Trump Doubles Down: "Are We Talking About Same Cyberattack That Revealed Illegal DNC Coordination"

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With Obama doubling down late Thursday on accusations of a Putin-orchestrated Russian hack, and going as far as vowing retaliation against the Russia for "its meddling in the US presidential election", telling NPR that "there is no doubt that when any foreign government tries to impact the integrity of our elections that we need to take action and we will at a time and place of our own choosing," moments ago Donald Trump likewise retaliated on his favorite medium, Twitter, when shortly after 6am, Trump suggested that the so-called "Russian hack" disclosed information that was in the public's interest, once again bringing up the age-old question: if the information is critical and serves the public, does it matter where it came from?

Specifically, Trump asked on Twitter if “the same cyberattack” U.S. intelligence agencies believe struck the Democratic National Committee and other groups was the one that revealed the DNC had been handicapping the presidential primary in favor of eventual nominee Hillary Clinton.

Meanwhile, as it escalated its allegations about a Kremlin-directed hack, the White House on Thursday claimed that Trump knew about Russian hacking of the campaign well before Election Day, and a spokesman for the Obama administration called on the president-elect to cooperate with a congressional probe into the matter.

Keep an eye on Obama's impromptu 2:15pm press conference this afternoon, on the off chance the outgoing president decides to launch cyberwar shortly before leaving for his Hawaiian golf outing.

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BabaLooey's picture

It's all over the fake news....the Russians did it!

The good thing?

Go to the comments section....80% are outing this shit as fake.

USisCorrupt's picture

Let's talk about the DOJ Failing to do its JOB !

This House Monkey needs to be in a Cell next to Hillary and 1/2 of WASHINGTON !

USisCorrupt's picture

I forgot ! And the Female House Monkey over the DOJ as well !

Battleaxe's picture

We must find who let the truth get out! They must be punished!

Thought Processor's picture


If they do track down the leaker you won't likely hear about it.  They'll be dealt with quietly and covertly as there is already far too much of a counter 'story' narrative in play.  


I love how Trump is using Twitter in a way that they can not control or shape (as he has essentially stated as his reason for using it).  

This has created a direct communication line between him and the people of the U.S.  


Unfiltered and unscripted.  


Just awesome.

woody188's picture

I love that he is using Twitter too. The whole White House Press Corps is having a tantrum and I'm loving it!

jcaz's picture

Yeah, sorry- as a taxpayer, I don't feel like funding Barry's golfing vacations anymore- go play fucking Nintendo in the basement and work on packing your shit,  motherfucker.....

opport.knocks's picture

In polite company it is refered to as "packing fudge", and the Obamas are polite people.

FatTony7915726's picture

Yep the same cyber attack that revealed spirit cooking, large scale pedophilia, comet pizza, fraud, murder, tax evasion, human trafficing, etc........

Perimetr's picture

Obama is now the front man for the Elite coup that is underway

designed to steal the election from Trump

beemasters's picture

"Are We Talking About Same Cyberattack That Revealed Illegal DNC Coordination"

Yes, the very same one that revealed the criminal acts of the people you said you wouldn't hurt because they were "good people."

What's your point, Trump?

CuttingEdge's picture

That may have been conditional on them not trying to fuck with him.

Now I would say all bets are off - this nest of vermin need stakes through their black hearts.

VinceFostersGhost's picture



Double down.......hell......triple dog dare you bitchez!

knukles's picture

That's the ticket.
Refocus upon WHAT'S IN the emial, not How They Came Out into the Light.

ThanksChump's picture

Be fair: the Clinton-purchased "evidence" of Russian Hackers that CIA bases their claims on, the same evidence that can be found on many millions of Windows PCs worldwide MAY have come from Russia.


That malware doesn't affect email, but IT'S ON THOSE DNC COMPUTERS and it MAY be from Russia. We all know that everyone in Russia is on a first-name basis with Putin, so put 2 and 2 together and you get 666! The sign of the beast!


/sarc out the wazoo

phreezerburn's picture

Five Eyes malware is the stuff of legends... when did Russia join? Is it Six Eyes now?

Crash Overide's picture

DNC is a private organization

Hillary's non government servers were private

Podesta's was using gmail


So in the end none of the hacks/leaks were on US Government systems at all, or voting machines, and it wasn't the Russians.

Badsamm's picture

Still trying to understand why the CIA would investigate a private citizen's personal computer when its hacked. Are they investigating my yahoo hack too? When will the CIA hold a presser on my cat videos that were stolen

Fathead Slim's picture
Fathead Slim (not verified) ThanksChump Dec 16, 2016 10:02 AM

"That malware doesn't affect email, but IT'S ON THOSE DNC COMPUTERS and it MAY be from Russia. "

It also may be from Seattle.

BarkingCat's picture

if it came from Seattle then you know the back door is wide open.

Oldwood's picture

The first thing every criminal does is claim their "rights" have been violated, even though their crime IS the violation of EVERYONE'S RIGHTS.

Pickleton's picture

Good grief, after everything the DNC LEAK, not hack, showed, all your simple little mind can come up with is to blame Trump for being a big ol meanie.


LMAO!  You people are such mouth breathing cretins.     


monad's picture

I'm not so sure. The goal could be to further antagonize the domestic divide & rule factions they've cultivated for 8 years while saddling Trump with all their baggage. The kleptocrats want to destroy us but they also want to claim rights to all our property, and they would like it more or less intact. It isn't Trump that will be taken down, it will be what's left of our sovereign governance. Every time our unconstitutional standing armed forces have illegally campaigned in foreign wars of aggression and UN wars we have lost civil rights, and been saddled with other people and other people's garbage & international bad blood. Regardless what they claim or who got killed most, every campaign that wasn't truly defensive has been a war waged against us, by the kleptocrats.

