FACTS about RUSSIA the CIA doesn’t want you to know

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Rogue elements within the Shadow Government and most notably the CIA, NSA, and the left coast billionaire class have launched an anti-Trump campaign in the hail mary long shot that they can disrupt the establishment in the final days when they still hold the keys to the kingdom with the intent of malice to incite a coup, civil war, or an upset in the electoral college system.  One of the main information manipulation tactics they are using we can paraphrase as "1. Confuse, 2. Plant false facts, and 3. Reinforce the illusion" needs an underlying topic that is shrouded in mystery from an American perspective, and there is no better topic than Russia.  It's because the CIA already spent billions of dollars during the cold war convincing a generation of baby boomers that Russians had 'missile bases on the dark side of the moon' and other such nonsense.  But as we explain in our best selling book Splitting Pennies - the world doesn't work the way most people are led to believe.  

We can STOP the LIES being promulgated in the mainstream news about RUSSIA which is being used to CONFUSE AND MANIPULATE public opinion, in the pathetic petty attempt to create CONSENSUS TRANCE that can have any number of outcomes, keeping TRUMP out of the White House.  STOP this pathetic campaign by understanding RUSSIA a little better!  Spread the FACTS!

Here are a few facts to stir your brain and hopefully, break the chain of neuro linguistic programming:

1. Russia uses a public central bank system, whereby the central bank is owned by the government.  In turn, Russia’s largest bank, Sberbank, is owned by the central bank by at least 51%, making Russia’s banking system state owned and operated.  Although Russia is not a government 'of the people, by the people' - they own their banking system!  As opposed to the US system, which is owned by Elite rich rober baron families and banks.

2. Russia has one of the fastest growing middle classes of any country on Earth.  

3. There are more than 3 Million Russians living in the United States of America.

4. The Bolshevik revolution, was bankrolled by New York bankers, many of whom were Jewish.

5. There were at least 10x more people killed in Russia by Stalin than Hitler in Germany, maybe 20x more.  The fact is that we’ll never really know the real numbers.

6. Russia is effectively a third world country with Nuclear weapons.

7. Russia is one of few countries that have engaged in what can nearly be called ‘ethnic cleansing’ or the deportation of non-Russians back to their country.  Russia is not a melting pot, like the Soviet Union tried to be.  It is a homogeneous land of mostly White Christians.

8. Throughout the period of the Soviet Union, many Americans did business with the regime, most notably Armand Hammer.

9. While European colonists were establishing the 13 colonies, Russia was establishing Alaska.

10. George W Bush and Vladimir Putin were practically best friends, just checkout these 25 photos about their “Bromance”.  (why doesn't the CIA call George Bush about his 'close connection' with Putin?  hmmm....)

11. In 1990 during a food crisis, Mikhail Gorbachev and George H. W. Bush signed a trade agreement about delivery of frozen chicken leg quarters to the USSR.  Due to the fact that in many markets these were the only chicken available, they dubbed them “Bush Legs.”  Many locals believed that it was some sort of CIA plot to genetically manipulate the population as the chickens were 2 – 4 times the size of chickens in Russia.  

Why doesn’t the CIA want you to know this?  Because Russia is an easy black box enemy.  Since people don’t know what Russia REALLY is, unless you have intimate knowledge of the place – it’s easy to lie to naïve TV watchers, and paint a picture of great villains and evil people who drink Vodka and wear fur hats.  Russia is a strange place, maybe the strangest in the world.  But everything being promulgated about Russia in the mainstream media is completely manufactured from Langley (or wherever they are doing it now).

Don’t believe us – read some of these books and articles:

Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution.  

Armand Hammer: The Untold Story

A People's History of the United States

Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich

To learn how the global financial system works, checkout Fortress Capital Trading Academy

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oncemore's picture

....6. Russia is effectively a third world country with Nuclear weapons...........

Russia has hypersonic weapons, which US did not master (yet)

Russia has lasser weapons, which USA did not master (yet)

And you call them a third world country.

And you do not feel safe, when Putin talks.


