Open Letter To Bavaria Minister-President Horst Seehofer

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Submitted by a Zero Hedge reader who wishes to remain anonymous:

(Sent before the carnage in Berlin's Christmas market)

Dear Minister-President Seehofer,

I would like to commend you on your opposition to mass uncontrolled immigration into Europe. One would think that it would be trivial to praise politicians – who are elected to uphold law and order, meaning our culture and values – for doing so, but these are the times we are living in.

In 1973 French author Jean Raspail asked a prophetic question in his best-selling novel, The Camp of Saints. What if France had at its borders millions of people ready to move in, not carrying weapons but complete destitution instead? If you refuse entry they will face a very uncertain future; but if you let them in millions more will follow and your culture and national identity will die. What should be done?
Today we have the answer: an unprecedented population replacement across much of Western Europe, largely funded by those being replaced. Based on current demographic and immigration trends, Austria will become a majority Muslim country by the end of this century, likely followed by France, Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and even the UK.

Somehow I don’t believe that the millions who died defending Europe over centuries had this outcome in mind. But then again neither did the mighty Byzantines and their Persian archrivals, both of which after reaching the pinnacle of Human civilization at the time ended up being irrevocably absorbed by the Islamic demographic and military onslaughts.

As an immigrant myself (who lived in Munich at one point) I have great empathy for anyone leaving their homelands in search of a better life. I certainly have no ill feelings towards my Muslim brothers and sisters, whose aspirations are as worthy as anyone’s. If you build a nice house, then throw away the “quaint” tools like your values and religion used in its construction, it shouldn’t be a surprise that as the front door is left wide open others will come in and set up their own values and religion in that empty space. Why shouldn’t they? I would too if I had the chance.

Unfortunately, as you well know change at this scale is seldom easy… and peaceful. We only need to look at the Balkans, a beautiful region with wonderful people, to get a glimpse of how fractured our own multicultural societies might become. Actually, we are already feeling its effects, with national armies having to patrol European cities to prevent further atrocities – and no resolution in sight. And it can get much worse, not least in terms of personal freedoms, to the detriment of both natives and immigrants. Even a breakup of Germany at some point is not unthinkable.

Large economic crises have reliably sparked social revolutions over generations. We may not have to wait long for another one to hit Europe, now with the novelty of an imported multiethnic component. It is in times of strife that we can truly judge the resilience of our societies, not the relative prosperity we’ve had until now. And frankly I’m very worried about this particular point.

We can debate whether the SYKES-PICOT agreement in the 1920s is really what led to the current turmoil across much of the Middle East; but it is beyond question that the MERKEL-SARKOZY-BLAIR mass immigration policies have led to this bubbling instability in our societies – very likely for decades. Whether this was incidental or not, our children will probably hate us for it.

You don’t have to take my word for it. Prof. Vaclav Smil, considered to be one of the leading global thinkers alive today, listed the emergence of “Eurabia” as one of the potential catastrophes of the 21st century in his seminal book on the matter. I would very much encourage reading it. It seems even the Dalai Lama agrees.

Yes, low birth rates across Europe are a concern, but as we stand on the verge of a massive automation wave which risks displacing millions more jobs I’m not convinced it is that problematic; it might even help manage serious global environmental problems. What is deeply worrying –and irreversible at some point – is the progressive debasement of our culture (“so not to offend the newcomers”), one which has contributed so much to Human progress over centuries. To be clear it is really *culture* that’s at stake here, much more than race or anything else which have remained fluid across Europe throughout the ages.

There was once a time when we in the West stood proud of the civilization we created – with great cost and sacrifice, and not always with perfect results or intentions – to the point where we exported it all over the world. And despite the prevailing cultural Marxist narrative in today’s mainstream media and academia the recipients are broadly better off as a result (notwithstanding some very notable errors).

Take Germany. Just one of your inventions, the Haber process that allows the industrial production of ammonia (critical for modern agriculture), has enabled the sustenance of innumerable lives all over the world – dare I say far, far more than the unfortunate and unjustifiable deaths caused by the darker days of your recent History. I could name several other German inventions that have greatly helped Humanity. Even your emigrants have made immeasurable contributions to countries like Brazil and especially the US. As such, I am one of many who believe you should feel proud of your German heritage, instead of being beaten down through indoctrination for what happened over seventy years ago.

