Market Crash 2017 (Video)

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By EconMatters

We have a Stock Market Bubble, excessive valuations, investors are complacent, everyone runs for the exits simultaneously, there are abundant catalysts out there in the world, the Crash occurs over next 12 months.

Donald Trump will preside over the biggest global market crash in the history of financial markets. Just due to where asset prices are set up thanks to six major central banks ZIRP INSANITY since 2008. Asset prices have so much and so far to fall just to get back to the pre-financial crisis HIGHS of 2007, which were also a bubble it should be mentioned, and crashed subsequently in half from those levels.

People and investors are so complacently clueless right now it just amazes me, there is no hope for humanity right now at this rate of stupidity. Forget trying to get to MARS, learn how to balance your checkbook, and not try crazy ZIRP experiments for a starter.

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It's going to be on Trumps watch. It's going to be so funny. Liberals will be back in vogue before you know it. 

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Your tone is very different too, much more direct than before. You're saying the same as David Stockman, Harry Dent and many others. Stormtrooper is so right, we need to get our PMs, and put on some ultra-bearish tades and hunker down

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It's different this time EconMatters.  It's different.  Don't try to figure it out, just ride the wave.  And, pick up more PMs at every smack down for when it is no longer different.