Dear author of the article,  you are a troll on the CIA payroll.

drunkfish's picture

Who'd have guessed that within 25 years of the fall of the USSR we would be tuning to RT for balanced journslism, discussing the US media spouting state sponsored propganda and the threat of a possible coup in the USSA . 

skifff's picture

1. Russia uses a public central bank system, whereby the central bank is owned by the government...

- this is not the case... Russia's Central Bank is independent of government.

5. There were at least 10x more people killed in Russia by Stalin than Hitler in Germany, maybe 20x more.  The fact is that we’ll never really know the real numbers...

- this is not the case by 3000-6000+ timesauthor knows nothing about this... usual propaganda B.S.) Exact numbers are well known today, archives of that period are opened and available for researchers. And yeah! USSR during WW2 lost 27 million people 19 million of that number were civilians. Are you sure you want to multiply this horrifying numbers by 10 or 20? Author looks like a complete IDIOT! 

GULAG NEVER held more than 1.8 million inmates (briefly after WW2 it was about 2.4 million people - POWs)

Today's US inmate population is about 2.6 million people;-)

6. Russia is effectively a third world country with Nuclear weapons.

with ANY type of weapons))) Largest space program, arctic fleet of ice breakers including nuclear, largest grain exporter, builder of nuclear power stations, largest plane and helicopter producer, largest producer of sophisticated high tech weapons etc. Russians don't make iphones though! Or wait... China does!)))))

Author making fool of himself again.)))) 


7. Russia is one of few countries that have engaged in what can nearly be called ‘ethnic cleansing’ or the deportation of non-Russians back to their country.  Russia is not a melting pot, like the Soviet Union tried to be.  It is a homogeneous land of mostly White Christians.

Wait... another one of the few countries- USA...

Re: You obviously never been to Russia. Only idiot could say that...

globalintelhub's picture

1. Russia's central bank is owned by the government, not by the banks.  It is not like the Federal Reserve, Bank of England, or most other western central banks.  This comment is incorrect. 

5. Dyadkin estimated that the USSR suffered 56 to 62 million "unnatural deaths" during that period, with 34 to 49 million directly linked to Stalin. In “Europe A History,” British historian Norman Davies counted 50 million killed between 1924-53, excluding wartime casualties.  http://www.ibtimes.com/how-many-people-did-joseph-stalin-kill-1111789 

6.  If you have ever been to Russia or know anything about it, such a comment wouldn't come to your mind - it shows utter ignorance for the topic.  Russia has improved their military by leaps and bounds, they've always been top in science, math, and the arts.  But that's all they have.  They do not have fast trains, social welfare system, what we in the west would consider a first world healthcare system, they do not have bankruptcy laws, their banking system is 100 years old.  i'll address all this in a new article, but these comments are really far off.

7. Been to Russia, again - commenter uses same CIA tricks to confuse, plant false information, and try to reinforce it.  Commenter is a CIA shill, or an uneducated buffoon.

equity_momo's picture

Russian Central Bank is member of BIS and independent yes.  

It has engaged in some odd deals with Rosneft and the Govn however when Rosneft was repaying large amounts of $ denominated debt in 2014.  This imo is why the Ruble was nose diving (you can see the repayment history of Rosneft foreign debt coincides with massive sell offs in the Ruble of that year)


How does one become a contributor at Zerohedge these days? Is there a weekly lotto?

tony bonn's picture

this is "fake news" you can believe....real news is a bunch of godamned jewish lies. who started ww1 and ww2 and 9/11? jews is the correct answer. they are murderers and liars. the holocaust? a total fucking god-damned lie.

tuetenueggel's picture

How many did US kill since 1945 worldwide ?

multiplec choice:

1 more than Hitler

2 less than Stalin

3 less than Hitler

4 more than Stalin

SmittyinLA's picture

AH you forgot AlGores daddy AlGoreSr.

antidisestablishmentarianismishness's picture

GlobalIntelHub headquarters is 3 feet left of the water heater, next to the kitty litter, in his mom's basement.

globalintelhub's picture

I know how you know that, it's actually in your mom's basement.  By the way, she asked you to pickup more kitty litter, we are out.

adjudged's picture

Armand Hammer was a young man of great wealth and, when the Bolshevik Revolution occurred and there was a tremendous food shortage in Russia, he loaded up ships with food and traded that food for the accumulated wealth (Faberge eggs, etc.) of a starving people.  From that wealth came Occidental Petroleum and, as an old man, he was still flying around in his jet, cloaked in a great fur coat, doing deals.  

