'Progressive' San Franciscans Strongly Support Immigration Rights (Just Not In Their Neighborhood)

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"Not in my back yard..."

San Francisco is one of the most progressive cities in the nation, especially when it comes to national immigration, notes San Francisco Chronicle's Vincent Woo.

We believe so much in the natural right of people to join us here in America that we fought to keep our status as sanctuary city even in the face of being federally defunded for it. We pride ourselves on our rejection of plans to tighten immigration controls and deport undocumented immigrants.

Yet, Woo exclaims, take that same conversation to the local level and all bets are off.

City meetings have become heated, divisive and prone to rhetoric where we openly discuss exactly which kinds of people we want to keep out of our city.


This is an ethically incoherent position. If we in San Francisco so strongly believe that national immigration is a human right, then it seems strange to block migration into our own neighborhoods.


Consider the San Francisco Board of Supervisors’ decision to challenge the environmental review of a proposed housing project at 1515 Van Ness Ave. Despite the project’s plan to rent 25 percent of its units at a below-market rate, many members of the neighborhood preservation group, Calle 24, expressed anger that the project might bring tech workers into the Latino Cultural District.


Or that members of the Forest Hill homeowners association opposed a project that would build affordable housing for seniors and the formerly homeless on a site now occupied by a church. One of the grievances aired was that it might bring mentally unstable or drug-addicted people into the neighborhood.

Both of these groups are reacting to the threat of change. In both cases, residents took it as a given that they were within their rights to control who lived in their neighborhoods.

Conservatives see national immigration as a privilege to carefully dole out. Liberals see immigration as a human right that needs to be protected. San Francisco progressives view living in certain neighborhoods as a privilege to be earned, and see nothing wrong with preventing certain groups of people from moving in, a traditionally conservative view.


Tech workers have now become the most visible of those whom neighborhood groups seek to exclude. Tech workers have been been cast as shallow opportunists who indifferently displace existing residents. However, most tech workers who move here are simply migrants from less affluent parts of the country. They’re people from places like the Midwest who are just trying to find good jobs in one of the last functioning economic engines in the country. If we believe that San Francisco should be a shelter for people from less prosperous countries, why shouldn’t it also be a shelter for people from less prosperous parts of our own country?


Even more pointedly, more than a third of Silicon Valley tech workers are immigrants themselves. For many people in China, India and Eastern Europe, working in technology is one of the few ways out of their countries and into ours.


Neighborhood activists want to protect their vision of San Francisco, and that is absolutely a noble purpose. However, blocking future residents isn’t the way to go about it. How would you even do it?


The current approach of attempting to just halt construction hasn’t proven effective at preserving neighborhood aesthetics. To truly control who lived in a neighborhood, you’d have to create some official tribunal that would essentially have the ability to vet applicants by their demographics. This is would be very dangerous and likely illegal. It’s hardly a progressive idea to deliberately institutionalize exclusionary policy.


If we really believe that migration is a human right and not a privilege extended at the discretion of current residents, then we need to acknowledge that neighborhood meetings where people feel entitled to debate the virtues of future residents are antimigration by definition.


We need to acknowledge that making room for, say, an Indian tech worker on an H1-B visa who is trying to get a green card serves the very same ideological purpose as making room for an undocumented worker from Mexico.

Once again the progressive agenda can be translated as the elite establishment liberals exclaiming "do as I say, not as I do..it's the fair thing to do."

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City_Of_Champyinz's picture

Do as I say, not as I do liberal progressive hypocrisy at its worst.  Fucking assholes.

Looney's picture


Libtards are a-glass-half-full [of shit] kinda guys… the LEFT HALF of the glass, that is.  ;-)


Theosebes Goodfellow's picture

There is nothing "progressive" about socialists, communists and others on the left. Stop abusing the word. And while you're at it, knock it off with the "liberal" semantics game as well. They ain't that either.

Never One Roach's picture

Triple their property taxes to pay for their illegals. Why should the government force ME to pay for their folly? I am not part of their decision making process and even if i were I would vote against their ridiculous proposals.

Manthong's picture

The good news is that they are going to need to grow gills pretty soon.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) Manthong Dec 17, 2016 11:43 AM

San Francisco was the original safe space, they even talk in those terms.

Now with agenda 21 they are going to build it to the moon, they talk about wanting it a carless city too.

everything is changing now.

mccvilb's picture

Where i live (an island) half the population of less than a thousand are upper middle class to the filthy rich and wealthy. The rest of us are local & state govt workers, tradesmen, lobstermen, landscapers, artisans, health care workers, and computer techies, all licensed to some degree or other. Many, including the govt workers hold two jobs in the city on the mainland. The immigrants started coming in a couple of years ago. We had our first Sharia killing last August, three arrested for mutilating another Muslim who had converted to Christianity. The story and motives were downplayed in the press.

