Twice As Many “Faithless” Electors Dump Clinton As Trump

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While there was a lot of buzz about faithless Republican electors dumping Trump, it turns out that more Democratic electors dumped Clinton.

Specifically, two Republican Texas electors voted for candidates other than Trump:  one voted for John Kasich and one voted for Ron Paul.

But four Democratic electors voted for candidates other than Hillary Clinton:

Only eight of 12 Democratic electors in Washington cast their votes for Democrat Hillary Clinton, who won the state in November.


In an act of symbolic protest, three electors voted for former Secretary of State Colin Powell, and one cast a vote for Faith Spotted Eagle, a Native American elder from South Dakota.


It’s the first time in four decades that any Washington electors have broken from the state’s popular vote for president.


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They voted their conscience.

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It has been attributed to Winston Churchill to have concluded that we Americans will do the right thing once we have exhausted every other alternative. Well ladies and gentlemen we may very well be at the end of the Ponzi scheme and we picked Trump.  For the first time since the Great Depression, Congress may find itself being herded by the President.  Get ready for a paradigm shift.

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Some nasty Blowback for the Marxist Hillary people. They do not seem to understand Americans want Trump and actually disdain Hillary. It showed in the ralleys where he drew 20,000 + avid supporters and Hitlery attracted 200 people, some of them paid to be there.

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Being pro-Hillary was always more of a social distinction thing than a reasoned political plan. Clever, higher-minded, one of the better people, educated, yada yada yada. that was her media narrative and will be what used to be called a snob badge for years to come.

We've taken a gamble on The Donald and we can leave her cultists to grumble and beat up on undergraduates. Time to get on seeing how rolling the dice worked.

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Nothing there deserves a downer. What kind of butthurt loser lashes out at something so mild? The only thing I disagree with is that you forget two large constituencies, 1) those who expected to continue being illegitimately enriched, and 2) those who know they would hang together, or hang separately.

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Lol sums it up perfectly.

The gall of these people blaming the "Russians" that hacked their emails and exposed their duplicity.

One of my favorite emails of all times was from the dot com era when Frank Quotrone sent an email that said "follow the document retention policy". Now there is a man who understood email is dangerous, any email can be subpoenaed and he understood that in a regulated industry all communications could get you in trouble. Time that politicians are so regulated. Let them eat cake.

In case you didn't figure it out the retention policy was to shred everything.

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Don't forget the elector in Hawaii who voted for Bernie Sanders instead of Hillary Clinton. That makes 5 Democratic defectors. And if the 3 electors in Colorado, Minnesota and Maine had their way, there'd be 8, but they were either compelled to vote for Hillary or replaced by another elector.



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Ron Paul got more than Shill Stein. Yay

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Stein didn't cover herself in glory, rather, she covered herself in ordure.

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Flush the Fed down the toilet.

iClaudius's picture

They are going to have to find a very large sewer what with all the turds that are going to be flushed, FED and others.

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Throw the Rotten Rodent Clinton whore in a 55-gallon barrel of s*** from a latrine and burn it with 10 gallons of diesel fuel.

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So Hillary did win the popular vote... amongst the "faithless" electors.


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We are coming up on The Season Of The Witch.

The next 30 days and counting. .... Who knows who will pull WHAT!

We have:

i) Killary and the Clinton Satan Foundation

ii) The CIA (They are in trouble and KNOW IT. ..It couldn't happen to a more deserving bunch of lying assholes)

iii) The Main Scream Media MSM (Their fan base and ratings are tanking)

iv) The warmongering MIC and think tanks OR Tanked Thinking Inc. as I like to call them. (Let's invade Russia for oil and glory. ......... Excuse, me, WTF?)

v) The FSA (The party might be over for them too. At least, tapering off, big time.)

vi) The Fuzzy Muzzies or Hello Kitty Import Army and other illegals

vii) AND George Soros NWOdor Evil Inc.

All wishing Donald Trump didn't exist and might be happy to help him not to.

Oh, and I forgot one.....

