George Soros Is Funding Facebook's "Third-Party Fact Checking" Organization Targeting "Fake News"

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Behind almost every liberal crusade of the past several decades, from the blocking of voter ID laws to the Syrian refugee crisis, there has been one man quietly pulling the puppet strings from the background: George Soros.  So imagine our complete shock when we discovered Soros to be the financing source behind Facebook's "third-party fact checking" organization retained to flag, and thus eliminate, "fake news."

Just yesterday, Facebook posted the following press release to their website detailing their plans to use a "third-party fact checking organization," known as The Poynter Institute, to flag "fake news."  The role of the "fact checkers" will be to review news stories and flag anything they deem to be "fake" so that it can be deprioritized on Facebook's news feed.



Of course, that raises any number of questions including what will be deemed to be "fake news" (e.g. will dissenting opinions be deemed "fake") and who exactly gets to oversee such a powerful position that basically has been given carte blanche to censor media outlets of their choosing?  Surely such an organization would have to be an extremely transparent, publicly funded, bi-partisan group, right?

Well, not so much apparently.  A quick review of Poynter's website reveals that the organization is funded by the who's who of leftist billionaires including George Soros' Open Society Foundations, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Google, and Ebay founder Pierre Omidyar's Omidyar Network.  Well that seem fairly bipartisan, right?   



But don't worry, Poynter would like to assure you that they're committed to "nonpartisan and transparent fact-checking."



Of course, as Fox News pointed out back in 2011, it was Poynter that taught a "journalism" class that urged journalists to downplay the threat of terrorist organizations by comparing death tolls of terrorist attacks to those associated with malaria and HIV/AIDS. 

But to illustrate this point, the course references the number of people killed by various causes, implicitly suggesting journalists change the way they report on jihad-related deaths.


"Of the hundreds of murders that occur each day, journalists are far more likely to report on jihad-related incidents than other violence. As a result, news consumers have developed a skewed impression of the prevalence of jihad, relative to other forms of conflict. Context is essential in covering this global story in a way that does not amplify fears of jihad," the course says.


The Poynter course estimates jihad groups have killed about 165,000 people over the past four decades, mostly in Iraq. It notes the biggest toll in the United States was the approximately 3,000 killed on Sept. 11, 2001.


"To give those numbers some context, the FBI reports that approximately 15,000 people in the U.S. are murdered each year. All around the world, more than half a million people are murdered annually, according to the World Health Organization," the course says. "At its peak, jihad organizations have accounted for less than 2 percent of this toll -- in most years, they account for well under 1 percent. (A half-million individuals die each year from nutritional deficiencies, more than 800,000 from malaria, and 2 million from HIV/AIDS.)"

Would that count as "advocating or taking a policy position" on an issue?

So congrats on choosing a "nonpartisan" fact checker, Mr. Zuckerberg.  We eagerly await the creation of a competitive social media outlet, one that promotes truly free and independent thought, which you have surely just spawned with the creation of your new "department of censorship."

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George Soros is a fake


Mr. Universe's picture

Georgie Porgie, puddin and pie, subverted America for Satan and made them die.

Manthong's picture

Well, then we should have no problem talking him into funding the Bernie Madoff Institute For Ethics in Finance now, should we?

Jim Sampson's picture

Fuck!  He'd back the Mao Center for Tolerance and Understanding

knukles's picture

He backed Snopes as well

johngaltfla's picture

So a former Jewish Nazi deathcamp employee is supporting a globalist Jewish Nazi-like web business owner.

What else is new?

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

There's another name in that list which is an instant red flag. The National Endowment for Democracy has always been a CIA operation.


edit: Soros, die you fermenting pus bag.

beemasters's picture

Like Hillary, Soros seems to lack empathy and think whatever is good for him, is good for others.

fleur de lis's picture

George Soros/Gyorgi Schwarz looks like a cadaver that didn't get the memo.

What vile potion is keeping him alive?

How has he managed to evade arrest for something?

Soros/Schwarz is proof positive that the CIA does not have America's best interests in mind.

If that were the case they would have set him up and got rid of him ages ago.


SafelyGraze's picture

he is a Fakist.

he is a Votist.

he is a Russist.


CheapBastard's picture

The biggest threats to America are 1) Hillary Clinton; 2) George Soros and 3) the MSM.

SoDamnMad's picture

What country is George a citizen of; Hungary?   Could he go back to where he came from , straighten them out, an dleave us alone?


That or we find where he organized something where someone died and charge him with that, lock him up with no bail and delay the trial until he dies in prison.

BullyBearish's picture

It's all about control through lies...the money pays for the propaganda, through their paid for "politicians" and "journalists"...

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The Saint (not verified) BullyBearish Dec 17, 2016 10:16 AM

Soros isn't funding FACT CHECKING, he is funding FLACK CHECKING.  He is making sure there is enough flack in stories that's aimed at conservatives.


Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

The biggest threats to America are 1) US gubmint 2) US legacy media 3) US k-12 & universities.