Regular people with masters degrees in applied psychology or sociology can't call themselves psychologists, etc., until they secure a doctorate. Using terms like counselors or behavior analysts are fine after 40K+ worth of grad school but beyond that the final MBA capstone requires an additional 1000 hours of practicum and internship with a hospital or clinic for no pay before they can move on and seek paid employment. Can't hire others though. Hair stylists can't even style or cut hair without a license until they graduate from a state licensed hair academy. They then must pay 10K to intern for a year full-time and follow a strict dress code, cutting hair for free for mainlanders off the street. Money for the haircut goes to the school. After a year of this, the schools (all three of them) graduate an average of 5% out of classes of twenty in each, subjectively based & judged by appearance as well as hairdressing skill. Do the math. Graduates can't hire or teach. That's another school and another state license.

The pussy generation as Clint Eastwood recently called it is about to get a rude awakening. Welcome to the neo-feudal era. Welcome to the Revolution. 

roddcarlson's picture

On that note I cut my own hair with a pair of scissors and barber shears. Probably saved myself thousands of dollars and thousands of bad haircuts, the first few times were brutal when I started doing it in college 20+ years ago. I remember going to class and hearing snickers and snorts. That kind of stuff makes a man grow some balls though in not worrying what anyone thinks. As I've learned over the years that simplicity is truly the key to a good haircut, some vietnam vet noted how bowl haircuts make the girls go wild and I have to say it's pretty true at least for a white guy with straight hairs.

On a tangent I'd like to add that what appears as hypocrisy here is in full alignment with the fake liberals goals. You see true diversity was never the objective. When do the liberals ever complain about a place being too black? Africa? Nope! China? Nope! Only white man countries are too white. The fake Jew and his fake media for years have been trying to remove the impediment of the white christian male. The best way to do that is to convince the white man he is nothing special and should never freely associate with his own or have pride for his races accomplishment. Neuter the white male testesterone, make him appear weak on TV and movies for his own female, promote him and his woman to breed themselves out my mixing with dominant.

As far as open door policy, I'm against this myself. But notice in this case once again the complaint is that latinos and blacks (dindus) are being replaced by intelligent Christian males (2/3) from gun toting states of the midwest with conservative values. When our number increase in any zone that is considered a real threat to dindus. Of course they are quite right to fear us as we were never the paper tiger that they tried to portray us in their movies and sitcoms. But, truthfully I meet too many neutered white males that are always trying to talk down any talk about white men dominance in the academic textbooks and inventions that matter category. It's ok if dindus is noted for his hoop making skills, but if you try to point out real life undeniable IQ charts to balance out that no race is superior he goes around saying he doesn't believe in superiority. As I said these people have scrambled brains and it started with dindus worship as as superior race in itself. Which quite frankly is what is most hideous about the whole thing is because I don't believe in superior races (that is races being unmatched in all things) but I do believe that races are endowed with different traits and IQ is one of them and of course different kinds of intelligences. Again it all comes to the fact that liberals know our ability to master technical and mathematics skills to dominante science and math and engineering. To balance that off they have to import 700 more dindus in every university from Asia and pay all their tuition so that it appears Asians are so much smarter! Those of us who have been through this loop know exactly what this crap is about.

I'll cut the young white male some slack, he wants to believe people like me are some white skin head that wants death to all black people. The fact is that I started out just like him as a young man, and through living in metros and dealing with population in everything from engineering schools to corporate America have came to recognize the real truth. There is an undercurrent to disposses the white Christian male of his talents, his women, his lands, and his beliefs. They block us from freely associating with our properties. Force Fake Jew equivalent Jizyas to finance our opponents, and then call us racists whenever we call the hypocrisy. Again I don't hate different races, I'm here to balance out the false message that white people aren't extremely genius. We are the genius factories of the world, I can say we have the highest spreads in IQ distributions. Its our natural (not superiority) gift, but nobody wants to talk IQ as being different only height and hoop making skills of observed racial quotas as being specific. Double standards, and double lies. Don't believe them young white men, they are all liars liars liars just like fake news.

On that note I'm also going to say about heredity of genius and I've heard many people on Lew Rockwell try to make false correlations that taller people are smarter. Frankly Sir Isaac Newton was 5'6" and invented classical physics and mathematics of calculus. As I said people frankly want to categorize on simple things like height and hoop making skills as being the only differences and thus everything revolving around those two things. There are numerous theories however that show too high testesterone and HGH actually impairs brain growth. It's certainly not a concrete theory though as Tesla was something like 6'5" and I've met very smart tall people. Was Tesla smarter than Netwon? No Newton and Maxwell were probably the smartest men known to men outside of say Jesus. So as I said I'm not into superiority here at all, all I'm saying is that people have different gifts and it appears like in real life we can't have it all category. To say races aren't gifted or endowed in different things is to be a liar. For one lighter skin is better in sunlight starved areas for Vitamin D creation, and inverse in others. So again, why is it that nobody wants to talk differences of races? Because that would hurt their dialogue that dindus is the ideal to mix down IQ.

