US Army Deploys Tanks To Europe Ratcheting Up Tensions With Russia

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On December 16, US tanks and armor vehicles arrived in the Netherlands to be deployed in a storage depot located in the province of Limburg. The facility, the former Eygelshoven military base near Kerkrade, will be used to keep and maintain tanks, armored vehicles and heavy artillery pieces for a US armored brigade combat team. In January, the US Army in Europe is due to deploy a total of 4,000 American troops and around 2,000 military vehicles on a rotational basis to Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and the Baltic nations. NATO forces will move to the Baltic States in early spring. In an overtly provocative move, an American battalion will be stationed in Poland near the border with Kaliningrad, Russia’s Baltic enclave.

The US Army is implementing the annual defense authorization act which approved a $3.4 billion spending plan to boost NATO forces, including reopening or creating five equipment-storage sites in the Netherlands, Poland, Belgium and two locations in Germany. In September, the US Army began to assemble more Army Prepositioned Stocks (APS) for permanent storage in Europe. The additional combat equipment will give the Army the option for another heavy armored brigade. Presently, it has only two light brigades in Europe: 173rd Airborne Brigade and the 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment.

The US military has over 62,000 permanently assigned service members in Europe.

According to Lieutenant General Frederick Benjamin «Ben» Hodges, the US Army Commander in Europe, the prepositioned stocks would give US leaders a range of options to respond to a developing crisis. Pulling out the equipment from the Eygelshoven warehouses and putting it on a train toward a trouble spot could be a sign of American resolve that could help diffuse a crisis. The US forces plan to conduct more than 90 maneuvers with NATO allies and European partners next year, including Swift Response 17 in July to test the NATO rapid response units. The Swift Response exercise is designed to demonstrate NATO's ability to respond to a crisis «within 18 hours of notification».

The deployment breaches the Russia-NATO Founding Act (1997). By signing the document NATO pledged not to seek »additional permanent stationing of substantial ground combat forces» in the nations closer to Russia «in the current and foreseeable security environment». Signed 20 years ago, the agreement appears all but dead amid the alliance's push to beef up its military presence on its eastern flank.

The argument that the forces are being deployed on temporary basis holds no water. Every combat unit goes through rotation; each has its own operational cycle. The plans in question are nothing else but a permanent military presence of substantial forces.

There are other provocative plans to boost NATO’s presence near Russia’s borders.

NATO is pushing ahead with its military «Schengen zone» in Europe to do away with travel restrictions on the movement of NATO forces and equipment across the continent. There will be no need to ask for permissions while crossing national borders. The sovereignty of member states will be reduced to facilitate cross-continent operations.

Meanwhile, 300 US Marines are moving to their new home in Norway. They will be deployed at the Værnes military base near Trondheim to bolster the readiness of new pre-positioned tanks and weaponry stored throughout the year in underground caves. Værnes lies about 1,000 kilometres (600 miles) from the Russian-Norwegian frontier.

The October 26-27 NATO defense ministers agreed to boost the Black Sea presence. Romania and Bulgaria will host forces designed to carry out surveillance missions over the Black Sea. The UK, Canada and Poland will send aircraft to be based in the Romanian southeastern Mihail Kogalniceanu air base. Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey are also expected to come forward with a plan to increase naval and air patrols in 2017. The US supports Romania’s initiative to establish a multinational naval brigade in the region.

With the naval brigade on the agenda, Bulgaria has agreed to participate with 400 troops in the multinational brigade in Romania. The unit is intended to facilitate the deployment of reinforcements. Georgia and Ukraine will be fully involved in the plans.

Non-Black Sea NATO members cannot stay in the Black Sea more than 21 days, according to the Montreux Convention. Bulgarian, Romanian, Ukrainian and Georgian navies have limited capabilities. It brings to the fore the possibility of major NATO sea powers hand over some of their own warships to them. The ships could be reflagged under the three Black Sea members’ flags to beef up permanent naval capabilities in the theater. Lumping NATO and non-NATO ships under one operational control is a highly provocative step towards Russia.

US destroyers and cruisers visit the Black Sea from time to time to provide NATO with long range first strike capability. The Black Sea is on the way to become a region of uncontrollable arms race.

In addition, Romania already hosts a ballistic missile defense (BMD) with the plans underway to have another operational BMD system deployed on Polish soil in 2018. The Romania-based Aegis Ashore BMD system uses the Mk-41 launcher capable of firing Tomahawk long-range precision-guided missiles against land assets in violation of the INF Treaty.

