Vladimir Putin’s Christmas Speech: Russian Leader Criticizes Western Countries for Abandoning Christian Roots

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Here's another shit post -- because things are slow. This one goes out to the democratic party, those Vlad haters out there this holiday season.

If you've ever wondered why Putin appeals to so many stable minded people in the United States, look no further than this speech where the Russian leader lays into Euro-Atlantic nations for abandoning its Christian roots, placing homosexual relationships on the same level as families, fomenting an environment for paedophilia and creating an atmosphere which will eventually lead to the degradation of civility -- leading to the loss of dignity.

Powerful stuff.


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The KGB master. He knows how to play chess.

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What a hippocrite.  Is ths why he supports Turkey despite proving Turkey's role with ISIS in Syria and Iraq?  How about the Russian jet the Turks shot down?  The ambassador?  

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did 'enlightenment' not happen in Russia ?

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One Hopi Elder declared we forgot the rules how to live on this planet.

He was right.

Moral/spiritual laws are simple.  The American Mafia in Washington has been trying to make them obsolete, but these laws will not go away.

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I remember watching a gay pride parade on TV once.  Bunch of people wearing leather, gyrating on floats like they were fornicating each other.

Men wearing woman's clothes.

Then came Bruce Jenner who has an identity crisis, a few wives and children.

Did it ever occur to him to have respect for his offspring and hide his insecurities in a closet instead of parading it around like a Madam in a brothel?

Did it ever occur to the gay people their actions may not be appreciated by heterosexuals?  Men on men and women on women repulse most of us.

Have respect.

I don't condone hurting gays but damn it, they don't have to be shoving it in our faces either, do they?

They don't need special rights.  There are laws for assault and such already on the books.

Respect my rights as a human and I will respect yours.  I don't wave my sex in your face.

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Used to live in a city neighborhood where the gay parade would come through. Most civilized people would leave for that day as the noise level itself was off the charts. There are laws for sound volume but no one enforced them for gay parade. Plus, as you say, all sorts of insane behaviour was on display.

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Quite clear why the jews hate him so.

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Russian propaganda

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This site looks like Russian propaganda like RT and Max Keiser.  I was under the impression this was a financial website.

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Max Keiser's 'The Keiser Report' is produced by the Associated Press and licensed to RT.

Nice try though.

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Putin is a liar and a traitor.

Putin sells real and valuable Russian oil for Russia's enemy's illegal and fraudulent money (read Article 1, Section 10 of the United States Constitution), the US Dollar of which the Euro, the Yen and the Yuan are derivatives only -- in other words, the same thing. If Putin were not a traitor to Russia, he would ask for Roubles or gold instead of accepting Dollars and currencies which are derivatives of the US Dollar, or Dollars with different images on them.

Putin is a traitor because he forces the Russian central bank to issue Roubles only if Russia increases its US Dollar reserves! Does the US Federal Reserve wait until it has Russian Roubles to print more Dollars? Of course not. Putin is an agent of American and European central banks, hence Putin is a traitor.

Putin is a traitor because he allows American, Israeli and NATO jets to bomb and kill his supposed allies, the Syrians, with impunity. Who needs enemies with a "friend" like Putin.

For the first time in a thousand years, an ambassador, a RUSSIAN ambassador, is killed in Turkey and what does Putin do? When NATO gives the coordinates of Russian hospitals to Muslim terrorists enabling them to hit and kill Russian officers and Russian doctors, what does he do? Nothing.

Putin is an errand boy for Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan, just like Obama, Merkel, Holland, Hillary, and Trump.

All traitors to their people and working for the bankers only.

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After listening to that speech, Eirik Magnus Larsen put on his best suit, signed his will, and hanged himself from the rafters. 

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Perhaps what Putins said is right, but he is by no means the right person to say things like this. Didn't the Soviet government persucate Christians when he works as the head of KGB?

