election near a $15 handle once again.

over 90,000 contracts were puked through futures in the brief time after yesterday's rate hike decision - over $10 billion notional, and that selling pressure has re-accelerated this morning


And silver is a bloodbath...


Post-Fed, all commodities are lower on the surging dollar...

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Thanks Mr Money Changer!

VinceFostersGhost's picture



Come on baby........come on!


Just came into some pretty paper......I'll be buying.

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Man, who could have seen that rate hike coming?  Out of nowhere I'm tellin ya!

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So totally not manipulation. Everyone has a billion dollars in gold laying around.

I am Chumbawamba.

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So the Fed signals inflation is coming, prompting everyone to puke Gold and Silver.

Makes sense to me.

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Only the most tenacious holders will stay in. All the weaklings are scurrying to the stock market. Once they are all in, the giant flyswatter in the sky comes down.

Then it' s our turn to party... dang! I'm running low on popcorn yet again. All this entertainment is is gonna bust my popcorn budget...

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and stocks quite unharmed at historical maximums, hu hu, makes alot of sense, oh yeah

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This was just like before the Stock Market Crash of 1929. Everything was peachy and your shoe shine boy could give you a hot tip. It was going up and you had to hop aboard to make your fortune. 

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W W 3 begins when Gold falls to $1000k

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Holy hand grenade of Antioch (not verified) y3maxx Dec 15, 2016 9:31 AM

Oh boy! A Ag sale right b4 the holidays!


Thx Santa!

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Thank the FED. Those jokers burned $10B notional to get the job done. Only Central Banksters can afford to do this.

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Wow it just keeps dropping:

Live Silver:

I've got shopping carts full at 3 different dealers!  

Live Gold:

Been waiting for silver to catch down to gold.

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Go down to your local farm or Feed store!

Popcorn in 50# bags for bout $20

Sams has it too



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Brb buying Orville Redenbacher stock.

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"Everyone" didn't puke $10 billion in paper and gold silver contracts

"No one" has $10 billion worth of physical metal to sell

"No one" would choose to sell $10 billion worth of gold and siilver in a matter of minutes in order to drive the price DOWN

However, the Treasury Department would do so . . . again and again and again . . . through their agents, in order to prop up the US dollar

The Central Banks can create all the digital fiat currency they want, in order to

Buy up all the equities and bonds, manipulate currency markets, all commodities, banks, nations, politicians . . . steal elections . . . .

It's called FASCISM


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"... let's smash this thing together"


Nah, couldn't be

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In the bad old days around 2012 it only took 1 Billion to knock it down $100, now it takes 10 Billion to knock it down $13.50?

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A billion just doesn't buy what it used to in fiat land.  Good chance well all be billionaires in our lifetime.

Dabooda's picture

Or trillionaires.  Like everybody in Zimbabwe.

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So, they just use trillions instead of billions to effect the same thing.  But, I would like to think that this signals that the end of this criminal manipulation might be coming to an end.

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Exactly, it's like QE, the longer it goes on the lower the bang per buck.

That just added 10 billion to the budget deficit, eventually the Government will collapse, under the weight of the debt.

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Oh, you mean that Treasury!

If you thought it was in "good" hands before - you ain't seen nuthin yet! Total takeover of the once mighty Republic by the same crew of Ashkenazi mafia what puked outta Eastern Europe a century back and got their start in Brooklyn before reorganizing in Chi-town to become the only power that matters in this nightmare land we live in today!

The same boys what backed "the Donald" every inch of the way from bitty deals to bigger ones - where the overpriced real estate changed hands at valuations two/three times over what "the market" called for. That's yur boy! Lansky & Co's shabba goy. And now that he's "in charge"...



WASHINGTON... in a war that will make the burning of that town in 1812 look like a quiet game of golf @ Lago del Mar. You'll long for the days of Bebe Rebozo and straight up Presidential pals with HONEST gangster leanings!

But...but... you voted for "CHANGE" err... I mean Trump  right!?!?!? Ya... that should work out alright!

IT'S CALLED PSYOP! Seems to work every time(there's an election!) But don't worry bout them "stealing" the election this time round - it's the gold that they're after - all yur gold belong to them(soon nuff)- it's a "Khazarian thing!"


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No one could have said that better Perimetr.  I could not agree more.

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Every time there is a crisis or a major FED event no matter how PM positive the price gets smashed into oblivion for the sake of  continuing the fraud known as debt money.

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There's now $50 arbitrage between Shanghai physical and Dollar Notional:

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And the arbitrage for silver is now 12%.This shitshow can't continue for much longer before somebody with deep pockets decides to take advantage of this.

Then again ...


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Merry Christmas everybody.

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Thanks for the sale.

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Yeah, I know it's only paper, but I bought some SLV this morning. I'll also hit my LCS when the doors open.

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Thanks for facilitating the manipulators, shittard. A useful idiot, indeed.

I am Chumbawamba.

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If you want to trade paper, use CEF instead.  They actually have the gold and silver in the vault beneath Toronto.

Central Fund of Canada.

actionjacksonbrownie's picture

CEF has massively underperformed Gold itself. And if Scotia has anything at all to do with that fund, I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole.


If you don't hold it, you don't own it.

wanderer9641's picture

yes to the phys -  No to the paper


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Having my fingers crossed it'll persist, or hit rock bottom the first week on january, when I'll be able to participate.

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wouldn't touch either with a ten foot pole.

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Been saying for years gold hasn't bottomed yet. The market will probably capitulate when gold breaks $1000 and will bottom around $700-$800.

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Dent says buying it all up if it goes that low 

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I hope you are both wrong. I've been stacking since 2011, a little here, and a little there. Dropping that low would really be a kick in the balls. I'd still keep buying though.

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you have no bizness in this game if they spook you that easily

Cole The Bar's picture

Oh I'm not spooked, I just wish had been able to begin investing a couple years earlier. I'm a millenial, we're used to being late to the party, but I pretty much bought in at the worst time possible and I've been trying to make up for it by buying more ever since. Never sold any.

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Anyone who doesn't get a little nervous after a 50-70% loss is either in a coma or retarded.

Latitude25's picture

Anyone who isn't buying when prices are this low is either in a coma or retarded.

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i held gold and silver for twenty long years. it did nothing for fifteen of that. sold it all in 2012. not going back ever.

Bendromeda Strain's picture

Ok, 1) I just asked - they doesn't miss you either, and 2) will you be stopping by every metals story to remind us of your wisdom? Because I'll bet that the day that you don't feel wise about your choice is the day you will suddenly forget to log in and update us.

buzzsaw99's picture

funny, when i went to the dealer to sell in 2012 the store was empty. he sold it all when silver hit $50.

Bendromeda Strain's picture

Why did silver hit $50? Have those conditions been rectified, really? People act as though derivative time bombs have been unwound, as if algorithms are harnessed for only good. It cracks me up. Just like a I ragged on Purple Haze, I assure you that $10B notional was not an organic move. You are gambling that the day you decide to buy your insurance back, you will be able to. Probably right in that, but I see no need to test it.

Cole The Bar's picture

With all the insanity going on in the world today I'm surprised you sold it all. You must have several other contingencies to fall back on. I just want to survive the storm.

buzzsaw99's picture

i was like you once. i had a bunch of assault rifles, 5000 rounds of fmj ammo, the works. sold all that too. it may just be an age thing.