This Jackass might be in trouble with Trump leading the parade too....... At No. viii

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ !!!! Lying Jackass Alert !!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

IF there is JUSTICE in the universe the dipshit Commander and Chimp and a bunch of his lackeys are going to prison.

THIS document is a forgery. . .... Through the use of this forged document a LOT of people were defrauded.

The official birth certificate of - BARACK H. OBAMA

I lost a lot of business and personal reputation calling this a forged document and the man, presenting it to the citizens of the US, a liar.

Convict the asshole and sue the snot out of the party that brought him forward.

Live Hard, Run The Process Completely Out and Collect A Big Fat Judgment, Die Free

~ DC v4.0

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Trump needs to go after Soros big time. Question all his 501c's, investigate illegal electioneering, audit the fuck out of him, whatever it takes to fuck him up and get him the fuck out of our politics.

DuneCreature's picture

Agreed, d_m.

Job No 1 is to disinfect the DoJ. .... He has a serious nest of Satanist wasps and spiders to stomp out there first thing.

He will need a whole new DoJ crew to get anything else accomplished across the board..

Live Hard, Nothing Good Will Happen In DC Overnight, But I Have To Hand It To The Man, He's Taking A Running Start At It, Die Free

~ DC v4.0

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I hope the Gay bathhouse Kenyan PLOTUS (Pathological Liar Of The United States) and his LGBTQQPedophile-K9HorseDonkeyGoatKat-MonkeyBLMWhatever husband Michael run to the DPRK (Democratic People's Republic of Korea) for asylum. We don't have an extradition treaty with the DPRK and sending in a special forces extraction team would be a waste of Jet A for the helicopters.

DuneCreature's picture

He has a villa in Dubai (no extradition) he bought last year.

A house in DC or MD, one in Chicago (I think) and one in Hawaii.

Mr. and Mr. Asshole and their adoptees have lots of choices.

Dubai is my bet before it's over.

Live Hard, That Won't Hide Him From The Bounty Hunters, Die Free

~ DC v4.0

Bendromeda Strain's picture

A house in DC or MD, one in Chicago (I think) and one in Hawaii.

According to the NYT (#FakeNews Alert), the Obama's will be moving into a $6M mansion in Kalorama, get this... two doors down from pizza party Tony Podesta's place. I am sure Barry will wear his birthday pizza bracelet from Uncle Joe to the ceremonies.

DuneCreature's picture

Kalorama? CA? (Too lazy to Google today. Kinda sounds like playing with yourself, doesn't? ... But, I digress or regress I'm not sure which. LOL!!)

Aaah, I read about the Dubai purchase from a 'whistleblower' type US Navy Officer who allegedly made the buy for him under orders and to keep it 'top secret'. Then he had a change of heart about the intrigue and spilled his guts. .... That story may have been expunged off of the web by now under the present 'news control' conditions.

The DC place was written up in the WaPo a few weeks ago. ... Hey! I just collect the unsold Posts out of the dumpster behind the local 7-11 to start woodstove fires. ....... I don't actually buy the rag anymore. I used to decades ago, but that's a story for a thread about inflation and the good old semi-fake news days.

Live Hard, Now The Wapo Only Helps Heat The House And Shop, Die Free

~ DC v4.0

scraping_by's picture

Dubai is odds-on. It's where Michael Jackson ran when the news about his sleep-over games with little boys went national.

dexter_morgan's picture

Clintons transferred 1.8bln there already from their foundation, so they can all hang out there.

OverTheHedge's picture

I'm not convinced that Dubai is going to be the best place to hide, should things go wobbly in that neck of the woods. Very hard to fit in with the natives in a desert, and said natives have some fairly out-dated ideas about property rights, women's (I mean property again) rights and freedom of, well, just freedom, really. 1.8 billion in fake digital currency might not be enough, come the fall of Saudi Arabia and associated neighbours.

Do you think a televised re-enactment of the Qaddafi execution might be organised? Staring, in alphabetical order.......

DuneCreature's picture

The elite in Dubai are a whole lot more security conscious that the whole of Libya ever was. ... Qaddafi was actually loved in Libya and could drive around and go out to lunch by himself in perfect safety before the CIA and Killary sent in the paid for evil foreign thugs.