And now you are on the receiving end of that cultural flow:

  • Instead of exporting much needed water treatment, cars and farming equipment you export weapons and homegrown jihadists to the Middle East;
  • Instead of promoting Western education standards and unequivocally standing up for the rights of women across the Middle East you are lost in endless debates of how many burqas and child marriages should be allowed in Germany;
  • Instead of enforcing international refugee protection laws, especially regarding the first country of safety, you now have to ponder how to accommodate sharia law in your society;
  • Instead of creating safe zones in the region that will allow people affected by the tragedies of war to live with dignity (at a fraction of the cost of doing so in Europe) and eventually return to rebuild their homes, you completely open your borders creating chaos and resentment – while supporting foreign policies and regimes that, to put it mildly, greatly contribute to destabilizing the Middle East.

Unfortunately, much of the current European political establishment is committed to the dilution of our nation states and cultures so we can all merge into a single, glorious entity. And they figured out that mass immigration is the way to do it. Clearly they learned the wrong lessons from History and there’s just no amount of imported crime, rape, violence, murder and animal torture that will stop them from blindly pursuing their EU-topia. The multicultural car crash known as Sweden is a great example of this. I’m sorry for these harsh words but this is the world we live in.

The fate of EU-topia will be the same as that of all utopias. It is already unraveling, unable to create decent jobs for millions of people – especially young Europeans, with no vigor nor any international aspirations (what exactly does it stand for?), incapable of adequately safeguarding the protection of its citizens (especially women and Jews), greatly susceptible to political interference from all sorts of foreign regimes and standing on the verge of a financial collapse so great that risks destabilizing the entire world economy for years to come.

Freedom of thought and speech is what really has made us Europeans so unique and successful in Modern History. Regrettably, we are increasingly not allowed to criticize or report on any of these unfolding tragedies this time around.

I am told that in the incident of the woman who was viciously thrown down the stairs in Berlin your Police is now looking to punish the source of that video leak. Yet another sad episode on the back of the cover up of the New Year Eve’s events in Cologne, where to add insult to injury women were told to dress up properly to “avoid problems”.

If only that much effort had been put into defending our way of life. Instead, the emperor must keep on walking with no clothes – and no criticism: “since we lost control of reality let’s control the perception of that reality”… “it’s all fake news”… “the Russians did it”… etc. Fin de civilization indeed.

But persevere we must. We rely on brave politicians like yourself to stand up for the rest of us. For that we thank you Sir. And please rest assured that an increasing number of voters all over Europe will respond to it. There is much to hope for, even as the lights are dimming all over our beloved Continent.

May I wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and a Happy – and Safe – 2017


Europe Always & Forever

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enfield0916's picture

Soros at his beast! Eerrr - I mean best!

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We have traitors in control of the state . They take money from Soros and the Zionist controllers that's how certain criminal policies are enforced . 

For all those disasters the corrupted  politicians have bever asked the electors  . How many more millions of desperate and possible terrorist will the EU of the incompetents allow to come here to Europe ? 

Democracy does not exist in Europe  including  Germany , the citizens of Germany now live in conditions similar to the Inquisition after Ursula Haverbeck was jailed .

 The political correct thought reign supreme in a state controlled by the  tribe that looted Germany after WW1   . At the time of the Inquisition the Church was the criminal power in charge . Now the power is in the hands of the tribe from hell . This also explains the Demonization of Russia , Open door immigration of useless people , sponsoring terrorism instigated , planned and financed by the USA 

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Scrubbing Bubblez (not verified) Dec 21, 2016 3:50 AM
Short Note To Bavaria Minister-President Horst Seehofer: Kill every fucking Muslim in your territory!
Nightjar's picture

But für Blut, Sieg Heil!

Dicks out for Frauke

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

-1, as you can neither write proper German, nor check your spelling.


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Il Dottore (not verified) Kirk2NCC1701 Dec 21, 2016 4:38 AM

You can blame, beat and kill as many muslims as you want.

The ones on top are jews

Also in America you fucktards 

----_-'s picture
----_- (not verified) Il Dottore Dec 21, 2016 5:14 AM

the muslims are just the golems. (the christians too but in a different manner)

beemasters's picture

TPTB just loves it when people blame and fight one another. Their terrorism programs and media brainwashing of the masses proved to be a HUGE success. They'll let the Christians and the Muslims kill each other. It's cheap to buy terrorists or rapists. Nice ROI when you can extend loans and sell weapons to both sides.

