Head For The Bunkers?

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Authored by Carl Bildt, originally posted at Project Syndicate,

In August 2015, I tweeted that if Donald Trump were to be elected President of the United States, we would have to “head for the bunkers.”

A Trump presidency was considered highly unlikely back then; but here we are. And while heading for the bunkers might not be the most appropriate response (yet), where we are is undoubtedly a more dangerous world.

Nearly two years ago, former US National Security Adviser and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger warned the Senate Armed Services Committee that, “as we look around the world, we encounter upheaval and conflict.” As Kissinger observed at the time, “the United States has not faced a more diverse and complex array of crises since the end of the Second World War.”

And what seemed true from the perspective of Washington, DC, was doubly so from a European perspective. To put it plainly, Europe feels as though it were surrounded by a ring of fire, from the revisionist and revanchist Russia in the east, to the multiple meltdowns in the Middle East and North Africa in the south.

Since the spring of 2014, when Russia started fueling the conflict in Donbas and other parts of Eastern Ukraine, ten thousand people have died there, and another two million have been displaced. And, of course, these figures pale in comparison to the humanitarian disasters in Syria, Libya, and Yemen.

Now, NATO is planning to deploy troops to Northeast Poland and the three Baltic States – Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania – while the European Union struggles to manage continuous refugee flows and exert control over its external borders.

Moreover, the security threat from Russia has prompted a gradual increase in European defense spending and security cooperation. Whereas the EU has traditionally made peace and prosperity its primary objectives, it is now being forced to prioritize security above all else. That is a significant change.

The “complex array of crises” has also not spared Saudi Arabia, from whence I am writing. No one seems to have an answer to such fundamental questions as how to restore stability to Yemen and the Levant, but everyone knows that as the conflicts continue, it becomes more likely that the entire region will be destabilized. This is a threat that no one can ignore.

Equally concerning are the voices in Washington calling for renewed confrontation with Iran, just after the nuclear deal between that country and the P5+1 – China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, the US, plus Germany – averted the danger of such a confrontation (if not outright war).

Against this volatile backdrop, the new Trump administration could very well embrace vastly different policies from what we have seen so far. Judging by the last few weeks, it seems as though we are going to have to live with a routine spectacle of international destabilization via Twitter.

For example, by questioning America’s longstanding “One China” policy, Trump has indicated that he might subject even the most fundamental aspects of US foreign policy to renegotiation and new “deals.” National capitals around the world are undoubtedly feeling uneasy about what the future holds.

To be sure, incoming US administrations always usher in a period of relative uncertainty; it takes time for a new team to get up to speed, and to formulate policies in accordance with information that may not have been previously available, such as intelligence briefings. Crisis management is an art form that one can only learn through experience, and with some training.

Still, after years of rising turmoil and uncertainty, we have no choice but to assume that more “black swan” events are around the corner. From Donbas to North Korea to the Gulf region, there is no shortage of places where developments could take a shocking turn.

In normal times, the web of international relations affords enough predictability, experience, and stability that even unexpected events are manageable, and do not precipitate major-power confrontations. There have been close calls in recent decades, but there have not been any unmitigated disasters.

But those times may be over. We are entering a period of geopolitical flux: less stable alliances and increasing uncertainty. One should not exaggerate the risk of things spiraling out of control; but it is undeniable that the next crisis could be far larger than what we are used to, if only because it would be less manageable. And that is unsettling in itself.

Eventually, the world will become accustomed to the Trump administration, and the Trump administration will get used to the world. But now that unpredictability is the order of the day, and a collective “me first” outlook has taken hold, we should prepare for the possibility that turmoil could go global.

In other words, while it is not time to head for the bunkers, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to have one nearby.

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Son of Captain Nemo's picture

Head For The Bunkers?

We've been hiding in our "bunkers" all this time since 9/11... Time to fight like our forefathers to regain the Independence we allowed ourselves to lose decades ago!

chubbar's picture

I quit reading right after the author claims that Russia was the one fueling conflict in Ukraine. Where do these idiots get their "facts"?

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Carl Bildt

Carl Bildt was Sweden’s foreign minister from 2006 to October 2014 and Prime Minister from 1991 to 1994, when he negotiated Sweden’s EU accession. A renowned international diplomat, he served as EU Special Envoy to the Former Yugoslavia, High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina, UN Special Envoy to the Balkans, and Co-Chairman of the Dayton Peace Conference. He is Chair of the Global Commission on Internet Governance and a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Europe.