These systems will be upgraded. After the nuclear agreement with Iran was reached, the US Defense Department awarded a contract to Boeing to «define a concept» for a multiple-kill vehicle or multiple-object kill vehicle (MKV). According to the plans, the vehicle is to engage multiple targets at once, including decoys. The Pentagon aims for the MKV to go online by 2020.

The US decision to increase military presence in Europe comes along with the rise of Donald Trump, who has disparaged the NATO alliance as a drain on US resources.

NATO undertakes one provocative step after another with Western media spreading around concocted stories about “Russian aggression”. The European security is greatly threatened. A spark is enough to kindle a big fire.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Russia would take countermeasures in response to NATO expansion. He noted that he was «concerned» about what NATO is doing and put into question the bloc’s decision-making process. The president emphasized that NATO members could hardly resist the pressure of the United States.

In September, Russia came up with a proposal to reach an agreement of flight safety in the region with all military planes flying with their transponders on, emitting an identifying signal in response to other radio signals. The proposal was rejected by NATO.

It was reported in late November that Russia had deployed Bastion mobile coastal defense missiles to Kaliningrad. It is to deploy S-400 air missile defense systems and Iskander mobile short-range surface-to-surface missiles in that region.

With tensions running high, there is an urgent need to address these burning problems. With Donald Trump in office, there is a hope to address the issue of European security in a positive way.

In November, a group of European states supported Germany’s initiative to launch discussions with Russia on a new arms control agreement. German Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, nominated to become German president next year, called for a deal to avoid an escalation of tensions in Europe.

In 2009 the Western powers rejected Russia’s proposal to discuss a new European Security Treaty. Now reality makes them reconsider their stand. The rejection of the plans to boost the US military presence in Europe would be a sign that Europe is serious about the arms control talks. But if the US continues its plans to beef up military presence to threaten Russia, Europe will find itself plunged into an uncontrolled arms race. NATO has to make a choice.

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knukles's picture

Plans have been known to change alongside their overseers

Canadian Dirtlump's picture

At some point it's going to be satisfying to see a ship or 2 at the bottom of the sea, or a collection of metal hulks "from Russia with love."

froze25's picture

Please Russia, hold out for just 30 more days, no need to have ww3 start.

gregga777's picture

But, if they do start WW3 make sure to give Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac at least 50 Megatons. That place is on oozing sore of maggots and corruption that needs to cleansed by million degree thermonuclear fires.

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The Saint (not verified) USisCorrupt Dec 20, 2016 4:19 PM

Gotta put those men and equipment somewhere.  Might as well give them a European vacation to boot.


johngaltfla's picture

And after the boys all get some of that sexy Polish ass they can all come home since Europe won't pay for them to stay there. Fuck NATO and Berlin.

07564111's picture

It's a distraction. This is the real news and without the word from Russia the Syrians would not announce the list of names and countries in public.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

Hopefully the Russians will now target all US golf courses of 'presidential kalibr' with cluster munitions.

To paraphrase Victoria Nuland, "fuck the well manicured greens".

beemasters's picture

If there's going to be a war with Russia, it will have to be in the next 4 weeks....unless Kissinger has finally managed to turn Trump against Putin during their last meeting. Kissinger praising Trump after the meeting sounded a little suspicious.

BobEore's picture

Excellent catch. No hiding now from the simple truth about who runs the faux-resistance... and who the real terrorists are.

However, the troop movements in Europe are by no means a "distraction;" but rather, part of a well-planned scheme operating in tandem with the winding up of the Syrian imbroglio - now that the TRUMP DECEPTION has gotten past the last hurdle. All eyes will soon be shifted to a manufactured breach between the European and Anglo-state "allies," as the phony ramp up of tensions on the borderlands is met by an equally manufactured "grass roots{Soros tm}anti-USA in Europe scam which will result in dupe Mossad-controlled European politicos proclaiming for a "Eurasian-alliance" and other dupe leaders proclaiming for the status quo.

Result - manipulated chaos, break up of the Union, reorganized into a patchwork of Israeli-controlled puppet states, and a new ZATO-pact rump alliance friendly to both Chabad-controlled Russia and criminal oligarchies everywhere.

Winners - international finance capital, talmudists, their hangers on, and the ever-increasing number of TERROR STATES which will enforce the ascendancy of that same moneypower.

