Mystery Surrounds NATO Auditor General's Suspicious Death

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Police in Belgium are probing the suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of a high ranking NATO official - the auditor general, whose responsibilities included probing terror financing - after his body was discovered in his car with a gunshot wound to the head.

As SudInfo reports, troubling elements accumulate around the death of Yves Chandelon, a senior official of the NATO based in Luxembourg, who lived in Lens, near Tournai.

The man was found dead on Friday in Andenne, with a bullet in his head. An autopsy was performed on Tuesday. The family does not believe it was suicide as many have reported.


Did Yves Chandelon have any enemies? Was he threatened in the course of his work in NATO? Was it an odious crime made to look like suicide, or did the man go through a troubled period? For his relatives, the incomprehension is total.

The 62-year-old auditor general of NATO was found in the Belgian town of Andenne, 62 miles away from his home and office in Lens on December 16. As The Express reports,

As Auditor General, Mr Chandelon was responsible for internal accounting at NSPA as well as external investigations into money laundering activities and terrorist financing - and more bizarrely it has been reported locally that the gun which killed him was found in the glovebox of the vehicle.


According to local newspaper reports Mr Chandelon was the registered keeper of three weapons however the gun found at the scene did not belong to him, it has been claimed.


Police are currently probing whether he had received any threats that could be related to his work and highlighted that the gun used was not registered in his name.


According to Flemish newspaper 'The Morning', Mr Chandelon's relatives said he attended his office Christmas party the night before he died.

Reporting gets even more confusing as LaMeuse carried two reports with additional facts about Chandelon’s death. The first stated that a “farewell letter” was found in Chandelon’s car. The second stated that the gun used in the apparent suicide was found in his right hand, despite the fact that Chandelon was left-handed.

It has been reported that the former director of The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) Luxembourg had complained of getting strange telephone calls before he died and "felt threatened".

We are sure the facts will all come out and this 'strange' episode will be brushed under the carpet - like the mysterious deaths of various senior European bankers over the past few years.

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Any Clinton connections?

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Yes, add him to the Clinton/CIA body count.

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Guess donations to the Clinton Foundation are now mandatory.


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The cute part in the suicide story is that “the gun which killed him was found in the glovebox of the vehicle”.   ;-)


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I wonder if a slice a pizza was also left as a calling card.

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Anyone holding incriminating information but has no "insurance policy" would be playing Russian Roulette with his own life. And the Casino will always win.

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Maybe he took the wookie's "hopelessness" feeling a little too far?

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This was reported on 22 December in Russian media, very shortly after the Russian ambassador was murdered. Pure coincidence, eh!



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'NATO' and 'AUDITOR' ... Isn't That Mutually Exclusive ???

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“the gun which killed him was found in the glovebox of the vehicle”

Oh Come On, You You You Conspiracy Theorists... The gun fell into the glovebox after he shot himself, and a gust of wind blew the door shut...

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Some of these new strains of the flu will do that.

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The Saint (not verified) chunga Dec 26, 2016 4:47 PM

Nothing to do with the religion of peace I'm sure.


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I think he didn't like pizza.

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Speaking of Pizza, just an update on Pizzagate...

FOIA results show DC PD Lied about Comet PizzaGate Investigation - There was none

They likely based their finding it was an online conspiracy theory based on Snopes finding. And this must be an online conspiracy theory too:

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It seems that Yves Chandelon came across black accounts and was willing to testify.

Bad move.

There is nothing the NWO hates more than law and order.

The comments after this article has more on the NATO hit.

Yves should have copied and quietly held onto them and perhaps handed them off to someone after time.

And he like his high level colleagues who were also murdered for the same reasons should have known better than openly adhering to the law.

At that level there is no law.


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Something weird is going on here.

Take his reported name 'Yves Chandelon'. That's 13 letters. Weird on it's own but if you divide it by two you get 6.5. Now add 0.16 and you get 6.66.

It gets even weirder. Now add up the numerical value of each letter...

25(Y) + 22(V) + 5(E) + 19(S) + 3(C) + 8(H) + 1(A) + 14(N) + 4(D) + 5(E) + 12(L) + 15(O) + 14(N) = 147

Divide 147 by 6 and you get 24.5!

The 24 part is 3 x 6 or 666 and add 0.16 to the 0.5 and you get 666.666

I'm telling you right now this is some weird stuff!!

ILIKEMITTENS's picture are.

ufos8mycow's picture

lol I should have put a /s at the end ;)

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Double tap, now putting the gun back in the glovebox after suicide... Priceless

 What will they think of next

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Any cannolis dust on the car seat?

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Hey, it's hard to find good assasins who will work the Christmas holiday. Surprised we didn't find a Syrian passport on the ground next to the car. 

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Everyone knows that a true gentleman cleans and holsters his weapon after committing suicide.

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I remember years ago(1984) there was a local story of a woman (Jennifer Tanner) who supposedly committed suicide by shooting herself in the head... twice... with a bolt action rifle. 



If that can happen, I'm pretty sure anything's possible

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Not as suspicious as it sounds.

Some people commit suicide by shooting themselves multiple times or in the back of the head.

15. Suzane Coleman — reportedly had an affair with Clinton. Was seven months pregnant at the time she was found dead of a gun shot wound to the back of the head, ruled suicide.

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'NATO' and 'AUDITOR' ... Isn't That Mutually Exclusive ???

He wasn't supposed to do any actual work.

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Chateau Des Amerois: Pedophile sacrifice castle in Belgium
With NATO connections:

Chateaux Des Amerois (Mothers of Darkness Castle

"This Dutchman spoke of Chateau des Amerois close to Bouillon that belongs to the Solvay family. The Dutchman said to know a man who held a post in NATO. This [NATO] man explained to the Dutchman to have been invited to an evening in Chateau des Amerois during which children were sacrificed. At the time, he gave the facts to Commandant Schmit. The facts would date 1994-1995."

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He must have strayed off script with his auditing and started counting children

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Chris Dakota (not verified) HowdyDoody Dec 26, 2016 4:19 PM

pay back

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The photo showing him squinting with one eye would look Illuminati if it were the other eye. It must be just an age-related eye condition. Growing old sucks.

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the film is called "the international" with clive owens.

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Chris Dakota (not verified) HowdyDoody Dec 26, 2016 6:17 PM

He had 3 guns yet it was this gun that was stolen that killed him.

His family says no suicide, he was worried that he was being followed in the days before.

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It was a handkerchief with a map of a pizza on it

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Hillary to JFK Junior,
(edit) Yves Chandelon.
"You're in my seat"

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That was a message to others.


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Priceless Looney. Just priceless.

He was about to state that the liability to the USA was criminally understated by $........................................

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Auditor - 60's - budget reconciliation - "moderate" terrorists and western advisor groups being surrounded in Alleppo need to be financed - Assad has War Crimes discovery and prosecution in Brussels for his people perpertrated by US / NATO / SA / Qatar.


sounds like Trillion $$$ dollar claim coming to world court and possibly criminal for obama - now that mossad has an axe to grind

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he put it back ....when finished .

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Of course, he was an auditor, everything neat and tidy.

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Shot in the head twice would be proof positive of suicide...

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But only if two different calibers were used. And he had the time to clean up the scene. And drive himself a hundred miles from where he shot himself.

He wouldn't have had the balls to perform seppuku.

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Hmmm, the ole magic glovebox theory.

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The article isn't specific as to being a left-handed shooter. A person who writes and throws left-handed may be a right-handed shooter if their right eye is dominant.

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and left testicle does the money shot.