JungleCat's picture

So what you are saying is that he is an establishment turd. I know this for a fact already, because I am from Sweden.

Bildt was a failure a prime minister (one term), and a failure in the international arena. He is a useless career politician.

VinceFostersGhost's picture



Go hide in your hole in the ground.......like the dogs you are.


At least you won't be in my way anymore.

JungleCat's picture

Bildt says "the new Trump administration could very well embrace vastly different policies from what we have seen so far". He is referring to the policicies that, by his own admission, have led to "a more diverse and complex array of crises since the end of the Second World War".

Bildt admits to penning this piece of turdmanship while in.....Saudi Arabia!

Bildt also led the charge to get Sweden into the EU, which now means that a "beggar" working for gypsy criminal gangs is sitting outside of every grocery store in Sweden. and at the most popular tourist attractions in Stockholm. And the lame Swedish police do nothing, as they do nothing about the increase in violent crime.

bobbbny's picture

Got his slant right at the beginning where he sucked Kissingers dick.

Just another POS globalist Soros tool trying to scare us into submission.

Truther's picture

An establishment bitch more like it.

thesonandheir's picture

Why are NATO deploying troops to the Baltics when the border on the south is being overran by migrant armies?


All those angry men of fighting age, unchecked backgrounds etc. 

X_in_Sweden's picture
X_in_Sweden (not verified) JungleCat Dec 16, 2016 9:35 AM

I have stated countless times here at ZH, that Carl Bildt is a CIA-Asset.


"Carl Bildts relation till USA - här är dokumenten"


Unfortunately SVT/Swedish National has scrubbed, changed the original page which contained *photo-copies* of the actual US FOIA documents.


Carl Bildt's relationship to the United States-here are the documents: In the SVT documentary about Carl Bildt taken question of communication between him and the United States during the secret intergovernmental negotiations in 1976. During the work on the documentary about Carl Bildt was looking the team behind the film in public archives and found correspondence from the 70s where Bildt mentioned by name. It's about eleven telegrams in the years 1973-1976. Telegrams are sent within the United States's foreign service, mainly between the Embassy in Stockholm and the State Department in Washington.


Martin J and Bjorn Tunbäck, who stands behind the documentary, found documents in open archives in the United States-it is not about leaks, but of public acts. It published the document in which Carl Bildt mentioned by name. Here's a summary of what the cables, which can be found in the column on the left, contains:


1) Carl Bildt is strongly recommended by the Embassy to the leadership scholarship. Lyrical description of the young Bildt. From 1973-03.


2) Embassy in Stockholm will write to the State department that Carl Bildt's bag got away on the flight home from the United States. (1973-08)


3) State department responds to Bildt's case should have been sent by Pan AM on 10 August. (1973-08)


4) report on the Swedish press reactions to a Communist campaign against a Congress in Oporto. Noting that Bildt and af Ugglas were at the Conference. (1975-01)


5) Bildt has kontaktatat Embassy to get suggestions for young American politicians who can be invited to this summer's European student conference in Helsinki, Finland. Embassy considers it important that the US activity in this area is maintained. (1975-04)


6) Embassy has discovered that Carl Bildt has acted to get with the Americans at the Conference, but that the Finnish operators known to the Finns, however, have nothing against; that Americans are participating in the Conference. (1975-04)


7) Carl Bildt have informed the Embassy that his European studentorg would establish "institutional ties" with the Young Republicans and Young Democrats. Bildt says he already is in contact with Karl Rove, President of the Republican student organization. (1975-05)


8) Carl Bildt would like to thank the Embassy for assistance and support. Has invited Karl Rove and McDonough as delegates to the Conference in Finland. (1975-6)


9) Carl Bildt will travel to Washington DC and participate in a panel discussion on US-European relations (1) and should stay a few more days. Want help to get the meet officials involved in Soviet Affairs at the State Department. The Embassy says that they believe the State department should assist Bildt. (1975-09)


10) Telegram from the State Department in Washington to the Embassy in Stockholm. A number of embassies in Europe are also notified.


