Migrant Family Arrests At U.S.-Mexico Border Surge 130% In October And November

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As a new Trump administration prepares to enter the White House, after months of promises to crack down on illegal border crossings, new data emerges that seemingly confirms that the citizens in Mexico and Central America have taken him at his word.  As data from the PewResearchCenter confirms, there has been a surge in illegal border crossings in October and November with the apprehension of people traveling as a family unit up 130% YoY. 

As the chart below highlights, the total number of illegal migrants apprehended at the U.S.-Mexico border in October and November 2016, including those traveling alone, was nearly 40% higher than any other year out of the past 5.



As Pew points out, apprehensions typically spike in the spring and summer months before dipping in the late summer, fall and winter months but 2016 bucked that trend as people rushed to beat the Trump inauguration. 

In the 2016 fiscal year (Oct. 1, 2015 to Sept. 30, 2016), there were 408,870 total apprehensions at the Southwest border, up from 331,333 apprehensions in fiscal 2015. Historically, the number of apprehensions has spiked in the spring and early summer months, before dipping in the late summer, fall and winter months. But in fiscal 2016, apprehensions rose in August and September, with monthly totals that approached the highs of April and May.

Pew also notes that the apprehension of Central Americans exceeded that of Mexicans for just the second time in history.  Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Times also reported that 15,000 non-Latin American migrants, primarily Haitians, Africans and Asians, passed through the Mexican state of Baja California in 2016, a fivefold increase from 2015.

Also in fiscal 2016, apprehensions of Central Americans exceeded that of Mexicans for just the second time. This first occurred in 2014, when there was a record surge in apprehensions of unaccompanied children and families, mostly from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. Apprehensions dropped in 2015 due in part to increased immigration enforcement by the Mexican government at its southern border and internally, which made it more difficult for Central Americans to travel through Mexico to reach the U.S.

Of course, as we noted yesterday (see "Mexican Ambassador To U.S. Urges Illegals To Apply For Citizenship Before Trump Takes Office"), for those who are successful in crossing the border illegally, the Mexican Ambassador to the U.S. has a great plan for how you can avoid deportation.  In fact, Ambassador Carlos Sada Solana has even expanded the hours of Mexican consulates in the United States to "better provide information and assistance" to concerned migrants ahead of Trump taking office on January 20th.  Something tells us that this Ambassador isn't going to be a great fit for the Trump administration.

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You have to go back.

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Scrubbing Bubblez (not verified) Dec 23, 2016 4:30 AM

Do what North Korea does! Land mines and shot on sight!

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Turn off the freebies and cut off the jobs with fines on employers and watch this all stop.   End chain migration.  End birthright citizenship... this is our last chance to hold back the socialist hordes.

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Birthright citizenship is bullshit. We need to get the Supreme Court lined up right, and have this adjudicated once and for all.

Popping out your kid, on US soil, should not give you a prize. It's not written that way....both sides of the issue have been scared to approach it.

Does the Ambassador of say....Japan...if he's living here with his family..and has a child while stationed here...does his child become a US citizen? Of course not.

......under the jurisdiction thereof. Illegals are "under the jurisdiction thereof ", legally...of the country they came from. They are here illegally. If someone comes here legally, and gets a valid application to become a citizen, and is therefore here legally and under " US jurisdiction ",and has a child....different situation.

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Unfortunately it's in the Constitution.  The situation was very different in 1789; employers were desperate for workers, the West started at the Cumberland Gap, and almost ALL immigrants came from Northern Europe.  Another example of how the law needs to be updated for the times.  Article Five.  It's the Constitutional Way.

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Why cannot we blame Russia for this.


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I just noticed one of my neighbors has about 20-40 Mexicans (daily) building a massive addition (2 years and milliions) onto their home.  In the last 4-5 weeks it's been all hands on deck to finish.  I was originally thinking the hurry was to be finished by Christmas, but I now realize it's because of inauguration!

Adios illegals!

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so why dont you call the police and put your neighbor in jail? he is the criminal here

oh I forgot the blame should be only on the Mexicans...


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Do it like Hungary. Jail illegals at the border, and give them a 1 hour court. 'Expedited court case'. They have to present evidence that they are NOT illegals, the burder of proof is on them. 99% fail this at the Hungarian border. Then they have to pay court expenses, are sat on a bus and are kicked the F out. We need to do exactly the same. Have this scum PAY THE EXPENSES and then kick them the F out.

mary mary's picture

Too bad we cannot mark them on the way out, so when they return we can find them more easily.  I think we should at least shave their heads, not as punishment, but as a public health necessity, to prevent lice, which carry dangerous diseases.  We wouldn't want them starting a plague of disease, either here or in their home countries.  We should probably also give them shots.  It's the least we can do.

vasallo7g's picture

The day they start putting in jail AMERICANS who hire illegal workers, that is the day this is for real, all that talk about a Wall or anything else is a distraction

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The Hungarians are some of the smartest and most creative people on earth.  Pity we didn't import more of THEM.

lester1's picture

It's a miracle Trump won given all the Illegal immigrants and  non citizens voting this election. Especially in California.


That needs to be fixed ASAP !!!

Pollygotacracker's picture

The electoral college makes California irrelevent. California's 55 electors are not enough to change the results of an election whereby Trump flipped so many swing states in the Midwest. Send all the illegals to California, for all I care. Or, better yet, settle them in the three counties surrounding D.C. 

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It's a shame that most of Commiefornia has become a turd world shithole thanks to fucking Democrat thug slave masters.

