Disposable Income Per Capita Grows At Weakest Rate Since 2014

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For the 3rd month in a row, annual US spending growth has outpaced annual income growth (+4.2% spending vs +3.5% income).


However, both spending and income growth MoM disappointed (with incomes unchanged MoM - the weakest since Feb 2016).


Combine these two and the savings rate in November plunged to its lowest since March 2015.


Finally we note that Disposable Real Personal Income per Capita dropped from 39,292 to 39,247, increasing just 1.5% YoY - the weakest growth since 2014.


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Earning a Living Wage Will Not be Achieved by Raising the Minimum Wage


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With over 75% of Americans in debt serf mode, living from paycheck to paycheck, it's hard to believe that there can ever be any disposable income growth in the U.S. However, those 20 richest Americans, who have more wealth than 50% of the rest of the country, will continue to see their disposable incomes grow as long as their financial engineering tactics allow them to extract more from the rest of the broke-dick population. Parasites rule.

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LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) Paul Kersey Dec 22, 2016 10:51 AM

Is it Trump's fault yet???

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It's our fault for allowing it all to happen while watching Dancing With the Stars, Marvel Comics-based movies, ingesting psychotropic drugs, growing fatter on fast food or grazing at the Country Buffet, and, of course, getting our nails done and our hair colored. We have become an antibiotic-laced Chicken Nugget Nation.

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LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) Paul Kersey Dec 22, 2016 12:11 PM

Personally, I don't care if people do all of those things, plus more. What I do care about is when Central Planning points guns at me, telling me that I now have to pay for the people who do those things. When Central Planning points guns at me and tells me that that man over there is now a woman - if you don't agree, go to jail. Get Central Planning and their guns out of my face.

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there's an inverse relationship between "disposable income" and income that resembles other disposables

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there's an inverse relationship between "disposable income" and income that resembles other disposables

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Disposable Income Per Capita Grows


What is "Disposable Income"????


How in the hell is a negative value "GROWS"

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This is a Very HARD to Understand Topic...


People are Fucking BROKE

and so...

No Fucking $ to SPEND!!!!!


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even at ATH's? ah, bc these are NOT YOUR ATH's, they're the 1%ers ATHs..... debt-slaves, you owe more than you'll ever "save" at the very banks you owe to.

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Economists are too stupid to recognize that people save less on November because they go Christmas shopping - and save even less when gasoline prices jump 30 cents!

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... and save even less when the ObamaScare premium tax is hiked 25% !

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More GREAT NEWS for 20,000.00 mark of DJIA!

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What is this Disposable Income he speaks of?

Is that like the zinc pennies you get back in change and throw at a bird hoping to hit it for something to eat?

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Savings includes paying back loans so the country was never saving but people were saving and if that ended then the economy is finished.

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It is one of the charming little side benefits of our tax system that companies often do layoffs and RIF's at year end (around the joyous holiday season) in order to book the tax benefits associated with the bulge in expenses associated with said firings.  Among other inputs, this is just one more reason why an economy operating at the margins will see a drop in both spending and savings.  Less money for either one.

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Also, maybe people aren't saving money in banks.

My savings have grown, just not in that digital realm.

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Your fault, not mine.

Good luck in the new year, nothing holding you back.

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LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) FreeShitter Dec 22, 2016 10:55 AM

Crack prices be skyrocketin. Da rayyysis man still be opres'n mak'n dem pay dohs kind uh prices.

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Fortunately debt expansion is exponential-  pg. 1 the Paul Krugman school of economics.

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Lol, look at the graphic, everytime it went down we have Republican in the White House, how ironic right!


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You can't fire me! I gots EBD cart bitches!

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The entire US Economy is Disposable. Dump Wife, Husband, Relatioships  with others. Then all of them talk about love, feelings, and emotions. Americkas are getting fucked up 

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Unless you already have many hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of diverse assets set aside for your retirement years, you don't have ANY "disposable" income.  If you dispose of that extra cash now you will really wish you had it back later.  Be sure to have an ample supply of assets "off the books" too.  If the government knows you have assets they will tax them, take them, or deduct their value from your future SS benefits.  

A wise old guy told me years ago, "Son, it's a jungle out there but sometimes you run into some coconuts.  When you do you should eat a few, share a few, and stash the rest in a safe place."


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You nailed it - work too many hours at your Walmart greeter job and they subtract from your SS check. Same thing if you earn too much interest on your savings -- but fortunately the Fed took care of that so most seniors don't have this problem!

And there is talk of a 'wealth tax'. I do not believe that will happen (because people will hide their wealth) - but I can easily see it happen where they means test all government benefits such that you have to prove that you are 'poor' enough!

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A wise old guy once told me "Better an egg today than a hen tomorrow"


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Want to know why bank stocks have done so well in the past month - I printed the rates sheet at my bank prior to the Fed hike, and checked it again today. No change for savings or CD rates - the only thing that went up was the interest rate they charge for loans.

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Disposable income per capita would grow if Americans bought American made goods and not phony American brands made in foreign factories. Americans claim they care about unemployment and the average working person. Their personal spending habits indicate otherwise. The average working person should make efforts to help himself and herself. Government policy is definitely not without blame - but the average citizen, discount buying their way out of a job, deserves blame, too.

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True, but it's nearly impossible to buy some products made in the USA.  Women's clothing and shoes for example.  Children's toys.  And to confuse the matter some things are partially made in various places.  Wine could be made in France but bottled in the U.S.  

Governments work for large corporations.  If politicians wanted a strong middle-class, they would have negotiated with other governments to slowly raise their wages and standard of living so the vacuuming out of manufacturing jobs from the US would not have occurred.

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Ross Perot was right.

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Funny when you think about 'disposing' your income.  Think about it!  Economist expect you to litterally waste a portion of your income.