Guest Post - Americans Play Their Trump Card (And Why the System Always Deals Us a Bad Hand)

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Guest Post - Americans Play Their Trump Card

(And Why the System Always Deals Us a Bad Hand)


Joe Withrow



(We are so inured to the present day socioeconomic system of exploitation and control that it has become seamless and mostly invisible to 'We the Walking Wounded'. Passed off as just the way things work, nothing to see here so move on, we sooth our crushed soul with the ego saving lament you just can't fight city hall.

It rarely occurs to us there is no need to actually fight at all, that what we dimly perceive as the enemy, the thorn in our paw, is doomed by its own dominance of an industrial age soon to be left behind.

Please welcome back Joe Withrow (aka joegalt here on ZH) a long time Two Ice Floes guest author, with another insightful and timely article outlining what is happening and how to navigate the fall of the industrial age and the Rise of the Individual.) 

Cognitive Dissonance


We wait anxiously in our seats as the orchestra finishes tuning, the lights dim and the curtain draws signaling the commencement of Act Two - The Trump Triumphant.

Act One - The Campaign offered an amazing display of political strategy and showmanship! The tried and true hero vs. villain narrative was perfectly established and relentlessly repeated, drawing all of us in. Evidence of Hillary's dirty dealings were constantly paraded for all to see - the Podesta emails, the Clinton Foundation, Benghazi, the paid speeches to Goldman Sachs – much of it delivered directly to the people via Twitter leaving us all to wonder: will a Hillary indictment come

Our hero stood tall and fearless on television, staring corruption directly in the face. "Remember, the election is rigged...” he warned us, implying the villain would do anything, including cheating, to win.

America was listening.

Middle class citizens all over the country had their pitch forks and torches arrayed and at the ready; enough was enough! Even a portion of working class people on the "left", most of whom enthusiastically supported Obama in the previous two elections, threw their support over to the Trump camp.

The mainstream media made it clear a Trump victory was nigh impossible. But that only succeeded in invigorating supporters and enlisting new recruits. After all, the narrative of America is the ultimate underdog story. If George Washington and the colonists could do it, so can Team Trump!

Yet poll after poll came back with the villain comfortably in the lead. Enthusiasm remained, but hope began to ebb and teeter...then BOOM!

The crescendo was queued and Trump stood victorious against all apparent odds on election night.

Initially stocks sold off and gold skyrocketed on uncertainty as the vote tally came in, but then something very curious happened. As if a testament to the sheer power of our hero's will, the markets completely reversed course in after-hours trading. By the time the financial markets geared up in the U.S. the next day, stocks were in the green and gold was in the red.

It was morning in America.

The opposition paid rabble-rousers to foment unrest in a handful of cities on the coasts, as well as on many college campuses. But by and large Middle America rejoiced. Away went the pitchforks. Away went the torches. Out came the baseball caps - a true symbol of American greatness. Their hero would be the next president of the United States; they had won and all was right in the world! The swamp would be drained, jobs would be returned, and prosperity would be restored. America would be great once again!

Just a masterful display!

We watch enthusiastically as the curtain draws to reveal our hero as he addresses supporters and the nation. First he speaks of the villain: "We owe her a major debt of gratitude for her service to our country. he informs us. A few timid voices can be heard from the back of the auditorium: Wait a minute... didn't you just say she should be in jail?

Those voices are immediately hushed. Quiet down! It's just political talk, don't you know anything?

Next our hero expresses his gratitude to a number of his high profile advisors: Rudy Giuliani, Chris Christie, Jeff Sessions, Mike Huckabee, Gen. Mike Flynn, Gen. Kellogg, Reince Priebus, the RNC...

To the ire of many, several apprehensive voices can be heard from the back of the room once again. Hold on now. Those are the same old political hacks who have been living high on the hog from the status-quo for decades! I thought you were supposed to drain the swamp... not embrace it!

Once again their voices are immediately hushed. Can it! It's just political maneuvering. He has to play nice to get anything done.

Next our hero proclaims his vision: "We will embark upon a project of national growth and renewal..." This project, we learn, is to be a $1 trillion spending plan for infrastructure. The crowd cheers:  It's about time we take care of our country! And think of the jobs!

Those tentative voices just can't help themselves: Wait a minute... that sounds an awful lot like FDR's New Deal. I thought we opposed the New Deal. Not to mention, that's a lot of government spending...which is how the swamp got to be so darn big in the first place. I thought we opposed government spending? I thought we opposed deficits and public debt?

The crowd is getting pretty fed up at this point. Stop being a sissy... just wait until you see how he is going to pay for it! You don't know anything about economics or geo-politics!

As Act Two plays out, our hero continues to announce the people who will serve on his cabinet and staff... more Beltway insiders... more Wall Street insiders... more swamp creatures.

The crowd doesn't care very much... the only thing that really matters is they got "their guy" elected.  They can finally "get their licks in" at the annual Christmas party for the first time in eight years. The crowd claims to want the swamp drained, but observation suggests they simply want to be part of the winning team.

Such is the nature of politics; it is a zero-sum game. The crowd understands this perfectly well, but they think the game is "our side" vs. "their side". Left vs. Right... Liberal vs. Conservative... Working Class vs. the Rich... Main Street vs. Wall Street... Our Nation vs. Their Nation.

Those are all false paradigms. The zero-sum game is always Politics vs. Humanity.

Always Politics vs. Humanity

It's always Politics vs. Humanity. 



Politics proclaims hope and change, yet foments anger and hatred. Politics poisons the mind and pits otherwise good people against one another. Politics is the venom that encourages neighbors to actively hate one another, despite the fact they mostly share the same values, culture, and interests. Politics is the greatest engine of theft, coercion, violence, misinformation, lies, death, and destruction the world has ever seen.

Yet the crowd remains glued to political news programming and faithfully shows up at the ballot box every four years ready to enact political change. They are always trying to get the "right" people into office. They never seem to understand the things they wish to change have very little to do with the people in office, and everything to do with the structure of coercive government. Without the structure of institutionalized force, coercion, theft, and violence, it would not matter much who claimed to be the ruler.

This has been going on for hundreds of years now, ever since "representative democracy" convinced people they themselves own their government and that politics is all about civil service. Prior to this, people understood that they were "subjects" to their government, not "citizens", and they did their very best to avoid it whenever possible. That's why the tax collector was once the most reviled of professions.

Here's the thing: even if the crowd understood they were "subjects" to the structure claiming dominion over them, there is very little they could do to change it. You don't get to vote for the structure or even for the fundamental components comprising the structure; you only get to vote for a public overseer. That is the great democratic deceit - the illusion of governmental ownership and control by “We the People”.

The crowd will continue to be preyed upon for as long as they fail to recognize this. But that doesn't mean you have to be a victim.

The world has undergone a massive change over the past several decades – the type of change from which there is no return. This change has been the transition from the Industrial Age to the Information Age; a transition still in its infancy.

The Industrial Revolution, which began in the mid-to-late 18th century, has lifted more than a billion people from the shackles of poverty, raised standards of living exponentially and created the world in which we live today. In the developed world, even people of the most modest means enjoy far more comforts and luxuries than the wealthiest kings and nobles of the pre-industrial era.

Commerce was the driving force behind industrialism and the market system was spawned from enterprise and trade. But for all of its revolutionary and wealth-creating qualities, the Industrial Age carried one major limitation; it required highly rigid centralization.

Centralized institutions require a certain degree of administrative bureaucracy in order to function. This applies to corporations just as it applies to governments, and it is why corporate organizational structures fundamentally resemble government hierarchies.

All of these institutions employ pyramidal hierarchical structures: there are a few people at the top who send orders down to the people comprising the chain below them who pass those orders on down the hierarchy. Each successive chain is progressively larger as you work your way down the organizational chart.


