Turkish Pro-Government Media Blames US, CIA For Assassination Of Russian Ambassador

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Following yesterday's Ankara tragedy in which a 22-year-old Turkish off-duty police officers assassinated the Russian ambassador, Turkey found itself in a scapegoat vacuum, having nobody to blame: after all, following this summer's failed "coup", Erdogan allegedly purged all forces who were hostile to his administration, which would suggest the police officer was one of "Erdogan's people." That however quickly changed when this morning Turkey's pro-government media outlets and journalists promptly cast the blame for the cold-blooded murder on the US, and the faith-based Gulen movement whose cleric Fetullah Gulen has been granted refuge in rural Pennsylvania, for the murder of the Russian ambassador to Turkey by a police officer on Monday evening.

The gunman, Mevlut Mert Altintas, chanted Islamist slogans also used by radical terrorist organization the Al Nusra Front after he shot Karlov to death at an art gallery in Ankara. Yet, many pro-government newspapers and columnists did not hesitate to label the gunman a member of “FETÖ,” a term the government coined to call the Gulen movement a terrorist organization, and also talked about the US role in the murder from their front pages on Tuesday.

The pro-government Yeni Safak newspaper announced the murder of the ambassador with a headline saying, “Great sabotage.” The daily said “The pro-FETÖ assassins of the CIA have been mobilized” in order to ruin Turkish-Russian relations. “It is stated that the US has begun open attacks [against Turkey] over FETÖ,” said the daily.

Another pro-government newspaper, the Sabah daily, blasted “Assassination to friendship from vile FETÖ,” in the headline of its main story on Tuesday. The daily said dirty hands took action at a time when relations between Turkey and Russia have begun to normalize.

A third staunchly pro-government daily, Star, said in the headline of its main story on Tuesday: “Bullet from FETÖ to Turkish-Russian relations.” The same exact headline was also used by the pro-government Aksam daily. Aksam said the Russian ambassador was killed by a police officer who attended a university preparation course affiliated with the Gülen movement.

The pro-government Takvim daily said the Western alliance went crazy due to rapprochement between Turkey and Russia and “sent one of the cat’s paws among us and had the Russian ambassador killed in Ankara.”

Pro-government journalists also accused the US and the Gulen movement of the murder of the Russian ambassador.

“The US, which let the rule of the world slip from its hands, is committing suicide attacks through the hands of terror organizations in many countries. Turkey is in first place. They will not manage to do this,” wrote pro-government journalist Fatih Tezcan from his Twitter account on Tuesday.

Another pro-government journalist, ?brahim Karagül, wrote from his Twitter account that the murder of the Russian ambassador would inflict damage not on Turkish-Russian relations but on Turkish-US relations. “Pro-FETÖ assassination teams have been activated. CIA intelligence games have begun. Sleeper cells have woken up. Turkey and Russia are open targets,” he wrote.

According to pro-government journalist Ömer Turan, the aim of Monday’s assassination was to prevent rapprochement between Turkey and Russia.

“I have been making a big effort for months to explain that ‘deep’ NATO will do its best to prevent this,” wrote Turan from his Twitter account on Tuesday.

Turkish-Russian relations collapsed in November 2015 when Turkey downed a Russian jet when it violated Turkish airspace. However, over 2016, there has been tangible an improvement in relations as Turkey has been seeking to pivot away from a European sphere of influence and cozy up to Putin. In an attempt to repair the damage both Erdogan and Putin made statements that yesterday's attack was an attempt to damage relations between the two countries and to sabbotage the ongoing Syria peace process.

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Sounds about right.

SWRichmond's picture

World at war, quiiiiiiiick before oBama leaves office.

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Conspiracy theory time!

Berlin truck attack was actually a diversion from this story and other similar events (perhaps still to come). Truck may have been remote controlled. Deep State driving a wedge between Russia and Turkey.

Any takers?

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Electoral College Day MASSACRE!




"Only a covert plot closely coordinated by the CIA, MI6 and MOSSAD could have pulled off so much mayhem in a 24-hour period."