Lazane's picture

12. In the 75 years of communist rule nearly all Russian Orthodox Christian churches and cathedrals in the country had been sacked for more nefarious communist enterprise. Since the USSR imploded the Russian Orthodox Christian Church along with the assistance of Orthodox Christian Vlad Putin, Russian Orthodox Christian churches have been rebuilt and or restored to their early 20th century splendor. 

PitBullsRule's picture

This is not even good enough for Fake News, this is just silly.

ducksinarow's picture

I have a friend who went to Russia when it was the USSR. There were many areas in Moscow that her educational tour group could not have access to. The people were friendly. The guards carrying rifles were friendly but professional at all times. There was a lot of poverty out side the city limits of Moscow, but there were cafes inside the city that were reasonably well furnished with tea, coffee and some liquor libations. My friend was not a drinker so she did not get anything but coffee. She said it was adequate but she had better in her home. At the time she was there in the early 70's there were no politics in evidence by newspaper or television and the city came off as a quaint midsized city. But as I said, government buildings were off limits to the tour group and she had a problem with the train getting back to the designated place they were to be because the train was not reliable in what time it would get there. She had one other problem in which she was stopped by a government official who was asking her in Russian to show her ID. She was scared because he was very serious minded but eventually he pantomined and she guessed at what it might be and it turned out well. She knew please and thank you in the Russian language and nothing more. She was suspicious that he knew more English than he was letting on.

Cast Iron Skillet's picture

yea, I was in East Germany, when it was East Germany, too. Lookout towers along the pot-holed highway, etc. But it isn't East Germany anymore ... things are nice there, now. How is it in Russia today?

bh2's picture

This isn't how to win friends and influence people. It is a good way to stir up anomosity.

"It is a homogeneous land of mostly White Christians."

The bastards!

Duc888's picture



6. Russia is effectively a third world country with Nuclear weapons.


Holy shit.  yea.....ummmm, I mean NO.






PoasterToaster's picture
PoasterToaster (not verified) Dec 16, 2016 5:26 PM

Outed the Russophobes on the site lol

yttirum's picture

Once I got to this: "2. Russia has one of the fastest growing middle classes of any country on Earth." I was wondering if I missed something. Are there countries outside of this earth that I wasn't made aware? Anyway, this article is bullshit, and I'm not quite sure what angle this fuckstick company globalintelhub is getting at, but, well,...that's all.

globalintelhub's picture

There is an infinite universe, with many populated planets other than Earth.  That's what you missed.  You can checkout www.splittingpennies.com for a start.  Open your mind!

By the way, using swear words that have no meaning like 'fuck' and 'shit' is a sign of poor language use, and usually the sign of a lowered IQ, usually combined with a lack of education.  There are more sophistocated ways to express yourself than by saying 'fuck'.  

Kina's picture

Well the something from nothing of Quantum Vaccum fluctuations basically implies there are an infinte number of universes and an infinite number of universes exctly like ours in the finest detail even to me typing this at exactly the same time in other identical Universes, in the present time frame, infinte past time frames and infinite future time frames.  Gives a new meaning to the word infinite. With infinite what is a probability becomes certainty.


However fuck your elitism. Fuck is a great word, saves me tracking people down and punching them in the face.

I think self sucking is an indication of low IQ, just think of your back!

American Gorbachev's picture

are you fucking shitting me ? 

: )

Diatom's picture

You are trying to impose self-censorship!

Fuck and shit have meaning and you know what they mean! Using those terms is a strong way to express

a hostile point of view. It doesn´t mean lack of intelligence or low iq. It even doesn´t always mean lack of education! They are

terms that can give credibility to a argument properly articulated to express a legitimate outrage.

"Fake news?? It´s a fucking insult!" I guess you get the point.By being politically correct, many times you play your enemy game.