Old or new, just the same

Old or new, all legacy institutions employ failing pyramidal hierarchical structures.


The problem with bureaucracies is that they are slow, inefficient, and carry conflicting incentives and disincentives across the various chains of authority. These problems become magnified as the bureaucracy grows, and the one consistent incentive present in all bureaucracies is the desire to expand. As an institution grows, its focus becomes less on innovation or wealth-creation, and more on suppressing competition.

This is why the very institutions responsible for empowering individuals and enriching civilization on a mass scale always seem to stagnate and become parasitic over time.

So many institutional systems of the Industrial Age began (and I paint with a broad brush here) as liberators and innovators. These systems grew to encompass most of the globe, and they came to be thought of as permanent. For many, perhaps they still are.

Francis Fukuyama penned an essay back in 1989 titled The End of History? which suggested that humanity may have reached the end of its socio-cultural evolution with the collapse of the Soviet Union. Francis made a number of good points in his essay, and overall it made perfect sense at the height of the Industrial Age.

But God has a sense of humor and the Universe is unequivocally characterized by change and paradox. The Information Age was beginning its ascent precisely as Mr. Fukuyama was proclaiming the supreme permanency of western regulatory democracy and its established institutional systems. Little did the Establishment know that a new disrupting force was rising from the ether.

In fact, Timothy C. May had already penned and presented his powerful manifesto a year earlier at the Crypto 88 conference. History may very well point to Mr. May’s manifesto as the definitive beginning to the Information Age. Here’s May:


A specter is haunting the modern world… Computer technology is on the verge of providing the ability for individuals and groups to communicate and interact with each other in a totally anonymous manner. Two persons may exchange messages, conduct business, and negotiate electronic contracts without ever knowing the True Name, or legal identity, of the other…

Reputations will be of central importance, far more important in dealings than even the credit ratings of today. These developments will alter completely the nature of government regulation, the ability to tax and control economic interactions, the ability to keep information secret, and will even alter the nature of trust and reputation…

Just as the technology of printing altered and reduced the power of medieval guilds and the social power structure, so too will cryptologic methods fundamentally alter the nature of corporations and of government interference in economic transactions…


That day has arrived; we are living in the early stages of the Information Age. Most people may not know this yet, but they can feel it.

The institutional foundation of the industrial world is crumbling around us. Governments are bankrupt. Social welfare program costs are growing exponentially. Unions are broke. Pension plans are severely underfunded. National currencies have been trashed. Blue-collar jobs in the developed world have been lost to low-wage countries. Low-wage jobs have been lost to robotics and automation. Many of the jobs just disappeared entirely. Everyone's retirement account is propped up by the constant creation of money out of thin air required to keep the financial markets afloat.

Welcome to the Information Age!


Info Age is Young

The Information Age is still in its infancy.


In truth, these are all great things. The seeds of a second Renaissance for human civilization have already been sown. These seeds will blossom as civilization continues to move away from the Industrial Age model and its centralized dominant/submissive paradigm.

Think about it this way: technology is conquering scarcity and reducing the need for centralization.

It required 40% of the U.S. population to work in agriculture in order to produce enough food to meet demand in the year 1900. Today that number is around 2%, and food is more available than ever before. You can find milk, eggs, meat, fresh fruits, vegetables, and all kinds of other items at your local grocery store year-round. This has enabled people to focus their time, energy, and labor on more advanced endeavors which in turn has led to an explosion of technological innovation.

As a result of this drastic reduction in scarcity, the average person today is far wealthier in standard of living terms than the wealthiest people alive one hundred years ago. Take a few minutes to walk around your house and catalogue your furniture, appliances, electronics, gadgets, widgets, and stuff. Most of what you take for granted every single day was not available to your forefathers a mere one hundred years ago.

Here's the point: the world is not going to hell in a hand basket; the institutionalized industrial model is.

I don't know whether or not the centralized structure of coercive government was a necessary evil on the way to building an advanced civilization, but I do know this: politics is 100% obsolete in this digital age we now find ourselves in. We are living with space-age technology, yet we still employ the structure of bronze-age rulership by means of force, coercion, theft, misinformation, and violence on a mass scale.

We have been conditioned by this model to view ourselves as a victim always in need of a savior. Yet we humans are engines of creation. We can imagine and envision, then turn our imaginations and visions into reality. I mean that quite literally. It is just a choice. We are astonishingly capable beings, but we have been conditioned to focus on manifesting conflict and negativity.

This is why I am so saddened when I see politics, and the dark forces behind it, trick wonderful people into spending all of their time, energy, and thoughts on political abstractions. I see this every day in my own life. I see people whom I love and respect get sucked into the political game; I see them elevate politics to religious levels and willfully ignore those things that are most important in their own life. I watch as the twinkle vanishes from their eye, the pep disappears from their step, and the anger slowly poisons their psyche.

And I understand. I was there myself not too long ago.

As best I can tell, western civilization is a tale of two cities at the current point in time.

The people in one city are confused and angry because they do not understand why their industrial institutions are failing them. The 2016 U.S. election cycle made it obvious the people living in this city reside on both the "left" and the "right" side of the modern political spectrum. They know it’s broke and they want it fixed no matter what it takes, and no matter whose rights are trampled to do so. They are looking for a hero, and they see politics as the solution.

The people in the other city are much less concerned about the devolving industrial model because they are leveraging the budding trends of the Information Age in their favor. These are the people learning how to operate in the digital economy that bypasses industrial borders. They are learning there's a whole lot more to the money story than what they were led to believe.

They are learning how to build collaborative networks utilizing digital technology and secure communications. They are actively creating superior alternatives to literally every civil service function currently provided by industrial institutions. They see politics as the problem, and they see decentralized networks as the solution.

I lived in that first city several years ago. I was angry and depressed all the time. I thought the answer was to fight the trends; fight the world. I was stressed to the max, and terribly unpleasant to be around...just ask my wife.

When I eventually got tired of being angry and depressed my mind switched gears, and I moved to the second city. It's much more pleasant here, and the people are friendlier. The people in this city aren't trying to change the world - that's a win-lose proposition. Instead, they are building an alternative world based upon participatory networks and voluntary association utilizing modern technology.

Never before has this been possible in recorded human history.

While the crowd is focused on fighting the existing status-quo on the macro scale, a growing number of individuals are focused on building a better model on the micro scale. The new model is not fixated upon enacting "social change", it is geared towards empowering individuals. In fact, it's not much of a model at all in the traditional sense. It is not about replacing the old structure with a new one. Instead, the new model is a perspective paired with an understanding of the economic trends, digital technologies, and financial tools necessary to build a life of freedom, wealth, and fulfillment to the fullest extent possible.

This is the theme of the third edition of my book titled The Individual is Rising: Transcending the Industrial Order and Prospering in the Digital Age.

The Individual Is Rising

Pick up a digital copy absolutely free at


The book is available in both paperback and Kindle format on Amazon. But at the moment I’m not terribly interested in selling copies as much as I am in distributing copies. Anyone interested can pick up a digital copy absolutely free at

If you are tired of politics and its associated corruption, this book is for you. You see, in every developed industrial country there is a glass ceiling of-sorts over the middle class. When you add up all of the taxes across all levels of government, the middle class pays at least half of their income to their governments each year.

In addition to taxes, the middle class is also subjected to the whims of their rulers almost entirely. They just don't have any other options - they are stuck. And truthfully very few in the middle class even think about it. After all, the rat-race consumes the bulk of their time and energy.

But what if you don't want to participate in any of their political programs? What do you do when you just want to be left alone to experience this life in a meaningful way, but politics and its supporters are hell-bent on forcing you to play their games and participate in their schemes? What do you do when the moral busybodies are determined to keep you corralled within their systems of taxation and surveillance? What do you do when your logic is met with anger and condemnation?