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There is NO WAY Mexico is not involved and greasing the skids on this. No way! Please Mr. Trump....within hours of being sworn in...mobilize whatever forces are legally available....police or military, and shut that fucking southern border down tighter than a crab's ass. Call it military training. Call it whatever. Just make it stop. We are being invaded. It's costing us tens if not hundreds of $billions in social costs and lost wages to native born.
We cannot save the world. We need to save ourselves, or we will end up being a third world country.

Please...make it stop.

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WARNING!  This may elevate your blood pressure, but a real-life example of the damage done from illegal immigration over the past 8 years:

An illegal working under the table in construction fathered four kids.  If he was a tax paying American, he might have stopped at one or two because the kids have a genetic problem requiring constant medical care. However, because he doesn't pay any taxes, the more children produced, the more monthly benefits collected from the taxpayer.  The monthly bill to tax payers:  $40,000/mo for medical treatment, not including food stamps, housing, etc.

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Exactly.  Catholicism is organized crime.  And Catholicism is never having to say you're sorry while you knowingly and willingly participate in organized crime.

ZD1's picture

The Catholic Church and related Catholic charities and schools have collected billions from the Federal government in a far-reaching relationship that spans from school lunches for grammar school students to contracts across the globe to care for the poor and needy at the expense of U.S. taxpayers.


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the key word here is "working", there is no illegal immigration without an American paying wages, so do not blame it all in Mexicans

Faeriedust's picture

And if WE pass idiotic laws, who is to blame?  We need to stop paying the poor to have children.  That's the bloody foundation of the problem.  Even if we gave every freeloader a Minimum Guaranteed Income (TM), it would be cheaper than paying to support their five kids, especially as the children of idiots tend to have all those expensive medical problems that we also have to pay for.  Instead, we should make receipt of welfare depend on sterilization.  It's not Eugenics or "forced sterilization" if they have a choice.  They can always work for a living instead of demanding handouts.

And yes, the welfare set DOES have more kids, because the rules are set up that they can only keep getting the money for five years -- for any one child.  But if they space them out, they can still collect benefits for twenty years or more; then they can take custody of their children's kids when their children get hauled up by Social Services for not having daycare, and collect some more. It's not just a racket; its a profession.

mary mary's picture

All these Latin Americans fleeing Catholic-run countries.  They come to the USA.  The Catholics in the USA tax the USA citizens and give the Latin Americans "refugees" welfare.  The Latin Americans find ways to vote, and of course vote Catholic, to protect their welfare.  Thus the USA becomes another Catholic hellhole, just like the Latin American countries.  That is the Catholic plan.  Hell on Earth, with the Priests and Vatican bankers taking a comfortable cut.

Faeriedust's picture

Anti-Catholicism is SOOOOO 17th-century.  While I generally approve of living in the past, dear, you really should get out more.

mary mary's picture

I am pretty active politically.  They haven't changed their business plan one bit.

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The thing that chafes my ass....illegals get an almost complete pass on the laws you and I have to abide by.

I've experienced and heard about...illegals being caught and let go for drunk driving, hunting and fishing without licenses, working in trades without Licencse or insurance. No filing of taxes. Obscene over occupancy of residential property.

Meanwhile, native born are held to account, with fines and penalties. And I can say, without doubt....this has led directly to native born having to decide whether to abide by law...or say fuck it. I refuse to play a game, where the rules are rigged against me.

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if Americans abide to the law: why there is no Americans in jail for hiring illegal immigrants?

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They're just here to embrace freedom, the constitution, and Rape, I mean reap the benefits of western civilization! WALL NOW!!!!!


"No Cucks, No Fags, No Weak White Men."

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no we go there to work because YOU hire US

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I was a kid when all of this started to happen.  Johnson had introduced his war on poverty and the poor whites and poor blacks that picked our fruit demanded to be paid in cash in the first few years because they did not want to upset their state benefits.  Then they wanted more money and finally they refused to work.  Out of desperation growers began to import Mexican migrants.  Greening is now wiping out citrus in Florid.  Within a couple of decades citrus will be dead but the Mexican population is now permanent.  A good number of those third and fourth generation kids are now professionals and own businesses.  A lot of them voted Republican because they don’t want to see the life boat swamped.  And as a kicker, a lot of conservative Catholics supported Trump.  The Chairwoman of the Republican Party in our county is Catholic.  The assumption that Latinos are one political entity is simply false.

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Many said that The Donald was "just like" Rainbow Skippy and Cankles. There will be "no difference" ya know. Gee, I guess not. NOTE: He hasn't even taken the oath yet.

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"Family Arrests", awwwww isn't that sad and so mean sounding. The ethnic Neo-Bolshevik/Oligarch corporate media have been pushing this theme of "illegals are returning to their homelands" or "the number of invaders(illegals) is now way down" for many years, and it still isn't true!

Massive Invader Rush From Mexico

"The number of Third Worlders who were arrested while illegally entering the United States via the Southwest border in November reached 47,214—or 1,574 every day, according to data released by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

The invasion numbers have been steadily rising since July, but November’s totals were the highest seen at the U.S.–Mexico border since June 2014, when 57,862 invaders were arrested while crossing the border."


Homeland Security: 900 Percent Surge In Asylum Demands, Only Half Of Illegals Caught


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and as long as Americans keep hiring them, they will keep going


this wont stop until Americans who hire illegals are throw into jail

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When can we start arresting and deporting members of the MSM?

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The question everyone should be asking is, who exactly is behind this deliberate, blatent "browning" of Anglo-centric US and Europe....and why?

vasallo7g's picture

For an illegal to work in the USA they need an American who hires them..How many illegals are in the USA? Millions. How many Americans WHO HIRE illegal workers are in jail? ZERO, I dont think this law has been enforced in the history of the USA at all