Euroskeptics Enraged At Europe's Open Borders After Details Of Berlin Killer's Trip Emerge

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Shortly after the Berlin truck terrorism suspect Anis Amri was killed in a shoot out with Milan police, railway tickets found on Amri's body showed he had traveled from Chambery in south-eastern France to Turin and then on to Milan, according to Italy's Ansa. Which is strange because while he kept ticket stubs, he had virtually nothing else on him: Milan police said Amri was carrying few personal belongings, had no cell phone and no other arms apart from a small knife in his backpack. He had several hundred euros but no documents. "He was a ghost, he didn't leave a trace," said Milan police chief Antonio De Iesu.

In any case, the newly revealed details of his trip mean that Europe's most wanted man traveled unhindered through at least three countries - Germany, France and Italy - before being gunned down in northern Italy.

He travelled out of Germany and all the way to Chambery railway station in the French Alps. He then took a three-hour direct train to Turin, and then on to Milan's Central Station where he arrived at 1am, and then on to the suburban Sesto San Giovanni station where he was killed by police at 3am.

It is not known how he got to France from Germany but if it was by train the quickest route would be from Berlin to Frankfurt, then on to Lyon. According to the Mail, at least one report suggests Amri may have gone to Paris before heading towards the Alps and Italy over the past five days. German Police will search for any abandoned cars in case he left Germany by road before switching to the railways.

Today Amri, 24, had just stepped off a train from France when he was stopped by a routine police patrol in the suburb of Sesto San Giovanni in Milan. The Tunisian asylum seeker screamed 'Allahu Akbar' and pulled a pistol from his bag and shot policeman Christian Movio in the shoulder.  A firefight ensued with Amri cowering behind a car as he tried to flee, but Luca Scatà, a trainee police officer who had only been in the job a few months, gave chase before shooting him dead in the street.

As reported previously, Amri had strong links to Italy because it was the first European country he claimed asylum in.  In 2011 he dodged prison in his native Tunisia after fleeing following a violent robbery. He was jailed for five years in absentia. He arrived in Italy in 2011, arriving on the small island of Lampedusa amongst thousands of people fleeing the Arab Spring uprisings.

After his release Italy failed to deport him twice because Tunisia refused to take him back and he fled Italy via the Alps for Germany, meaning he probably went via Milan. He looks to have followed a near identical route back - yet German police appear to have completely misjudged the distance Amri was able to travel after the attack on Monday night.

As a result, attention has shifted to tactical blunders by the German police, as Amri slipped through their fingers.

As the Daily Mail adds, "blundering German police today said they believed the Tunisian asylum seeker was still in or around Berlin just before he was shot dead almost 1,000 miles away in Milan. Officers have been raiding addresses across Germany in the hunt for Amri, but after arresting the wrong man the ISIS terrorist was able to flee the country." Adding insult to German police injury, this morning, before his death was announced, a senior police source told tabloid Bild: ‘We believe he is either in Berlin or in North Rhine-Westphalia’. 

As we speculated yesterday, Amri's escape from Germany is pouring on the embarrassment for Chancellor Angela Merkel, who yesterday said she believed they would arrest him 'soon'. Not surprisingly, according to an Insa Poll conducted December 21-23 and published in Germany's Bild, Merkel's CDU declined again in the latest polls.

German security services have already been heavily criticised for the way they have handed the investigation. First police arrested the wrong man in the aftermath of the attack - a Pakistani asylum seeker who accidentally jumped a red light near Breitscheidplatz. Innocent man Naveed Baluch, 23, was flown across the country to Karlsruhe to be questioned, but was released 18 hours later after he was found to have no blood on his clothes and no injuries.

In that time Amri was allegedly caught on a security camera as he stood outside a mosque he was believed to have frequented in Berlin's Moabit neighbourhood.  The next blunder came when German police took a day to find his wallet under the truck's front seat and they only managed to confirm his fingerprints were on the wheel yesterday.

The country's security was placed under fresh scrutiny following revelations covert surveillance had been ditched against the 24-year-old after more than six months due to police finding nothing to substantiate an initial tip-off.  Yesterday it was revealed that wire taps grabbed two months ago showed Amri had told a hate preacher that he was willing to blow himself up - and had also inquired about buying automatic weapons from a police informant.  But German officers still did not believe they had enough evidence to arrest him, according to Spiegel.

A near-total ban on CCTV in public spaces also meant that German police and security services had no live footage of the Christmas market massacre or the killer driver fleeing the scene.

* * *

But while Merkel and the German response will be probed and questioned for weeks to come, another target of Eurosceptics has emerged: Europe's passport-free travel, the Schengen Area, which allowed Amri to cross two international borders without as much as a question.

As a result, leading Eurosceptics have blamed the Schengen agreement, which allows passport-free travel between many European Union states, for Anis Amri's easy journey across Europe.

Marine Le Pen, who leads France's far-right National Front party, said: "This escapade in at least two or three countries is symptomatic of the total security catastrophe that is the Schengen agreement."

Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage said on Twitter: "If the man shot in Milan is the Berlin killer, then the Schengen Area is proven to be a risk to public safety. It must go."

While it is unknown if this particular incident will be sufficient to end the Schengen Area customs-union, should the Amri attack be followed by one or more similar terrorist attacks in the coming weeks, it may just be the final straw that forces Europe to crackdown on passport-free travel. It will likely also have significant consequences on the 2017 German elections, where despite the recent snafus, Merkel's CDU is still seen as a big favorite to win.

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Oliver Jones's picture

As Dr. Phil would say, "How's that working for you?"

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So he only had a knife on him. So how did he "pull out a gun whilst shouting Allaahu akbar" and then proceeded into a gun fight? Oh well, don't question and just accept. It's much easier.

TBT or not TBT's picture

on the bright side, he is dead.  

StackShinyStuff's picture

"A near-total ban on CCTV in public spaces also meant that German police and security services had no live footage of the Christmas market massacre or the killer driver fleeing the scene."


Tylers, are you trying to suggest something here?  Not fucking cool. I hope you are quoting, in which case you should note that.

Byte Me's picture

If the man shot in Milan is the Berlin killer, then the Schengen Area is proven to be a risk to public safety. It must go. Farage

Hands up the proponents of SCHENGEN in the '90s.


Q) Where do the greatest Islamist 'problems' exist??

well fuck me if FRANCE and dear old Doucheland just don't bubble to the top.

Dank je wel fuckwads.

847328_3527's picture

"Germans need to learn to be more accepting," Merkel says in der Spiegel.



zhandax's picture

"He was jailed for five years in absentia."

That is either a bad translation or the most progressive thing I ever heard.

TBT or not TBT's picture

it is easier on stressed government budgets.

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The Germs held for 36 hours the wrong guy. In 36 hours you can cross Europe by train with or without Schengen.

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He arrived in Italy on Friday you moron son of a whore. The other suspect was released days ago

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He arrived in Italy from France. About my mother. I don't know why, but today is the third anniversary my mother died of cancer. She a very good and honorable mother.

TBT or not TBT's picture

Are you suggesting the islamworld psychopath shot dead is possibly not dead?  Undead?  Or that his life and acts in Europe and before, as a violent criminal are to treasured and celebrated, as opposed to deplored and terminated?


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Also on the bright side, most of the goat fuckers let in are too stupid, craven, ignorant, and lazy to conduct a large scale attack.

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Merkel sayeth:  "Yes, don't question it as we need to get back to work at the status quo.  Now, where did I put my rabid Muslim import wish list.  I hope Santa brings me the best of the worst."



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You don't seriously believe this pathetic storyline do you? There were no 'Muslims' involved in this, except of course for the poor Paki that got rounded up for walking past a scene of carnage. Of course had in been in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, Palestine etc etc then a paki walking past a scene of carnage would have been perfectly exceptable. /sarc (just in case someone is stupid enough to not recognise such obvious sarcasm)

TBT or not TBT's picture

Well that's the standard line from leftist enablers of muslim invasion-replacement well underway, that the perps were not practicing islam.  They are from an islamic culture with islamic law and islamic values and islamic rage.   That, also, is Islam in action.  


sun tzu's picture

0bozo the Assclown hasn't come out with his usual "This has nothing to do with Islam" speech yet. 

TBT or not TBT's picture

He is busy pardonning evil fucks .    It's a lot of paperwork. 



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I logged in just to make the same comment.  How could the guy be killed in a shoot-out if all he had was a knife?

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The call has gone out to "Circle the Wagons!"

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I doubt that will happen. I now know three people moving out of Germany with the last one for the same reason; streets are too dangerous ofr his wife and three girls. They have already been molested by these roving gangs of muslims and he fears it will only get worse since the political Elite do NOT want to stop it. He is transferring back to USA and already sent his wife and kids back.


It's really a sad situation over there. The three people I know that left are a small sample of the brain drain that will happen as they are replaced by unsllled, violent, goat herders take over their country and add very little to their society from what we have seen so far.

sun tzu's picture

The EU braintrust told us these unskilled, violent goat herders with an IQ of 70 will save the EU economy

Ignatius's picture


This Vaudeville travelling circus act repeated around the planet is the mechanism of authority and governnot control.  Our dear leaders love this sh#t and promote the fraud as it looks like they're actually doing something useful.  They're not; they're creating the phony threats.

I fart in their general direction.

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This "were not taking him back" shit has to stop. If you created the prick, your country has to take him back, even if he's pushed out the door of a helicopter. Not having a passport is not an excuse for being a criminal.

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because Tunisia refused to take him back...

HAHAHAHA.... since when do 3rd world countries determine immigration policy for the West? Pffffff.....  This is so laughably solveable. Here's an idea. Fire every government official and politician who really has no clue how to maintain territorial integrity and Rule of Law. This entire "faux" crisis would be solved in 6 weeks. Line up the empty container ships. The deportations start now.


TBT or not TBT's picture

The europeans should have then offered to drop him off halfway.  

sun tzu's picture

Start strapping these jihadists on cruise missiles and sending them back where they came from. 