Historically, the answer has been to fight; to use force - politically or even physically - as a means of instituting change. This is a losing proposition, and it is completely unnecessary in the digital age.

In the old days, the dreamers, visionaries, philosophers, and wayfaring souls were forced to meet secretly in the back rooms of taverns, inns, and speak-easies to discuss their radical ideas. Today, they can all connect with one another to share information and ideas instantaneously on the Internet, in total privacy thanks to encryption technology, from the comforts of their own home.

What this means is individuals can create their own future independently; they no longer need to fight to reform society in accordance with their own ideals and preferences. As systems theorist Buckminster Fuller pointed out, fighting the System only strengthens it. Here's Bucky:

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

For perhaps the first time in history, the Information Age and its digital economy are enabling individuals to build and experiment with new models on a global scale in relative peace and freedom. I don't think the significance of this is well-understood or appreciated as of yet.

This dynamic is unprecedented and absolutely revolutionary. And it is irreversible. The rulers can certainly build censorship and misinformation into popular social media sites, search engines, and top-level domains, and I suspect they will. But they cannot censor or shut down distributed networks designed to decentralize the Internet and all of its applications by bypassing third parties entirely.

The rabbit is out of the hat, and it won't be going back in. It is the Gutenberg Press all over again, except on a much greater scale. Fundamentally, the encryption technology driving decentralization is just a branch of mathematics. No matter how much legislation is passed, and no matter how many guns are drawn, the rulers cannot alter mathematics. 2 + 2 will always equal 4.

This presents the disenfranchised individual with a unique opportunity.

Most aspects of our society are digital today. Information is digital. Communication is digital. Vital records are digital. Money is digital. Wealth is digital. Transactions are digital.

I don't think this dynamic is well understood, nor do I think it is particularly welcomed by those of us who came up according to the rules of the Industrial Age. But those who understand the trends and the available technology can organize their affairs to bypass the abusive structure to the fullest extent possible to enhance their quality of life. Further, they can build alternative networks geared towards any desired purpose; they can construct better alternatives to the existing model which is based on centralization, hierarchy, monopoly, coercion, and political power.

Now this doesn't reduce the need for basic resiliency - food, water, shelter, and gold... but those are chaos hedges. My experience is that a fixation upon chaos hedges tends to foster an unpleasant and rather defeatist perspective. I am not sure that fulfillment can ever come to those with a defeatist mindset. Simply, a focus on negativity necessarily crowds out the inner genius capable of building a custom-tailored life.

Einstein once mused: "I think the most important question facing humanity is, 'Is the universe a friendly place?'."

If we come to the conclusion that the answer to Einstein's question is no, then we are doomed to a Hobbesian life of scarcity, struggle, and subservience. But if we decide the answer is yes, then a whole new world of opportunity opens up to us. As to what, specifically, that opportunity is - that is up to you.

It's all just a choice...


Joe Withrow


aka joegalt here on ZH


There are always Jokers in their deck. The only way to win is not to play their game.

Jokers in the deck

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There is a solution to all current social, financial, and political systems.  Visit    HANOMY.COM      Please spread the word.  Go there, read it/download it/share it ...   the clock is ticking.  People have to aware of this alternative.   Thank you.

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thanks for the insightful article and for also sharing the book

joegalt's picture

Absolutely, thank you for giving it the time of day.

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Fathead Slim (not verified) Dec 18, 2016 7:21 PM

"Initially stocks sold off and gold skyrocketed on uncertainty as the vote tally came in,"

That gold skyrocket must have happened during the night of 11/08/16 while I was sleeping. The spot price inched up in October, but has been falling since early November. I haven't seen any gold skyrocketing happening since 2011. Ever since the beatdown of the spot price in '13, a $2 gain for a day has been referred to as "skyrocketing" by so many writers that the term has become meaningless.

joegalt's picture

Yeah, it was all after-hours as CD pointed out. It looks like well over $1 billion poured into U.S. equities to stop the bleeding while close to $1 billion in paper gold was dumped. Here's what Carl Icahn told Bloomberg the next day:  

"I would have tried to put a lot more to work, but I couldn’t put more than about $1 billion to work, and then the market got away. But I’m still happy about it... The S&P was so liquid - it was unbelievably liquid - the world was going nuts. Last night it was amazing, the world was going into a panic..."

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

It all happened after hours. If memory serves me correct, by 9 pm election night the selling intensified with S&P and DOW down around 4-5 % and Gold shot up $50. Then a miracle happened and the central banks stepped on. The rest is, as they say, history.

waldo simon's picture

Thanks (again) Cog, and thanks Joe for a truly inspiring essay.

Have just ordered the book, and look forward to it.

While altering one's perspective, and making that alteration permanent, is easier said than done, that is what each of us has to do.

And it is each of us,as individuals, who must do it.

Many thanks!

joegalt's picture

Many thanks to you for the interest and the kind words!

anticultist's picture


They never talk about a real problem. Marxist Centralization.


I dont who it was someone famous said, the study of history is great if it wasnt lies.

I have pretty much found studying real history is the answer. If obama is the reincarnation of globalist-corporatist

depopulation satanist Lincoln, it is a good chance Trump is the reincarnation of JFK. I listen to JFK speaches for my

context. I also listen to Reagan speaches as far back as 1950's. I have seen most of Trump speaches.

These are the closest to my understanding of reality. Reagan failed in may ways was overrun by cia bush. 


What we see is a central theme, the communist-marxist bloodlines understand generational wealth. Where the american plantation

slaves are depopulated generationally by FDR statute. To locate a focal point of history of how we got here, is the civil war

Act of 1871 foreign occupation "district" corporation through 1913 statute (irs -federal reserve) through fake wwii  "progressive" globalism project

created by Barr and Rockefeller,

perfected through FDR statutes taxing private slave property and slave labor. Its all a conspiracy of statute slavery that provides the elite

generational wealth. Notice the progression of marxism up the food chain that the .0001% is narrowing itself through pedophelia crime

"control file" technology toward the end.


The study of this historcial focal point is around the so called civil war. The book is the Red Amendment by LB Bork.


I understand from Trump speeches he is talking about these themes of constitutional money, private property rights, 10th amendment 

states rights is decentralization. I believe he knows it all by what he says, and again who is appointed to cabinet. All this is far over the heads of the

masses, it is in there in the words and language.


My idea now taken from others is there will be civil war, a bifucation of the military, perhaps all of the countryside against red chinese california

and saudi-sharia NY. Something of that configuration. Whatever they, the cult pedophile minions are chanting, run the other way. If the cult is chanting hate russia

because putin is the last man after all other nations with independent central banks and gold banks

are invaded and destroyed, that the fags and godless feminists cant own,

law of opposites says the real enemy is red china.


There is a reference that I have not found again perhaps censored by 90B obama-google censorship contract, is the 1970s interview with the retired congressman from

the Joe McCarthy - JFK congressional committee on anti-american (unconstitutional) activities. The conclusion is the documentation found in joint Carnegie-Rockefeller

tax free "foundation" journals, to create wwi as the most efficient method to modify society to their communist-marxist agenda.

Again repeated to create wwii to the Rockefeller-Barr "progressive" globalist agenda.

This is the history that is out there. They never told you Joe McCarthy worked for JFK, and who is running the media and hollywood since.

Noticed the hildebeast walking arond in Mao jackets?


Seen any of the disgusting vugar female products coming out of chinese hollywood lately?


McCarthy and JFK were right and you would be in another consitutional place if the marxists did not own and centralize everything today enabled by

civil war through FDR unconsitutional statute.


Remember when a week hospitalization for childbirth was $100 in chrisitian hospitals, not so long ago

in 1950's, before centralization. The foundations of modern medicine were created practically free through chrisitian organizations,

before satanism.


