America Has Unofficially Declared War On The Homeless

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Police departments across the country have been ramping up raids on the homeless, stealing coats, blankets, and other personal items and leaving those on the street with no protection from the cold and rain.

The Homelessness San Diego Facebook page recently posted a video of city workers conducting an “encampment sweep” that was recorded by homeless advocate Michael McConnell. According to CW6, “the city says it routinely posts clean-up notices downtown as part of its regular weekly abatement schedule.

The Denver Police Department released a statement last Thursday evening defending police officers caught on video taking blankets, sleeping bags, and tents from homeless people and issuing some citations. Freezing temperatures didn’t stop the cold-hearted cops from confiscating the items “as evidence of the violations.

The video taken by a bystander went viral after being shared by the ACLU of Colorado’s Facebook page. It was swiftly followed up by an open letter to Denver Mayor Michael Hancock, Denver City Council, and city officials. The letter, which expresses horror at the willingness of the local government officials to endanger the lives of the homeless, demands that the City immediately (1) direct its police officers to cease confiscation of blankets and other survival gear possessed by people experiencing homelessness, (2) suspend enforcement of the Denver Urban Camping Ban through the winter months, using that time to explore alternative approaches to homelessness that do not criminalize people for having nowhere they can afford to live and (3) end the coordinated sweeps of people experiencing homelessness, whether they are conducted through police, public works, private security, all of the above, or any other means.”

This is not the first time Colorado authorities have come under fire for their brutal treatment of the homeless. In February of this year, Denver Law School released a report called Too High A Price: What Criminalizing Homelessness Costs Colorado, which examined the economic and social cost of the anti-homeless laws. According to the paper, “Laws that criminalize panhandling, begging, camping, sitting or lying in public, and vagrancy target and disproportionately impact homeless residents for activities they must perform in the course of daily living.”

Los Angeles deployed an entire task force to crack down on homeless people, imposing their own “encampment sweeps” in September. The ironically named “Homeless Outreach and Proactive Engagement” teams are supposed to help reduce the number of people living on the street, but they appear to be doing nothing more than turning those who are less fortunate into criminals.

The ACLU declared a small victory over the summer when it successfully defended the rights of a man charged with trespassing after trying to gain access to emergency shelter. According to Jessie Rossman, a staff attorney with the ACLU of Massachusetts:

“Today’s landmark, unanimous ruling has affirmed, the state high court’s own words that ‘our law does not permit the punishment of the homeless simply for being homeless.’”

Anti-homeless laws are cruel, unconstitutional, and create more hardship for those targeted, making it harder for them to get back on their feet. It is unthinkable to believe that stealing blankets and clothing from people living on the street is justifiable by any legislation, and it is terrifying to see law enforcement follow orders to do so without blinking an eye.

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"God'll get you for that Walter".

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Completely illogical why one would choose to live in places like Denver if you were homeless when Flordia is warm year round and you can bathe in the ocean. Start walking and stick your thumb out.

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The homeless in Vegas have Iphones and new sneakers and higher label brand jeans. My wife is from a poor country and she always take pictures of them and sends them to her family. They all get a good laugh beacause in her native country homeless are either 90 years old or missing limbs, truly unfortunate folks that justify a hand out.

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Everywhere I drive…. “now hiring” signs everywhere..

OK, well they are not six figure jobs, but they are hiring and there is no f’ng excuse for an abled-body person not to be doing something for money.

..that goes for the little sweethearts, too.

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LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) Manthong Dec 24, 2016 3:56 PM

Ship all of the homeless (99% mentally ill) to San Francisco where they LOVE giving FREE $HIT FOR EVERYBODY!!!

No coats or blankets needed.  Progressives/leftists/Marxists - the compassionate/loving ones that they are - can give the homeless rooms in their homes.

Oh...  the progressives want the homeless in other people's neighborhoods and for other people's money to be used for them?

Allen_H's picture

Just package them up into one shitbag and let go of them, wow, what powers of understanding. God I hope I do not live near you. You fucking beast.

What makes you think you are BETTER than them ? Who are you to decide ? When it comes to these things it matters to me, and it should matter to you!

Did they ask to be here ? Did they ? Do they deserve your demagogy ?

