Here's Where You Absolutely Don't Want To Be "When It All Turns Ugly"

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Submitted by Mac Slavo via,


Map Shows Us Where We Don’t Want To Be When It All Turns Ugly h/t All News Pipeline

OK, this is actually pretty obvious – but it is worth pointing out that the “archipelago” of islands across the vast expanse of the United States that carried the vote for Hillary Clinton during the election – also happens to be a ring of the liberal cities that:

a) have exploded with crime, riots and unrest


b) have provided sanctuary for millions of illegal immigrants that have destabilized the country


c) are going bankrupt and will be unable to fulfill pension obligations, or pay their share of social security, welfare, etc.


d) have been foremost in advocating gun control, and ensuring that only criminals and police have guns, while 2nd Amendment arm-bearing citizen have flocked to the rural areas where their rights are not generally restricted


e) will be the first places to be become unstable during any major crisis – as soon as grocery store shelves go empty. Martial law will be the only way to maintain stability, and that will come at a further price to liberty.


f) will be the first place to line up for FEMA camps and beg for food, shelter and rations, again, at a further price to liberty

Of course, there are many more items that could be added to the list, but it gets tedious, and I think everyone gets the point.

Liberal havens have become largely clueless about the real world about them, and have turned a blind eye to the destabilizing forces that are compounding upon them.

IF/WHEN the SHTF, these will be the absolute last places you’d want to be caught dead.

IF you were clueless enough to believe Hillary’s lies and endorse the collapsing establishment line, then there’s a very good chance that you’ll have no idea what to do when the system breaks down. You will either help fuel or be caught up in chaos, violence and desperation – don’t let that be you.

As All News Pipeline reported:

Getting as far away from the large population hubs in America as possible should be looked at as ‘survival rule #1’ as ‘population density’ is one of the most important survival criteria. And with America’s large cities overwhelmingly voting for Hillary Clinton and ‘snowflake’ after ‘cupcake’ having nervous breakdowns recently, finding a place out in the mountains or the country should be a priority for anyone still stuck in the cities or large suburbs. Should chaos strike, would you rather ‘already be where you’re going’ or stuck with 100,000 or more ‘cupcakes’ trying to ‘get away’ from the madness?

And as SHTF noted last week:

Places like Baltimore, Detroit, Washington D.C., New York, Philadelphia and other cities across the map are still deeply divided often police and race issues. Many have seen serious riots, looting and unrest. These social wedge issues are still being pushed from moneyed political interests, while political divide after the direction of the country has become sharp.


Dallas, Texas just suspended pension payments for some of its civil servants, a sign that financial insolvency could create an epidemic during the next crisis. Several states, like California, have over promised benefits to state employees in the pension programs, without ever planning to pay for them. If people lose it, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and the whole of the surrounding areas could simply erupt. Similar problems have left Detroit, Michigan and Puerto Rico, the commonwealth island, extremely vulnerable to bankruptcy and economic apocalypse that could contaminate the nation and global within hours.


If a natural disaster, such as a hurricane, hits the East or Gulf Coast, tens of millions of people could be caught up in traffic, locked in cities without food, and desperate to cling to order and survive. Likewise, if a major earthquake hit the West Coast, millions could be displaced and left without many options. That’s when things turn ugly.

When these cities break down, you’re going to want to be far away from them, and far from the path of millions exiting them and looking for food, resources… and anything they can take.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays… and stay out of harm’s way, whether it be in these disaster zone cities, or any other known risk potential.

Stay prepped, and stay focused on what may prove to be a difficult time ahead.

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Squidbilly (not verified) Dec 25, 2016 12:47 PM


All Wars Are Banker Wars, All Bank Owners are Jews


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Unfortunately for the doom preppers & most fortunately for the parasites living in Soros-Clinton archipelago, Trump is going to actively try to avoid the kind of collapse predicted. We all wish him success. Nevertheless, the archipelago is mostly shit holes anyway.  JMHO


Manthong's picture

.. well, the good news is that the state of ill-in-noise was forced to pass a CCW law.

