Despite Trump Hope, Durable Goods Tumbles Most Since Aug 2014 As Non-Defense Orders Crash

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Despite exuberance in soft "survey" data post-Trump, as hope for change re-appears, "hard" data continues to disappoint with Industrial production weakness and now durable goods orders tumbling 4.6% MoM (slightly better than expected -4.8%) - the biggest drop since Aug 2014.

Aside from the reactive drop in 2014 after the big Boeing order, this is the biggest MoM drop since summer 2013...


Durable Goods New Orders decline YoY once again (-0.5%) as ex-defense orders crashed 6.6% MoM (-2% YoY).


Which do you trust - the hard data or the soft?


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This, more than anything tells you that the "swamp" thing was TOTAL BULL$HIT:


5m5 minutes ago

The resolution being considered at the United Nations Security Council regarding Israel should be vetoed....cont:

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Despite Trump Hope


Well he's not President yet.........GEEZ!!!


We still have a total idiot running the country.......plan accordingly.

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All the economic stats are bullshit. Take defense spending (including our military base local economies) and Obamacare (medical equipment) off the table, and not only would durable goods numbers crash, but GDP would be a negative number. Then we've got unemployment stats that pay no attention to the elephant in the room, the 94 million Americans who are no longer in the workforce. Nothing says fake news like the official U.S.G. economy stats.

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It's all bullshit. It's America.

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Who cares about durable goods, we have animal spirits and GS

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It was too cold.  No one could've expected November to be cold.


Or if that's not it, then it was probably too warm.

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a tax cut for the billionaires can totally fix this. /s

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Despite Trump Hope...  really???


Dinglebarry wrecks the planet for 8 years and now we have hope???  The trainwreck is around the corner (I hear Ford, GM are hiring LOL) and Trump will be left with cleaning up the mess that Dinglebarry created.


The hope is that big goobermint will be rolled back - and taxes  should move lower.


But we are stuck in deflation and have been for years - CBs are bidding certain parts of the economy.


How will Trump manage this???  The only wild card not being talked about - Right To Work - unions (not their workers) need to transformed - currently unions are a cancer that bleed to death anything they touch, including big fat fucking goobermint.


When Right to Work happens across all 50 states, the shit will hit the fan - and it needs to.

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.gov has been too generous with our money methinks.  From expensive 'consultants', to paying life guards in San Diego a 1/4 million $ a year is a bit much for taxpaying beach goers who make less than $50 k a year.


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They don't think of it as your money, they think of it as their money.  And since they lock us up if we don't pay whatever tax they come up with, they may have a point.

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If you can't be generous with freshly printed money, you truly are Ebenezer Scrooge.



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I'd rather have Trump as prez than the Marxist e-mailer any day. She would not be fun to go through this next crash with. It would be one of those "crisis" moments the Democrats would be rubbing their hands together for. Gun control or total confiscation, more whittling down of the first and fourteenth amendments, higher taxes, more illegal voters invited in, many with a crime record who would not increase economic productivity, more control over private property, more political correctness, more executive orders, bigger than ever government, and a never ending parade of "rights" that must be pursued and paid for by the "deplorables".

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I bet we will start to see more realistic reports that show how bad things are.  But of course, it will be Trump's fault.  I garan-damn-tee you that Obumnutz will be making news appearances in February saying how dangerous the Trump policies are and he is the cause of destruction.

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Despite trump hope? Wtf is that supposed to mean? Im going to go out and dump my wallet on shit I dont need?

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"Durable Goods New Orders decline YoY once again (-0.5%) as ex-defense orders crashed 6.6% MoM (-2% YoY)."


'ex-defense' being the operative phrase here.


My scrap metals vendor tells me that's what keeps his machine-shop clients humming, as opposed to auctioning...

 In other words: War-making materials keeps the doors open.

In other words: Those damned Russian hackers.

In other words: We're likely to end up bankrupted in much the same way the Soviets were.


Funny how that works...




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my washer broke last week but I will wait until Trump's inauguration to replece it.


Unless any of you guys know what to do if a washer agitates but won't spin or drain

Tyler has my phone number  Thanks