I have scraped the street too many times, luckily I have always had a rescue, but it may not always be this way. Fuck You !

And I am no socialist leftist fuck, but a man has to care.

Just do not think you are better, you are the same scum, with benefits.

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Stainless Steel Rat (not verified) Allen_H Dec 24, 2016 5:15 PM

LSD will be visited by 3 ghosts...

LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD's picture
LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) Stainless Steel Rat Dec 24, 2016 5:24 PM

Naw... They're too busy getting FREE $HIT in S.F...

Allen_H's picture

Homeless and FSA are two different thing shitbag.

LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD's picture
LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) Allen_H Dec 24, 2016 8:28 PM

And I'm glad that you are here to straighten me out on that, Sparky.

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Having been homeless (Multiple times), I can tell you first hand in my city that the city security workers will come and drag your ass out of ANY Public place, especially libraries, as you are an offense to the "public", being unbathed, etc....

With that being said, I can also tell you that if you want to live while being homeless, you had best avoid any gov. workers, including buses, as they have very little tolerance for them on the buses, as they have gangs running around beating people up too, & so you need to stay sharp & aware of the bad guys out there (cause they are everywhere now).  Bad guys can include just about anyone, as the world has become largely engrossed in illicit dealings, crime is off the hook, and drugs are disease that has eat this nation just like other 3rd world countries of the past...

It's a war on the USA if you really want to get on down to the real truth...

Allen_H's picture

I always kept the word exclusively for the Hildabeast, but you deserve it as well.....Cunt !!!!

LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD's picture
LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) Allen_H Dec 24, 2016 8:27 PM

LOL!  You are such the emotional one, aren't you, sweetie? It's kind of cute, really.

Have a great Christmas!

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It is very hard to be a Christian. The natural path of man is to see hardship and wish to have not seen it and go along our own business and intended paths.

That said women in my opinion should do exactly the above, because many of the homeless are insane. Christian men however are supposed to stop and try to offer some assistance to help the homeless. Men are supposed to be brave and the head of household for a reason! Now I'm not going to tell you there is some magical formula how to deal with these people. I've been doing it off and on over the years and have had a few successful stories and a whole lot of failures. It seems there are two types of homeless, those who end up there because they were not loved and taught how to structure their lives or haven't the capacity, and those who like to live on the fringes and enjoy smoking and drinking and cursing everyone that ignores or doesn't help. I suppose it is also possible tha people without the capacity learn bad habits from the cursers with the hardship of living on the streets.

The fact is that not having money in this country is akin to being treated like a piece of dirt. Many cops lack Christian souls, they are not written in the book of life in my humble opinion. But then again some do have compassion for the poor. I'm personally wary of the those living in the street. The smell is particularly hard to deal with, and oftentimes I'm conflicted when they want to shake my hand after me trying to assist them as I'm a very hygenic person (wash my hands really good after every poop and pee job). I've found that I have to ask myself what Jesus would want and I usually extend out my hand in mercy anyway and shake it with no regret. Though I also try not to touch the steering wheel with that hand until next sink stop. Is it wrong to be conflicted over the homeless? Yes and no. Because each and everyone of them is unique, as I've said I've been doing this for years and I highly recommend other men to try to go out of their way to try to help.

Warning about the things you are going to have to deal with when helping the homeless. One the psychotic drug addicts, most of the time you don't help someone acting irratic or jumping out of their skin or darting eyeballs that can't fixate on your pupils. If you do then be prepared that you might have to defend yourself with excessive force (generally these types are very rare!). Two is the sedated and fatalist chemical abuser. Here you'll find the chain smoker and boozer that put the chemical above their own comfort and protection. If you approach these people with compassion you can sometimes reach them by saying this must be a very hard situation and starting a dialogue. I'm usually blunt about their cigarettes and alcohol and let them know how much that is costing them a day and if they saved that and used it on food and accomodations where they could be. I also ask them if they believe in God, having them confess their beliefs is empowering. I also ask them how they plan to get off the streets, as by having them confess an exit plan gets them to thinking they can do something to change their circumstance. And one thing I've had moderate success is by telling them that the bible says without a vision his people perish. I ask them to see that vision of where they want to be vividly in their mind and to share that vision with God as a prayer. I've given away a dollar here an there to the panhandlers that I think can still be reached. I don't give the money with the expectation it will improve their situation (it won't) directly, but rather as a means to starting a conversation about the above.