The law says that a CCW holder firearm must be “concealed or mostly concealed” and that a locked vehicle is OK as to secure the firearm.

That allows me to keep the M-82 under a blanket in the back of the Jeep.

I am not tall enough to keep it under a Matrix or Columbine leather long coat.


Never One Roach's picture

Great article! So freaking true when you see how aggressive these left wing Marxists are:


Husband (Lasner) of Man (Daniel Goldstein) Who Harassed Ivanka Trump Trolled on Amazon


Hopefully, Hunter College has fired this horse's ass.

Manthong's picture

..there is a gay bar in a NW suburb of Chicago named "Hunters".

..makes sense.

de3de8's picture

I'm too stinking close

Manthong's picture

just do not get too close to the rear of that place.

macholatte's picture


Prepper articles never discuss the GANGS.

The gangs are armed, ruthless and experienced. They will eat the libtards first and then hunt the others.

Malibu, Beverly Hills, Hamptons, etc. = toast.

Holy hand grenade of Antioch's picture
Holy hand grenade of Antioch (not verified) Never One Roach Dec 25, 2016 1:55 PM

So let me figure this out...


One of these chimps is gonna have to:


- trek out 200 miles on foot

- without a fresh supply of SNAP Cheetos, don't know how to start a fire, or have no thermoregulatiuon gear

- & NOT toting 150 pounds of ammo

- & not knowing the difference between fresh water & tainted water

- & not knowing HOW to shoot or aim (even IF they toted only 150 pounds of ammo instead of food or water, which is 8 pounds per gallon)


FRANKLY ~ I'm more concerned about the field mice (who constantly try & get into my supplies)

Manthong's picture

..only 150 pounds ?????..

we need to get you up to speed.

..if you can move all of your ammo with a two wheel dolly... do not have enough.


Manthong's picture

OK.. OK.. OK

So I  dye my hair jet black, maybe with a flash of florescent pink in the front…..

I get 8 inch platform boots… and a the leather long coat..

I blend in, right?

Except for 39” barrel thing under the clothes.

Manthong's picture

I know ching.. ching Pow...

Except now I always keep a round in the chamber.

Holy hand grenade of Antioch's picture
Holy hand grenade of Antioch (not verified) Manthong Dec 25, 2016 2:31 PM



I was only referring to 'THE PACK' (assuming any one of these actually had one)


Food, ammo, water, first aid, tools (physical capacity to tote)?... LOL ~ I was being generous

Manthong's picture


but you know, I am feeling a bit better about stuff nowadays.

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

The VC and NVA used bicycles to move heavy stuff long distances. They worked just fine.

effendi's picture

Up to 800 pounds on bikes over dirt tracks. Mind you, the little rice munchers were physically and emotionally tough, most westerners could not do that sort of effort.

Maynard G. Krebs's picture

"Except now I always keep a round in the chamber."

Why would you ever not keep one in the pipe?!!! Not being prepared to draw and shoot is a good way to get killed. Bad guys dont wait while you try to rack one into the chamber...

"Uh, excuse me mister bad guy, just hold on a minute while I get my weapon ready to shoot..."

Lame, brother; and foolish

Secret Weapon's picture

I know Kung Pow.  The enemy feels like chicken when i am done. 

Holy hand grenade of Antioch's picture
Holy hand grenade of Antioch (not verified) Secret Weapon Dec 25, 2016 6:00 PM

Only jews eat Kung Pow chicken Lt. Weinberg...


<--EDIT" 'kosher' Kung Pow chicken, my apologies to the paid JEW JUNKERS, my bad, you still got your sheckels for the junk, so don't worry

Food Loaf Junkie's picture

I think he means that they would need to have 150rnds to take him on.

ceilidh_trail's picture

There is a contact link at the article end where you can let his employer know how you feel.

Red Raspberry's picture

Move downstate.  South of I 80 is another world.

Manthong's picture

and maybe a little east... into Indiana

t_kAyk's picture

no shit. people from Chiraq think towns like Bloomington are 'rural'.  

however i moved out lf B-Town a few years back and settled in a nice little farming community. it's nice living in a town with no stoplights, knowing all of your neighbors and having the freedom to target shoot in your own backyard

Manthong's picture

..sounds great.

