10-Step Emergency Response Plan In Case Of European Terrorist Attack

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Sadly true, when it comes to institutions, MSM (social medias included) and other useful idiots.

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The truth is deeper, Europe is no longer a civilised place, that's why she cannot civilise the refugees...

It is hard to see because there is a bit of the inertia that remained of what used to be the European Civilisation

Its been already a century of slowdown and at some points it will stop and go into reverse.

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"The truth is deeper, Europe is no longer a civilised place, that's why she cannot civilise the refugees..."

wow, now that's a tall call

first, you don't make a difference between migrants and refugees. well, we think it's civilized to make that difference

note in this that many of those terrorists that everybody talks about belong to the group of those migrants that were criminals in their own countries, fled to europe and continued to be low-life criminals... and are susceptible to money offers from those who want terror to continue and look out for cat's paws

also note that a lot of the uncivilized behaviour we have read about in the last two years were from other migrants, like that mass-groping case in Cologne

refugees? one big thing about refugees is that their status depends from war in their countries. Afghanis in Germany, for example, are being deported back there because the German federal state took the decision that Afghanistan is now "safe enough"

you want us to get rid of refugees/asylum seekers? easy. stop those damn wars.

most of them are based on the US and Russia fighting each other in proxy-wars of and through their allies, be them Iran, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Syria, Turkey, etc. etc.

to stop those wars, the US and Russia would have to collaborate... towards peace. be able to tell their allies that they can't have all they want. and stop them fomenting more unrest, more revolutions, more destabilizations of order in other countries

but to come back to "wow, that's a tall call"...

... wow, you really expect us to be able "to civilize" people coming here... inside a few months? or are we allowed to get a few years? or is it ok to have a generation or two? but this talk is again leading to nowhere because...

... you still don't make the difference between migrants and refugees. aided by a press that does not care about anything except tailoring their offers to what the demand is: sensational, emotional articles gripping the belly, not the head. further aided by propaganda that pushes for more war, for example religious war against "dangerous religions", or Brown People, or whatever is "cool" to target, at the moment

get rid of that warmongering, and... well, civilization starts there. the opposite of civilization is barbarism, where there is no difference between peace, civilized warfare and full-out-may-the-strongest-get-all-the-spoils warfare

don't pretend to be able to tell us that we aren't civilized enough... while pining for more barbarism, moar woar, much moar woar

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They are neither migrants nor refugees, Ghordius. They are paid operatives on Special Projects for one or other of the twisted parts of the security services for one of three countries. They are picked up in war zones and dark underbellies of the world, and trained to do exactly this.

This person has no religious nor political affiliation. I'd be amazed if it were even this Tunisian clown all over the press. He's just a useful idiot, along with the rest of us who've fallen so hard for the (very real, yet totally engineered) refugee/migrant schtick. It's all bullshit. It's all being done for a reason: conflict. Me against you; you against him; them against us. It's working. We're nearly there. When we arrive, nobody will like the destination

We've been here so many times. People have such short memories

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now, this comment... I agree fully with it. we are at war, and our enemies recruit low-lifes to do the dirty jobs

mostly out of the pool of migrants, and in some cases some of the refugees aren't refugees, but sleepers

+1 for "It's all being done for a reason: conflict"

+1 for "we have been there". yes, this is not the first time that terror is unleashed in Europe. we are somewhat used to this experience

imo the best "show case" is the Spanish Civil War. with it's 

Red_Terror_(Spain) and it's White Terror - Spain

compare to the Russian experience:

Red Terror and White Terror (Russia)

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thank you for your comment above - how can we have a blanket disapproval of accepting refugees while we participate in the CREATION of refugees?

The dumbest thing is, if everyone focussed their attention on preventing the wars that create refugees the Left and the Right could actually UNITE on the issue and kick out any party that participates in the millitary industrial complex's juggernaught. But we're too fixated on the question of what todo with the refugees to see that opportunity to unite


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What do mean unite? The CREATION of refugees is the REASON for these shit wars. Qatar offered a lousy $1M bribe to get their gas pipe through Syria to Europe. George Soros has pledged a hundredfold to destabilize the West and create his demonosphere.

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enjoy the cesspool you have created. i wouldn't step foot in that dump.

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yeah, we created all that, and no, Uncle Sam has nuffin to do with it, eh? as little as Uncle Vlad

they both currently talk with each other and solve the conflicts of the world, yeah, sure /S

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it sounds like you may be bitter about it after all.

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yes, perhaps you are right. I used to love... I still love what I call America The Beautiful

it's a place of positive energy, of child-like wonder and tenacity and many virtues, particularly manly virtues

I'd like to have America The Beautiful back. so yes, I do feel bitter. somebody stole her, and I hate them, with a passion

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somebody stole her

And they used the local Larssen's as getaway drivers so pull your head out of your ass.