Vageling's picture

Yeah... You're obvious not European. You see.

Kein Sieg, kein Heil! (No victory, No Salvation)

Sondern geschwätz und verbrechen und kapitulation. (But "bla bla" and crime and capitulation). Merkel can tell you all about that as the commie witch she is. 

Look, Muricans going on about Hitler? Now THAT is LAUGHABLE! Commie fuckers don't have a single clue. Most snowflakes neither as they forged history books by now. 

Rocco May's picture

Seehofer and Merkel are playing the game good cop/bad cop. No reliance on  Seehofer, he just barks but he never bites.

A part of the German population is brainwashed, but when the beer bottles are empty only then the German red / green communists will defend themselves, only then they will forget the brainwashing and the Jewish communist Merkel will lose her power in Germany and in Europe.


Fireman's picture


The poor Europeon peasants are doomed as their ruling class stokes global wars for the anglozionazi empire of carnage, makes a killing on their arms trade and as an added bonus fulfills the Coudenhove-Kalergi nightmare of the EUSSR'S cultural bastardization even as the ruling aristocratic class gets to fill their slum housing with the detritus of the interminable Middle East judaic wars. Europeons are an endangered species and most of them don't even see it.

Kalergi’s Plan outlined by Gerd Honsik

“Kalergi proclaims the abolition of the right of self-determination, ... the elimination of nations by means of ethnic separatist movements or mass allogeneic (genetically dissimilar) immigration tocreate a multiethnic flock without quality, easily controllable by the ruling class. Kalergi characterized the multiethnic flock as cruel and unfaithful but maintained the elite must deliberately create them in order to achieve their own superiority: ‘Then the elite will first eliminate democracy – the rule of the people. Next, the elite will eliminate the people via miscegenation, thereby replacing the ruling white race with an easily controllable mestizo race. By abolishing the principle of equality of all before the law, avoiding and punishing any criticism of minorities, and protecting minorities with special laws, the masses will be suppressed.’'


5 wise members of the sect help us understand "the plan" of our elite masters.

And concerning the rape of her own words supremacist USSAN Israeli Barbara Lerner Spectre explains clearly what their plan is.






Learning to adapt to our new "citizens"

Taharrush "Arab rape game"



root superuser's picture

Kalergi plan would sooner or later mongrelize the elite too. Perhaps they could keep their blood clean for a while, but sooner or later it would fail. Entropy always wins. The only way that nature has found to defeat entropy is by higher evolved version exterminating and replacing lower evolved version. And I think this is much more likely outcome of this mess.

Freddie's picture

A similiar plan was used to murder 25 million white Russian Christians.

Oliver Jones's picture

Here is my take on the situation:

At some point, a collection of "no-go" cities in Germany or Sweden (I think Germany, more on this later) will band together and declare independence. While the West is momentarily shocked by this, certain countries (most assuredly including Saudi Arabia) will immediately recognise the sovereignty of the new country/countries, and insist that the West does not interfere in such "expressions of freedom". Of course, most Western politicians will be completely blindsided by this, and won't act until it is already far too late. Perhaps by intention (see below), or perhaps due to lack of vision. Who knows?

I think it will happen in Germany first, because there is a lot of cultural baggage, and it will be very easy to swat Merkel down and say "No more Nazi aggression, please." Of course, it will not stay in Germany, but it will probably start there: Once a sovereign belay has been established in Europe, the pressure will increase massively, and importation of arms will proceed without restriction. These will be used to enforce Sharia law (to the exclusion of any others) in other countries, until critical mass has been achieved in them, and they also declare "independence"; lo and behold, Eurabia is born.

Perhaps I'm just a cynical pessimist. I totally understand that the EU wants to make one giant, monolithic superstate out of Europe. The problem - from my point of view, at least, is that they haven't yet figured out how they will stay in charge during the process. Perhaps those enlightened, critical, intellectual thinkers out there will be happy to show the errors in my thinking? :)

equity_momo's picture

Im sure that Federalist moron Ghordius will be along soon to spout his ignorance all over this thread.

