Racist Professor Calls For “White Genocide,” Blames Everyone Else For Misinterpreting His Tweets

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A Drexel University Political Science professor - who has a book coming out in February - and is a communist, graced the world with his Christmas wish to see an entire race of human beings exterminated. You know, like Hitler. 



Hilarious, right? Especially if you replace the word "white" with any other race. This warm holiday sentiment comes from the mind of George Ciccariello-Maher, a cultishly liberal academic who's never existed outside of a university environment, having previously corrupted young minds at U.C. Berkeley and the Venezuelan School of Planning in Caracas. Ciccariello then doubles down on his Christmas Eve banter:


To review, this is what he's talking about:


Nice guy. Now, in an attempt to backpedal during an Eichenwaldian moment of clarity liberals get after haphazardly revealing they're fucking idiots underneath that academic exterior, Ciccariello is lashing out by blaming everyone who was offended for not having "bothered to do their research" in preparation for his satirical tweets.


Drexel university has issued a statement:


No word on which wrist Drexel plans to slap, but 4chan anon knows what's up: 


1482775181122People like Ciccariello-Maher exist to indoctrinate adult children into a reactionary class of morons who hear a trigger word and start regurgitating information without even moderate possession of the facts. These perpetual winners are are easily manipulated by identity politics which "intellectual" losers like Ciccariello capitalize on. While undeniably atrocious, slavery in America was conducted almost entirely by rich southern democrats - a small percentage of Americans, in the 1800's. It has been a fucked up institution for thousands of years, and is still happening today in many parts of the world. It's also been abolished in the USA for over 130 years, and the playing field has been legally leveled for over half a century despite structural racism legislated into society. There are of course vestiges of slavery which affect minorities to this day, none of which should be used as a tool for manipulation to generate guilt or resent - or as a reason to exterminate white people. I wonder if Ciccariello-Maher would issue the same call to genocide for all brown people, since slavery is alive and well in places like Saudi Arabia?

As long as angry radicalized career academics continue peddling white guilt to impressionable snowflakes - many of whom entered into lifelong debt to fund their own brainwashing, untold millions of basement-dwelling failures to launch will have a perpetual villain to blame for their shitty lives. That is, until the last white person has been exterminated.


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Insularity can lead to insanity, and that is clearly the case with this professor. This type of speech should result in mandatory therapy or sensitivity training. If he really wanted to show his dedication to his cause, he would quit and ask Drexel to replace him with a minority. In a sane world, no college would touch this guy with a ten foot pole. These kinds of comments from anyone in a public position, especially in academia, without society wide repercussions, should scare everybody.

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RonnieM (not verified) Dec 28, 2016 6:47 AM

I live in London and even for us this is strange. These professors who have tenure and can't fired....THAT is the first problem.  I say file criminal charges on these freaks.

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The First Amendment doesn't allow charging him with a crime, but, Drexel can do the right thing and fire him. There is also nothing stopping the media from spotlighting this hate speech so that he receives the maximum dosage of infamy.

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All regardless of race, religion or color .... some zombies should be taken outside and chopped their heads off...

This "professor"  Ciccariello should get a top place on that zombie list...

/ALL for a good laugh and just kidding o.f.c. 



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Also from Wikipedia:

"Noel Ignatiev (born 1940) is an American author and historian. He is best known for his work on race and social class and for his call to abolish "whiteness". Ignatiev is the co-founder and co-editor of the journal Race Traitor and the New Abolitionist Society, a journal that promotes the idea that "treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity""

And Then:

"Ignatiev, the son of Jewish immigrants..."


SuzerainGreyMole's picture

Another tosser with his head up his bum.  Needs to get his head out, then go to the chemist and get some laxatives.

Then try some commonsense thinking and realize: "I am talking shite to make a scene, a bit like that daft academic cow peddling all that crap about fake news, with lists.  Egotism, the division maker, which underlies all this bogwater, is a selfish form of worship, which ends up being nowt more than pissing in the wind."

It should be obvious by now that the 'so-called' elites are the most spiritually impoverished people of all.  Race is not a factor in this.  It is really a matter of good and evil. The elites, it seems, having chosen the evil path for the most part.

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The dipshititis is strong among the zerohedge commentariat....