Dabooda's picture

You may find this map of national average IQs interesting.  You can't ascribe ALL the differences to race, however; asian cultures emphasize academic achievement more than most others, for example. 

Rabbi Chaim Cohen's picture

I LOVE how the high priests of progressivism INSIST that they know what is best for YOU, but that same thing ISN'T so good for them.

roddcarlson's picture

Yes Asians are smarter on average. I gave you a like on the above. But averages aren't where the work gets done, where the work gets done is at the six sigmas and whites have a Gausian curve of wider skirts meaning more geniuses and rejects at each end per population. As I've said before you people always advocate averages. Average SAT, ACT, IQs and though important it has very little to do why white people dominate and still do in the inventive mathematics and science. And you'll quote some release of more patents to Asians, but as an engineer I'll tell you that most those patents are redundant. Remember 20 years ago my boss came to me saying that Sony wanted to patent the phase lock loop from the beginning of the century. My boss at that time was a real dipshit and thought the patent had real value. Anyone can get a patent, but the question is if its enforceable as new work and therefore a new true game changer. I think if people are brutally honest you'll see that the major game changers in Silicon Valley are still white and always have been. Again I like Asians, but I went to graduate college to work on a PhD and the whole DSP class was full of Asians. I thought man I've met my match with these guys, but ended up acing ever test and the nearest competitor was 20 points below. So from experience I know that all this smart Asian thing is a bunch of hype. Yeah there are six sigma Asians, met one who was a whiz but I've met maybe 20 six sigma white guys in silicon valley. You have any personal experience other than progressive articles? Didn't think so.

zvzzt's picture

you mean you cut your own hair without a permit!!!! are you crazy! you should belong in jail you parasite

/sarc (not really needed though, is it....)

HRH Feant's picture
HRH Feant (not verified) mccvilb Dec 17, 2016 5:12 PM

Sounds like you live off the coast of Maine. Could be one of the islands in the Strait of San Juan de Fuca like Lopez or Orcas. Or any Greek island, too. Or that island in Michigan, Mackinac Island. Same type of crowd, same mentality.

A one-year (unpaid) internship to cut hair? That is harsh. At least they provide a real service. Psychologists are nothing more than a modern version of a witch doctor, or hand holder. Great if you want to spend your money (and time) on that kind of bullshit. AA meetings are free. Whenever I get depressed I go to one. It cheers me up right away and the cost is spot on: $1.

MayIMommaDogFace2theBananaPatch's picture

Subconciously, these people know they are contradicted and that they apply their 'logic' unevenly.  

This is a primary reason for their excessive need to be perfectly RIGHT, making others perfectly WRONG.  Any looking at grey-areas would cause them to start becoming concious of their bullshit, which is a feeling they cannot handle.  

So they retreat to the safe-space of certitude -- mad certitiude.

new game's picture

moot issue, these very people can not afford to live in san fran. end of story. and if they somehow end up there, they are heavily subsidized. even the homeless are street swept up occasionaly. not to mention crime grime and heavy drugged out loosers. bring it on ya dumb fuks, have your multicultural libtard not in my backyard hypocracy. end game has to be country division to an exrteme, in so that they become france. sooner the better...

J S Bach's picture

The great 1906 San Francisco Earthquake must have done something to the water table there.  The inhabitants haven't been sane since.

Son of Loki's picture
Family of Murdered Woman Sues San Francisco over ‘Sanctuary City’ Policy


Suspect in killing of San Francisco woman had been deported five times





Vatican_cameo's picture


I've always associated the term "Progressive" with "Fucktard".  They are mutually interchangeable in any conversation.

ACES FULL's picture

Trump should import about 100k hardcore fundamentalist Muslims and locate every last one of them in San Francisco. Every time one of them snaps and jihads a few of the local weirdos just hold a press conference and blame the locals for not respecting their new arrivals traditions and feelings. Then, in a jesture to make everything better, import another 10k to live among them. Oh yeah, the new arrivals of course will be granted all rights afforded natural born citizens....especially the 2nd.

Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

Jihadis versus the queers.  Wouldnt be a very fair fight . . .

Andre's picture

Why do we call rejecting at least 2000 years of social and political advance "progress"?

revjimbeam's picture

no problemo esse'. due to an onset of severe fukishima, a few more years of that soon to be radioactive fog, they'll be growing more than gills...

new game's picture

not to contest nodebts post, but i have been posting it for alot longer. their brains are wired differently.

the hemipheres are reversed and common sense is averted. from a common sense perspective, it is a disease. medically it could be argued their is nothing wrong with them except what come out of their mouth when "it" talks. 