Fathead Slim's picture
Fathead Slim (not verified) yttirum Dec 16, 2016 7:07 PM

Looks to be on the level of Mark Nestmann, with his nonsensical claims about Executive Orders. His only source was CNBC.


StagStopa's picture

They're hawking their book, like most of the "contributors" here. Tylers, more hedgeless horseman and cognitive dissonance,  please. These shills are little better than filler.


PitBullsRule's picture

Its worse than bullshit, its a wandering collection of nonsense that seem to have no connection or point.  There's 3 million commies in the US and George Bush was giving them big chickens?  Who gives a fuck if they got big chickens from the US?  Maybe they were hungry!

Diatom's picture

Guess what?

In that time the chickens weren´t fed GMO shit soybeans...

Better times than now...


Idaho potato head's picture

They were called leg of Bush and most people wouldn't eat that crap.

jcdenton's picture

Since when does a 3rd world nation ..


Have a 13% FLAT tax on production?


Since 2001?


Does a 3rd world nation have more physical gold and black earth real eatate ..


Than anyone?


Try again OP ..


Do, try again ..


Check out the photos in this presentation ..




https://youtu.be/laT0Q2txJBQ?list=PL1yWdjkeR-5KcDGOzIReF8JvOp77BDa6T (Michael Bay version)


Does that look like a 3rd world country to you?


Does it even look like a 2nd world nation?


FACADES can be most deceiving ..


You think the RF since 1990 is just sitting still?

Volkodav's picture

      Bush legs was about profit Tyson by dump most terrible chicken for politcal kickback

      never was worse chicken

      otherwise article is half BS...ignorant

IronForge's picture

3rd world country?  They seemed to be doing quite well with the Sale of Arms and Aircraft - not to mention being the first in Space and is currently the only country able to send people to the ISS.

They were ravaged by the Western Carpet Baggers during the Collapse of the SUN.

Ethnic Cleansing?  Is the Author a Jewish/Saiyanim Libradical?


Bavarian's picture

I think the author could've done better research for a good insight into Russia.  They are NOT a 3rd world nation by a long shot.  So many tourists with very deep pockets.  Putin has built up a strong economic infrastructure in record time.  And they have nearly zero debt.  They are hording gold for reserves.  Making deals with numerous countries for future growth and their education system is lights out.  Good luck finding Russia on the world debt map:


I dispute the Stalin figures off-hand knowing that conservatively 30 million died in WW2.  This would account for 300 million killed by Stalin.  Ahhh, no.

Someone somewhere needs to justify Russia as a boogeyman but I have yet to see any such media member do so as they lazily make some evil Russian reference without support.  Journalists all need to be extinguished somehow and forced to take remedial training with certifications earned for actually providing news with actual sources.  This media is dangerous.  They are quite possibly the largest threat to democracy.

globalintelhub's picture

Before you dispute the figures, read this book!  http://wp.me/P6ZQKC-2u  Stalin killed anywhere between 20 - 50 million, the fact is no one will ever know the answer.  

The commenter has obviously never been to Russia.  Russia does not have something called 'consumer rights' or bankruptcy.  They are a 3rd world country.  Putin did an amazing economic recovery from a communist country but there's a long way to go, Russia is far from being a world leader.  But in FX terms, they are the most likely country to be the world reserve currency.  Don't misinterpret '3rd world' as something bad - Russia moved very fast in 20 years but there is a long way to go.  If you really want to do your research, sir - go to Russia, and that means leaving MOSCOW.  90% of workers in Russia are paid on black salary, to avoid taxes.  So economic figures posted by visual capitalist or world bank or whatever are completely useless.  The way it works, let's say you work in an office - you are paid 10,000 rubles per month 'white salary' and 90,000 rubles 'black salary'.  The white salary you pay taxes on, and it goes to your pension (which sucks, but anyway).  Black salary is always paid in CASH - that means physical rubles.  You can read about it here http://33-letters.blogspot.com/2013/02/colours-of-russian-salaries.html   So all your economic numbers you can throw them out the window.  They simply do not have concept of 'resume' or 'cv' because if anyone (including tax collectors) ask former employers if said person worked there, they will all deny it!