What would happen if there was consitutional JFK silver currency of permanent labor value, of no inflation, of product deflation with

productivity, with rising permanent purchasing power or permanent property rights, of consitutional money, for generations.


Of course prosperous, abundant, free slaves is antithetical to FDR statute, free slaves are the enemy of elite political class.


The foundational documented proof of all this is, the rapidly collapsing rate of poverty was truncated by the "war on poverty" 1964 followed by end

of consitutiional money 1971, on the foundations  enabled by civil war through FDR unconsitutional slave statutes. This is the focal point of real history around

consitutional studies.

So I have also found there are statute remedies written in the fine print to the voidance of perjury to the 13th amendment, slavery is abolished except

in cases of crime.


The ignorant slave crime is "participation" or "consent" to unconsitutional satanist civil war and FDR statute. Notice obama is always talking about "consent".


it is necessary to take steps to isolate one from participation or consent to statute violations of Consitution.


Oversimplified here is what the slave masses dont know about constitutional money, equals permanent labor and property rights, eliminates marxist




flaminratzazz's picture

all these long winded ideologies and hopey changey do your own thing and everything will be fine if you disconnect from the matrix is pure bullshit.

It is and has always been and always will be-2 dogs 1 bone.

might makes right/

This is NATURAL law you all are over looking. Survival of YOUR DNA is the ultimate goal and survival means being bigger, badder and more ruthless than your competitors. Through the continuation of your DNA through your offspring lies your immortality,, not the number of bitcoins in a virtual wallet of 1's and 0's.

same as it ever was.

honestann's picture

Precisely.  Nice to see hyper-concise versions of what I try to explain at excessive length.

The start message in this tread is CORRECT --- for predators.

Before humans learned to produce and live as producers, all humans and other animals were limited to grabbing and consuming whatever goods and goodies that natural processes of the environment happened to generate/create.

And in THAT context, the start message in this thread is correct.

What the start message leaves out is the fact that humans can be producers, and in modern times humans can be astoundingly effective producers.

If all humans today lived as producers, all humans would live more comfortable and enjoyable lives than the richest piece of garbage modern predator bankster or politician does.

In effect, 1000 bones could exist for every human.  More bones than anyone would care to consume.  And so, huge numbers of satisfied humans would look for intellectual and benevolent pursuits to consume their time, effort, interests, attention and resources.

Which is why I keep harping on this point:  That the fundamental nature of humans today has bifurcated into predators, parasites and producers.  And, as long as producers attempt to deal with malicious human predators as if they were fellow benevolent producers, producers are doomed prey.

And that is why humans are a failed species... and the vast majority (if not species) are doomed to extinction at the plans and hands of those malicious human predators.

The solution is simple... to treat human predators as all predators need to be treated.  To not attempt to treat predators as fellow benevolent producers (just because they are human, or just because they wear expensive coats and ties, or just because they assign themselves fancy authoritarian titles).  The fact is, predators of all species need to be treated the way those predators treat others... namely, exterminate them with no concern for their welfare.  Every aggressive predator that is eradicated equates to huge numbers of producers saved, because predators are serial destroyers.

In case anyone didn't understand the wonderfully concise and precise "who creates the 1 bone" soundbite, I hope my expanded rant leaves no confusion.

Radical Marijuana's picture

From Aristotle's book on Politics:

Man is by nature a political animal.

Animals live as toroidal vortices which are entropic pumps of environmental energy flows.

After human beings are perceived and defined as separated from their environment and each other, then they necessarily live as gangs of robbers. Since there is only one energy, there is only one political system, and that necessarily matches the principles and methods of organized crime. As soon as there are perceived and defined to be boundaries of the toroidal vortices, then energy is conserved across those boundaries. While, ultimately, there are no absolute boundaries, the established sociopolitical systems have become based on a prolonged war on consciousness, which has asserted the DUALITIES of various false fundamental dichotomies, along with the related impossible ideals. On the contrary, what is actually happening is the flow of energy, which manifests through UNITARY MECHANISMS.

The article above was overflowing with various false fundamental dichotomies, regarding the alleged status of "individuals," and particularly the assertion that it was "always politics versus humanity." There are NO "individuals" who do not live as toroidal vortices, operating as entropic pumps of environmental energy flows. Human beings have developed the abilities to make mental models of their world, which include mental models of themselves within their mental models of their world. However, the long history of the war against consciousness has done everything possible to prevent most people from understanding that elementary philosophy, or to develop any genuine spirituality. While progress in mathematical physics is re-converging with ancient mysticism that it started from long ago, the technologies enabled by that progress are applied through social pyramid systems, which are based upon some people using lies and violence to control other people.

Natural selection was internalized as human intelligence, which was then applied to the most important selection pressures, which were other groups of people. Hence the development of civilization through the history of successful warfare based upon backing up deceits with destruction, morphing to become successful finance based upon enforcing frauds. Private property was based upon backing up claims with coercions, which developed to become more abstract as money, which is measurement backed by murder. That human beings killed to live was always the way that they lived as animals. The political processes were the necessary development of that on larger and larger scales. Hence, Globalized Neolithic Civilization operates through governments being the biggest forms of organized crime, dominated by the best organized gangs of criminals. The best organized gangsters became the international bankers, or the banksters, who have effectively captured control over governments, through the prolonged and persistent vicious spirals of political funding resulting in public governments enforcing frauds by private banks.

However, at the same time, there are NO "individuals" who do not also live as robbers, to the degree that those "individuals" are perceived and defined as separated from their environment and each other. It is NOT possible to have any intelligible language that does NOT necessarily do that. As soon as that is done, everything else follows from those SUBTRACTIONS, in the form of the resulting perceptions of ROBBERIES, with the most extreme forms of those robberies being murders. Civilization is necessarily controlled by its murder systems. Therefore, natural selection drove the development of artificial selection systems to become as dishonest about themselves as possible.

As political animals, human beings developed civilization which was dominated by their biggest bullies, and so, the biggest bullies' bullshit social stories dominated civilization. At the present time, that has primarily become the banksters' bullshit. The results are that we are living in Wonderland Matrix Bizarro Worlds, which have become as absurdly backwards as humanly possible. The established systems based upon enforcing frauds are operated by the best available professional hypocrites, who have developed their languages based on the DUALITIES of false fundamental dichotomies, and the related impossible ideals. Since the biggest bullies' bullshit world views were built into the basic structure of the dominate natural languages and philosophy of science, almost everyone completely takes for granted thinking and communicating in ways which are based upon that bullshit world view.

The series of industrial revolutions started in about the same historical time and place, with the near simultaneous development of the physical steam engines and the social debt engines. The development of thermodynamics, which was later extrapolated to become information theory, INVERTED the meaning of the concept of entropy by inserting arbitrary minus signs into the entropy equations, so that the measurement of power and information would appear to have relative positive values, instead of relative negative values. Similarly, the creation of "money" made out of nothing as debts was publicly presented as if that was positive capital, when that was actually negative capital. It is barely possible to exaggerate the degree to which we are living in Wonderland Matrix Bizarro Worlds, where everything is publicly presented in the most absurdly backward ways possible. Anyone who does NOT better understand the concept of SUBTRACTION, from which follows ROBBERY, does NOT properly understand the concept of the "individual," as a toroidal vortex of infinite loops of energy coming from and going back to their environment. To continue to assert any such fundamental dichotomies regarding "individuals," along with the related impossible ideals, is to continue to take for granted perceiving everything in the most absurdly backward ways possible.