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This needs to be taken seriously before the guy loses it completely.  His statements constitute terrorist threats. The school needs to let students know of the risk from this guy.

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This is really simple. Let's start the whole process with George Ciccariello-Maher being the first to go. 

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Isn't that hate speech?

Oh wait, hate speech is when you target anyone who is not white...


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SThis man is demented.
It doesnt particularly bother me that he is of such an opinion but it does bother me that the university would have him on the payroll and working with students.
I seriously wish some would compile a registry of colleges employing these nuts would be helpful in deciding where my children should or should not attend.

bankerssuck's picture

It would be a much shorter list of universities that DO NOT employ pathetic fu.ks like this one.

Would not give you many choices for your children, but hey, maybe they should just forget college and learn a trade, something of value.

bluez's picture

We must get rid of these stinking caucusoid white people.

They are nothing but trouble. They will surely fall into the dustbin of history.

I'm an old fart. What do I care?

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"Pulitzer-prize winning" author Hiltzik has penned a frame-setting piece for the LA Times in support of this shithead.  Incidentally, it isn't the first extremely objectionable opinion piece I've noticed there recently.   Anyone know any good reasons to not add TRNC to my short list?

Arrow4Truth's picture

Pulitzer prize win doesn't mean shit. On the contrary, it flags someone as a sociopath, zionazi, and/or psychopath devoid of a soul which  became abundantly clear when they awarded Peace to O-hole, a racist mass murdering homosexual. We hope to see him change.

Sanity Bear's picture

The proper response to a white liberal calling for white genocide: "Great idea! We'll start with you, and evaluate how that goes."

Fourth Horseman's picture

What I can't understand is why these commie fucktard liberal race traitors help the cause and kill themselves.

I know, because the commie fucktard liberal race traitors are the biggest pool of hypocrites there is.

Someone needs to help this asshole trip off a bridge, cliff or somewhere high enough that he can realize his own self-destructive dream.

Fuck you commie!

The kikes are behind all of this shit!

Oboneterm's picture

Mr. Horsemenshit .....  Obviously you have Kike envy.......Oy Veh.

nicxios's picture

This is obviously a good thing. Don't you see how Haiti flourished once they killed/chased off the white man? Such a paradise on Earth for all countries is something we can dare hope for. Moochelle was wrong, we still have hope!

Arrow4Truth's picture

The Haitians have since learned that the white man doesn't have to be present to be a threat after the Clinton's fucked them over and plundered their resources.

skunzie's picture

Why is it that white males always seem to make these ridiculous calls for white genocide?  Do they have such self-hatred, but lack the conviction to do themselves in, and so, in trying to sound important, end up begging for someone else to do them in?  Unfortunately, their calls will go unheeded (that is unless they try going to Chicago's ghettos some weekend evening) as most every man is mentally balanced enough so as not to take them up on their fevered request.  Thus, these cretins will need to continue to live in their sad pathetic self-made prisons and continue spouting nonsensical rubbish.

Fourth Horseman's picture

What is not mentioned in the article and that will help you to connect the dots is that noel ignatiev is a kike.

The kikes in academia are pushing all this anti-white brainwashing in the college curriculum to destroy us from within.

Hitler had the right idea because he recognized what the jooz were doing in his own country... THE SAME SHIT THAT DESTROYED TSARIST RUSSIA (JEW BOLSHEVIK REVOLUTION) AND TURNED INTO THE COMMUNIST HELL HOLE WE ALL REMEMBER

Thats the piece of the puzzle that will never be taught!

indygo55's picture

Make a story or video for that matter and replace the words "white" and use "black" or Hispanic" instead and see how different the response will be. There is your true racisism.

shutterbug's picture

When you are told all your life that you are a racist by some morons... will you become one because of that?

peddling-fiction's picture

It means you will believe that you are racist (not), and understand the PC keys to life in Swedenistan

Thus you will repeat it, so you get your goodies. Or else.

peddling-fiction's picture

Wow. That is the truth.

For all to see.

Hongcha's picture

Well, now I know what he looks like.  He can come over any time!

skunzie's picture

Shall we start the genocide with him first, then call it quits?  Enquiring minds want to know.

