Obama Blames Russia For Hacking, Slams "Domestic Propagandists" For Rise Of "Fake News"

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As of this moment, president Obama is on his way to Hawaii, having just concluded his final press conference for 2016, and one of the last in his tenure as president. What did we learn in the rambling speech that lasted nearly two hours and saw one of the White House reporters faint? Not much that wasn't already insinuated, if not proven, repeatedly: Obama stuck to the script, and said Russia "in fact" had "hacked into the DNC," but that the actual voting process was not compromised. The White House was just trying to "let people know" what was going on, and the media interpreted the reasons.

While Obama took questions about Syria, China and Trump's transition team, Obama mostly spoke about Russia and the allegations by US intelligence agencies that Moscow had hacked the US election. Obama said that his administration allowed the public "to make an assessment" by letting people know that "the Russians were responsible for hacking" the Democratic National Committee earlier this year, adding that the intelligence community did its job "without political influence."

Citing alleged cyber security threats to the US, Obama said he had "told Putin to cut out the hacking" and indicated there would be consequences. which however he would not disclose.

"Our goal continues to be to send a clear message to Russia or others not to do this to us, because we can do stuff to you," he said, adding that Washington's response to Moscow's alleged interference is being done "in a thoughtful, methodical way." "Some of it we do publicly, some of it we will do in a way that they know but not everybody will," Obama told reporters, adding that "the message will be directly received by the Russians and not publicized."


"It's not like Putin is going around the world publicly saying, 'Look what we did, wasn't that clever' – he denies it," Obama said.

When meeting with Russia's President Putin in China in September, Obama said he confronted him directlyon the matter. The US leader told Moscow "to cut it out," and apparently since then Washington "didn't see further tampering with the election process."

By then, however, WikiLeaks had already published the DNC documents. In October they began publishing the emails of Clinton's campaign chair John Podesta, and the media "wrote about it every day," Obama said.

Obama also told journalists that Hillary Clinton had a "disadvantage" in the presidential campaign because of "how the US media covered her."

I don’t think she was treated fairly during the election. I think the coverage of her and the issues was troubling,” he said, calling the leaks "an obsession" of the press.

"It's worth us reflecting how it is that a presidential election of such importance... came to be dominated by a bunch of these leaks," Obama told reporters, accusing the “divided, partisan, dysfunctional political process" for making the US vulnerable to "potential manipulations that were not particularly sophisticated."

"This was not some elaborate complicated espionage scheme," Obama said, again accusing Moscow of having hacked into the Democratic party emails, both Clinton's and Podesta's, that contained "pretty routine stuff" such as John Podesta's risotto recipe. What Obama failed to note is that the Podesta email hack provided an unvarnished, unfiltered and unique glimpse into the Washington corruption and cronyism at the very top levels, something the ordinary public could only dream of getting access to prior to the "Russian hack."

Also, despite insisting Russia was responsible for making the DNC and Podesta documents public, Obama repeated several times that the actual election was not tampered with.

“My principal goal leading up to the election was making sure the election itself went off without a hitch, that it was not tarnished, and that it did not feed any sense in the public that somehow tampering had taken place with the actual process of voting. And we accomplished that,” Obama said.

“I can assure the public that there was not the kind of tampering with the voting process that was the concern,” he said later, answering another question. "The votes that were cast were counted, and counted appropriately.”

Incidentally, Obama did not miss the opportunity to take the low road, and mock Russia, saying "They're a small country, they're a weak country, they don't produce anything that anybody wants to buy."


US cyber security faces a "constant challenge," the president said, adding that Washington has been warning other countries against cyberattacks. The US has been working on creating international norms in the field of cyber security, but along with defensive capabilities Washington also has "some offensive capabilities," he warned.

Attributing a cyber attack to a particular government can be difficult, and is “not always provable in court,” he cautioned.

* * *

Separately, in a tangential discussion about a topic dear to much of the "alternative media", Obama shifted attention to the local media, and blamed talk radio and other "domestic propagandists" for the rise of "fake news," including fictional news items published by state-sponsored actors.

"If fake news that's being released by some foreign government is almost identical to reports that are being issued through partisan news venues, then it's not surprising that that foreign propaganda will have a greater effect. It doesn't seem that far-fetched compared to some of the other stuff folks are hearing from domestic propagandists," Obama said.

"To the extent that our political dialogue is such that everything is under suspicion, everybody's corrupt and everybody is doing things for partisan reasons, and all of our institutions are, you know full of malevolent actors, and if that's the story that is being put out there, then when a foreign government introduces that same argument, with facts that are made up, voters who have been listening to that stuff for years, who have been getting that stuff every day from talk radio or other venues, they're going to believe it."

As they should, especially if it's true.

Obama continued, lamenting that "our political dialogue is such that everything is under suspicion, everybody's corrupt and everybody is doing things for partisan reasons," and said "our vulnerability to Russia --or any other foreign power-- is directly related to how divided, partisan, dysfunctional our political process is."

