So Much For That... Real Wage Growth Slumps To Lowest In 30 Months

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Remember when everyone was excited about wage growth re-appearing and escape velocity, and textbook wage inflation appearing thanks to tight labor markets... well that's all gone! Average weekly earnings grew at just 0.5% YoY in November - the slowest pace of wage growth since July 2014.

In fact real average weekly earnings decline 0.4% in November MoM (despite the post-Trump exuberance)


Probably time for calls for $20 minimum wage.. or how about $30?

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As Yellen said yesterday, this is as good as it gets-maximum employment and all.



After reading this, I wrote the following piece on just how weak things are, contrary to what the FRB says.


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free trade bitchez

in other news, wall street HOLIDAY bonus pool is ~30 billion this year

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Fuck that, Putin and Trump will fix all that.  Just watch!

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But the Philly and Empire fed's say everything is awsome, again;

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Listen for it, war cometh

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Putin stole it !!!!! WAR!!!!!!!

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Well at least the speculators will get to keep playing the pumps.

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I thought everybody was on early retirement.

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Oh you mean all those "good paying jobs created" (at Taco Bell etc.) were not all that well paying? Say it isnt so please.... lol

O'Bummer government fails again!!