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Intentional blindness by Ghordius again:

> you want us to get rid of refugees/asylum seekers? easy. stop those damn wars

How about close those damn borders?
The best thing is that is even directly influenced by Germany!

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The Salafists in Europe are funded by US ALLIES  Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait. It is Washington that wages war for this Satanic Trio and it is USA that arms them and sponsors them. The Russian Ambassador in Qatar was even beaten up by these Allies of America


The Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement today it was downgrading diplomatic relations with Qatar following an alleged violent assault on one of its ambassadors in a Doha airport late last month.

Calling the incident "outrageous" on its Twitter feed, the Russian Foreign Ministry claimed that on Nov. 29, Russian ambassador to Qatar, Vladimir Titorenko, was assaulted by security and customs personnel who were "trying to force him away from sealed bags" held in the diplomatic pouch.  Dec. 5, 2011

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 That was hillarious.

   Don't forget to put on your "Dunce Cap" and bolt to your "safe space".

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Put your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye.

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if all the decent folk tried to up and move to nowheresville montana i swear that's where they'd forceably relocate every scumbag on the planet. they are doing it on purpose.

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11.  Furrow your brow, and politely say "Stop it, you naughty refugees" 

12.  Declare its Bush's fault

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They are running out of options.  The farce is now blindingly obvious.  Facebook as the new propaganda ministry!  What a joke - good luck with that.  

Don't like being Merkel's whipping boy, Mr. Zuckerborg?  Too bad your success has made you a target.  Must seem a little unfair LOL

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The cycle of immigration and false flags will continue until zionists pretending to be nationalists are elected in all our governments.

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Europe is a dead carcass and the maggots are infesting and consuming what's left.

Sad to see my heritage be washed away under the flag of multiculturalism.

TPTB know exactly what they are doing. I just am too stupid to understand why they are destroying western civilisation.

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Really ? Whenever Europeans object they are accused of wanting to gas Jews and Gays

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Finally increase NATO spending from 2% to 3%

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Catch up on your Gladio before you call for more synthetic terror on Europeons, please.

NATO, North Amerikan Terror Organ; that limp appendage dangling from the Pedophile Politburo in Natostan capital of USSA's  vassal Brussels, seat of the infamous albeit collapsing EUSSR. Will the Germans get suckered for a third time into a global war for their anglozionazi bankster masters and the Washing town thugocracy? Nah...they finally seem to have figured it out as the I$I$ "backed" Saudi Mercan IOU petroscrip toilet paper dollah gets flushed from the global Ponzi sewer of the Potemkin Village Mercan  "economy" of global slaughter for profit. Syria is where the anglozionazi rodents finally bit off more than they could chew. Meanwhile the emasculated pedophile Europeons huff and puff at Mr Bear's doorstep but that is all they will ever do. It is all over bar the inevitable bankrupt collpase of €uro landia and the inevitable dumping of pox amerikana and Pentacon Kill Industries sub working class killers back to Slumville USSA. Thank God for Russian nuclear weapons!






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Where do you get the manpower ? Merkel's Defence Minister brought in a 41-hour working week for soldiers in jan 2016. They are still 15,000 men short of complement

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The prime suspect for the Berlin massacre was under covert surveillance for months as a possible terrorist threat until police let him slip through their grasp earlier this month...

read that and let it sink in. they knew that maggot was a terrorist and didn't do a fucking thing about it. even now they offer a reward so low it proves they don't care if they catch him or not. my cat is worth more to me than merkel's citizens are worth to her.

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They put their penny in the slot and another suspect fell out of the inventory rack - tomorrow they will have another

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Sounds like the German security services use the same methods as the FBI.

Catch and release the real "terrorists". Arrest only their owned patsies.

Terror. Like a sheep dog, very useful in herding sheep into the pen.

Believe nothing the state tells you.

Obey. Because Terror.

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Has anyone ever bought of any of those late night mega knife deals?  I have no idea what anyone would do with a 14 inch chinee sword.  A lot of those other smaller knives might actually be handy for shrink wrap or cardboard or just a general cheap sharp blade.  I don't care if they are lime green or blaze orange.  $150 sounds pretty steep yet though.  10,000 lockback chinee for $150 and we might have a deal.

Pass for tonight.  

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The Miracle Knives I bought 13 years ago or so are still serving me well.  The price was right.  But they fuck you hard over the stylish hardwood storage block you keep them in.

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Play John Lennon's Imagine on a piano or sing "we are the world" like these people in Berlin: https://www.facebook.com/Channel4News/videos/10154368778326939/ (sorry, it is FB). Although I don't wish it on anybody, it would be ironic if right there and then a truck would plough its way through these delusional people who will then receive a reality check.

Or say to your child "they might have guns (or trucks) but we have flowers". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xkM-SDNoI_8

Yes, it is going to be alright.