BennyBoy's picture


Obama will finally reveal all evidence, data and facts about Russian hacking.

If not, he'll wanna get outta town fast and go to a remote island.

nmewn's picture

And Trump calls the ignorant fucks out.

Yes, that's the ILLEGAL CONSPIRACY we're talking DNC caught red-handed interfering with "our democracy"  ;-)

two hoots's picture


President Obama and Democratic Party,

Your issue is not with the Russians but with the Clinton Machine. 

*Since we are stuck with this two party system and it is not going away.  The Democrats should must purge their corrupt overlords and start afresh.  You are on live support and not helping yourself by supporting the corruption that put you there.  Or, are you empty without them? 


ThanksChump's picture

Russia never blew up US buildings.

Saudi Arabia did, and they paid for 20% of Hitlery's campaign.


If we're talking foreign intervention, let's start with Hillary.

Akzed's picture

You're crediting fake news, you know.

Thought Processor's picture



Yah but then they invaded iraq so now everything is all good.  


It's all just a big pile of lies and fuck ups.

CuttingEdge's picture

Can anyone think of an intelligence or enforcement agency right now on Obumfuck's or the fucktard demoncrats' side?

Other than the CIA...

ThanksChump's picture

The Communist Party USA is on Zero's side.

That's the whole problem.

Chupacabra-322's picture

@ n,ewn,

The Complete & utter Lawlessness in D.C. The "District of Criminals" has been exposed for the vile, Pure Evil Crimimal Fraud entity it is.

What we're witnessing is the Epic Collapse of an Epire. Bankrupted morally, spiritually & economically under its own Hubris.

Mr. Bones's picture

1) Some of Hilary's emails leaked but the FBI couldn't prove the server was hacked.

2) The DNC emails were leaked and everyone 'knows' it was the Russians.

So either Rus has a varsity and a JV team and the JV team was hand selected by Pu'in (our domestic media can't pronounce the t) to do a sloppy job on the DNC because reasons like: the Varsity team was already en route to the US to hide under your bed, they wanted to get caught, or something I haven't thought of.


We don't have anything close to the whole story and the DNC is still trying to bury their utter failure in protecting their own pay data and evidence of corruption in nationalist language after a blitz masterclass by der trumpenführer.

I can tell you which one I think is more likely.

So saying for the sake of argument that we accept their premise, why was it so hard to assign responsibility for Hilary's server and so easy for the DNC?  Why haven't the intelligence services testified before congressional oversight about their 'confidence?' Why won't anyone answer the question, 'which is worse - the private organizations that run our elections (DNC) being corrupt from the very top or the Russians (accepting the premise) showing us that this is the case?

If you turn on the light in your kitchen and you see the roaches scatter are you really going to blame photons for your infestation?

SoDamnMad's picture

The remote island(s) or Hawaii might be circled with Russian subs.  Then Kaliber missiles play hell on making par.

hannah's picture

megyn kelly had the jamie le enfants on her show and the showed his instagram images but they gray blocked out the comments on the side. then they show the ping pong area of comet pizza and the murals have been painted over. the 'shut up and fuck' written on the wall was painted over.......gee i wonder why.

JRobby's picture

Politeness as they murder and steal has always been the MO

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Fudge?  Isn't that made with cocoa, cream and butter?  Or am I thinking of truffles?

Idaho potato head's picture

They can be in a gender neutral cell together, save the taxpayers a few bucks.

froze25's picture

Trumpshould do his own press conference .  Go over what we know,  and what we don't know about the Leak. 

overbet's picture

And during that pres conference mention Obama is going on his golf trip today and dont forget to mention how much that is and has in the past, cost tax payers.

CuttingEdge's picture

I imagine if Obama ever turns up at a Trump course in future - he will be directed immediately to the caddyshack.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Actually, that's effing Brilliant!

He could also bring some Hacking expert on, and tell us whether it's possible to mask your ID, if you use a Burner Laptop, and initiate the hack from Asia (Macao) or Israel (to really rub Dead Sea salt in the wound).

Podesta's emails were caused by a phishing scam, were they not?

Wikileaks insists that the Leaks did NOT come from the Russians. A former UK Ambassador met with the Leaker, when he received the Leaks, and said that it was an ANGRY SANDERS SUPPORTER, who LEAKED it to Wikileaks (after he learned how the DNC screwed Bernie). That is the simpler and more plausible explanation -- Occam's Razor.

Could Hillary's email problems not have been avoided, she had not broken the law, rules and regulations?

In fact, ALL of these problems could have been avoided, if Hillary, Podesta, Debbie Was-a-man-Schultz, Huma Abadin, and the DNC had behaved correctly, and had not conspired to so flagrantly violate the laws, rules and protocols.  The Fallout is 100% of their making, and theirs alone.

All other Narratives are simply Propaganda ploys, using the mindset "The best defense is a good offense."

p.s. The only "hacking" going on, is by the DNC Elite, who are hacking into the minds and eternal Hopes of the losers.  These losers are "bitterly hanging on to their..." Leftist-Socialist Hopes and Dreams and Propaganda.

TeamDepends's picture

Barry is going to Hawaii for some golfing! Imagine that.

JRobby's picture

As a responsible leader, it is always best to leave the continent as chaos breaks out. Much of it his making.

Arnold's picture

Recep Tayyip Erdo?an was out of town for the last major coup I recall.

Bodhi's picture

Comments are a thing of the past. They're removing the comment section to silence dissent. CNBC disabled comment a few days ago.