LyLo's picture

No?  Because he was never head of the KGB?

I mean, for God's sake...  I tend to not be much of a 'theorist,' but the level of fucking dumb in here just reeks of sock poppet propaganda.

Are we all just trolling Fly, and I missed the memo?

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Putin do not represent soviet government. Hello wake up. This is 2016 not 1917....

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He was part of a machine that persuaded Christians

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Ever heard of personal development?

milanolarry's picture

so after personal development, the journalists who created fake news could condemn fake news in alternative media

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ALL religions are bullshit.

If you need an invisible dude in the sky threatening you with eternal pain to make you do the right thing, shame on you.


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By the same token, a belief in the authority of State is "bullshit".   Would you agree?

logicalman's picture

The 'state' is bullshit, so it's 'authority' has to be.

When you vote, you give others authority over you. Seems like a dumb idea to me.

See Lysander Spooner.


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Whether you believe in God or not, the very fact that you try to straw man the belief as "som guy in the sky" proves that you dont even understand the concept OF GOD, with which you could form a disbelief against it.

By DEFINITION, God created everything that IS and therefore cannot BE in a specific PLACE within CREATION, bound or affected by it in anyway.  That includes all of PHYSICS, TIME, SPACE, etc etc.

Stuff exists, therefore it had to be created.  That which created it cannot be part of the stuff and also have created it.  The uncreated creator of what exists, is what people have named God.


Either God exists, independent of any religion identifying Him, simply based on the fact that anything exists at all.

OR, you can believe we dont actually exist.

Modern Science wholly recognizes the paradox of existence without creation, and attempts to obfuscate the issue.  Notions like the Universe Created itself in an infinite loop.  The problem still exists, because the loop if it exists, would still have had to start.

Equating God to a guy in a sky is a common post-modern straw man shill argument of the uneducated.  You can refuse to believe in different religions, etc, but you exist, and no matter how far back in time you go, even to the big bang, at some point there must be a start, where something came from nothing.

The agent of that change, is called by many as God, and he aint a guy in the sky, he's a reality beyond your comprehension, so stick to the soy latte's and sense of entitled intelligence circles in which you swim, where BS guy in the sky might fly, bye *smooches*

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Christianity and Islam have both killed and terrorized children (and adults) in large numbers.

Them religionists are serious assholes!


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I agree, I once knew a person who made this stupid remark "it doesn't matter what religion someone has, as long as he has one".


I thought about it and came to the conclusion that the religions condition people to blind obedience and being subservient which is why I reject all religions. I don't want to know from clothes, hairstyle, jewellry etc what religion the person next to me in the supermarket has. If religion was just a private matter we would all be better off.

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Religion, by its nature can't be personal.

Belief is a completely different matter.


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You are right, religion is man made and mostly bullshit.  God on the other hand is quite another matter.  Only a fool could look around him and not see there is someone a lot smarter and more powerful at work.  If there is a design, then there is a designer.

I choose not to refer to that person as "dude" but rather prefer the term God.  In comparison to Him, we are quite minute.

By the way, how would you define "right"?  If there is no authority outside of your personal conscience, don't you get to decide what is right and what is wrong?  I bet your definition is not the same as say a Muslim's.  Who is right, you or him?  Surely you can see the delima?  That is why we have God.  He is that authority that establishes the base line of right and wrong for all of mankind.  Disagree?  Give it a few years and you, like all others, will get to discuss it with Him.......in person.

"Life is the time we have been given to prepare to meet God."

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scsherman (not verified) bshirley1968 Dec 27, 2016 9:34 AM

Recognizing a pattern and attibuting it to a deity is a pretty big jump to me. While I am not necessarily an atheist, I am also not a believer. I think the ackowledgement that there are things we don't understand and making a concerted effort to understand them is the best we as a species are capable of at this point in time. I hate the arrogance of anyone that empahtically states otherwise, because ultimately they don't know any better than I do. Blind "faith" is about the most stupid way to go about rationalizing the problem.

logicalman's picture

Religion encourages ignorance.