The underlying problems are first that while human animals live as entropic pumps, in ways which match the methods of organized crime, the biggest and best organized organized crime gangs have developed the dominate languages and philosophies in ways which have deliberately INVERTED all of that by promoting DUALITIES, and then going to the wrong pole of those DUALITIES to establish spurious Unity. On the contrary, the diametrical opposite is always actually the case, because there are always UNITARY MECHANISMS, because there is always the flow of the same energy transforming. Since human beings necessarily are perceived and defined as living as gangs of robbers, when any language whatsoever is developed to enable there to be mental models of their world, with mental models of themselves within their mental models of their world, and since the biggest and best organized gangs of robbers made and maintained Globalized Neolithic Civilization, everything that is done has ended up being publicly presented in the most absurdly backward ways possible.

Since the existing political economy is based upon public governments enforcing frauds by private banks, while advancing technologies have enabled that to become exponentially more fraudulent, the corollaries are that the public presentations of everything by the best available professional hypocrites, who have adapted to living inside those systems based upon enforcing frauds, have well-developed methods of spouting the most absurdly backward bullshit about everything. Furthermore, that tends to also include the same basic bullshit world views being spouted by those in the various layers of the controlled "opposition" groups which surround that central core of triumphant organized crime, which is currently the bankster dominated governments.

In order to have any more genuinely better understanding of any "rise of the individual," it would be necessary to go through series of intellectual scientific revolutions and profound paradigm shifts regarding the ways that so-called "individuals" live as entropic pumps of environmental energy flows. However, I REPEAT, doing so can NOT be done without recognizing the degrees to which civilization based upon being able to back up lies with violence has deliberately inverted and perverted the public perception of everything, in the most absurdly backward ways possible. Sociopolitical systems which are based upon enforcing frauds must deliberately ignore the principle of the conservation of energy, as well as misunderstand the concept of entropy in the most absurdly backward ways possible.

Since human beings and civilization live as entropic pumps of environmental energy flows, which must match the principles and methods of organized crime, the corollaries to that are the ways that the biggest and best organized gangs of criminals dominate civilization, and do so through their use of language, while the English language is now the biggest bullies' bullshit language par excellence, which makes it extremely difficult for anyone using the English language to not automatically cruise across taking their bullshit-based world views for granted. However, prodigious progress in physical science is driving the abilities to enforce frauds to become exponentially more fraudulent, in ways which are accumulating more and more apparent anomalies. Every deeper analysis of social facts will always discover and demonstrate that the dominate groups are the dominate organized crime gangs, while surrounding them will be the layers of controlled "opposition" groups which stay within the same overall bullshit-based frame of reference. That is what is usually happening by anyone proposing and promoting the alleged importance of the "individual."

Even deeper levels of problems arise from the second aspect of the ways that human beings and civilization live as entropic pumps of environmental energy flows. That is, the first aspect of that is that the concept of entropy was INVERTED, while the second aspect of that is that no entropic pumps can operate without there being environmental energy sources to enable those opportunities. Hence, while the series of industrial revolutions were to develop technologies which could act as entropic pumps, all of those were only possible to the degree that there were available environmental energy sources, which could then present the opportunities to be pumped. Therefore, the deeper problems with respect to the series of industrial revolutions were that those were all based upon being able to apply new technologies to a fresh planet, that had never before been subjected to those technologies. In general, "money" made out of nothing as debt was used to "pay" for strip-mining natural resources, in the most unsustainable ways possible, because those were the ways based on the maximum possible enforcement of frauds, and therefore, everything Globalized Neolithic Civilization did was being done through fundamentally fraudulent financial accounting systems, which were enabled to become exponentially more fraudulent by the advancing technologies.

Welcome to the Information Age!

The concept of entropy continues to be misunderstood in the most absurdly backward ways possible, due to the ways that power became information, and the entropy equations of thermodynamics were extrapolated into information theory. Similarly, as the previous systems of paper "money" frauds, backed by gunpowder weapons, relatively recently and rapidly became globalized electronic "money" frauds, backed by the threat of force from atomic weapons, pretty well NONE of the profound paradigm shifts already achieved in mathematical physics, which made those technologies possible, have been integrated, much less surpassed by profound paradigm shifts in political science. Rather, "welcome to the Information Age" where extraordinary special effects are being used primarily to re-tell the same old stupid social stories: e.g., urban barbarians with cell phones, etc. ...

The main theme of the series of intellectual scientific revolutions and profound paradigm shifts in mathematical physics have been to develop UNITARY MECHANISMS to replace the previous DUALITIES, in ways which encompassed those previous DUALITIES. Similarly, that is what should happen with respect to political science. However, obviously that is not happening in any publicly significant ways. Rather, we are more likely to read articles such as the one above, which glorifies the "individual" in ways which make no efforts to appreciate more radical truths regarding those "individuals" actually living as toroidal vortices engaged in entropic pumping of environmental energy flows. The author of article above typically is taking almost for totally for granted using language and presumptions which have INVERTED everything, in various ways which deliberately ignore the most important issues and facts.

Civilization has always necessarily been based on being able to back up lies with violence. Advancing science and technology have enabled that to be done so on larger and larger scales, while the underlying problem that being able to back up lies with violence never stops those lies from still being false got worse, faster, on larger and larger scales. That is the essential problem with respect to the so-called progress achieved by the series of industrial revolutions and the emerging Information Age: sociopolitical systems based upon being able to enforce frauds are becoming exponentially more fraudulent. Therefore, the alleged "rise of the individual" in that Information Age is extremely problematic! The most important information continues to be deliberately ignored and misunderstood in the most absurdly backward ways possible, to the degree to which almost nobody is interested in correcting those enormous errors, rather than in perpetuating those.

Alananda's picture

Thank you.  Well stated.  Glad to have read your comment, RM, for the posting courtesy of CogDis -- who certainly lives up to his monikor, in my opinion -- bothered me from the get-go with the subsumed dialectic Individual vs. ________ (name of your collective demon here).

I think we each have first to resolve for our self a fundamental, spiritual riddle not unrelated to many "Zen koans" and embedded in two mantras given by Yogi Bhajan:  (1) GOD and me, me and GOD are ONE; (2) I am Thee, Thou is me, me is Thou, Thee am I.  (Punctuation and capitalization mine.)  Even 31 minutes with one or both of these mantras bring a whole raft of objections, contradictions, and impossibilities to mind!

I suggest that the key word is MIND.  As YB also taught, we were given the Mind, we were not given to the Mind.  Consider your own "definition" of "Mind" or, expressed with a lower case letter, "mind".  But for a few sojourns within spiritual disciplines, sparked long ago by curiosity resulting from mind-bending experiences, I'd have never really learned anything about Mind.  I suspect a very, very small percentage of "individuals" have much idea, much less clues, about Mind.  A course of study on Mind -- YB has one through those who maintain his legacy of teaching -- I highly recommend!!

Then we can deal better with the individual vs. __________ (name of your collective demon here), much as Jon Rappoport does with his "Matrix series", also highly recommended by me.

Radical Marijuana's picture

Alananda, I liked your summary:

"Individual vs. ________ (name of your collective demon here)."

The human "individual" emerges out of the alternation of generations, through sexual reproduction. The single fertilized egg develops into a multi-cellular organism, which manages to become trillions of cells, some of which survive for thousands of their own cellular generations. Furthermore, the human "individual" lives in symbiosis with numerous other small creatures, whose collective genome is bigger than the human "individual's" own unique genome. Moreover, each cell in a multi-cellular creature is the result of an extremely ancient symbiosis of organelles.

Overall, the human "individual" actually lives as a walking ecology, whose extreme antiquity and relative reliablity enables the consciousness of most human "individuals" to tend to take themselves mostly for granted, most of the time, especially because the public schools and dominate religions and ideologies have become forms of controlled "opposition," which are designed to prevent people from better understanding themselves, but rather, to keep them ignorant and afraid, so that they can be better controlled and exploited.