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I think obozo and clinton's gang strategy now is to damage to the max possible the relations with Russia for making it impossible for Trump to amend and rebuild a good state of affairs with Rusia

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On Monday 19 December, the Syrian ambassador to the UN announced that Syrian forces had captured 14 foreign military, including 1 American, hiding in a cellar in Aleppo.

On Monday 19 December, Russian Ambassador killed in Ankara

Result: News of the capture of foreign military forces in Aleppo totally removed from western media as though it never happened.

The Hidden Hand truly works in mysterious ways.



general ambivalent's picture

Haha, the moderates were genetically modified...

On a serious note, really want to see what's happening with this and how they are catching them. Seems that there are no illusions over there that America produces the genetically modified moderates. Could be some disastrous consequences for a few insiders if they are caught.

Pickleton's picture

LMAO!  Dickheads are obviously fans of Clinton.  Russia did it.



JungleCat's picture

Obama will denounce it as "fake news".

Joking aside: I sincerely hope that the assassin has had no contact with any US government agencies. Because if he did, it will get ugly.

HowdyDoody's picture

Obama Vows Retaliation as Evidence of Russian Hacking Mount


Would the humiliated obomber want to do something like this safe in the knowledge that he is on his way out, that it would hopefully fsck up Putin, Erdogan and Trump and he wouldn't have to deal with the consequences?


Arnold's picture

He leaves behind the wreckage of minions.

Joe Davola's picture

But those poor little yellow guys seem so cute!

Buck Johnson's picture

Something tells me that he may have or someone that ordered him may have.


MFL5591's picture

The kenyan blamed Russia for interferring in out election which was a complete lie, would anyone be surprised if the Clapper/Obama/Bush /Clinton gang was involved in this killing? 

ThanksChump's picture

Extradite them to Russia whether they did it or not. It's the only sensible thing to do.


I'll take Putin's word for their verdict. Or silence works too.

Idaho potato head's picture

Certainly not me, n fact I'd bet on it.

Simple J. Malarky's picture

I concur, whole heartedly......

ReZn8r's picture

That's who I would blame as well.

The Ram's picture

If one is doing a 'Qui Bono' analysis, yes this is spot on.  If you dig deep enough, I am sure some US 3 letter agencies had a hand if not full participation.  Lots of layers as always.

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Obama will denounce it as "fake news".

Mr.BlingBling's picture

If anyone is on FB, it would be interesting to see if/how the censors disseminate/characterize this information.

Global Hunter's picture

I posted the ZH story this am about the Berlin attack and the headline on FB changed to "truck driver" from ZH's headline that cleary stated he was a refugee.  I wasn't sure if this was from ZH's end.

(I don't often go on FB but when I do I post ZH articles).

Ignatius's picture

"Obama will denounce it as "fake news"."

Since you mention it, go look at the video of the killing of the Ambassador and try to find some blood around his body (none). 

More weirdness.  Theatre.

TeamDepends's picture

Indeed. Or perhaps that is the bravest cameraman in the world, resisting his natural fight or flight response to document the event. And, of course, the assailant is shot dead so he can tell no tales. Stinky!

Implied Violins's picture

Yup. Pretty hard to believe it's real when the guy is shot NINE TIMES in the back and the podium he was in front of doesn't even show a single spot of blood.


Mr.BlingBling's picture

Fake News is an interesting concept.  In addition to being a term easily digestible by the dumbed-down populace, it's monosyllabic nature helps nudge people away from using the correct term Propaganda, a dangerous word that if more widely adopted could lead some to realize its applicability to the "real" news excreted by WaPo, CNN, etc.

And the regime wouldn't like that at all.

dark pools of soros's picture

There really is 'fake news' as in NOT propaganda but just algo generated web pages from google search data.


That said, the media is using good old propaganda to put everything it doesn't like into the same bucket of fake.


Fake news and propaganda are different beasts


ReZn8r's picture

Google loudly stated about 4 months ago they could change the opinion of the masses on any subject using these same algorithms. Google is as big threat to freedom as the alphabet agencies are.

general ambivalent's picture

Yeah, news is (one form of) propaganda. So fake news is really fake propaganda, or not-propoganda.

