Obama Told Putin To "Cut It Out" On Hacking

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In a roughly 20 minute answer to the pre-vetted and scripted question by an AP reporter, in which Obama was asked what his response to "Russian hacking" would be, Obama said there may be a response however - taking a page of the Trump playbook - he would not reveal what it will be, "just like Putin will not admit he hacked the election." The outgoing president hinted at “offensive capabilities” the U.S. possesses, but spoke broadly about his approach to preventing “some sort of cyber arms race.” His goal, the president said, was to put “some guard rails around the behavior of nations and states and our adversaries so they understand that whatever they do to us we can potentially do to them.”

Asked if Clinton lost because of the hacking, Obama demurred. “I'm going to let all the political pundits in this town have a long discussion about what happened in the election,” he said. But he took a shot at the media, which he has faulted for focusing too much on trivia and pseudo-scandals. “I don't think she was treated fairly during the election. I think the coverage of her and the issues was troubling.” That said, he suggested Hillary's loss was due to the press obsession "with Podesta's risotto recipe", in its daily coverage of the Wikileaks revelations (when in fact, the ratio of coverage of Trump "sex scandals" to Wikileaks emails was about 95% to 5%), lambasting the media for their coverage of the campaign (ignoring that 99% of all newspapers endorsed Hillary).

Obama also explained why he "hadn’t been more vocal" in calling out Russian hacking before the Nov. 8 election. “In this hyper-partisan atmosphere,” he said, noting the charged political environment surrounding the election, “I wanted to make everybody understood we were playing this thing straight.”

Asked if he was letting Russian President Vladimir Putin “get away with” hacking the U.S. election, and whether the issue had overshadowed the presidential transition, Obama pledged continued cooperation with Trump. “There hasn’t been a lot of squabbling. What we’ve said is the facts,” he said, pointing to the intelligence community’s finding that Russia had hacked the Democratic National Committee. “That shouldn’t be a partisan argument,” he said and finally said that he had taken every possible measure, by telling Putin "to cut it out" on hacking.

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That'll show Putin....next up?...Indian Burns on his arms....

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No this is serious girly kicks to the shins

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Hey Vlad, remember that red line?  Ya... that's right.... was red!


That'll show him.

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Draybin Deffercon III (not verified) nope-1004 Dec 16, 2016 3:42 PM

"stop it now!"

Obummer is one of history's biggest fags.

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As a child, whenever I told my other brother to "cut it out", it had no effect.

However, Putin is a mature adult, not a child, and will surely respond appropriately to this request to "cut it out".

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So the President with no Past has told the Russians to stop doing what they have zero evidence of them doing. Loony left strikes again.

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Stop That, You, You, You Brute ...

froze25's picture

(as Obama thinks to himself what an attractive man that Putin is)

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xythras (not verified) froze25 Dec 16, 2016 3:51 PM

Wake me up when the monkey's off the porch

froze25's picture

what do we have like 35 days to go?

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xythras (not verified) froze25 Dec 16, 2016 3:57 PM

that's a very short hibernation

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Just slither away and blow another snake, Obutthole!


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And...............................   still no real evidence of any wrong doing.  



What we need now is for Colin Powell to be conned into another incriminating presentation.  That might do the trick.



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Sheriff Joe Arpaio says President Obama's birth certificate is fake



Unnamed sources in the intelligence world have confirmed Joe's claim that his birth certificate is indeed a fake.


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And Vladimir Putin respected Obama's request.

He said, "Okay, fuck you, I'll take Aleppo instead."

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I told Obama to "cut it out" 8 years ago, in regard to his lying...It wasn't too effective.

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Not sure why this isn't getting more traction.

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Sheriff Joe Arpaio says President Obama's birth certificate is fake


What is interesting is local Fox covered the hour long presentation, live. Other mainstream, who were in attendance won't talk about it. All this talk of "Russia did it" is a diversion from very incriminating evidence.

Also, ZaGate is weighing heavily on their minds.

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Right, Colon Pow holding up a vial of encrypted bits screaming "SEE IT, IT'S RIGHT THERE, IN THE VIAL..AAAAAARRRGGGGHHH!!!

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Indian burns aren't PC, hafta settle for noogies

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Native American Burns please.

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Obumer should have offer Putin free Obamacare plan.......If you like your Vodka, you can keep your Vodka.....

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Odumbass is beginning to understand just how irrelevant he truly is.  No, scratch that, he never will...

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"Cut it out"
Hey Hussein al-Choom, the 1980's called. They want their Dave Coulier impression back.

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@ Draybin: 

I hope these dumbasses in D.C. realize that: 

By fucking around with the election, they're screwing with the largest armed force on Earth. 60M voters came out and voted for Trump...and most of them are pissed-off, disillusioned with the system, and own lots of weapons. 

None of them are buying this "It's Russia's fault" lie. 


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Seriously, no one but the fringe left that still listens to the MSM is buying this, hey CIA you lost the election, the patriots in Army Intelligence won. You are out, you had a good run starting with Bush Sr as VP and till now. Now give it up already.

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Well, if you consider the CIA is somewhat like JungleCat's brother, only much, much meaner, I don't think asking them "nicely" to give it up would do much help.

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Draybin Deffercon III (not verified) Croesus Dec 16, 2016 3:56 PM

How did your project go Croesus? I hope I didn't scare you away from it!

Croesus's picture

I'm waiting to upgrade the hardware, before I attempt anything like that, but thanks for all the good information! 

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He thought was pink, might be the moscovian snow that disguise the color.

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Really. All that hype and this is what he came up with!?!

It's a wonder ISIS hasn't been able to get men in this country to wear burqas

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You ain't seen my neighbor's wife.

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Please post a picture of her. Will her face sexually excite or sexually depress Putin?

Either way, her face is a vital part of our counter-intelligence efforts. So post it.

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Rumor has it that Obama jerks off to B&D pictures of Hillary wearing vinyl.

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As long as Putin gives back my homework i'll forgive him. I had thought the dog ate my homework but it's clear from unnamed but credible annonymous sources from somewhere that Putin took it.

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Weak. What a Weak attempt to Gas Light the masses. What's next? Sticks & Stones? Better uet, "I'm rubber you're glue. Whatever you say sticks to you." Pathetic.

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Cut it out or I am going to tell Mommy on you!

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... 0bama to Putin: "Cut it out or i'll tell mom" ...

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Putin was unavailable for comment since he is still rolling around on the floor laughing his ass off.

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That or he was just too busy eating live rattle snakes for lunch, while sexting one of his bitches with his free hand.

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Putin is having a press conference next Thursday (22nd December). Might be interesting.

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Putin... laughing his ass off.  In the Crimea, while toasting the liberation of Syria.

Meanwhile, the kenyan nigger's plan to take Mosul has ended without ever entering Mosul.

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That'll show Putin....next up?...Indian Burns on his arms....



And NUGGIES.....


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Obyebye is one tough guy.

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Barry gonna give Purple Nurples and Noogies to Putin.

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Lets go back to paper ballots. Then those vile Rooskies cant have an effect!
Thank you.

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Got no proof.

Busy trying to figure out new ways to murder Syrians for the pipeline.