Losers - chumps who voted for their own extinction... progressive dupes who voted for the Democrat wing of the deception(lottsa room under the bus for all!)..nation states, free speech, free enterprise, self-determination and a raft of other soon to be extinct expressions of what formerly represented pluralistic, secular and peaceful human society.

The rejection of the plans to boost the US military preessence in Europe would be a sign that Europe is serious about the arms control talks. But if the US continues its plans to beef up military presence to threaten Russia, Europe will find itself plunged into an uncontrolled arms race. NATO has to make a choice.

Oh yes - how well put by this moneypower operative.

NATO will make the "right" choice of course. America  "retreats" from a Europe blind to it's own peril... placing itself into the control of a Russo-Mafiya TERROR STATE AMALGAM run outta Tel Aviv.The deal is sold under the rubric of "Ushering in a new Era of Peaceful Cooperation!"

War is Peace...Peace is War. And the Moneychangers get their Piece of Every Action at last. No News-Only Scripted reshapings of reality.

Nuthin new under this ol sun!

zippedydoodah's picture

I hope DT gets those fucking Americans out of Europe, ASAP.

The Saint's picture
The Saint (not verified) The Saint Dec 20, 2016 4:25 PM

Saint's Blood fails to miraculously liquify.  Signals War or Catastrophy for World in 2017.


The Ram's picture

Very marginal deployment of forces.  The cost of this type of deployment far outweighs any tactical advantage it may confer.  A view tactical nukes would nullify this force pretty quickly.

HRH Feant's picture
HRH Feant (not verified) gregga777 Dec 20, 2016 4:18 PM

Cheaper and easier to launch an EMP from a junker cargo ship or some fancy yacht. Can you imagine DC with no electricity? Ha ha ha ha ha ha! I read somewhere that they issue little badges to White House staff that have a map to Mt. Weather. How many could hoof it 40 miles from DC to Mt. Weather with no cell service and no GPS? Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Perimetr's picture

One Russian tactical nuclear warhead should eliminate that little tank problem.

SWRichmond's picture

Tanks?  You gotta be shitting me.  Kursk.  Russians not afraid of tanks.

Put that motherfucker Susan Rice in a tank and send her stupid ass to attack Russia.

This is so stupid it hurts.

johngaltfla's picture

SWR, home run. If a bunch of rags in Syria and Iraq can take our tanks out with anti-tank weapons that cost 1/100th of an Abrams, then by God Russia would obliterate our first wave.

Without nukes. What Obama is doing is attempting to fuck Trump and the Russians won't play.

Look for Soros to start the shit in the Ukraine next in one last desperate attempt to start a war to keep Trump out of office....

SoDamnMad's picture

Ex-pat living in Europe.  Funny that I was walking out to the forest one morning a couple weeks ago with 1+ meter long sections of PVC pipe for my animal feeders this winter.  With end caps it might be confused with an anti-tank missile (Kornet).  Couple of cars hit the brakes hard and did double-takes. Glad nobody shot me but given guns are so restricted here there will be little resistence.  Garrison will be pinned down and secured with the smallest of forces preventing anyone from getting out or in.  Communications will be jammed along with GPS.  Over in a heart beat.

researchfix's picture

Only another compensation for the Dutch to keep mum about MH17. Got them 120 tons of gold already.

Badsamm's picture

Please. We could use more artifical reefs.

The SS Thistlgorm is pretty amazing- British ship sunk by the Germans during WWII off the coast of Sharm el Shiekh

c2nnib2l's picture

another Russian diplomat was killed in a hotel today CIA job no doubt 

Badsamm's picture

How does one Iskander missile cost compared to all those tanks parked side by side?

svs9000's picture

Dow 30,000 before WWIII?

Albertarocks's picture

What is it now... 30 days?  30 more days before we see an end to this antagonistic bullshit?

Chupacabra-322's picture

Agreed. However, we are dealing with Pure evil Criminal elements of the Psychopath Criminal Deep State. They will attempt & provoke perhaps via False Flag to incite conflict with Russia.

That's the objective. Then leave the destruction, bedlumm & mayhem in Trumps lap.

They're going all in. They're cornered. It's their final move. No other options.

Still Losing Money's picture

yea, US warmonger in eastern europe is bad, that;s where russia should be free to warmonger

DirtySanchez's picture

Putin is playing chess while bozo is playing checkers.