?????? ???????? (“black salary”) is the salary from which no taxes were paid. For example, you work somewhere, but not officially, so you get “black salary.” If they fire you, you won't be able to prove you worked there.

The Russian economy is so complicated, it's even difficult to describe.  The flat tax is more of a national sarcastic joke, because the tax is only paid on WHITE SALARY which represents like 10% of the economy.

Infrastructure?  The Moscow subway is beautiful, it's a wonder of the world - but it's 100 years old, and the current version was not a subway but an ICBM missile transportation network built during the cold war.  25% of male russians die before they are 55.  Average pension is about $148 a month in US Dollars.  http://www.reuters.com/article/us-russia-crisis-pensioners-idUSKBN0L10D3...  

Yes, it's 3rd world.  But you are right, I could have put the research as links into the article.  Wait for next one!

Grumbleduke's picture

I don't understand how a worker couldn't prove he has been working for a company. If 10% of income is "official" then there is paper trail, as payments towards pensions would indicate.


11b40's picture

I think you mean the media is quite possibly the largest threat to the REPUBLIC, right?

Neochrome's picture

"Ethnic cleansing" or as it is known in US, "How the West was won."

Genby's picture

Point 3,5,6,7 are total bullshit.

boattrash's picture

I logged in to disagree with #6.

the grateful unemployed's picture

what nonsense. dick cheney surrounded russia with nuke tipped cruise missiles in the old soviet satellites, new NATO countries, which can take out moscow C&C before they can respond. obama came on board promising to renegotiate THEIR problem, but when someone gives you a boot already in place at the other guys throat you dont throw it away. obama likes power, being part of the unempowered race. 

now there is more to russia than moscow and a preemptive attack is still a bit far off, though if as you say russia is a third world country, a policy of attrition will reduce them to the same hollowed out defenses that a nofly zone created in iraq. long term it doesnt look good for them despite Trump who just wants to screw their women.

russian is reacting to the policies of cheney bush, an act were every bit as threatening as the cuban missile crisis in 1960. the rollout of LNG will relieve the gazprom stranglehold on europe, all the planets are aligned. marxits theory was as you said an artifice designed by the central bankers to control the revolution on their terms. dont you think its time to relieve the russian people of the yoke of their false manifestor, gangster capitalism, and no constitution or human rights? 

we will liberate the russian people, and their lost century in the gulag. and china as well, this is the american age, democracy free markets and openess. all else is the enemy

dogismycopilot's picture

Hey look, Obama sent his US ambassador to Russia to visit us.

11b40's picture

I have no idea where he is from, but he thinks America is a Democracy.  Very sad how ignorant the so much of the citizenry has become.

Not to mention that anyone who wants to gamble with an attack on a heavily armed nuclear country is a complete idiot, or mentally ill.

Honest Sam's picture

I thoroughly protest at this accusation about his sex life.  The level of good behavior begins with the most essential and frankly, animalistic (Limbic, i believe, as in 'out on a'....) part of so many of you.

So Bill clinton and even more compelling was the will of the people, a majority of them, wanted to REWARD him with a re-election, therefore 60,000,000 of you set the level of not only acceptable, but sought after, as a sign of an advancement in  the evolution of man.

But thx for the tip about Russian women  being so tantalizingly delicious.  Ivanka Trump (Kushner, no dummy that Jewish guy immediately marrying the sexiest and most attractive woman to EVER grace the White House.  I'd love to see a mud wrestling match between Ivanka and a woman (can we still use pronouns? ) from any other nationality.  

The tall one is a 10 to 1 longshat. 

Seer's picture

The guy's suck a fucking jackass.  Fucker's a manifestation of hatred.

Hannibal's picture

Hacked? - Fighter Against 'Putin's Russia' Charged for Massive Child Porn Collection

Exactly how Putin's hackers planted all the incriminating material on the poor man's computer and forced him to confess, is still being investigated


AVmaster's picture

At one time, russia also had the most millionares...


Then ukraine happened and that number was "tweaked" to eliminate russia entirely...


I don't even think they count russia anymore ^.^