I tend to regard "mind" and "consciousness" as manifestations of energy fields, with the human brain enabling those fields to be received and transmitted. However, I am not suggesting any fundamental dichotomy by that, since the material brain is made by matter, which is an extremely concentrated form of energy. My basic view is that we are dreaming with data. Of course, that becomes infinitely mysterious, since that tends towards the Big Questions, such as why are there any experiences at all, rather than nothing ???

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You may be losing readers with the "entropic pumps of environmental energy flows".  Since I'm somewhat familiar with the concept of entropy (a measure of order), allow me to give my interpretation:

Humans must consume food matter to live.  This food matter is derived from the conversion of the sun's energy to make plants grow, feed for cattle, etc.  To provide energy to our bodies, the digestion process converts food matter from a more highly ordered state to an obviously lower state (feces).  Thus, the change in entropy (from a higher to a lower state).

I hope this will assist some readers because you may have some worthwhile ideas; however, I'm not sure about whether all civilizations belong in the category of "organized crime gangs."  Even if so, I think it is probably better to have multiple "gangs" in the form of nation-states instead of one all-powerful globalist crime gang - the uni-polar world model Putin has warned about.  As Lord Action said, "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely."





some whorthwhile ideas (ahem):

IF Western Civilization is going to survive (which seems improbable at the present time) then it will have to continue to advance science in much more radical ways, which will enable the development of a Translithic Civilization to supplant the current style of Neolithic Civilization. The core to that has to be the development of better understanding of the ways that the biggest bullies' bullshit social stories dominated the philosophy of science, the same as all other social enterprises. Around that transformation it would be able to have a radically different understanding of how to maintain the militarism that operated the murder systems, which backed up the monetary systems. The core concept to the improvement of the ways that human artificial selection operates are radically different death controls. The essence of any future social and political progress MUST be based upon understanding natural selection better, so that better understanding could be more scientifically applied to develop better systems of artificial selection. However, given how practically impossible that is from a practical political perspective, we are indeed getting "close to the endgame."

The basic problem has been significant progress in physical sciences, while nothing like that has been allowed to happen in political science. The primary reasons for that have been that the best developed social science was warfare, whose success was based upon deceits, which then became the foundation of economics, whose success was based upon frauds. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR WESTERN, OR GLOBALIZED, CIVILIZATION TO SURVIVE UNLESS IT MORE SCIENTIFICALLY WORKS ITS WAY THROUGH THOSE PARADOXES THAT SOCIAL SCIENCES WERE BASED UPON BACKING UP LIES WITH VIOLENCE, BECAUSE THEIR FOUNDATION WAS THE HUMAN MURDER SYSTEMS, WHICH BACKED UP THE MONEY SYSTEMS.

The article above is typical of the grossly superficial ways that political economy is usually presented in ways that deliberately ignore the environmental ecologies. The crucial problem that human civilization faces is that, since the murder systems backs up the money system, HOW can human beings operate better murder systems, after the progress in basic physical sciences has enabled the development of weapons of mass destruction that are trillions of times more powerful, and headed towards becoming quadrillions of times more powerful? In theory, we should apply the ways of thinking that made those sciences and technologies possible in order to transform Neolithic social pyramid systems into a Translithic style of civilization. It is NOT possible for human beings to survive developing better and better understanding of general energy systems, while they deliberately ignore what that means to human energy systems. The future, IF we survive to have one, must be achieved through a series of intellectual scientific revolutions, which apply to politics in general, and to the combined money/murder systems in particular.


IF there is going to be a future for human civilization, then we MUST enable a creative synthesis of post-modernizing science with ancient mysticism. However, at the present time, apes with atomic bombs committing collective suicide seems the far more probable future for the human species, because, as is TYPICAL with Zero Hedge articles, this one above grossly understates the degree to which "Much of what we think we know isn’t necessarily so." - Radical Marijuana 09/03/2014

Radical Marijuana's picture

Thanks for your selective editing, MEAN BUSINESS!


I don't want to be like the dick in Amadeus that tells Mozart there are too many notes, but, I did want to hint to that commenter that there is so much more to the discussion about 'nations' and "one-world government".

Shit out of luck if he clicks on my link!

getting that postcard done this week, not (ahem) "shortly".

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Your description of what entropy is CLAIMED TO BE is correct.  However, the CLAIM IS FALSE.

To be more precise, the claim is true, but only as far as it goes.  And the implication is false.

Unfortunately, the usual claims and implications OMIT A PERVASIVE ASPECT OF REALITY, and thus the overall claim/implication is FALSE.

This is a good example of how self-important "experts" and "authorities" get captured by POLITICAL notions, then spin their "science" to support political (or personal) desires, agendas and goals (which in fact is no longer "science" once perverted by political ideas).

Rather than type another of my million-word rants, I'll try to limit my specific response to a couple paragraphs.

In most mundane [microscopic/macroscopic] contexts entropy does indeed work more-or-less as popularized.

However, in [astronomical] contexts, entropy works OPPOSITE as popularized.

And the astronomical context is... well... astronomical in magnitude and extent.

My guess is, the ultimate NET is ZERO... "a wash".

The following is one example of entropy on an astronomical scale that works opposite the popularized notion.

In a word... GRAVITY.

Gravity is called a "force".  While that too is a false notion, this does not matter to the understanding.

Consider a huge region of space and consider the following mind experiment.  Let's choose a sphere 10-million light years in radius (though any astronomical volume will do just as well).

Assume this region is empty of macroscopic objects like stars, planets, etc.  In other words, a nice big hunk of NOTHING between distant galaxies.  Except we'll assume random [mostly but not exclusively] hydrogen atoms floating around aimlessly.

This region of the universe has just about as close to MAXIMUM ENTROPY as possible.  The temperature is near ABSOLUTE ZERO (no available energy).  The "order" or "organization" is near ABSOLUTELY RANDOM (no existing order).  This is called [as close as possible to] MAXIMUM ENTROPY as one can get in the universe.

?????  WHAT WILL HAPPEN  ?????

The "center of gravity" of the zillions of hydrogen [and other] atoms is near the center of this spherical region of "empty space".  As such, those hydrogen [and other] atoms will gradually (very gradually, over millions of years) tend to move towards that center of gravity.  Eventually, after many [tens of] millions of years, a huge number of those atoms will converge on that center of gravity.  As that happens, some will get close to other [aggregates of] atoms and be pulled into contact, thereby forming astronomical numbers of "local center of gravity" blobs.

Eventually what will happen is thousands, then millions of these "local center of gravity blobs" will become huge, and their trajectories will become only semi-random (rather than totally random), making their paths into "orbits" around other blobs AND the most central center-of-gravity.  The "gravity" of these increasingly huge blobs of atoms eventually becomes so enormous that... near the center of each blob... hydrogen fusion begins.  And THAT is what we call "a star".  First a few stars... then thousands... then millions... then billions.

Now, look at any of those stars.  What do you see.


NEARLY PERFECT ORDER (nearly perfect spheres).

In other words, the natural processes of reality led to the following progression...


... to ...


... both in terms of "available energy" AND "order".


The bottom line is this.

On microscopic to normal human (or planetary) scales... entropy DOES work per the usual notion promoted by ALL political positions.  And they emphasize this strongly because THAT NOTION PROVIDES RATIONALIZATION FOR EVER-INCREASING AUTHORITARIANISM.

However, on larger scales... entropy WORKS THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION.  This is not mentioned by virtually anyone.  Any scientist (like me) who ever mentions this "inconvenient truth" will never receive a good job in any large corporation or for any government (if they find out).  Fortunately for me, I have been an independent, self-employed scientist and engineer since the beginning of my active life... so I can say any "inconvenient truth" I wish without much inconvenience of danger.