"So if we want to really reduce foreign influence on our elections, then we better think about how to make sure that our political process, our political dialogue is stronger than it's been."

In other words, please stop criticizing the government as you are responsible for generating further partisan divisions, especially if the line of attack is similar to something the "propaganda" Russian press may put out.

While we would be the first to agree with this statement - if it were accurate - we can't help but think to last week's passage of the "Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act of 2016", whose ultimate purpose is to enforce a crackdown on any media - foreign and domestic - that the administration views as hostile.

Which is why we found Obama's parting statement, that "the Russians can't weaken us, but Putin can weaken us if we buy into notions that it is ok to intimidate the press", particularly ironic.

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No, it's genuine stupidity, from the Chief Propagandist.

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"Slams "Domestic Propagandists" For Rise Of "Fake News"

Well he's not wrong.  They're NBCABCCBSPBSCNNMSNBC

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After decrying all the "fake news" by domestic propagandists President Obama wrapped up the speech on a more positive note reminding the country that "the economy is doing great, humming right along, and we are, for all intents and purposes, at full employment."

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So who do we blame for the rise of the fake “Hope and Change” president now?


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Hey, Obozo... What about the ChiComs stealing our sub drone?

"Man, I ain't got no time for dat shit... my Hawaiian vacation awaits... I'm outta here!"  -- Obozo

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A Press Conference?

A Speech?

Which was it? With Oblivio, there will be lies either way but...........what about the sub drone captured by the Chineese?

Not important? He went to Hawaii.

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Did this Criminal War Treasonous answer any questions? Didn't fathom watching it.

Thie Sunday Presstitute Media scrounge's will be on a all out Gas Light assault of the Masses.

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"They're a small country, they're a weak country, they don't produce anything that anybody wants to buy"


Yeah, cuz no one ever uses oil... who needs that?

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"I'm outta here, gonna get me some Hawaiian Pizza"

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he is a Fakist.

he is a Russist.

he is a Votist.


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US buys rocket engines from Russia because some black clown shut down space shuttle porogram.

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It's going to be real expensive for our next trip to the ISS.  And I bet Putin will demand payment in physical gold.

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Chris Dakota (not verified) JRobby Dec 16, 2016 8:54 PM

Obama the fake President, doesn't even have papers.


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He read from the teleprompter (as most of the time). Who wrote the statement?


Lol. Judicial watch huh? Mcnews alert! ^^^  Dude its waaaaayy moar than that. That might be per year.

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It's all to distract from the Cilnton Crime Family and their associates' years of ciminal acitivity. 

'Where's Eric Braverman?'



An arms dealer who had threatened to reveal potentially damaging information about Hillary Clinton's alleged role in arming Islamist militants until federal prosecutors abruptly dropped their case against him Tuesday, told Fox News the case has cost him everything.





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Fuck these blint...cunt...demons.

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Draybin Deffercon III (not verified) trulz4lulz Dec 16, 2016 6:23 PM

They are EXACTLY demons, in a LITERAL sense.

ZERO chance Obama has been in the WH 8 years, has been to Comet Pizza, is in contact with John Podesta and is not "in the know" about what goes on with the kids.

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When ever Obama speaks, one single thought comes to mind every single time:

A narcissistic PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL God-hating DESPOT with a REPROBATE mind who LIES continually.

I can't wait until he is gone. He has really hurt America!!! He is an ungodly individual.

Thinking Biblically, one can only assume that Obama has been God's Remedial Judgment on America as a warning.

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If your biblical assessment of Obama is correct then it's all part of gods plan, no?

PizzaGate is all part of gods plan, no?

The torture and rape of children is all part of gods plan, no?

Everything that happens is all part of gods plan, no?

Think of the worst possible implications of PizzaGate. Stop and think about it, think slowly, imagine in your minds eye what is happening to a child over many, many, many hours if not days and if not weeks ("Some are in poor health so you are required to eat your pizza after you have finished with it").

Now, if after thinking about this you are not compelled to say to your god "fuck you cunt", then I know with whom the reprobate mind lies.

There is no god. 

If PizzaGate does not convince you of this then you are fucking retarded.


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It's not stupidity, it's called lying. Either the emails were true or they were propaganda, which is it? If the emails are true, which I think they are, then that is NOT propaganda, its just leaking the truth. This is the crux of the problem that the MSM is pushing on us. Should we suppress the truth because it may sway an election? Why, what would be the logic for that position?

This is just nuts! Clinton, Podesta and the DNC were caught doing shit that was illegal, it may have swayed the election but it wasn't "Propaganda" in that it was TRUE! Then Obama goes forward with the idea that repeating the truth is somehow spreading fake news! This is an outrage and should be the topic of conversation going forward! What an asshole!

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Absolutely illegal.  They all belong in Yemen working for the World Peace Corps as punishment.  No sun screen.  No deodorant or nose plugs.  Showers..60 seconds once a month. No soap,  They would have too much fun with soap.  The World Peace Corps is serious.  Its mission is to grow corn in Yemen.,,,by hand.  