Or even, double-plus ungood publations.

ReZn8r's picture

didn't you know that they are now using blood sucking bullets.

scoutshonor's picture

I'm waiting on the press confrence when he blames it on the Russians.

SheepDog-One's picture

Yea I wouldn't be surprised at all if Obomber is directly behind it.

chunga's picture

Unkle Skam...a global force for belligerence and deceit?

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Mass_hysteria (not verified) Dec 20, 2016 9:34 AM

70 years invading and stolen technolgy

fake weapons of mass destructions

1000's of patriots dead in fake banker wars

16 years of bombing innocent countries

saudi arabia partner in crime


22 veteran suicides a day..wonder why hmm? maybe cuz when the truth is out they've invaded and destroyed the world u don't wanna have that burden on you

Calculus99's picture

Funny thing is, they're probably more right that wrong.

The CIA is one dirty untrustful orgainsation.

Kennedy wasn't wrong. But look what happened to him. 

Stan522's picture

Ya think....?

obama uses the Red Phone to call Putin then blam!... the ambassador is shot dead. Perhaps there is no connection, but wars are started this way.....

LyLo's picture

That's what bothers me: even if there is no connection, it looks fucking terrible

Obama shouldn't have spent twenty minutes explaining how there would be consequences but nobody would know what they were, the day before this happens. 

He should have just come out, flipped off the camera and said, "Lookin' at you, Putin," then left, golf bag in tow.  That would have looked better, and the consequences would certainly be less dire. 

Vardaman's picture

I'd say the "fake news" and "Russian Hack" crowds painted themselves into a corner rather quickly.  Put shoe on other foot, insert in mouth...

Last of the Middle Class's picture

No kidding. Propaganda is as propaganda does. Vlad knows how to use it.

DuneCreature's picture

Ooooh, this is good!

It looks to me like the CeyeA is throwing the CIA under the bus.

Trump will make hay with this stupid shit.

Live Hard, The Low Intelligence Community Is Eating It's Own Tail, Die Free

~ DC v4.0

General Titus's picture

Hello my friend, that blog I posted to your comment the other day about the Islamic Symbols on the "Comet Pizza" sign, they found the Islamic symbolism was taken from the worship of the "Whore of Babylon" Tanith. That would fit in with "Judeo-Islam" being a fake religion created by the Bablyonian Occultists (Cab-Allah Bolsheviks) to destroy Christianity, Western Civilization, and the Caucasian (sp).  They pray for a "Super Government" which would be "Globalism" the enemy of all of us


Remember the 4 D's of the Global Bolshevik Agenda used when the truth comes out on what they really are or are doing, Delay, Deny, Discredit, & Destroy

DuneCreature's picture

Let me state what I see to be true in rough Shawnee.

I wonder if our new Standing Bison chief can see through the scam and know where the hidden hand smoke is trying to take us?

Trump just needs to....

Konta ku on the CIA once and for all...


They have become total bad medicine for the planet earth.

Live Hard, Don't Live Too Long And Become Bad Spirit Wind Only, Die Free

samsara's picture

Obama 'We are exploring our options of ways to retaliate Russia'

'Russian ambassador shot by an Ultra robotic zombie, walking, repeating phrases over and over'

In other news....

DuneCreature's picture

We have a small war between the old time freelancers and the young trainees shaping up.

The rouge vets have talked the young pups into a very obvious stupid op. ... They are going to, or I should say are, throwing them under the bus to cast some of the heat off of themselves for past sins.

A battle of youth and enthusiasm vs. age and treachery is shaping up it looks like to me.

Never forget AI AL pulls the strings these days. Interesting times.

Live Hard, I'd Like To See Them Both Mortally Wounded Myself, Die Free

~ DC v4.0

Pumpkin's picture

Wouldn't put anything past the CIA.  Always only up to no good.

General Titus's picture

They are prolly telling the truth, but Turkey (and the anti-american CIA) are one of the backers of the fake terrorist group"ISIS" and that is according to Killery on Wikileaks, as well as Crazy Joe Biden, and top US Generals Wesley Clark & Martin Dempsey