But I want space were the neighbors either don’t hear me shooting at a varmint or don’t care.

t_kAyk's picture

i hear ya.  and I didn't down vote you, appears to be a serial down voter on all threads. whatever. 

Cistercian's picture

I like rural southern Illinois...I have even stayed in Farmer City.Great people.

Manthong's picture

but, in keeping in the spirit of the times....

I could buy heels.

Cistercian's picture

M82? Damn that would be heavy to hump around...and not exactly quick to bring to bear either!
Carry a colt 6920 or 6720...that would work under a matrix coat!

Manthong's picture

geez.. I am a collector.. I have 1911's, Glocks, Rugers, Berettas,  Sigs, up the ying yang..

The big gun is my "learn to shoot long range" thing for the retirement years.


..and a person does not want to be an aggressor within 30 yards of me,


..but I am working on a shoulder sling  for the M82.. that a muzzle brake or you just happy to see me?

-.Merry Christmas


CNONC's picture

Ever seen a Chinese "wall gun"?  Now that is hard to conceal.  Years ago, I had a friend who had one.  We spent a week in the metal shop fabricating a few cartridges for it just to say we shot it.  Ridiculous looking thing, makes a normal size man look like a leprechaun while carrying it.

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

True happiness is a belt-fed .50.


Merry Christmas

lil dirtball's picture

>Trump is going to actively try to avoid the kind of collapse predicted.

I'm sure it was from his lips to your ear.

And, boy! Look at all the uprates - he told them also. They know what Preslect is going to do before he does.

techpriest's picture

Personally, an extra 4-8 years to prepare is fine by me. It's also great for the guys who are just waking up.

Anteater's picture

From what I've seen of South Carolina, you want to stay as far away from there as possible when the Fed welfare train grinds to a stop.  And when oil inventories spike in the collapse of retail that follow, Texas will be full of tweekers and gun nuts. No, my friend, stay out of the Southern welfare Red States, that's where the Big Reset will begin, and the Green-on-Green slaughter.

junction's picture

Bring on the darkness!  Surely you have a bolt hole reservation in the hidden fortress the United States maintains in a remote valley in Antarctica, a redoubt location first found by lost Viking explorers 1,000 years ago.

Manthong's picture

sounds like the Fortress of Solitude to me, but it should be 8,000 miles north...

...that works,

inosent's picture

5 downvotes but no responses to support the downvote. Typical.

Sam.Spade's picture

All statements that deal in absolutes are usually wrong, including this one.

Wulfkind's picture

When I look at this map I don't see a map of the percentage of Clinton voters as much as I see a map where the majority of Dindu's, MS-13 illegal aliens and baggie pants wearing tattoed White Trash rap listening vape smoking Millenials live.

Or am I seeing things ??

Jayda1850's picture

Well that was cheerful.

francis_the_wonder_hamster's picture

"Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and the whole of the surrounding areas could simply erupt."

Including San Diego with SF and LA is a big miscategorization.  SD has traditionally been far more conservative than the rest of Cali, we have a ton of former and current military personnel, and if you go East of I-15 culture would remind you of West Texas (crystal meth labs aside).  If the SHTF, I'm pretty confident that SD will come down on the right side.....which is one reason I live here and put up with the crap coming out of Sacramento.

Maynard G. Krebs's picture

Times are changing, Spanky! SD has become like other metro areas of Cali Corn-Ya, Pockets of prosperity surrounded by crap holes.

Look at most of the SD South Bay, and El Cajon, Lakeside, areas along University and El Cajon Blvds, Escondido, San Marcos, Vista, Oceanside, Etc, Etc. Mostly Mojados, mostly SNAP card carriers.

Everyone would like to believe they live in a 'Safe area'. Sorry, You aint in it. Take the blinders off. Be prepared.

VWAndy's picture

 What yall dont think Id make an awsome warlord? Oh yea of little faith.