Freddie's picture

This is what hallened to the Balkans over hundreds of years.   The EU elite do not really care. As long as they can steal while they are alive.

EuroGuy's picture
EuroGuy (not verified) Dec 21, 2016 4:36 AM

Happy Winter Solstice!!!!

Xmas story = Fake News that made it big.

----_-'s picture
----_- (not verified) Dec 21, 2016 5:00 AM

"Bavaria Minister-President Horst Seehofer"

"merkel messed up oll blame on her name"


minister seehofer is the PLAN B of cdu/csu to stay in power after they licked jew dicks from american "democrat" party.




snakehead's picture

Muslim invasion? Must be American Jews that want it.

- Hitler Youth 

----_-'s picture
----_- (not verified) snakehead Dec 21, 2016 8:54 AM

"meeh white boi, wear lipstick and the skirt of your sister and gays a cool, refugees welcome"

"everyone who dont want jews to rule over him is hitler"

its no secret jews want all white people to be dead through "multiculturalism". because if white people lose power jews gain more power and get rid of (the only) competition.


btw if we talk about youth and hitler. hitler is not a cuck nor a liar not a traitor but a top alpha A man. thats why jews need a constant ultra intensive anti-hitler propaganda and demonstration.


white peoples parents are cucks who didnt listen to hitler. thats why their children are now beta males who cant find a girlfriend and laughed at all around the globe. "muhhh tolerance, evil hitler everywhere. oops my daughter got drowned and raped, oh no worry i will use the money i received as compensation and donate it to a church in bangladesh. to prove you im not an idiot i show you muh college degree i received form a jew influenced cuck university for constantly hating myself"

and this quote is not even made up.



Putrid's picture
Putrid (not verified) Dec 21, 2016 5:28 AM

Great critique, when the financial crisis breaks there'll be endless violence.


Squidbilly's picture
Squidbilly (not verified) Dec 21, 2016 5:52 AM


Ghordius's picture

the anonymous author ends the open letter with

"Sincerely, Europe Always & Forever"

at the same time, he writes:

"Unfortunately, much of the current European political establishment is committed to the dilution of our nation states and cultures so we can all merge into a single, glorious entity. And they figured out that mass immigration is the way to do it. Clearly they learned the wrong lessons from History and there’s just no amount of imported crime, rape, violence, murder and animal torture that will stop them from blindly pursuing their EU-topia. The multicultural car crash known as Sweden is a great example of this. I’m sorry for these harsh words but this is the world we live in. The fate of EU-topia will be the same as that of all utopias."

oh, but he started with "As an immigrant myself (who lived in Munich at one point) I have great empathy for anyone leaving their homelands in search of a better life. I certainly have no ill feelings towards my Muslim brothers and sisters... "

bah. seriously, it sounds just like something an American or a Russian would write. at this point, they have become... indistinguishable

this, and many articles like this, just gloss over things, over details that are important

like that immigration is a national affair in all countries of the EU

that Nigel Farage UKIP poster with throngs of people walking is the perfect example. they can't reach the UK, they can't get there... because France does not let them. but of course the poster suggests that it's the "European" thing that lets the UK down

Snowflakes in jackboots, every and each of them

the litmus test of a snowflake is exactly there: "don't bother me with details, I know what I want for my personal safe space world"

oh, and don't mention Turkey. or Russia. just mention very vaguely the Middle East

Joe A's picture

Yes, immigration is a national affair in all countries of the EU. That does not mean that the EU does not and did not play a role in this. I drove through FYROM twice last year and twice I saw the masses en route North. And I was thinking "hmmmm, do they know this in Brussels and in capitals of EU MS countries?". I assume they did or were negligent. The EU only send somebody to FYROM in November 2015. FYROM was much criticized by the EU and EU countries for closing its borders but basically they saved Merkel's ass.

Basically, there were three waves of immigration. The first one during the 60s-70s to find workers (but why didn't they look for them in countries with more similar religious and cultural backgrounds such as Latin America and the Philipines?), the 90s during the economic boom in Europe, and now. To me it seems that the national and EU elites are in the same team and their dream is to create an Eurasian Union comprising Europe and the ME. Van Coudenhove Kalergi plan has been mentioned here many times. Considering the utter and complete incompetence shown by the EU and European countries to stem the flow or even to check who is coming in, it is hard deny that something is planned. And some people are behind that.