All are things we pay for.  Spend judiciously.

turnoffthewater's picture

That's just to name a few the list is huge

Some people like the movie shooter

sleigher's picture (Soros) put an add on TV this morning with the Texas elector who is not voting Trump.  Suprun I think his name is.  Fake news isn't all he is funding.  He is undermining our Republic and should be deported or imprisoned for sedition.

overbet's picture

Soros will be dead before the end of Trump's presidency.

True Blue's picture

The whole list also reads almost word for word like the 'major contributors' to National Propaganda Radio. Not that they have an instantly and nauseatingly discernible bias or anything...

Bastiat's picture

Soros is like a James Bond villian.

Jim Sampson's picture

Cellulose Fiatfinger?  Mr. Jew?  Le Diable?

chunga's picture

Zuckerberg and Soros...The Invasion of the ((( Fact Snatchers )))!

larz's picture

No bias or agenda apparent here in these two upstanding entities. What could possibly be wrong with this

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Uzda Farce (not verified) chunga Dec 16, 2016 9:34 PM

Facebook, Google and Soros Fund Mgmt are corporate sponsors of the Rockefeller/CFR. Sheryl Sandberg, Eric Schmidt and George Soros are CFR members, along with several directors of NED. See member lists at cfr dot org.

AllBentOutOfShape's picture

Facebook has officially become Fakebook.

Croesus's picture

Unfortunately, Soros proves that demons are real.

peddling-fiction's picture

ZH, check this site out.

It is jaw-dropping and seems to be quite accurate in my opinion.

Hard to navigate it, but it is chock full of stuff that ties into Pizza Gate and all these sick puppies the world over.

Just a sampling here->

peddling-fiction's picture

Here is a flipcard table of contents.

With Pizza Gate, we learned that they speak in code.

We need to understand their code if we want to "illuminate" this subject and get the word out.

peddling-fiction's picture

No fear.

Be good and do not participate at all with intelligence agencies anywhere.

And stop feeding the media dragon.

Implied Violins's picture

I've got a code word for Soros:


See if he can figure that one out on his own, but don't wait too long.

peddling-fiction's picture



<-- Haters apply here


In code kill is 47

Jesus Christ was killed on the April (4) 7th

He was born on 9.11. -3 BC (September 9th)

Does anybody read into why that date was used for infamy, instead of celebration?

This is not about religion, but about facts and the reasoning behind certain events.

GreatUncle's picture

4 - 7 ... ain't that the 4th July??? Thats American independence day.

Oh but wait, more important than that (and no fucker on ZH will ever get me a card or cake) ...

It is my birthday ... way to fucking go.

Nice though I kill you first okay as it is my number and yours is up.


peddling-fiction's picture

I am using the U.S. ordering of dates.


versus the European one.


The U.S. independence day is not very accurate, however the use of these numbers is DELIBERATE.

As for killing or not killing anyone red gecko, that is something you do not decide.

You need permission, and permission is not being granted because I am protected.

Also, as far as your birthdate in concerned, you also need to factor in your YEAR of birth.

If your DD+MM+(Y+Y+Y+Y)=47 it has a strong meaning.

Stopdreaming's picture

This is starting to become very uncomfortable for those that practice the Dark Arts...satanists (including Soros):


peddling-fiction's picture

+1M Stopdreaming

ZH, the site shared by Stopdreaming (above) is dynamite.

devnickle's picture

Sounds a little out there. She is hot though!

peddling-fiction's picture

All the kittens are hot. They have to be.

It takes time to understand the hidden symbolism behind these "people" and their lingo.

You will return to this topic later on in life ready to understand it better.

Time is short for humanity so true disclosure needs to be sped up.

secretonfire's picture

His lies fuel hell's fires & cause the most dangerous global warming.
"When he lies, he speaks his native tongue." John 8:44

Cheka_Mate's picture

Most disappointing Fake News story of 2016:

George Soros dead from Heart Attack 

Badsamm's picture

Doesnt he own a hot tub or a nail gun?

Malaka's picture

How dare you.

George Soros is a Patriot and Humanitarian!

My Deep undercover humanitarian ngos behind the iron curtain just sent me this evidence of a diabolical plot to undermine and then overwhelm our defenses!


After narrowly escaping a spetnaz attack that destroyed our chopper, we have reached our objective and have obtained conclusive evidence of a ruskie op to produce fake news and influence, targeted at privlliged deplorable reds through subliminal manchurian programming...

His code name is BW.

An American Hero who stands for truth and integrity!

We are Spartans!

undercover brother's picture

That's like the fox guarding the hen house.  The idea that Soros is going to fund the policing of "fake news" on Facebook is so ludicrous and creates so much obvious conflict of interest, it could only happen in plain sight in America with their pathetic mainstream media, who routinely ignores facts and the law to push their own ideological agenda.  

walküre's picture

Soros knows best about how to distribute propaganda. He worked with the best before.

Welcome to the new fascism, same as the old fascism

Thebighouse's picture

Just closed my facebook account.  Recommend you do the same.  

I smell a start up!

CorporateCongress's picture

Never had facefarce. Can't some Russian hacker jusr bleachBit that whole fucking site and be done with it?