The problem of my statement from a political point of view should be obvious.  The reason is, STARS ARE RELEVANT TO HUMAN LIFE.  And thus, any political consideration based upon the conventional view of entropy is threatened by the recognition of THE NATURAL OF REALITY, in this case, the FULL NATURE OF ENTROPY.

The earth is NOT a closed system.

The solar-system is NOT a closed system.

Look where both came from, for instance (see above).


I post the above to finish adding to the exposition of this topic.

PS:  One final point.  If anyone wants to worry about the entropic nature of the human digestive system, or other [not intentionally horrible] human actions, I suggest you learn about the size and energy flow from the sun versus everything that happens on earth.  Once you compare these items, then reflect for a while.  THEN you have some context and basis to post an objective response.

PS:  Damn!  I failed to be concise again.  So much for "a couple paragraphs".

Radical Marijuana's picture

Yes, I agreed with your reply, 7thGenMO.

7thGenMO's picture

Enjoyed the article.  It is the centralized control of fiat currency creation (Central Banks) that control/finance all other existing centralized institutions - government and corporate.  The globalist Owners of the Western CB's are at the top of the pyramid.  It has been the goal of the globalists to combine many smaller pyramids (nation states) into one giant pyramid (a One Bank controlled global government).  It will be interesting to see the effect of Trump on the USA's pyramid.  From the last Fed meeting, the globalist Owners of the CB's don't seem inclined to support his plans.




honestann's picture

What pops into my mind is the following.

In my view, humans are a failed species... on the verge of making themselves extinct.

In my view, humans are capable of being an awesome species... on the verge of immortality.

The potential exists for one, the other, or a "second great bifurcation" of the species. *

Statistically speaking, 99.999% of humans are hopelessly clueless, confused, disabled, incompetent, and most definitely the makings of a failed species.

I believe the situation can be intellectually seen and formulated in various ways, each of which may be reasonably plausible in some ways and to some degree.

I tend to favor the dimension of individualism or independence may be most apt (either implies the other).  Furthermore, I emphasize that both intellectual and physical individualism and independence are very important.

The huge problem is, the predators-that-be and predator-class who live in the top few layers of the pyramid have taken steps to assure the vast majority of human beings do not value, embrace, practice or advocate individualism or independence.  They have been brainwashed since birth to value, embrace, practice and advocate the opposite (collectivism and dependence).

In past times, the best way to embrace and practice intellectual and physical individualism and independence was to "get the hell outta dodge and move to a frontier".

Because fewer obvious physical frontiers exist today, and because on average humans are vastly more dependent intellectually and physically, few people move to "frontiers".  In fact, lots of people don't believe any "frontiers" exist any longer.  This is false, though they are less numerous and obvious.

Humans don't realize how totally they have been screwed.  Since I moved to the extreme boonies somewhere in the southern hemisphere, 125km from the nearest human being ~5 years ago, and assembled/built my 100% self-sufficient digs, I understand how efficient independence actually is!  It cost me over 90% of my life savings to set myself up this way, but that is less than 10 years of income for the average worker.  And now I never need to spend another penny to live the rest of my life in my comfortable digs in one of the most pleasant and beautiful places on the planet.

Do the math!  Oh, and in my case the price includes a brand-new high-tech, super-efficient, 6500km-range airplane (since my place cannot be reached by land vehicle, and I much prefer flying to driving).  So cut those costs almost in half for anyone who skips the airplane part of my project.  Cut even more expensive and effort for someone who lives close to a small town.

When I think about my situation from time to time, I am shocked at how vastly cheaper and more pleasant life is to be independent than dependent!  Seriously!  It makes obvious to me how amazingly extreme is the cost of living and participating in a collective!  The difference is stunning!  And now I spend less than 2 days per week keeping myself alive (growing/raising food, keeping water, solar-power, other equipment clean and working, etc).  Living without the burden of "society" is so much more efficient... much more than I ever expected!  Which just emphasizes the theme of individualism and independence.

Now just imagine if the efficiencies of voluntary interactions with others (collective without collectivism) could be combined with the efficiencies of individualism and independence!  Wow!

?????  WHO NEEDS PYRAMIDS  ?????

Answer:  Only human predators and parasites.  They are inherently dependents... dependent upon producers for the goods and goodies they need to survive and live a comfortable lives.  And producers?  Obviously producers do not depend upon or benefit from predators or parasites for anything.  In fact, predators and parasites simply suck much of the life out of producers.

And so, to "live the good life", producers must... live an intellectually and physically independent life.

I suppose my terms are different, but we've heard this advice before, in one simple word:



*  The first bifurcation of the human species was the bifurcation when humans learned they could be producers.  Before this "discovery", humans were like all animals... they only knew how to survive by behaving as predators and parasites.

Alananda's picture

Again the dialectic, individual vs. _________.  Add to that independence vs. dependence.  To resolve the latter, think symbiosis, for which a multitude of examples abound, for example, the tall tree stretching into space above the earth and the lowly fungus who barely fruits above ground.  Honestann, your posts are among the most thoughtful and deep among ZHers, always a pleasure to read.  Your post gave rise to one question, which you may take as a rhetorical comment:  Have you no family?  Thank you for your thoughts on this subject, one that I find fascinating after all these years.

honestann's picture

Yes, for practical purposes, I have no family.  My parents are still alive, but I left home (in China) after high school and rarely contact them (once every few years on average).  I became radically intellectually independent at age 4 (for reasons I've described here many times), and I've been that way ever since.

I have nothing against "family" or "social contacts", but simply recognize the FACT that almost every "normal" human is a drag on [my] individual progress.  I am very much focused on moving forward as an individual (moving forward towards my goals and vision for the future), and virtually every "normal" human resists that.  That is odd, really, since I don't ask anyone to move forward with me, because I don't care (I'm very much "live and let live").  But virtually every "normal" human seems uncomfortable with those exceedingly few of us who look towards reality as something to eternally explore and understand, and towards the future as a never-ending opportunity to make life more interesting and enjoyable.  They want whatever they consider "normal" to remain more-or-less "as it is", and "change" threatens their sense of well being somehow.

I should add that my partners in the project aren't that way.  They too are "live and let live", and very much oriented towards understanding reality and intentionally moving towards better futures (mostly very similar futures to my visions and goals).  But people like this are extremely rare to put it mildly.  In fact, had I not found and joined this group, I would not know any others much like me.  I do admit it is a good feeling to know that at least a few others like me exist.  But interestingly, the only way they can become the kind of people that give me that good feeling is... for them to be extremely intellectually [and physically] independent.  It really does feel as if the only really superb comrads are extreme intellectually independent hermit-types!  Hahaha.

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"We are The Global Central Banking Mafia. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile."

Radical Marijuana's picture

All resistance is assistance.


because dynamic equalibrium keeps a check on runaway criminal insanities that would destroy themselves too. Path of least resistance manifests as path of least morality...BOOM!

I remember listening to Obama's SOTU 2012 waiting for him to suggest OWS was a pretty good thing... he side-stepped scoffed, al la those "peddling fiction" "deplorables". Can't say I was surprised.

Van Halen/OU812/Apolitical Blues- 1988 (featuring Sammy Hagar)

joegalt's picture

Except for the central banking part, this almost sounds like a Windows 10 commercial.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

LOL Complete with built in back doors and malicious malware.

Ohne Deckung's picture

The individuals rise so that one does not have to bend so low to shoot them.

Colonel's picture

Well Mr.Withrow lefTARDS will try their damndest to keep the murderous,corrupt and oppresive pyramid heirarchy going because they are absolute idiots and regressive fuckTARDS.

jusman's picture

How interesting!  I downloaded the book and have been reading (gobbling is more like it) as it seems to crystalise a lot of thinking that has been going on in the back of my brain.  So at 60 years old, and having followed the path of working a job (as an electrical engineer) for many years, not really fitting in at all to corporate politics - as all I wanted to do is be good at what I do (which I am) and make money for the company I worked for (which apparently is not the major motivator for those above me - go figure).