ALL THE LEAKED INFORMATION IS TRUE. IT WAS A LEAK, NOT A THEFT.  They are unbridled criminals acting in THEIR interest...not the people's.  They have lied so long and so loud they have no CLUE what the TRUTH IS.

Now about that foundation......shut them ALL down.  The Arnold Palmer type nstitutions would not mind paying tax on their endless stream of HONEST, HEART-FELT CHARITY. If it is a deduction to you, it SHOULD be a tax to them.  And they should all be audited so the Bernie Madoff's  and Clintons in this world get punished for their DIS-honesty and abuse of the concept.

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Obama is correct. The electoral process and media coverage were unfair to HRC.

HRC only gained access to a few of the debate questions. To be fair to her, she should have had prior access to all the debate questions.


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Obama: "Somebody hacked the election."
Press: "That's bad."
Obama: "They didn't hack the voting machines."
Press: "That's good."
Obama: "They just hacked the DNC and the Clinton campaign emails."
Press: "That's bad."
Obama: "But they found nothing but pasta recipes and yoga appointments."
Press: "That's good."
Obama:  "No evidence of corruption, criminality, race prejudice, bribery, illegal co-oordination of the campaign, fixing the press coverage, or screwing Bernie out of the nomination."
Press: "<Whew!>"
Obama:  "It was all done by the Russians."
Press: "That's bad."
Obama: "But I told them not to do it again, and they are pathetic and weak."
Press: "That's good."
Obama: "Still, it is so serious that we need a full investigation ..."
Press: "That's b- ..."
Obama: "... but not so serious that we needed to investigate it when it happened ..."
Press: "That's g- ..."
Obama: "... but still so serious that it subverts our democracy ..."
Press: "That- ..."
Obama: "... even though nothing or importance was revealed by the hacks ..."
Press: "Th-"
Obama: "... which didn't ..."
Obama: "... but could have impacted the election.  So I'm hitting the beach."

Press <dictating headlines>: "RUSSIAN SPY TRUMP DESTROYS DEMOCRACY"

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Obama is desperately trying to write his own final chapter in the history books and it ain't working..

Relegated to being nothing more than a pathetic typo.......HA, HA, HA.

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Wutta fukn fraud.  Moar "peddling fiction" from the illegal Indonesian kenyan alien muslim fudgepacker imbecile 

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0bozo the son of a whore

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Hmm, and just WHO was the Russian that said "If you like your Doctro, you can keep your Doctor." ??

I hope all you Decepticrats go bankrupt trying to pay your Health "Insurance" premiums!

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OFailurefucker.....one last posing shit-show.

Now, the asshole is on his own personal Air-Deuce-and-a-Quarter - off to his fake birth island, to left-hand fuck up some golf.

(Think about it; he MUST suck at golf big time; otherwise, the lapdog presstitutes would be pooping and peeing his guelf scores all over the place),

The fuck.

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"Is this fake?"

 YES, your President is 'FAKE'. Look see here from British Intelligence--



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Did they revive the reporter with Narcan?

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RUSSIA is a small country?

Does this guy own a fucking map?!!

We are talking about the largest country on earth.

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You have to wonder if this shitshow is just about hurt feelings or something worse? When I lose, I throw back a couple and move on the next day.  They're putting a lot of effort into this.  WTF... Anyone seen my tinfoil hat?

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Oh shit, the Russians hacked my hedge trimmer.

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The PizzaGate POTUS.


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So says the LYING, jumped up Affirmative Action, fake Constitutional scholar, Kenyan, Indonesian citizen, POS and PLOTUS (Pathological Liar Of The United States) Barack "Barry Soetoro" Hussein Obama.

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"If fake news that's being released by some foreign government is almost identical to reports that are being issued through partisan news venues, then it's not surprising that that foreign propaganda will have a greater effect." In other words, when reports are circulated that do not fit our agenda and more importantly not approved by the Corporate Sponsored Narrators it's Russia propaganda ordered [albeit 'one step removed'] by Putin personally.

Yeah...ok...Sure...Righteo...You betcha...Uh huh...We got you...Ok...

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"They're a small country, they're a weak country, they don't produce anything that anybody wants to buy."

JV Team

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Really? How will we get shit to ISS (International Space Station) without the russians?

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Unlike the US which has almost no manufacturing,except weapons that don't function, food that is unfit to eat, medicine that dibilitates, war, lies.....ad nausium


Its called Mcnews for a reason.

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Yup, it's not like they are Kobe Bryant and the Lakers

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 Are we sure he aint a crackhead?

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Gay crackhead Bathhouse Barry was recruited out of the gay bathhouses to be groomed for the Presidency by George Soros and his DimmoMarxist allies. He's not even an American citizen. His supposed Hawaiian birth certificate is a forgery.

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Ted Kennedy on his deathbed anointed Obama to stop a run by Hillary.  They all hated each other then; now we hate them as well.  Full circle.  Karma.


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