Offthebeach's picture

Knock knock. Your turdword Muslim dungheap doesn't and won't take Jihad Johnny Junior back.

You would have to be a leftist not to figure it out.

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If you want the goyim to feel safe, you need to start treating them like criminals. That's right, when normal people see the efforts being put towards harassing and scrutinizing them, they'll begin feeling MOAR safe. At that point they'll start to ignore all of the real terrorist shit that happens around them.

Cman5000's picture

This is what Mexico and Central America nations will do after January refuse to accept our illegals due to paperwork errors.And illegals will tear up their documentation and documents.

TBT or not TBT's picture

Camps.  Offshore if need be to around idiots wanting to apply the Constitution to illegal alien invaders.    

duo's picture

I was thinking the high desert of Southern Cal.

847328_3527's picture

Why camps offshore? Just pay some middle east nation to take them back or set up a village in the desert there maybe in eastern syria or soutehrn iraq on the border with qatar. They'll aprreciate being closer to home.

First priority is to shut the borders tight then solve the other stuff.

SoDamnMad's picture

Offshore island like the Australians. One of the Channel Islands off San Pedro. I even think there might be goats out there.  Lotta sharks circling too.

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Trump anticipated this possible response many months ago, because Obuttfuck and Hillary's state department had been using this excuse to keep muzzies here for years. No reason to doubt Trump and General Kelly can't stand up to a few 3rd world shit holes.

nmewn's picture

And Farage nails it on both points...

Nigel Farage ?@Nigel_Farage

If the man shot in Milan is the Berlin killer, then the Schengen Area is proven to be a risk to public safety. It must go.

...heavy on that "IF" because the thing to do is leave your wallet in the truck after you run down a bunch of people, then they can arrest someone WHO IS NOT implicated by the drivers license, found in the wallet, that you left in the truck while German officials point everywhere but themselves they announce that YOU are the suspect now and let the Paki guy go, who was not the guy on the license found in the wallet left in the truck that was used to run over a bunch of people, so you arm yourself and haul ass only to be shot down because YOUR WALLET was found in the seat of a truck used to run down a bunch of people.  

847328_3527's picture

Farage and Trump are two people who have solid common sense imo.

LA_Goldbug's picture

I do not for a second think the German Police is that stupid. Sorry.

The order came from Security Services to let the guy go as they had a patsy lined up and stopping the Paki was a "mistake". I would think that they would have checked the vehicles as fast as possible to get clues who was involved. Instead 2 days later they find the wallet.

The plan failed because of the struggle. They were supposed to drive the full length of the market and get out of the area. Then lets say they knock out the Pole and set the vehicle on fire. Patsy is ready to be swallowed by the public.

Instead they have a mess that is NOT CREDIBLE nor is it logical.

Dien Bien Poo's picture

Hes dead. Schengan has nothing to do with his reason to kill. The point is European security forces worked well to find a muderer 1000 miles away from the crime. To me this is a sucess, so fuck off Farage and go back to sucking trumps cock.

Invinciblehandaxe's picture

then you need to pull your head out of your ass to see the light...

if the tuni patsy did NOT leave his wallet zee bundespolizei would be totaly lost at who did it...

when the bundespolizei found the tuni patsy's wallet in the truck a day alter

the tuni patsy was out of the country in another state

a routine control (what a fucking chance eeeh?) found and shot the guy...

hmmm what fkn success indeed



TeaClipper's picture

Sir Nigel Farage to you peasant. And read the fucking article, he was caught by a couple of rookies more by luck than judgement, after travelling through three countries. The Shengen zone has everything to do with this. As does Italy s failure to insist in his deportation. Seriously you fucking Krauts really have lost your balls haven't you. You should ve fucking ashamed at being so weak you cant even protect your woman and children anymore



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bundespolizei what a bunch of wannabes. hey germanz say hi to that stasi bitch merkel.

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This farcical show they are putting on to control the masses, it is time all these elites in the terrorist EssU/USSA and the rest of The Western Axis of jew Led Evil are rounded up and publically executed for their crimes against the people. It would require a trigger event for this to wake the sheep from their slumber, but they seem quite willing to provide one. I will not be marching in step with anybody, only finding people who have the same view of the situation at hand. This is their biggest fear, they better fear, we will tear them to shreds.

monad's picture

Merry Christmas Nigel!

TheFreeLance's picture

Alt-theory -- He was never in Berlin.

Either that or believe in ghosts. Something VERY weird is going on.

Allen_H's picture

As I said on an earlier story, it is just a Broadway play for fear and control.

----_-'s picture
----_- (not verified) Dec 23, 2016 9:34 AM

and this is was the fake "terrorist act" was about on the day trump was confirmed to be president.


they want reestablish borders in order of to make it harder for international agents to move across europe.


trump also told about a nuclear arm race, means they are going towards cold war 2 spy games in future

trader1's picture

Those same Euroskeptics are complaining why the USA don't have border controls between state lines. 




Minack's picture

We could certainly use a few for California...


You're never going to turn the EU into a United States of Europe. Your project has failed.