Thusday Humor: Initial Jobless Claims

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Initial Jobless Claims dropped once again, back near 43 year lows this week (-4 to 254k) as Continuing Claims picked up 11k to 2.018 million. As the following two charts show, this is all very humorous...


The jobs aren't coming from the manufacturing side...


And neither is the services side of the economy going gangbusters...


So just where are all these jobs coming from? Amazon drone drivers? $15 Starbucks gourmet coffee makers?

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Did Gartman/Goldman expect that?

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Soros, the employer of last resort.

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Talk about a situation where war crimes apply, and not talking locally. As far as you John Kirby you POS, go ESAD you fricken moronic asshat mouthpiece for the Oblamo administration. Ever consider that paybacks are hell? Of you assertion that people being shot in the street, ever consider that these were the rebel scum reigning terror on civilians during the "civil war" and that their actions could not/were not documented as any reporter around during the rebel occupation would have been summarily killed? Now that Aleppo free and reporters safe those rebel scum remaining getting payback justice and your bleeding heart myopic view of the "facts" is disgusting. John Kirby, what a useless POS, and waste of good O2 you are. I can't think of a more worthless job a person could have than being a professional liar. I hope you can't sleep at night, and if you do, confirms my view of you. Ditto for Josh Earnest.

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You would have had to have "a job" recently to file an "initial claim"

So all it says is no recent layoffs which in itself is a lie.

95 million

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as an FYI......most Uber and Lyft drivers work for both companies at the same time; therefore 1 person counts as 2 employees in the stats.

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Is creating over-the-top posts to wreck zero hedge one of the jobs covered in this graph?

Consuelo's picture



"...the dreadful images coming out of Aleppo"  


So sayeth the Out House mouth-breather...

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I had always thought Canada's uber Liberal media was out of touch with reality... then Obama's crew took the stage. How we know this isn't "The Matrix"? Way too much GIGO.

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"Production" of what, exactly?

Real resources are required to make real shit.

Now, may I interest you in a financial "product" of mass destruction?

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They probably include Planned Parenthood baby parts processing in the industrial stats.

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Soros seems to be funding a lot of &15/hour protestors.

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If that cunt said full employment one more time yesterday, I was going to shove a silver bar down her filthy throat.

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Cut one person's weekly hours from 36 to 18. Hire one more person for 18 hours a week. Viola, more jobs!

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that's what is happening.....but without the news stories (as were done during Bush years) about "low wage, burger flipping jobs"

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I was expecting to see a chart of the Challenger layoffs in here, but then I remembered that they are cratering too.

Amazing how Tyler uses surveys of the restaurant industry as a true gauge of employment, as opposed to the had data of the weekly claims.


(don't cherry pick the stuff that makes you feel good about your narrative)

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Where' the link to your blog @ akjreider ?
You don't have one ?
Then shut your douchy little trap.

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People are working, Philly/Empire State data strong.  It can't be all bad, but much more to do.  

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Wouldn't be nice if the unemployment rate were actually something simple like (unemployed over 18)/(total population)?  No adjustments for anything...just a simple easy to understand number?  I saw a show on Joseph Goebels (the Nazi in charge of their propaganda).  I thought that he must have known that WWI was over after the Battle of the Bulge...he didn't.  He actually got caught up in his own nonsense.  The guy who ran the propaganda operation in Germany knew less about how the war was really going than any soldier in any army (U.S., German, or Russian).  That's the end result of this nonsense...even the government doesn't know what's going on.

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BLaborS (to be distinguished from BLivesM or BLandM) drones still lying even though it no longer benefits barry obungle...

Ajax_USB_Port_Repair_Service_'s picture

I see people pushing shopping carts all over town. I guess they're working for grocery stores?

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The new thrust is the new army of paid Trump protesters and anarchists, not to mention the army of bus drivers and mechanics to get those forces from here to there. Add to that the growing numbers of governmewnt workers and voila! If one does simple employable minus employed equals percentage of unemployed, it works out to around 40% unemployment but math is no longer used for calculation.

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Moar propaganda from the kleptocrats who did Weimar 

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In the old days (2007) when people bought a lot of Christmas presents, there was a spike in holiday hiring.  This is an ancient seasonal adjustment for a season that no longer exists.  

There also used to be a manufacturing production spike in late summer/early fall to build Christmas inventory but since we don't make shit anymore that doesn't happen here.

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Trump should use the real stats and tell the people the Truth from the beginning so real progress can be proven with real figures in future months.

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My sense is that the people (the vocal ones) who oppose Trump care nothing about the truth.