Thoresen's picture

Farage was taken apart in the UK press over that poster, and he did not really defend his position very well.
The odd thing about the poster is that the people portrayed where overwhelmingly (even totally?) young working age men. No women, elderly, children, etc. This surely suggested that these were economic migrants entering Europe, and were not the poor refugees that the press kept referring to.

Frederico's picture

Ghordius, the more I read your posts, the more I'm more inclined to believe that either:

1. You're weak intellectually

2. Blinded by ideology.


Saying that immgration is a NATIONAL affair in the EU is laughable.

Vageling's picture

Mostly number two. Point one is that he still hasn't figured the EU Collective structure out. Point two is the cause of point one. 

Ghordius's picture

"Saying that immgration is a NATIONAL affair in the EU is laughable."

defend your point, then. I'm all ears

I specifically took the British case as example. there, it's France helping the UK to keep immigrants out. see "the Jungle" camp

I could take the German case, where it was a decision of the German federal government to tell Hungary "we'll take them"

go on, make your point. up to now, I just see an ad-hom, and that does not count

Frederico's picture

The EU pressures countries, and population to accept migrants. Brussels will even go further, fining countries that don't accept the migrant quotas. So it obviously gets under my skin when someone says it’s a national decision.

So whatever cases you mention, it’s non-relevant. There IS DIRECT PRESSURE FROM BRUSSELS, for EU countries to accept migrants. And when countries mention that they might not just want to, they are bullied around as the case of Hungary.

Ghordius I've respected your opinions before a lot, but this is silly. Europe and EU are not the same thing. The EU is a corrupt and ineffective institution, and you would do well to try and open your mind JUST A LITTLE. See for yourself how the world is around you. This terrorist attacks in France, Germany and soon other EU countries will weight your conscious if you don’t change your stance.

Yes I like the EU as a concept, but it has been badly established, and has been working as a supranational organization dictating how all its member states should produce, consume, export, import and live. It’s not that far off from the USSR at this point, politically speaking.



Vageling's picture

"like that immigration is a national affair in all countries of the EU"

Ah, the Europhile crawled from under his rock again. Displaying his EU Collective trick again. Spreading false information. Yapping about details while doing the EXACT same thing. Ghordious is like kettle meets pot. The kollektiv trick and seizure of funds is their leverage. Not to mention all the directives and legislation pretty much makes your statement false. But just go socialist eh, ghorEUphile. Critize the EU, you must be an uneducated snowflake. 

I understand his point. You don't because... Like with all NIMBY's. You just want to be a gutmensch. Many muslims warned you. You don't listen. Hence the radical ones are gaining ground rapidly.

Disgusting EU Collective puppet. Go suck Verhofstadt off, you two have the same delusional problems. 

equity_momo's picture

shut up you idiot , your shtick has worn thin. You have nothing of value to say so save your time and effort.

Norma Lacy's picture

I think the central point here, which so many people just glide right by, is that if the military industrial monster would stop destroying countries, there wouldn't be a refugee problem.  Yes, I agree that a small percentage of the immigrants currently in europe are violent (Soros trainees ?) but leet's get back to the basics.    Milliions (!) of people's lives have been destroyed by the Bomb for Profit crowd.   

Think Penny Pritzker - O'bomber's Secretary of Commerce for krissake - aka Drone Queen.   We've had eight years of Death by Drone and profits are great so who cares if hundreds of thousands are homeless and entire countries are rubble?   

The phony pious europeans are just as bad.   The fing french and the italians were positvely creaming themselves thinking about all the Pleasure and Profit they might find in bombing Lybia to dust.  Every now and then they take a run at Syria, while slamming the ELECTED government of Assad.   And of course, USA is not above selling cluster bombs for use in Yemen.   Don't want to give  up any profit do we boys?   Gotta watch the bottom line.    It really is sickening.

In sum, I think it's great that Bavaria - and Hungary - and and and - resist the wave of immigrants. Maybe it's a way to slow down the Mayhem for Money regime of the slavering idiiots in DC, Paris, Berlin, Brussels, etc etc.  