I figure Barry FudgeFactor has enough pull and money in Dubai from the Saudi royalty he thinks he'll be secure there.

Let's see what a 50 million USD bounty on his head does to that game plan of his.

BTW, clever username, OTH.

Live Hard, Nowhere To Hide You Murdering Fuck, Barry-O-Drone Bomber, Die Free

~ DC v4.0

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Were did all this money come from?

He was sharecropper poo coming out of Chicago.


One of the Radio hosts made a nice point.

Trump may be the the first National Pol ever to come out of office poorer than when he went in.

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As an Australian, can someone explain to me who these electors are? Are they randomly chosen every 4 years? Do they get the gig for a couple of elections? So basically how are they chosen and for how long?



milo_hoffman's picture

They are assigned by the state parties.  Usually they are popular/well known people from the Democrat or Republican parties in that state.

konadog's picture

The Russians made them do it. Just ask CNN.

jmack's picture

Dear Martin Sheen,


Please feel free to choke on my engorged manhood. you stupid fuck. you should have made your stupid propaganda film to encourage your brain dead zombie horde to follow through and vote for your zombie queen. But no, your arrogance could not handle that, you thought that other people think like your diseased, drug addled, propaganda marinated brain, but you are incorrect, in the extreme.  


Enjoy your new reality, you pathetic piece of excrement.


Caleb Abell's picture

You have to understand that Mr. Sheen, didn't have the energy to help hillary during the campaign.  He was simply exhausted from raising his children to be fine, upstanding, model citizens.

gregga777's picture

FU Hollypedophiliawood celebrity pedophiles. Take your Dancing With the Pedophiles and the rest of your pedophile-infested and American-flag burning programming and go to Hell.

Cabreado's picture

Most important is the simple fact that we are even having this discussion.

Reaper's picture

The electoral college prevents massive fraud in one State from controlling the outcome.
45+ years ago, when I lived on the Upper West-side NYC, near Columbia, I complained that a man and a woman were repeatedly voting, while the rest of us were waiting in line until they finished voting. I complained, but the police and poll watchers said they were voting for the elderly and those in nursing homes unable to come to the polling place. Worse, several Columbia professors were waiting with me and weren't sure if it was alright or not. A facade of intellect over stupidity.
The man voting was the local Democrat leader.

fleur de lis's picture

Good catch regarding the professors.

Most of thiese University "professors" are pseudo-intellectuals who repeat what is told to them by their DC stage managers.

To make matters worse, the MSM are taught "history" by these same teachers, which explains why they sound so stupid when they start talking about history on TV and during debates.

When the talking head wants to know about some specific geopolitical event, they go to the pseudo-intellectuals who really don't know either but think they do.

The pseudo-itellectuals teaching the pseudo intellectuals.


shimmy's picture

Libtrad view:

Trump faithless electors are patriots and should be praised for their move

Clinton faithless electors are traitors who are Russian stooges and trying to make a mockery of the system

I am sure there are numerous people on brain killing Twitter saying something to that effect.

Poor libtards since they keep getting trolled over this election. Push and pay for a recount only to have Trump gain votes from it. Push to have these electors flip on Trump and think it will happen (even bringing out the big guns of washed up and C list celebs making videos) and more end up flipping on Clinton.

Basically everything they do just blows up in their face. I'd almost feel bad for them if they weren't such crazy cultists. Instead, I laugh at this and how they'll just keep doubling down and making it worse on themselves. 

JRobby's picture

Collateral damage of fake news. Her own supporters. 

Obadiah's picture

Need we to start a new meme

FLAKE News = Truly Fake  MSM, NBC, CNN FOX etc. etc. feed for flakes

FAKE News= True account and reporting.  food for Patriots

OverTheHedge's picture

No reason why it won't happen - words change their meaning all the time. "Sick" used to be a fairly unpleasant thing, but apparently it is quite good, these days. "Fake" may well become the new true, and "news" might end up meaning complete fabrication or lie.

Bruce Flea's picture

I wonder if Micheal Moore will pay their fines.