Freddie's picture

These evil and ignorant people will progressively push normal folks toward the abyss or a firing squad.   They will gladly have you killed to maintain their narrow distorted world view.

What is amazing is that even if they are highly educated - they are mindlessly stupid in their sick beliefs.

Alien 851's picture

Highly educated?  Only 12% of graduating seniors have a basic grasp of history, then go on to college for more left wing ideas.   The "elites" like this until it ends badly.  As noted elsewhere, elites will sacrifice anything and anyone to remain so. Democrat party is doing "polite" sacrifices to try and save itself now aided by MSM.  Speaking of history, consider 1917 Russia. When the then "elite"  Romanov family finally quit, didn't end well for them. Same play different actors.

Nick13_ro's picture

What about the Romanovs ? Russia was a normal country under the Tsars. The scientific socialism elites destroyed the place. The only problem with Nicholas II was that he was pig headedly stobborn and pushed the country in WW1 beyond the breaking point and that one without NKVD troops and political officers to shoot desenters like its next masters.

Blankenstein's picture

Even a smaller percentage have a basic grasp of math and science.  I have a friend who works at a community college.  They have TWO remdial courses for college algebra, which is likely easier than high school algebra. 

Over tweny years ago I took a couple of courses there over the summer and they were easier than most of my high school courses.   But high school has been watered-down so much now and they pass everyone, so who knows, maybe that isn't the case anymore. 

mkkby's picture

I tell SJ warriors to take an illegal/migrant/fag/tranny into your home.  Prove how loving you are.

Social welfare was always a form of robbery at gunpoint.  Liberals never gave to charity.  They just want everyone else to pay FORCED charity at dot gov gunpoint.

migra's picture

These so called "progressives" are some of the most hateful people you will ever encounter.

Raffie's picture

They should lead by example and let the unknown immigrants live with them while we watch and LOL at the antics.

Mazzy's picture

Then the white-guilt-ridden liberals would just move to places like Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Montana, Colorado, etc. and fuck those states up too.

All of that is already in progress of course.

ZD1's picture

They've also fucked up most cities on the left coast like Portland and Seattle and have turned those cities into crime infested sanctuary cities.

ACES FULL's picture

"In both cases, residents took it as a given that they were within their rights to control who lived in their neighborhoods.

Residents of ANY neighborhood should be able to control who lives among them.

Silicon Valley Douche's picture

So you're going to trample on my property rights to sell to whom I please? 

ACES FULL's picture

No, I could just buy your house and then sell or rent it to whomever I damn well please. If I deny selling or renting it to someone and the government says I can't discriminate who I sell or rent to{for ANY reason}, thats where I have a problem. If you weren't down with the program then we should never have let you into our neighborhood in the first place.

migra's picture

They have pretty much taken over Colorado. 

NurseRatched's picture

Who should they keep out of the city?I think Mel Brooks examined this about 40 years ago in "Blazing Saddles"


Vatican_cameo's picture


That could possibly be the best line of the movie.

Malaka's picture

My Deep undercover humanitarian ngos behind the iron curtain just sent me this evidence of a diabolical plot to undermine and then overwhelm our defenses!


After narrowly escaping a spetnaz attack that destroyed our chopper, we have reached our objective and have obtained conclusive evidence of a ruskie op to produce fake news and influence, targeted at privlliged deplorable reds through subliminal manchurian programming...


My sources code name is BW. AKA Ben Dover

An American Hero who stands for truth and integrity!


Got The Wrong No's picture

Fuck You. Soros troll Alert

drendebe10's picture

Progressive liberal democraps are among the meanest nastiest hypocrite intolerant people on the face of the earth

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

As a libertarian, I don't give a damn what SF or any city does, as long as...

1. They pay for it from city coffers. This becomes self-correcting by the next mayoral election, or sooner.

2. They don't push them out to the State or Nation.

As a nationalist, I'd make damn sure that 1 and 2 above are observed. Otherwise all bets are off with the mayor(s).

TeamDepends's picture

All are equal, yet some more so than others.

MFL5591's picture

Does it matter to these people that we are a soveriegn country or that ILLEGAL Immigration is ILLEGAL?

New_Meat's picture

No, actually, it doesn't matter.

A pretty city, really too bad.

- Ned

Pure Evil's picture

You see, they're all for it until they're against it.

They're all for immigration for illegal immigrants because they clean their house and cut their grass, but only because they know these people can't afford to live where they live.

But, then they're against it when the migrants, tech workers, can actually afford to live where they live then they don't believe in migration rights.

And, when you build affordable housing in their neighborhoods they're against that too since it allows the wrong kind of people to live in their neighborhoods.

But, if I don't want 3rd world asswipes moving to my part of the country or my neighborhood then I'm a racist zenophobe and they're all for that form of migration since it doesn't affect them.