Well peace to the Devil and War to the Rest... no wait.  Happy Xmus Zero Hedgers

gregga777's picture

MERKEL–SARKOZY–BLAIR promoted the intentional Islamic invasion of Europe and the intentional Islamization of Europe with the imposition of Sharia Law by the invaders. How much were these traitors were paid to sell out the People of Europe? Who are their treasonous paymasters? Why the GERMAN–BRITISH–FRENCH people let these traitorous scum continue living is beyond comprehension.

Overdrawn's picture

Yet these traitors are still free, still in positions of power and influence.  People have been murdered in Europe because of their policies, and it's obvious that there will be many more innocent victims.'

We need the far right to come into power throughout Europe and start mass deportations.  Everyone allowed into Europe since the mid 2000's, and any children they have had since have to go back to wherever they came from.  That is the only way balance can be restored.  

Archduke's picture

perhaps we're simply confusing things.
there are two complementary ideas here.

first is migration and immigration where in my view some have mistakenly looked upon as the culpable policy to clamp down on. In this modern age I think there can no doubt about the morality of letting in people fleeing despair, nor of the economic benefit of freedom of movement. You just need to look at the prosperity brought about in the Roman empire, the Hapsburg Empire, The British empire, Napoleonic France or even Europe (as in EU) to see that cultural mixity is a good recipe. The second issue, which is more important, and where our energies should be focussed is integration and normalisation. Mixity wirks only if the social contract is agreed to, that is new populaces embrace the laws and cultural norms of their new homes. So the policy should be open doors but steady encouragement and stern enforcement. carrot and potato and stick.

escapeefromOZ's picture

quote " integration and normalisation. " Integration with the ones coming from a pre medieval society ? It's a stupid move !  In those pre medieval society womens are just slaves , instead in Europe women have equal rights and equal opportunities . 

I am for throwing them out , and Fu...... Sharia 

root superuser's picture

This is not about immigrants being good or bad. They are simply not our people. "It is in times of strife that we can truly judge the resilience of our societies, not the relative prosperity we’ve had until now." Diversity = good is about to blow in your stupid face.

Mahatma Coat's picture

"So the policy should be open doors but steady encouragement and stern enforcement."

There's your problem right there.  You are delusional.  Ask the women and girls of Cologne about the "stern enforcement" they never saw while they were being groped and assaulted.  And how do you "steadily encourage" a truck murderer?  Don't you realise your country is being swamped by people who detest you for your weakness? This is social Darwinism at work on an historical scale, and German society as you know it will probably not survive. 

Robert.Paulson's picture

it's a pitty that the english level in the south is like

Omega_Man's picture

Why is it that no one address the real problem which is that some (not all) zios have made this as part of their plan to flood the west with muslims, multiculturalism etc. Since they control most of the power in the west it is not so hard for them to do. 

We are not willing to deal with the real issue here. If you bring people from the jungle or from strict muslim backgrounds into the west we all know what will happen.... but let's have a look at the people who managed to have them brought here. 

escapeefromOZ's picture

The best idea is to throw out of Europe alla Muslim and the Jews which are the ones with the agenda to flood Europe e destroy

EU's ethnik groups. 

VW Nerd's picture

In the wild, harmony is maintained, not by integration of animal groups but by separation.  Mountain lions and bears do not socialize together!  They coexist, but do not comingle.  An effort to force them to comingle would be violent.  Think about this. This is precisely what the globalists and progressives are doing to today's societies.  Not just western and eastern cultures, but local groups as well.  Think "multiculturalism".  It is deliberate and with evil intent.  Social chaos is the objective as a means to allow the suspension of personal liberties embraced by Western societies which the people hold dear.  Long term goal being regional authoritatian rule within a global feudal framework.

silverer's picture

Agreed. Nature is the teacher. I always use nature to support my argument against socialism. For instance, what could be more "socialistic" than a bee hive? But no, it is not socialism in a bee hive at all. It is pure capitalism. Everyone works and is productive to a common end, and the drones, the non-producers, are driven out once their only duty to the hive is completed. They are not left to linger as non-producers, supported by the rest that work. Let's look at a wolf pack. Socialism? Not at all. We don't see two wolves hunting for the other six that sit around and wait for the goodies to be provided, while they dabble in bird watching or howling at the moon. What humans are doing now is out of balance, as you say, so it will fail. And we are seeing it right in front of our eyes.