Facebook Stock Sinks As Social Network Admits Another Advertising Metric Error

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Fool me once...

For the umpteenth time this year, Facebook has come clean with an error in its advertising metrics. In November, Facebook said that after discovering several mistakes in its reporting methods, it would be more transparent about errors in the future. And so they have...

We've uncovered an issue for a small group of Instant Articles publishers that impacts reporting in comScore. comScore alerted us to the issue, and we’ve since identified this is a result of a recent Facebook update that impacted publishers using our legacy comScore integration who support HTTPS on their websites. This caused an underreporting of iPhone traffic from Facebook in comScore products between Sep 20 to Nov 30, 2016. iPad and Android traffic were not affected. We have fixed the issue and are working with comScore to produce updated estimates for the relevant time periods for the small group of partners affected. We have reached out to affected publishers.


We know how important it is to be open about meaningful updates we make to our metrics, so we’ve created this channel for regular information on metrics enhancements.

As Bloomberg reports,

Facebook said it found another problem with metrics used by publishers and advertisers to gauge the reach of content posted on the world’s largest social network.


Facebook said in a blog post that it had been under-reporting traffic from publishers that participate in the company’s Instant Articles system. The mishap, which Facebook said was discovered by comScore, was traced to a recent software update. It resulted in some traffic not being counted properly from iPhone users from Sept. 20 to Nov. 30.


“We have fixed the issue and are working with comScore to produce updated estimates for the relevant time periods for the small group of partners affected,” Facebook said in the post.


Facebook has been trying to lure publishers into the Instant Articles program. It lets media companies publish content on the social network directly instead linking back to their own websites. Articles load faster for users, but some publishers have raised questions about ceding control to Facebook and diminishing their relationship with readers.


The disclosure is the latest in a string of problems Facebook has disclosed about metrics critical to business decisions made by advertisers and publishers working with the Menlo Park, California-based company.

The result, for now, is selling pressure...


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Look------------------------> A Russian!

VonPumperDic's picture



It is the FAKE in FakeBook!

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We have been Zuckered...

Guesstimate me this...

Ghost of Porky's picture

If only there was some place where I could flag this fake news...

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man how awesome would it be to see this aggregator of ad revenue and phony lives go up in smoke...........i can dream cant i?

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How many of your friends are sharing stuff on Facebook any more?  I'm on the front end of the millenials and about 3 years ago everybody I cared about stopped sharing anything personal on FB.  Now it's all our baby boomer moms and the AV Club from highschool kids sharing stuff people don't care about.  Instagram is going the same way.  

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Fake book is going the way of myspace.   Just taking longer to die.   


I think the 1984 truth censorship will be the death nail, with any luck.

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OOPS.   People were marking your ads as "SPAM", but we were counting that as clicking through to the ad and charging you.

Sorry, our bad.

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myspace wasnt funded by nsa shell companies like facebook/google/etc. when they couldnt make money they died. the us gov will continue to fund facebook forever. it is a primary resource for inteligence.

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Every metric "mistake" this year and in the past has always been to the benefit of FB.

Therefore they are not "mistakes" but greed. 

And soon they will get caught again benefitting themselves with "mistakes".

Who coulda seen this coming?

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There's a zucker born every minute.

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Russia is the new Germany of today, all MUST hate it and their Fuhrer PUTIN

Facebook Announces New Plan to Shut Down “Fake News”
"Yeah. They just keep bringing up that one article, but then when you look at what they’re talking about censoring, it’s RT, Zero Hedge, Breitbart and The Daily Stormer."

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Trut me, they have 2,000,000,000 users every month

VonPumperDic's picture


I'm Shocked, just Shocked that Fakery is going on here !

City_Of_Champyinz's picture

Facebook is one gigantic fraud after another.

Bay of Pigs's picture

Went it went public is was at $20 bucks or so and was way overvalued then, especially when looking at the billion shares that were floated afterward. Someone here back then said fair value was $4 or $5 bucks a share. 

It is one giant piece of shit with little real value, despite all the hype, fake accounts and advertising propaganda that keeps the company going.

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Fartbook just sharted

holdbuysell's picture

Publishing fake measurements?

wisebastard's picture

fuck ZH and their 1 min charts......

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and yet you see fit to post twice............maybe the yahoo finance 20 min delay is more your speed.