God be with the members of the US armored brigade combat team sent to Europe in the final act of the bozo shit show.

froze25's picture

Bozo isn't even playing, there are strings attached to his arms that are making the moves and thinking for him, same now as it has been with him for the last 8 years.

gregga777's picture

The Brown Clown only plays with his 'husband' Michael.

USofAzzDownWeGo's picture

Fuck these bastards who joined or rejoined while obama was in office. I hope they get killed, all of them that's a part of this. Go Russia. If you are a part of this, you are a terrorist. 

Genby's picture

Good practice targets for the Polite Men.

Libtard's picture

I could be wrong, but I feel like this is some NATO agreement that was already in place which is something that Trump could easily reverse.

Samual Adams's picture

In Mother Russia,  Tank Deploy you!  .....and vodka

Vardaman's picture

Here's a great place to cut the budget, bigtime.

Still Losing Money's picture

you sound like a 1960s guns and butter commie. you do realize that the DoD portion of the overall budget is SHRINKING every year and it is ENITIELMENTS NOT Defense that is bankrupting the country....oh right, that guns and butter meme

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

All the more reason to close all US bases on foreign soil and cut 'defense' spending by 75 percent.

trutalk's picture

Another bullshit "tanks on a train" story.  I learned to ignore these (finally) Pure hype.


Ferrari's picture

Yes, well played! That Russian diplomat took those rounds to the chest from our aly in a most aggressive manner. I feel so much safer with this asshole in the Oval Office. How will we ever sleep without him?

New_Meat's picture

Not to worry, the doggies can't get out of the Kassern to save their lives.  How long did it take 1st AD to get to Saudi?

There'll be a new NCA in town before these guys move.

Ghordius's picture

"NATO is pushing ahead with its military «Schengen zone» in Europe to do away with travel restrictions on the movement of NATO forces and equipment across the continent. There will be no need to ask for permissions while crossing national borders. The sovereignty of member states will be reduced to facilitate cross-continent operations."

this non-existent "Military Schengen, i.e free passage for military units", particularly in the eastern european countries...

... is the full frigging reason why those "fast intervention" units were contemplated in the first place. and puts a crimp on all that "Russia the victimized" story telling

bah. today, you are either a Russia lover or hater, anything in between makes the snowflakes in jackboots cry

GeezerGeek's picture

Hitler clearly should have asked for permission to cross the Franco-German border in 1940. I'm sure the French would not have objected.

hound dog vigilante's picture


"snowflakes in jackboots".  That's good stuff.

fajensen's picture

Well - Poland seems to be cooking off fine all on it's lonesome. Maybe that train won't run all the way.

The problem with "allies" in Eastern Europe is that all suffer to a various degree from 3'rd worlder with yuuge chip-on-shoulder-syndrome. They are all really happy to take their new stupid friends into town and get them involved in their ancient struggle to rectify some vaguely remembered offense. The rest of Europe knows enough to stay well clear, yet, here we are.

gregga777's picture

Europeans won't even fight to prevent the ongoing Islamic conquest of Europe. So, why in God's name are American lives being placed at risk to defend from the non-existent Russian threat. There should be precisely ZERO troops stationed in Europe and precisely ZERO propositioned stocks of combat vehicles, aircraft and equipment. Get the United States the Hell out of NATO. NATO has evolved into an aggressive alliance solely focused on conquering Russia. But, none of the European nations will fund their own defense or fight for their freedom.

fajensen's picture

US-sponsored Islamic Conquest, no less. If we fight the US will bomb the shit out of us again.

say it aint so's picture

Do you think Victoria Nuland and friends Give a flying fuck about Europe give your head a shake!


gezley's picture

What will happen is this. NATO forces, mainly American, will soon find themselves in a conflict with Russia. How big, I don't know. Point is, they will lose. Heavily.
The EU will see this outcome as yet another opportunity (after Brexit) to implement their own full-scale, continent-wide military. The Brits will be gone in two years, so no longer a need to listen to their insistence on NATO defending Europe. I say defending, but we all know the Brits and Yanks have always seen NATO as "a way of keeping the Americans in, the Russians out, and the Germans down".
The humiliation of NATO will be a historic "Berlin Wall" moment, marking the end of Anglo-American hegemony and the birth of a new European superpower. You can tell your grandchildren you were there. Some of us lived through the collapse of the USSR as well. This one will be much more exciting.

I Feel a little Qeasy's picture

Upvoted you because I hope you're right. The sooner theEuropeans kick out the occupying US and Brit forces, the better.