The case of the European Youth Conference in Warsaw in June. Carl Bildt has said that the issue of American participation in the Conference has been discussed and will be decided at the European democratic conservative and liberal students ' meetings in Copenhagen and in the Hague next week. (2) State Department requests that the Embassy in Stockholm will debriefa Bildt immediately when he comes back and send info about these conferences to Washington (3), the Department has received information from "other channels" to Bildt has a plan b: to bring individual Americans to Warsaw in Western European delegations (if the United States was not invited). If Bildt for up this idea, he should be dissuaded from this. The Americans think this is an unworthy tactic. (1976-05)


11) Carl Bildt will report in detail to the Embassy about the ongoing secret intergovernmental negotiations after the right-wing election victory in 1976. According to the telegram text entrusts Bildt deputy director Woods, that the nuclear issue is finished, and that negotiations to focus on how the new Government should look like. He explains in detail about the different possible nuclear compromises (1976-10).

Published: 27 March 2013


"Wikileaks: Utrikesminister Carl Bildt är hemlig USA-informatör"


saveUSsavers's picture

Holy Shit Sherlock Holmes needs to find out if he's behind Assange rape lies !

The Wizard's picture

Just another Rothschild minion. They are spread throughout the world in many facets of our daily lives. With so many in the club, massive amounts of derivatives had to be created to cover the expanding budget. Guess who pays for that.

DjangoCat's picture

Dangerous parrot for the globalist agenda.  Fuck him.

Eric Zuesse's picture

Bildt is a Swedish racist-fascist (otherwise called ideological nazi), and undercover U.S. government agent, as is documented here: http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2014/07/profits-ukraines-war.html 

and the link there to the "Professor's blog" will bring you deeper into it, but he gets paid well by U.S. armaments firms and lobbyists

toady's picture

I was in the bunker all summer. 

Sages wife's picture

Drop 1 club, choke right up, and hit the sand an inch behind the ball. Don't forget to follow through!

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

"I quit reading right after the author claims that Russia was the one fueling conflict in Ukraine. Where do these idiots get their "facts"?"


But this is why we collectively need to come together to ensure this kind of propaganda gets eliminated along with our wars of choice for looting energy "that haven't" and "will never again" work given the debt we've created in these exercises. And while we're at it abolish a Central Bank and it's "reserve currency status" for good!

thinkmoretalkless's picture

Maybe it's time for the globalists to head for the bunkers and lock themselves in. We all would be better off.

Tall Tom's picture





Maybe the globalist elite were his intended audience???


I have not heard of Project Syndicate. Have you?






Project Syndicate's Public Service mission has received support from:


Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation


European Climate Foundation


Mohammed bin Rasheed al Maktoum Global Initiatives.


Now with that just who do you think that his audience was?


Certainly not you or me.


Thanks for piquing my curiousity.



markpower49's picture

Carl Bildt is just another lying leftist, proving he is mentally ill, like all leftists/progressives.

The Carbonator's picture

All Liberals should be banned from owning ANY firearms.  Since they hate guns so much they won't mind.  For the rest of us, lets stock up!

knukles's picture

Liberals give their stuff to the anti-liberals.  Like a tax.  Equality tax. 

No shiv for you

Food Loaf Junkie's picture

Please don't inhibit the freedoms we treasure most, besides, liberals in general can't shoot and are therefore are a low level threat.

The Gun Is Good's picture

Let them have guns; then they can more effectively shoot themselves... either out of self-loathing and "white guilt," or out of pure incompetence with weapons handling.

cowdiddly's picture

Many many moons ago I worked on a pipeline way out in bumbuck nowhere Woodward Okla.

I bought an old small school bus at an auction and started digging a hole to bury it in.

All the towns people laughed at me and thought I was some sort of out of town nutcase.

Long story short, a year after I finished, a tornado hit the town and blew half of them away.

I climbed out of that bus and left for greener pastures.

Miss Expectations's picture

A more dramatic ending would have had you driving away.  Glad you survived.

Arnold's picture

Then being chased by half the state,

and driving off a cliff,

holding hands with your best GF.

beijing expat's picture

Fuck it. I say we lynch our political elite and surrender to Putin. If nothing else, at least he is competent. Our leaders are fucking idiots and they are going to get us all killed.

Fuck you Carl. Did you see them dancing in the streets of Aleppo after the Russian victory there? You didn't? It's probably because you are an asshole and part of the problem. Like I said. Fuck you and fuck all your stupid sock puppet friends in the useless corrupt political establishment.

Hey, I have an idea, when you and your elite friends are in your bunker, get out a grenade and pull the pin. Do us all a favor you sorry sack of shit!