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I am missing paragraph 11,
set up a help line and public counseling for all strangers desiring to experience victim´s pain and sorrow. People draw strength from such riskless virtual emotional activities and will be better equipped to take the next blow.

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maybe they should put up a few posters explaining (in retard level pictures) that driving a truck into a crowd is inappropriate behavior and is generally frowned upon.

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Would you post that in France or Germany ?

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It is shocking the disconnect between cause and effect, the true feminization of the West.


Instead of "paragraph 11", the origination of this cycle is not migration itself, rather it is the the west's support for war in the Middle East that causes the migration. 


Why is it lost on so many that when you act immorally, supporting evil war after war on nation who are absolutely no threat, there ARE consequences. And while this migration is rather troubling, I am sure the initial annihilation of nations like Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and now Syria, is a but worse...


This fact is lost on so many because the MSM desires it to be. The west IS controlled by Zionist interests, and west's cowardice, immorality and indifference is capitalized on by a ever malicious "tribe", that knows how to play on these human vices. 


If you can't deal with the consequences, don't do the crime, stop the destruction of the Middle East, stop being pawns of those who wish to destroy civilization. 

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There is nothing wrong in principle in giving refugees from war asylum. However, the burden of proof is on the refugee. Note also that most Syrian refugees move to safe areas within Syria or neighboring countries such as Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. The number of genuine refugees in Europe is about 20% of the number of migrants overall, from what I have read.

Likewise, there is nothing wrong in principle in taking some economic migrants if they will contribute something of value to the host country. They must also be willing to adapt to the cultural and ethical norms of the host country. If they do not, the host country should immediately expel them. If they are unjustly expelled, they can always reapply for admission from outside the host country.

A major weakness of countries where the rule of law applies to all citizens is that an actual verifiable crime must be committed in order to incarcerate the perpetrator. For instance, if someone knows that he will be murdered, the state will do nothing until the murder actually occurs. However, migrants are not citizens whose rights would be violated if they are incarcerated prior to actually committing a crime. It makes sense to have some protections (such as the state having the burden of proof against perpetrators in criminal cases) only apply to citizens. That way, migrants who are hostile to the host country who do not show respect to its citizens could be incarcerated and expelled before they can do harm.

Thus, for the state to have prior knowledge of known terrorists within its borders without immediately incarcerating or expelling these terrorists should never occur. The terrorist could always reapply for admission from outside the country or from prison.

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Germany has a Constitutional Right under Art 16 GG to provide Asylum to those suffering POLITICAL persecution from a STATE. It does not apply to anyone entering Germany from ANY OTHER EU STATE Artikel 16a

(1) Politisch Verfolgte genießen Asylrecht.

(2) Auf Absatz 1 kann sich nicht berufen, wer aus einem Mitgliedstaat der Europäischen Gemeinschaften oder aus einem anderen Drittstaat einreist, in dem die Anwendung des Abkommens über die Rechtsstellung der Flüchtlinge und der Konvention zum Schutze der Menschenrechte und Grundfreiheiten sichergestellt ist. Die Staaten außerhalb der Europäischen Gemeinschaften, auf die die Voraussetzungen des Satzes 1 zutreffen, werden durch Gesetz, das der Zustimmung des Bundesrates bedarf, bestimmt. In den Fällen des Satzes 1 können aufenthaltsbeendende Maßnahmen unabhängig von einem hiergegen eingelegten Rechtsbehelf vollzogen werden.

(3) Durch Gesetz, das der Zustimmung des Bundesrates bedarf, können Staaten bestimmt werden, bei denen auf Grund der Rechtslage, der Rechtsanwendung und der allgemeinen politischen Verhältnisse gewährleistet erscheint, daß dort weder politische Verfolgung noch unmenschliche oder erniedrigende Bestrafung oder Behandlung stattfindet. Es wird vermutet, daß ein Ausländer aus einem solchen Staat nicht verfolgt wird, solange er nicht Tatsachen vorträgt, die die Annahme begründen, daß er entgegen dieser Vermutung politisch verfolgt wird.

(4) Die Vollziehung aufenthaltsbeendender Maßnahmen wird in den Fällen des Absatzes 3 und in anderen Fällen, die offensichtlich unbegründet sind oder als offensichtlich unbegründet gelten, durch das Gericht nur ausgesetzt, wenn ernstliche Zweifel an der Rechtmäßigkeit der Maßnahme bestehen; der Prüfungsumfang kann eingeschränkt werden und verspätetes Vorbringen unberücksichtigt bleiben. Das Nähere ist durch Gesetz zu bestimmen.