I've had all kinds of stories to tell about helping the homeless. Once I gave an ice cream from DQ to one of them and he gave me the coldest eyes and fed it to his dog right in front of me. I've also had a guy that was really broken that I helped and a month later he approached me and told me how he had found a job and a new start and God in the process. He was very thankful for me explaining how it all worked and taking the time out. So again the churches are wrong to teach unconditional "love" as the answer, sometimes reasoning and left brained lessons are needed to help the poor but certainly we offer discipline to those we love so it's not always so bad to offer to truth even to the homeless. The thing is that when we do this we must not do it for the pleasure of scolding them, but rather as an extended family that wants their best. People are capable of usually discerning genuine desire. What we shouldn't do though is enable someone who uses money to sustain bad habits. In other words I believe in tough love, but love is amorphous and can take on many forms. The fact that we care and try to help is a statement of love in its own right, but as Jesus wasn't a beta male that just said whatever pleased the listener so too should we use our talents to wisely give the right advice and capital and method to right a person.

I'll never give up on the homeless, but we have to choose the battles we can win and not everyone is going to be open to truth or help. Don't get frustrated though with a few that can't be helped. And don't be afraid to shake their hands, accept their love and don't turn it away with contempt. Someday they'll be sitting amongst princes and nobles and our wealth will be testifying against us.

Merry Xmas and keep the faith and love of God in your hearts. God bless.

MonetaryApostate's picture

Let's get real here, the cops have to hide the evidence that there's a drug epidemic in this nation...

Can't have blocks of drug addicts laying around, now can we?

Giant Meteor's picture

Are there no prisons? No workhouses ?

juangrande's picture

How many homeless are vets?

Yukon Cornholius's picture

25% or something stupid like that. Kill brown people! Get ptsd! Lose your home! Join the Ar-r-r-my!

xvvx23's picture

All homeless will be recruited BY FORCE into the army for at least 1 year  or else sent to jail


After a year, they are released with their salary for 1 year of service.   that is then their chance to get their lives back on track.


Hoardes of homeless people roaming the streets is bad for EvERYONE, including the homeless.   Living on the streets is a very hard and destructive existence


If they refuse to comply then they are in jail since homeless are a public disorder and there needs to be something there to stop people sleeping on the streets.

Allen_H's picture

Is that supposed to be a comment? Idiot.

Giant Meteor's picture

Youth In Asia is an entirely different topic ..

xvvx23's picture

Yes it should be fucking legalized.  Why the fuck not?   THere are too many retards these days who should be allowed to painlessly die.  They didn t ask to be born.


I aint no retard but fuck it if it was legal I'd have to think hard about it.

Urban Redneck's picture

Since compassion seems beyond your intellectual and emotional reach, why not try walking a mile (or whatever ground you can cover in a few weeks) in their shoes?  Then we can all have the pleasure of watching natural selection in action...

I think everyone should be drafted into the military and made to experience poverty, but what know I'm just a rich white dude, ex-bankster and ex-soldier, it's not like I might have ever witnessed the horrors of government and the wars and poverty it leaves in its wake.

kbohip's picture

So they can move into your neighborhood right?  Fucking idiots.

Dugald's picture


How long before they remove their Hair and Gold teeth???

SummerSausage's picture

Why didn't your family take you in?  Your neighbors? Your friends?  Your church? 

ZD1's picture

Send the homeless to the mansions and estates of Commiefornia's Democrat mafia.

Just think of all the homeless that could live in Nancy Pelosi's sprawling Pacific Heights mansion that is worth millions.

Pelosi also owns a vast vineyard estate in St. Helena were hundreds of homeless could live.


Manthong's picture

..they all need to be camping out in Pelosi's yard..

and pissing and shitting all over her property.