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Thing is it's down .5% at the low of the day? That is not worth mentioning. Sure FB is arguably the worst big board scam in the US and Zuckerberg should be hung but c'mon wake me when it breaks 100 intraday Tyler.

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How much FACEBOOK did Obama make CalPERS buy a few years ago?

wisebastard's picture

im sick and tired of these mother fucking 1 min charts on this mother fucking website

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Despite being a tool of the CIA, Facebook is still a highly popular platform.  I'm sure Zuckerberg had to sign his soul over to the devil in order to have a successful IPO.  I recently watched The Social Network again.  He was intent on keeping FB "cool".  Well, it's not cool anymore.  

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It is truly astounding what photos people still upload of their most intimate surroundings -- almost everything short of their bare pubes.

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Everyone on earth knows that Facebook advertising has an incredibly shitty conversion rate in relation to how much you have to spend.

Turns out that the clickfarm bots, sorry, sorry, "users" on Facebook, don't pay attention to ads.

What a shit company.

dark fiber's picture

Somewhat unrelated, Monte dei Paschi share is suspended.  ECB estimates liquidity adequate for only 29 days.

yogibear's picture

Who cares. Lure buyers in with fake numbers and profit from it.

Make  up numbers and ramp stocks. Buybacks. Real doesn't count anymore until it does.

Let's go for real average PEs of 100.

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Any company caught not trying to deceive the public will be considered a terrorist organization, disbanded and raped in prison - 


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groaner (not verified) Dec 16, 2016 10:50 AM

How is it that the Marxist Jews are always found in the largest media sites? Its not by accident. The needs to be an end to it.

Consuelo's picture



 Farcebook is doing what any other respectable Khazarian-run outfit would do as well.    


Turn morality & ethics upside down, and $$$profit from it.

Bill of Rights's picture

$120 a share oh the hilarity lol..... FACEFUCK produces NOTHING!!!

Yars Revenge's picture

Correct....FakeBook has almost no earnings...making it possibly the most overpriced company in history

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During the 1990s, JDS Uniphase stock was a high-flyer tech stock investor favorite. Its stock price doubled three times and three stock splits of 2:1 occurred roughly every 90 days during the last half of 1999 through early 2000, making millionaires of many employees who were stock option holders, and further enabling JDS Uniphase to go on an acquisition and merger binge. After the telecom downturn, JDS Uniphase announced in late July 2001 the largest (up to then) write-down of goodwill. Employment soon dropped as part of the Global Realignment Program from nearly 29,000 to approximately 5,300, many of its factories and facilities were closed around the world, and the stock price dropped from $153 per share to less than $2 per share.

gregga777's picture

I can't wait to see the FANG stocks get the same treatment.

rickowens's picture

Approximately 1 in 4 user accounts are FAKE

Entire industry based on this


Yars Revenge's picture

Fakebook has NO EARNINGS....and they're now planning to CENSOR ALL DISSENTING OPINIONS.

Fuck FakeBook...fuck them all the way to their true value....absolutely nothing.

Greenspazm's picture

Does an intel front need earnings?

buzzsaw99's picture

my what a big p/e you have

my what a zero dividend you have...

i'm-confused's picture

SINKS'?!?..  it was lower yesterday intraday

Consuelo's picture



 Watch what happens when this oh-so-cool-amongst-the-trendy-set company takes a long-in-the-making $$$BATH...    It will at once 'shock' the trendy's, whilst aligning sanity with market reality.    I'ts gonna be good...

jamesmmu's picture

If you want to short the market, short the techs!! IMO, even the overall market trend is bullish, the tech sector is in trouble. The dollar is super strong and getting stronger, Trump hates FANG, and tech stocks are way overbought than anyother sectors. When trend reverse, tech will come down faster than any other sectors. Short NASDAQ! Apple sales is going to be horrible despite Samsung's woe. 

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Hard to put a price on Fake news delivered to Fake accounts for a company with fake value

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Serves the little Nazi right........information police and all !

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FaceBook is the most massive advertising fraud in world history. All of their fraudulent metrics are designed to enable the defrauding of their gullible idiot conporation clients.

gregga777's picture

I refuse to patronize any advertiser hosting their content of FaceBook.

SenselessPanic's picture

i said short it yesterday