Geert Wilders Shocking Tweet To Merkel: Your Hands Are Covered With Blood

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With a commanding lead over his competitors, it appears Holland's anti-Islam, anti-migration Geert Wilders is willing to make his point more aggressively after yesterday's deadly attacks across Europe.

In a shocking tweet, he summed up his (and we suspect many Germans) feelings...

After being convicted for incitement to discrimination (and insulting an ethnic group), we can only imagine what punishment the European bureaucrats will mete out for such a tweet.

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groaner (not verified) Dec 20, 2016 8:43 AM

daring when you are in the club,, if you get out of line they will beat you with it.

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Geert Wilders is not a member of the Drones Club. Bertie Wooster and Mutti Merkel are.

Now we will probably hear about "Dutch meddling in the German election".

The truth hurts - thanks for speaking up, Geert Wilders. 

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Obama, Clinton and their RINO enablers (not to mention Soros and Mossad) also have similar blood on their hands. The big coordinated attack hasn't happened in the US yet though. Watch out for 1/20/17.

wildbad's picture

wrongo Team..I believe it is happening as we write and will continue.

Its a slow unfolding car crash from our southern border.

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If Geert loses (hey, we all know how this shit goes down, folks), let's start a GoFundMe to being him to the States. He and Ayaan Hirsi Ali can go on a speaking tour in support of Trump's plan to keep the Muslims out until they get out of the goddamn stone age.

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It's not considered hate speach because he did not bring up Morrocans. 

Déjà view's picture

Christian blood? Geert...what else is new? 'Ferkel' has ME & Ukranian/Russian blood on her hands...

As does NATO which includes NL.

HowdyDoody's picture

Hilarious - an Israel-Firster stating others' hands are covered in blood.


Slomotrainwreck's picture

Is this our "fake news" or their "fake newa"

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Could it be that finally there is a global pushback against the thing that is the single largest item holding back the progress of mankind?... Political Correctness.

I'm guessing that the "news" that he is in bed with the Russians will be leaked out by our "serious" "News"papers in 3..2..

Incidentally, the truck involved this time did look like it had caused some serious carnage. The truck involved in the Nice "terrorist attack"? Not so much. But, of course, I forgot that all the CCTV footage was destroyed by the French Federal Authorities to preserve the evidence....

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Wow.. who got a photo so soon after the baby sacrafice? Impressive!

gladih8r's picture

George Soros took that photo.  You know it.  Then the two fucked briefly and with little satisfaction.

ExYank's picture

you my friend are a sick sick man, and need to never speak of such offensive visuals again! The thought of that situation nearly made me eject the last 2 hours of scotch drinking!! Evil fuck! LOL

_ConanTheLibertarian_'s picture

Thanks. I did not want to envision that.

RealityCheque's picture

You have scarred my mind and my soul forever.

I salute you.

TheReplacement's picture

Pfft.  He didn't say they fucked each other nor how the baby died.  Use your imagination and see how scarred you feel.

Son of Loki's picture

Thats Merkel after her meeting with Podesta and the gang (and victims) at the pizza shop.

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Watch out for the thought police Geert...

Freddie's picture

I love Wilders but the zio Dutch murdered Pim Fortuyn for doing the same stuff.  Pim's killer was released after about 8 years in jail.   Merkel does have blood on her hands.

dizzyfingers's picture

Who doesn't agree with Geert? She's guilty.


Jeffersonian Liberal's picture

And let's not face who brags about being behind this demographic invasion, this destruction of Christian Europe, for enabling this Hegira:

Cruel Joke's picture

Merkel must go!


Cruel Joke's picture

“The fascists of the future will call themselves anti-fascists”

           – Winston Churchill

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Yes.  Spoken like a true demon with blood dripping from his hands.

HowdyDoody's picture

Who also said that all Arabs should be gassed.


south40_dreams's picture

Political correctness is dying fast

Cursive's picture

That's the great thing about limited resources and/or stressful times - it reminds the flunkies among us (i.e. they who are constantly denying reality) that there are no unicorns.

equity_momo's picture

Political correctness is dying fast


In America possibly. Not in Europe.  Go to Twitter and look at the response to this tweet or to Farage's similar tweet.

Its full of brainwashed cucks. I live in the UK and it still amazes me we voted Brexit.   Maybe its just the loud minority that are drowning out the logical realists on social media. 

Theres a huge difference between Americans and Europeans. A large part of that has to do with self-confidence that comes from your pioneering heritage and your strong 1st and 2nd Ammendment rights.   Europeans are frankly babies who demand the State look after them and rally around Big Brother like White Blood cells anytime someone appears to rock the boat.

bigkahuna's picture

Beware - the cucks around here are very conservatively about 50 percent shills - you guys may be experiencing the same nasty psyop.

Freddie's picture

I think the TV and other media is absolutely relentless in Europe/Uk especially Germany.  As bad as the old radios in the USSR on the wall with Stalin's propaganda on 18 hours a day with no volume or off switch or was that in 1984.  I forget.

hound dog vigilante's picture


So true.


Last time a nationalist/populist party made a run for leadership in NL (just 15 years ago), it's leader (Pim Fortuyn) was brutally assassinated just DAYS before the election (he was expected to do well & perhaps win) - and the entire country swallowed the cover-up story w/o even a hint of skepticism. 

Geert Wilders may well finish what Pim Fortuyn started... IOW, nationalism's rise in europe is not a recent phenomenon. Europe's swing to the political right has been decades in the making, and may be just beginning... 

Exposer of Internet Shills's picture

Isaiah 3:12 As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths. 

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Keep your Buybull bullshit to yourself

Fireman's picture

Unfortunately Wilders does have a zionazi "thing". Look into it and smell the elephant shit under his shoes for yourself. Having said that of course Fatty Merkill is 100% anglozionazi owned globalist pigmeat!

Déjà view's picture

Report: Dutch Secret Service Investigated Far-right Leader's Ties to Israel

Read more:

HowdyDoody's picture

Judging by the number of trips he makes, he possibly spends as much time in Israel as he does in Holland.


Déjà view's picture

My 2nd 'trip'...previous post removed...must have struck a nerve...

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It's the easiest thing in the world to investigate someone for "heinous  crime X" and try and tar them with the crime later, even though the so called investigation turned nothing up nothing substantial.

Lost in translation's picture

I learned that verse in the early 1990's, when Swinestein and Boxer became "Senators."

Excellent find.

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Isaiah 3:12 As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths. 

This is the reason I gave up religion at age 8.

Even now at 60 I still can't undertand it

Cursive's picture

Shocking? Meh. True? Definitely!

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She should be tortured, not killed directly.

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EuroGuy (not verified) Dec 20, 2016 8:48 AM

I live in NL .   Wilders is an avowed supporter of Israhell and Zionist Jews.

On the one hand I support him but its a trick somehow.

We should ask him why he supports Jews like Soros and Barbara Spectre who push for taking in all these Muslims.

WTF?  Geert??

jfb's picture

Does he suport Soros? I ain't sure.

On the other hand he seems to be pro-NATO, which sets him on a collision path with Russia, Syria at least.

HowdyDoody's picture

Its all good for Israel. One side gets all the Arabs/Muslims into Europe. The other side get the Christians and Muslims to kill each other. The zealots on both sides are more than happy to do just that.

adamas's picture

He's a tool of the zionists 

brazilian's picture

If he wins maybe he will kick out BOTH branches of Semites.

debtor of last resort's picture

Nice Geert. Don't hold back, the time to drain the swamp is NOW.

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Bloody An-hell-a Burka.  Love it!