NewHugh's picture

Let's absolutely Lynch Loretta! :-)

earleflorida's picture

kissinger is a zionist`zombie`zeus? [zzz] messenger --- no good dead or alive --- but a modern spook for 'TPTB' joo`s  

buzzsaw99's picture

if china takes over taiwan then we can boycott them too. a win-win!

roadhazard's picture

Never think you are safe in a bunker. You are trapped.

knukles's picture

Everybody has fun in the bunker until the oxygen runs out.

IridiumRebel's picture

Or the doors are welded shut.

earleflorida's picture

why don't you ask adolf...[?]

Rich Monk's picture

Ask him while he was living in Argentina post WWII?

Food Loaf Junkie's picture

Most burrowing creatures have more than one entrance/exit.  Never show'em your holecard [the other way out]

restelle's picture

"To put it plainly, Europe feels as though it were surrounded by a ring of fire, from the revisionist and revanchist Russia in the east, to the multiple meltdowns in the Middle East and North Africa in the south."


Europe is IN the fire due to the invited invaders, not merely surrounded by a "ring of fire".

The periphery of Europe is nonsense as fas as danger is concerned and probably intended to take attention away from their day to day reality.

Byte Me's picture

Yeah, yeah, yarmulkes and the brissed into the bunkers first.

More likely, you'll get hung by your thumbs for treason.

jmack's picture

The grand crime of the globalists was to sell thier agenda on helping everyone, while in actuality it was only helping themselves.  The splintering from this paradigm as the masses realize the great lie, will be biblical.

brexiteer's picture

Carl, you don't actually have a bunker do you..

DuneCreature's picture

Very Important!

Make sure your bunker has a very good air filtration system.

*** [-[ Our Government Is 'Crop Dusting' Us With Bio-Weapons ]-] ***

They used to use some of us as lab rats but the clinical trials are over and they are in full pest control mode now.

Who or what are the 'pests' you ask?

Wye, you are, silly. ......... What did you think? They were spraying for mosquitoes or something?

The first order of business is to put the little pests into docile, drowsy mode and then make sure they don't reproduce and finally start killing them off slowly so they don't notice each other dropping dead all at once.

Think I'm talking a little crazy here?

Walk outside and look up. ...... What do you think those lines in the sky are? ... Water vapor trails coming out of an airplane jet engine tail pipe? ... Are you sure about that? ......... Ok, now go find a tree to sit under it take about fifteen minutes to think about that. .....

No, no, no, leave your phone on the kitchen table. No fair looking up answers on Google. It will be there once you get back unless you have an untrained cat in your home who climbs up on the table when you're back is turned and carries off phones, gloves or beef jerky for later.

In that case, take the cat with you. .. A cat purring in your lap will help you concentrate and focus. .. It's a bio-rhythm thing that can really overcome the drowsy docile Chemtrails effects.


Have you thought about those lines in the sky real hard now?

What did the cat find out about it on Google while you were out?

Which one of you figured out about the 'pest control' spraying thing first? .............. You, or the cat?

My money is on the cat. ... That pest spraying works real good on peeples.

Oh, and here is some Bio-Weapons Fear & Doom Porn from Jules. She uses her Tabbys to investigate our evil overlord mad scientists too.

Live Hard, I Consult My Cat On Tough Bio Chemistry Questions Once A Week On Average, Die Free

~ DC v4.0

Due North's picture

Classic war of attrition, combined with the ability by the MIC to attack us but leave no visible target for reprisal. 

DuneCreature's picture

We'll figure this out.

Know any dot mil multi-engine pilots? ..... I do.

Live Hard, Ground Crews And Logistics Are All Suspects Too, Die Free

~ DC v4.0

quasi_verbatim's picture

Is this Carl the Cunt from fucked up Sweden?

Byte Me's picture

In normal times, the web of international relations affords enough predictability, experience, and stability that even unexpected events are manageable, and do not precipitate major-power confrontations.

These 'normal times' of which the fakenewser speaks, were the times during which we were all being subverted and sold out by a so-called bunch of self-serving "elites."

Today is different.

Tomorrow the elites get theirs for true "crimes against humanity."

Run to your tunnels, maggots.

Armed Resistance's picture

This article is garbage. The world faces crises that the United States has precipitated. From the Ukrainian coup, to worldwide heroin trafficking out of Afghanistan, to the humanitarian crisis in Syria- all U.S. Led handiwork! And to quote that douche bag Kissinger just puts a cherry on this bird cage liner.

The world IS changing, and it's never been more dangerous for the power-broking elites. I'm long rope and guillotines.

Nockian's picture

Bunkers ?

Ever visited the valley of the Kings in Egypt ?