So I have now invested in a berry farm in Mexico, and plan within the next 18 months to move to small town in the middle of nowhere Mexico where I know some very good friends (who moved from Canada), and where I will become LOCAL and INVOLVED and use some of my skills to help small local businesses grow.  And even perhaps continue to work for my current multi-national employer telecommuting (most of our meetings are now via webmeeting).  Also have a little gold, some stocks...diversified.

But I think the secret to happiness in this next stage of my life will be to live locally, get involved in the community, remain connected through the web, and enjoy life and helping others.

I like books that make me thing.  Even more that make sense!

joegalt's picture

Jusman, I am flattered to hear that you have enjoyed the book. Thank you.

Your plan sounds pretty idyllic to me! Using digital technologies to actually enhance your ability to become more locally involved means you do not need to sacrifice work, income, communication, networks, etc. in the process. I think you are spot on. What's the point of life, if not to seek joy and fulfillment?

Reaper's picture

Friendly to whom? Believers, slaves, masters? Dichotomy is one dimensional thinking. The old Natural dichotomous system of men with rulers and ruled will become extinct. The dinosaurs ignored the first mammals. You could change your nature or wait for Nature to change you.

yttirum's picture

I truly enjoyed this article. I will point one thing out and, truly, it is only one thing that stood out for me. "...despite the fact they mostly share the same values, culture, and interests." This statement, for me, doesn't jive. There are some major differences in values and culture, while interests might be closer in a universal aspect. The most influential variables on any nation or world model are the ones that can't be put into a mathematical equation; those are the genetic, religious (to an extent), cultural, sex, physique, etc.. These are subconsious affectors, largely, which create unaware bias, shoulder chips, and a multitude of thought patterns where one that is not aware becomes the driven and not the driver of thier own being. This will never change anytime soon especially when people are taught to lie to themselves about how they feel, which really is denying the most powerful tool we are given, our instincts.

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Glad you enjoyed the piece! As for the same values/culture/interests part - I was thinking in terms of localities. If you focus on specific neighborhoods consisting of people living in close proximity with one another, I think you would find that most of the residents shared similar values, cultures, and interests. There are always exceptions, of course, but generally speaking I would wager this is true.

Now those similar values, cultures, and interests may be drastically different from the values, cultures, and interests held by people in a neighborhood half-way across the world... but chances are they don't know each other nor do they care one bit about the other's political beliefs. At least not until the television news tells them they should.

Also, I think you are spot on with your assessment of people being conditioned to ignore their instincts. In some cases, I think people are even conditioned to think themselves flawed beings because of certain natural instincts.

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I want to believe.

Wulfkind's picture

This post is unfortunately more ignorant and naive bullshit from Cog.  I understand it's from Withrow but Cog is pushing it here. 

The INDIVIDUAL is NOT rising and CAN NEVER rise again even in this developing techno-info utopian world folks like Cog and Withrow say is coming with salvation for all.  The techno-info world was brought to us by the Industrial Military Complex and the wizards of Silicon Valley ( the Googles and the Facebooks and the Twitters and all the phone companies and cable companies and satellite companies ) ARE ALL IN BED with the Industrial Military complex.

In other words.....the little apple snowflakes of Silicon Valley never fall far from the tree of their Industrial Military complex origin.

Oh will have pockets of hope and progress for the individual.  But only if MUCH MORE than half the populace can be convinced that the Indutrial Military Complex is their enemy and NOT their provider and protector.  And that ain't gonna happen. can one TRULY prosper in an age where Techno-Info is going to take away more than 50% of ALL JOBS in our lifetime ?   Prosperity is about to get A RADICAL OVERHAUL  ( think radical downsizing in one's expectations )  going forward.

And the Iron Curtain of the Industrial Miltiary Complex comtinues to drop.  Look at how Trump is SURROUNDING himself from the Pentagon / Goldman Sachs complex

Stop peddling fiction Cog.  Neo Feudalism is here.  It was ALWAYS going to revert back to Feudalism.


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The individual is the ONLY solution. It's all that group think we see playing out that is killing the world.

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Wulf, if I may be so bold, your comment suggests that you are focused upon a black and white macro picture. I think you are 100% correct with your MIC comment, and it is very clear that the Googles, Facebooks, AT&T's, etc. are in cahoots with the powers that be.

But I am not suggesting that the Googles, Facebooks, and AT&T's are going to save the world or create a digital utopia. Indeed, I think you are correct with your suggestion that a massive loss of jobs, in addition to the already hollowed out manufacturing industry of the developed world, is coming down the pipe. That is going to hurt a lot of people, and frankly I would be very surprised if pockets of civil unrest were not a result.

The title of my book is "The Individual is Rising", not "The Masses are Rising". Very quietly, small networks of people are putting old Bucky Fuller's suggestion to the test; they are building opt-in alternatives to the centralized, top-down, black-and-white paradigm. Most people do not know what these alternatives are, and most would probably pay them no mind even if they did.

You don't need a 50% majority to opt-in to any of these alternative systems, nor do you need to accept everything. Like Fight Club, you are free to choose your own level of involvement.

For specifics, download the book... it's free!

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This fking post should be cut to 4 paragraphs!

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

In all honesty, I tend to think you are correct in your assessment.

However.......through repeated cognitive and emotional beatings I have learned it is best to seriously entertain alternative thought. And I have found (at least for me) the only way to entertain it is to be exposed to it. It takes a highly disciplined mind to break free from its own echo chamber and genuinely explore ideas contrary to its core beliefs or conclusions.

I have no such discipline and find most do not as well.

This is why I offer the opportunity on my website for differing points of view to be posted. And also why I elevate some of the best, Joe Withrow being one of them, to be Guest Posted on ZH.

Peddled fiction, as well as peddled fact, is sometimes glaringly obvious. And at other times clearly subjective. One cannot pour additional water into a glass already full. Just as Trump claims he will drain the swamp, inferring he will fill it with something else, maybe you should consider draining your brain and allow other points of view to fill it.

It most certainly can't hurt you; ideas have no power to do so unless empowered by us. And it might just help. I find it does for me.

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Cog anyone thinking that Trump was going to drain the swamp is naive at best stupid at least.  I am downloading the book as I type and will read it.  Having said that Wulf has a valid point.  Utopia is something many people seem to believe can happen and yet it will never happen for the collective mentality anyway. 

Just as we agree/disagree on what is going on in the country and the world.  What was once honorable like earning a living but under this adminnistration actually making a decent living is being criminalized by politicians and so many people believeing the crap.  Lets punish success is their motto.

I thought Trump would win from the get go if he could overcome voter fraud and the media making him out to be the antichrist. 

People are greedy they want what you have and most not all would take it from you if given a chance. The digital age is all fine and dandy but TPTB control it and will impose even more control if we allow them too.  Just look at the fake news crap coming out of their mouths hell ZH is on the list along with many other sites I visit.  Yet none of the left leaning sites made go figure.

I sit in my coffeee group and listen most of the time and say nothing.  Why? Because people want to herded and led.  Critical thinking was tossed out long ago especially when they talk about politics and even worse when discussing money.  Only you or I can create our own utopia and even then you better be careful.

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We can all start implementing Individual Rising by making our own beer and/or wine and/or cider. Let the cider ferment and then freeze and there is your apple schnapps. Start breaking free by making your own fun, not consuming the packaged varieties. I'm starting with 4 apple trees.

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Please note that I shall no longer return to this page: If you wish to correspond, you have my details.



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Just for fun, you may like to read: Isaiah's Job

Here there be deep wisdom.


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