Rationality encourages the search for knowledge.

As for 'doing the right thing' I would suggest that 'do no harm' is a really good starting point.

Many who believe in god say that the universe couldn't have come from nowhere and then go on to say that god did. Defies any sense.


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Orthodox Christianity is not "blind faith" - it is a "reasonable faith".

It 's not based upon fairy tales or magic. Men are willing to die for a lie (think Adolph Hitler) - but they are not willing to die for what they know to be a lie.

The men who lived and traveled with Christ all died most unpleasant deaths because they never wavered in their firmly stated belief that He rose bodily from the dead.

Examine this for yourselves: https://www.shroud.com/

The radiocarbon dating performed in 1988 is crap.


logicalman's picture

Have a look at this....


If you look through history, there have been a whole bunch of virgin birth and resurrection stories.

The world's worst excuse.... It was an angel, Joseph, HONEST!

BooBooMan's picture

I read the article - and it proves... what? (ANSWER: it proves nothing. Absolutely nothing.)

Myth Became Fact by C. S. Lewis. Read it: http://katrinageiger.weebly.com/uploads/3/1/3/5/31350163/myth_became_fac...

There is ample evidence that Jesus of Nazareth rose bodily from the dead. I posted the link. But just as atheism, it cannot be proven beyond any doubt. Nevertheless, as in a courtroom, a verdict is rendered as "beyond a reasonable doubt".

Yet if one is determined to not believe it, then no amount of evidence will ever suffice. And I was just such a skeptic for the first 31 years of my life.



logicalman's picture

If you are determined to miss the point, you probably will, to paraphrase.

Why is one virgin birth myth believable and not the other few dozen?

As for rising bodily from the dead, crucifiction normally lasted a couple of days, but, if you believe the myth, JC was pulled down after a few hours. Just rose from the badly injured, not the dead.

BooBooMan's picture

"If you are determined to miss the point, you probably will, to paraphrase."

No I'm not. But you're apparently not willing to face the real possibility that you are completely wrong.

BooBooMan's picture

"...JC was pulled down after a few hours. Just rose from the badly injured, not the dead."

I hope you don't really believe this. It's so utterly ridiculous that I can't believe anyone is so foolish.

cherry picker's picture

Best reply I have read

Somehow truth has impact a lie doe not have, at least to me.


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+1 ¨"Life is the time we have been given to prepare to meet God."¨

Yes, we have to understand that and act upon it as well, when the time is right.

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I posted this same content on Twitter and iBankCoin and many reviled it. There are truly two schools of thought in this world: the sick and the rational minded. Glad to see ZH has their shit together, mostly.

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This Stoli is for you, Vlad...Zazdarovje...

May all of your pussies be within easy reach and emminently grab-able...

Skiprrrdog's picture

If homosexuality is normal, healthy and as (insert favorite imaginary friend here) intended, should not two men be able to conceive/birth a child, without the woman?

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Wow, never thought I'd hear such things from any elected leader.  Thanks for posting this. It' s refreshing to hear non PC free speech. 

stant's picture

That should make some martian heads explode

bshirley1968's picture

"A fervent foe of homosexuality and any attempt to put individual rights above those of family, community or nation, the Russian Orthodox Church helps project Russia as the natural ally of all those who pine for a more secure, illiberal world free from the tradition-crushing rush of globalization, multiculturalism and women’s and gay rights.[70"

I am thinking about joining. 

LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD's picture
LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) bshirley1968 Dec 26, 2016 8:59 PM

"'A fervent foe of ... any attempt to put individual rights above those of family, community or nation..."

Be careful with that one.  Individual rights are the foundation of freedom and liberty.  Group (family/community) rights are about crony capitalisim, corruption and payola: "Hey, you owe me and my peoples because we're ___."