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So, Professor George Hypenated-Name maintains it was all a "joke". Really? The last academic who tried that excuse was sacked by his university -- it was Professor Barry Spurr, in 2014, at the University of Sydney. But, of course, Professor Spurr -- who, unlike Prof George Hymen-nated Face, wasn't some hack activist academic but was in fact a leading authority on poetry, with a global reputation -- made the mistake at directing his jokes and linguisitc games at the wrong team, i.e. the team with *NO* sense of humour. As part of a syllabus review committee, Prof Spurr was often called upon for his views of what should be, or shouldn't be, taught in schools. The fact that local literature by Australia's indigenous aboriginal races, had little academic value was as plain as the nose on everyone's faces. But for the Professor to say that this particular emperor had "no clothes" was politically incorrect and worthy of cruxifiction. Literature by indigeneous people in Australia is largely a guilt-shovelling exercise aimed at burdening generation after generation of impressionable kids with ever-increasing, ever-lurid accounts of inhumanity towards non-white races. Gotta keep the guilt-industry grinder fed with ever more fresh meat!

The local leftist rabble at the university of Sydney organised rowdy protests outside the Prof's office. First, he was suspended (as the article below attests) but he was subsequently forced to resign. Nevermind that his emails were criminally stolen from his computer (culprit never found...or searched for!) and that his emails were between "consenting adults", as it were -- people who clearly shared in the jokes, as was obvious by their replies.


Drexel will you sack Prof George Unnecessarily-hypenated name?????? Or will you choose to believe his joking excuse (because it suits you and you secretly agree with him)?

falak pema's picture

the notion of white as race is now scientifically outdated since the time line and DNA traces of man have been plotted. Science has shown that. Blacks and Whites have similar DNA.

There is a homo sapien race made of different cultural and historical origins. Our culture defines us more than our skin colour which is defined by exposure to the sun over millenia.

The WHITE RACE is a concept invented in the colonial period. We had caucasians and turkomen and orientals of all origins and tribal cultures. Skin colour was never a divider in any empire. 

The Greeks and Romans the French and the Italians NEVER talked of white race upto to the Renaissance period.

Western civilization never had notions of ethnical HEIRARCHY based on skin colour; based on tribe, region and religion, yes. Never on skin colour.

The Bible talks of a Caucasian origin of the deluge. The evolutionists talk of an African origin of homo sapiens. 

That notion did not even exist until the colonial age. And the colonialist wanted slave labour and wanted to feel justified in down grading the slave population to appease their "christian" souls which invited, nay obliged,  them to consider all of god's creatures as equals !

haha : can't be a christian and a white supremacist, its an oxymoron.

Before you bark like mad dogs under the noon day sun learn some facts (unless you are hypocritical bible toters and not science inclined, which makes you total retards).


shutterbug's picture

Posting your opinion as science facts...

Most of your facts are just some history and psych opinion... they are not real facts.

Christians can be supremacists, just as muslims can be terrorists.

And just as you Sir ... are nothing more then a fool who thinks he does and knows science ...

and then comes up with history tales.


FYI not religous so you can continue to play doggy.

Setarcos's picture

Naturally you got down voted.  The ignorance of very many ZHers never ceases to astound me.  You've succeeded in confusng them with facts, or quite likely angering some.  To think that those frequenting ZH are probably better informed and more intelligent than most gives pause ... to the thought, "The World is certainly fucked."

Dave Whiteman's picture

thanks for the scientific post

psychobilly's picture


"the notion of white as race is now scientifically outdated since the time line and DNA traces of man have been plotted. Science has shown that. Blacks and Whites have similar DNA."

Not sure where you learned this pseudoscientific nonsense, but you are tragically misinformed.  Race is just a popularized term for sub-species, which is a perfectly valid scientific term that can be applied to different populations of Homo sapiens.

You might as well be trying to argue that there is no such thing as distinct dog breeds.  Or no such thing as the colors blue and green.  Or no differences between chimpanzees and humans (which share 95 – 98% of DNA).  Just because all of these categories exist along a continuum.

It’s a scientific fact that when different populations within a species are separated from each other for tens of thousands of years in terms of regular gene flow, in different ecological environments, and under differing selective pressures, as the human races were after migration out of Africa, they diverge genetically.   This is evolution 101.  Evolution did not just magically come to a halt for the past 50,000 to 60,000 years.  The science very much shows that it happens to have accelerated during this timeframe, and that the evolution was regional in nature (with different genes within each race and only within each race shown in scientific studies to be under selective pressure).