JRobby's picture

He is a convenience store jester. An amusing fat clown to make people falsely feel better about themselves and their situations as the slam a bear claw or processed cake down.

CalifornianSeven's picture

Don't forget the other anti-Hillary faithless who were not allowed to be faithless and were replaced.  Minnesota, Colorado, New Mexico.

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Understand Grasshoppers that the Constitutional Republic as the USA once was founded as, has now been destroyed, by Clinton with his repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act, and then some.

What you had left until recently was the false belief that you had a "democracy" that ideology that has failed consistenly throughout the wormholes of history.

But today, you have anarchy in the modern sense of the word. You have the monied against the monied in a series of feudalist Mafai style street wars against other gangs of monied interests where the Brokers are the Bankers.

Clearly, Israel owns the former USA as the USA sends its money and young to die in the deserts of the Red Sea. Biblical History, actually predictive parable in symbolic metaphor foretells the wandering death of the Tribe lost in the Present.

The Trend is clear: Constitutional Republic devolves to Democracy devolves to Marxism / Socialism ' Bolshevikism devolving into Feudalism and then onto Civil War / Revolution / barbarism. What has happened in the Middle East directed by Israel and resourced and implemented by the USA, is about to come to the USA over  and within the next decade: You will eventually call this a Dark Age.

The Cause of all this is essentially the refusal of men to think for themselves. The embrace of the Lie in all matters and the willingness to believe that one can and should profit upon the productivity of others.

Clearly, Trump will shatter any and all of that which is left of the USA Constitutional Republic as he takes on the CIA FBI NSA Homeland Security and all other treasonous agencies, and far better Trump, than a continuity of the Democratic Obama Hillary Legacy towards  Global Nuclear Destruction. Obama's Presidential legacy as the worst and most prolific Liar, heading the most incompetent Administration in the history of the USA, may actually, by giving birth to Trump, bring about a change in direction for North American, that eventually in 30 or 40 years, may be for the better.

Unfortuntely, the "Ten Plagues of Biblical Egypt" otherwise known as the Marxists,  Bolsheviks, Trotskyites and in modern terms, "neocons", have not yet finished their destructive Cycle; we expect this Phase to be completed through the Trump reign, which indicates that, the damage is not yet done, but the real damage, is just beginning.

Those who think that the USA has been saved by the Electoral College outcome, are better advised to think again, as the worst is yet to come - but this is good for the rest of the World.

You could not even call the USA a "Banana Republic", as it is nought but -

Empire in "extremis".

Remember: There are no races of Humanity; Humanity is of the Kingdom of Universal Man. Humanity, as we know it, is the biological expression of this Kingdom of Man upon the Planet Earth.


Ho hum


nmewn's picture

I would postulate that this Republic has been under attack since its very formation on any number of fronts, calling it a "democracy" is just one of many pincer movement propaganda devices and techniques designed to confuse the defenders of it. Clinton & Obama (and yes, McConnell & McCain) are just the latest megalomaniac miscreants to try and usurp it going back through Wilson & Lincoln. 

The founders of this nation were not idiots, far from it. They were well read, educated men. They PURPOSEFULLY chose to NOT have a democracy. They PURPOSEFULLY inserted the Electoral College into the Constitution for the occasion of what you see now before you today, that is...a majority of people in two or three states WILL NOT have the ability to pick a

Its called a Republic by design too because it is.

HedgeJunkie's picture

Al, from both parties, should be summarily executed for voiding the will of the people.

As in, right the fuck now, frog marched out to a telephone pole, wall, or other strucure that can withstand bullets,; by a firing squad, each fully armed.

I am mightily sick of faithlessness; in our elctors, representatives, senate, the Supremes.and our entire Whore Criminal Goverment.

At this point I'd love to see a hell of a lot to DC streetlamps sporting a carcass.

"But what does in matter, at this point, does it make?!"



That will forever be, my warcry and court plea.

If that conniving, piece of shit, bitch can get away with it, so can all the rest of us.


DollarMenu's picture

I would add The Bank for International Settlements to your list of 10 Plagues.