(5) Die Absätze 1 bis 4 stehen völkerrechtlichen Verträgen von Mitgliedstaaten der Europäischen Gemeinschaften untereinander und mit dritten Staaten nicht entgegen, die unter Beachtung der Verpflichtungen aus dem Abkommen über die Rechtsstellung der Flüchtlinge und der Konvention zum Schutze der Menschenrechte und Grundfreiheiten, deren Anwendung in den Vertragsstaaten sichergestellt sein muß, Zuständigkeitsregelungen für die Prüfung von Asylbegehren einschließlich der gegenseitigen Anerkennung von Asylentscheidungen treffen.

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gegen: Dr. Angela Merkel, Bundeskanzlerin, Willy-Brandt-Straße 1, 10557 Berlin

1. Verdacht des Hochverrats (§ 81 StGB);
2. Verdachts der Schleuserei von Ausländern (§96 AufenthaltsG)

http://www.metropolico.org/2016/01/24/anwaelte-reichen-klage-gegen-merke... Hochverrat begeht,
„wer es unternimmt, mit Gewalt oder durch Drohung mit Gewalt
1. den Bestand der Bundesrepublik Deutschland zu beeinträchtigen oder
2. die auf dem Grundgesetz der Bundesrepublik Deutschland beruhende verfassungsmäßige Ordnung zu ändern.“
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Ha! Does this have a snowball's chance in hell of going anywhere? In any case bonne chance!

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The United States of America commits a vast amount of treasure and personnel to defend Europe, far more than the Europeans themselves spend. Instead of defending themselves the Europeans throw their borders wide open to an invading Muslim army.

The West has always been the aggressor against Russia. But, in the highly unlikely event of Russian aggression the Europeans would not defend themselves. They would rapidly surrender expecting the United States to risk thermonuclear incineration in their defense.

No, the United States must withdraw from NATO. It's up to the Europeans to take responsibility for their own defense. Something that is sorely lacking now.

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commits... or committed, once upon a time? yes, let's talk about those bases. are you ready for that? did you do your homework, do you know how many soldiers they have, what their purpose is? can you argue that they are at the moment much more then just logistical centers? for power projection... elsewhere?

what, we have no own nuclear weapons? ah, the French do not exist, eh?

it's your decision. your own national decision to stay or withdraw from NATO

but to claim that there is no tit for the tat... it's a bit naive, imo. the very moment the US withdraws from NATO... well, you can forget about that "The West", for starters, or you can use it - as it is often done - for the US Only

at least you are stating that a Russian aggression - particularly a full-out war -  is unlikely. meanwhile, your government-elect is already talking that the Balts are not worth defending

meanwhile, it's always funny reading that some Americans are so bloody sure we would not defend ourselves. how about... defending you?

NATO has a charter. Art. 5 is about mutual defense. in the sense that "If you attack one of us, we all defend"

that Art. 5 was invoked, once. By... the US President Bush. We came with you to Afghanistan (with Russian logistical support)

You called. We came. to Afghanistan

You called. Some of us refused to come to Iraq. the French claimed that Saddam had no WMDs. Your Congress' response was... Freedom Fries

Take some responsibility too. To your own diplomatic and military history, for starters. it's really not that long ago

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This is in reply to Sandman above.

This seems to back up what I am saying, particularly in paragraph 4 where it says, "wenn ernstliche Zweifel an der Rechtmäßigkeit der Maßnahme bestehen; der Prüfungsumfang kann eingeschränkt werden und verspätetes Vorbringen unberücksichtigt bleiben", which has to do with burden of proof and not requiring that future evidence affect the outcome based on that, the operative words being "ernstliche Zweifel". In effect the state has less burden of proof in these cases, as I understand it, barring ernstliche Zweifel.

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LoL! It's true too. I just skip 1 to 9. Pathetic morons. They are all being gamed. And they love it. Thinking guv got them. Keep dying, don't expect me to care. Nobody seems to want an solution either since it has to be either black or white. These idiots will capitulate and still get killed. Oblivious to what's really going on. Keep supporting shitholes like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, etc. They don't take refugees but love to spread their wahhabi terror worldwide. And the western guvs help them. Fucking stockholm syndrome fuckers.

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Exactly, the Brits keep allowing the sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia, then those weapons are used on the Yemen people, then you have migration to get away from the death and destruction...THEN the media starts with the coverage of the migration, not what is causing it.


As bad as migration is, it pales to the sin/crime of war on the poor. Yet the Zionist controlled west ignores this sin. In reality this is a plan to destroy the west. The leaders of the west are beholden to central banker interests, i.e. Zionist Jews. 

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Hey, the list is not complete, where would you be without a selfie og a dozen?


No emergency response can be complete without that!

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Or, we can just rid of the politicians and individuals who are for this mass migration.

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Or, or, we can ban weapons sales to the Middle East, that supports the destruction of these nations where the migrants migrate from...crazy idea I know.

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Cut all their welfare. Police and prosecute. No State "sanctuaries".

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The feminist motherfuckers of Europe have destroyed that continent.