People can absolutely be sorted out with genetic clustering programs based on allele frequencies that correspond to ancestral continent of origin.  Into Caucasian (Europe and Middle East), African and Asian in the broadest sense.  Pacific Islanders and Native Americans can be broken out into a fourth and fifth major continental grouping.  Ditto Middle Eastern and Indians for a sixth and seventh major grouping.  It all depends on the degree of clustering you want to recognize.  But these three to seven major races correspond to geographic ancestry of origin and demonstrate the greatest degree of genetic variation between human populations.  These major racial populations can be broken down further based on genetic clustering into sub-populations commonly known as ethnicities.

The differences between races are very real, and amount not only to morphological differences (e.g., bone density, skin pigmentation, brain size), but also differences in: hormone levels, gestation periods, susceptibility to disease, ecological adaptation, cognitive ability, temperament and time orientation.  You can even tell a person’s race just by the type of bacteria living in their mouths.  These are just a few differences off the top of my head.  There are many more.

According to Sewell Wright, one of the founders of population genetics, if a fixation index (genetic variation) of 10 to 15% was seen in any other than the human species they would be called sub-species. The index is 15% between human races.  But we don’t refer to sub-species of humans.  Because feelings.

Fourth Horseman's picture

I think you better read some real scientific papers. While the DNA is "similar" the blacks and whites are NOT the same.

Just like there are breeds of dogs, cats, horses, cows, etc that have DIFFERENT traits such as TEMPERAMENT, AGGRESSIVENESS, INTELLIGENCE...


You libtards have this illusion brainwashed into you that we are all equal. WE ARE NOT.

This has been shown to be the case many times via scientific method.

Take your libtard bullshit elsewhere. It does not wash here!


If we all came from afica then why have the niggers NOT gotten any smarter??? The evidence is in the FACT that that continent has never improved but at the hands of whites. Historical FACT!

falak pema's picture

Well I'll say this for the Blacks : they run a lot faster, jump a lot longer, hit the ball harder and play football, basket, soccer better than most.

So there is a genetic trait amongst blacks that is athletically superior, and artistically talented, if you like jazz.

Not to worry, cross breeding will make it a level playing field !

You guys make me laff! 

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

jazz, ain't what it used to be. Blacks voted Obuma cause of his white half..sarc

falak pema's picture

Just goes to show the blacks aren't racist like you guys;  the Tyler fight club's metamorphosis into  the deplorable dirty dozen, bigoted followers, bots n all, now hamstrung between a neo-con oligarchical cabal (those PNAC/Neoliberal NWO globalists like GS scions and big oil's Tillerson etc.) and a rabid alt-right supremacist Duck soup of rednecks-- who are at loggerheads behind the White God-Emperor of Trumpistan,  in how to make "Amerika great again"...Ha ha !

You guys get what you deserve : sow the ill wind, reap the whirlwind.

Jazz stays jazz as its not dirty, 1%er  politics but culture of the masses; of we the people.

It will survive the dive of Pax Americana into Trumpism.


silverer's picture

From the same fraternity of educators offering "safe spaces".

rent slave's picture

To borrow the vernacular of a mixed race individual,one Reginald Martinez Jackson,white people are "the straw that stirs the drink."

Dr. Bonzo's picture

If all the self-loathing whites would just go off themselves, the world would be a better place. Even ZH traffic would drop by like 30%......

Knock yourself out prof. I mean that literally. Go eat a .38 hollow point. I won't complain.

bubblechaser's picture

If you notice, this armchair revolutionary is trying rto sport the Nicholai Lennon wiskers---KEEP THE TABLE KNIVES AWAY FROM HIM,HE'LL hurt himself.


Nassim's picture

Just another idiot trying to get his 15 minutes of fame. Best ignored.

Dave Whiteman's picture

Sorry, the entire university [at least social "sciences"] system IS calling for White genocide, thanks to kike control [of nearly everything]

south40_dreams's picture

Well, isn't that special.....

silverer's picture

Awesome. No more technology. No more Walmarts. Everyone can go back to basic subsistence farming.

giggler321's picture

Unfortunately those farms will only have monsanto seeds