Never One Roach's picture

"If you want to keep your home, you can keep your home. I promies!".............................Moar Obama/Democrat Legacy:


Homelessness soars to No. 1 concern in SF, new poll finds




As The Number Of Homeless Students Soars, How Schools Can Serve Them Better

sun tzu's picture

Most are mentally ill or addicts, basically the same thing. The functional ones can usually get themselves back up on their feet within a short time. Maybe the solution is to house them in the empty military base barracks. Then again, many will refuse to stay, so you can't lock them up there forever. 

Yukon Cornholius's picture

Many of them were housed in military barracks prior to becoming homeless. Many were members of the best damn fighting units on god's green earth.

Dugald's picture


If that is true, then you have just spoilt my Christmas Day...

chiquita's picture

It is a sanctuary city, right?  

SheHunter's picture

You, sir need to step outside your safe, smug niche.

The latest homeless person I met is 26 years old and fought for 6 years for YOU in Iraq.  He now lives in a northern WY town in an abandonded schoolbus next to the railroad tracks because he is terriffied to be inside any building.  He has been waiting for psychological counseling for 4 years.  He is alive because the welding shop next to the schoolbus brings him food, blankets and other life necessities.  I met him when I was staying at the motel near the tracks and went out to walk my dog one eve.  My dog found him and he liked my dog.  Did not have much to say to me except disjointed sentences about hearing loud noises and needing to stay warm.  Take a walk outside your comfortable, safe, structured life Lower Slow if you have the guts.

SummerSausage's picture

The percentage of homeless that are vets is the same percentage as vets in the general adult population.


Trying to blame homelessness on vets is left wing propaganda.  Homeless are mentally ill who reject help and, thanks to left wingers, cannot be forced out of their mental illness.  Or they are addicts whose families, friends, churches have given up on them until they decide to get control of their addiction.


The government encourages homelessness and addiction by making it easy for them to get SSI and giving them debit cards to support their habits.

Dakota Kid's picture

According to the VA in 2011, veterans made up 14% of homeless adult males, and 2% of homeless adult females, and both groups were over represented within the homeless population compared to the general population.

SheHunter's picture

I am not blaming homelessness on vets, whatever that means.  I am recognizing a number of our homeless are vets.  The four I have crossed paths with who were not right mentally could not go through the steps the government demands in order to get their financial help and (if lucky) psychological help. They were not rejecting help - they did not have the mental ability to jump the hoops needed to get help.

Not everyone has family to fall back upon.  Many are homeless without family.  Or without family that cares.

Your last para I agree with.  Keep the downtrodden dependent is one of many governement slogans.

laser's picture

If that vet believed he was fighting in Iraq for me, he was mistaken.

Pay Day Today's picture

are you volunteering to supply these homeless people with clean tidy clothes so that they can go to a job interview? How about a laptop, internet and mobile phone so that they can prepare a CV and be contacted by employers? 


I mean seriously, think about it.


And a large proportion of these homeless are vets. They don't need your scorn.

LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD's picture
LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) Pay Day Today Dec 24, 2016 4:39 PM

An even larger percentage are mentally ill and need real medical/mental help.  They don't need your ridicule - telling them to wear tidy clothes and carry laptops. 

GreatCaesar'sGhost's picture

A large portion claim to be vets. 

SummerSausage's picture

Not a LARGE PROPORTION. The proportion of homeless that are vets is the same as the proportion of adults who have served in the armed forces.  The large proportion are NOT.


Look at mental illness and addiction as the reasons for homelessness and ask yourself WHY these people don't have family, friends or church members who are willing to take them in.

GreatUncle's picture

"there is no f’ng excuse for an abled-body person not to be doing something for money"

Having an income does not mean you have enough to pay the rent though and it is at that point you become homeless.

CB forced inflation of property price bubbles fucks up many people and leaves even more in debt to pay for the basics of an existence.

Allen_H's picture

Very well said GreatUncle, having a income does not mean you can pay a rent !!! And I am sure the EL-ites are making it harder each year, till we wire em up!

a Smudge by any other name's picture

Not only that, these proud "investor types" think they are smart but the Fed picks the winners, the markets are NOT ALLOCATING CAPITAL EFFICIENTLY, good businesses are NOT GETTING FUNDED, losers are and all their gains are ill gotten from a corrupt system.

And for this they think they are "better".