Alt-Right Implosion: Mike Cernovich Bans Anti-Semite From Alt-Right Event, Guy Retaliates With #MasturGate

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Yesterday I wrote about academic liberals who promote White Genocide - the notion that Whites are responsible for all the world's ills and should be exterminated. On the opposite end of the spectrum there's a small but vocal contingency of the Alt-Right who feel the same way about Jews. We can go into that, but at the moment there's a hilarious rift within their ranks.

First, there are two completely different Alt-rights:

Mike Cernovich, a self-promoting author, Alt-Right internet celebrity, alimony lottery winner, and ardent Trump supporter, has associated with various players in the Alt-right movement - ranging from gay Jewish conservative Milo Yiannopoulos to White Power dudes. Cernovich is throwing an Inauguration party in Washington D.C. called the "Deploraball," which is slated to feature famous conservatives Bill Mitchell and Roger Stone.





Unfortunately for ol' Mike, his worlds collided this week after attempting to muzzle an anti-Semitic Alt-right internet celebrity and former Buzzfeed employee Anthime Gionet, AKA Tim Treadstone, AKA "Baked Alaska" who was set to attend the event. Gionet has made several tweets about Jews and the "Jewish Question" (JC), referring to the belief that Jews intend on taking over the world and dominating non-Jews.


In response, Cernovich sent Gionet a strongly worded bro-text asking him not to Heil Hitler at their party. Totally understandable:


Shortly thereafter, Gionet was taken off of the guest list and replaced with diva Milo Yiannopoulos:


The ensuing shitstorm has been nothing short of massively entertaining, as Baked Alaska and Cernovich have both gone on epic periscope rants against each other, with Cernovich repeatedly calling Gionet a junkie and Baked Alaska giving a 45 minute response. He also informed the world through one of his alternate Twitter accounts that Cernovich writes psychobabble dating advice - including a now deleted story about how he browbeat a reluctant Indian girl into sluthood by throwing a temper tantrum in a car until she let him jerk off while groping her.


If you'd like the juicy details, here ya go:



Treadstone goes on to post more of Cernovich's greatest hits - including his thoughts on Israel:



My take: Cernovich is a total fucking degenerate but it was the right call to yank Baked Alaska from the ticket. Gionet - a former Buzzfeed employee who's been sympathetic to BLM, is either a true anti-Semite or a chameleon who adapts to his audience, in this case the fringe right that does not represent the #MAGA movement. Trump, it should be pointed out, is a friend of Israel. What the anti-Semitic wing of the Alt-right fails to acknowledge is that any culture which promotes excellence from an extremely young age will naturally produce more "best guys for the job," and the success of Jews has more to do with consistent effort and results than tribal favoritism. America is a meritocracy, wistfully blended with nepotism. It's about effectiveness and who you know, and it's always been that way.

If Cernovich is the face of the Alt-right, and Baked Alaska it's taint, it's probably time for a reformation.

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LA_Goldbug's picture

So, its OK to bang senselessly on Germans about Hitler. Its OK to piss on Saddam because he was not Democratic. It is OK do destroy a country of Libya and call it democratic nation building. But it is not OK to comment about a specif group of people WHO CONSTANTLY make appearance at deplorable moments in history.

"To determine the true rulers of any society, all you must do is ask yourself this question: Who is it that I am not permitted to criticize?"

This is true for any person, group or nation.

Who is responsible for the genocide of Indians in North, Central and South America ? Europeans. I bet there would be no problem Tweeding this around.

Steelblue's picture

I don't like the senseless anti-semitism I read on here by those who post. Its off the wall and detracts from genuine issues which bear analysis.

LA_Goldbug's picture

Its not antisemitism IMHO that is heating up. Its anti-Anglo-Zionism. There is that part "Anglo", sort of like the Queen, Rockefeller etc.

Do you think this gentleman would be saying what he says if it was not true ????

Draw your own conclusions, but I for one see a pattern.

Teknopagan's picture

Jews cannot stand criticism. This is their main weakness and they will try to ruin anyone who is effective. Therefore, they are the greatest enemy to free speech and truth; the more open the discussion the better. 

The comments are better than the article.



TeethVillage88s's picture

Well, without context you are a whisp in the wind.

"Jews cannot stand criticism."


Actually Jews are like Scientist. They rely on Criticism & Coaching. Maybe 80% of ZH Sports are trained by Jews?

Okay, maybe not. Wot do I know.

Lost in translation's picture

Never heard of either of these individuals but... w o w

Kat Daddy's picture

Don't let the publisher put you off;  protocols of zion; International jew, henry Ford


scaleindependent's picture

Cernobitch is a jerk. I would not want that ahole representing me.  

His alimony tweets, etc are the antithesis of conservatism. 

jfb's picture

Guess what. Soon your comments will be censored here.

jfb's picture

It won't take more than 6 months before Paul Joseph Watson, Alex Jones and all the other compulsive liars redefine Russia as the ennemy. Not because Russia is "antisemite", it is not. Simply because they make the distinction between muslims and ISIS supporters, because their ideology is not about destroying others on the behalf of someone, but building a durable nation with christian values at the core. All the "work" of Alex Jones is about sparing the bankers and this fraudulent system and driving people toward a war of 1,000 years against a religion that they can't destroy. This guy is a fraud.

----_-'s picture
----_- (not verified) jfb Dec 28, 2016 10:02 PM

"This guy is a fraud."

just get some old quotes from him he did few years back. i dont know how stupid some people can be are but there are really people listening to that scumbag.

iAmerican3's picture
iAmerican3 (not verified) Dec 29, 2016 5:09 AM

To confuse actual true Americans, Cernovich, a fake man and stereotypical pervert false "Jew;" and Gionet, the archtypical Roman Catholic "anti-Semite," are engaged - both knowingly - in the same "good cop/bad cop" satanic psychopathy Rome and the Khazar false-Jews have been "playing" since their usurpation of the worship of Christ Immanuel, God Incarnate - Whom together on Golgotha their two factions impaled under codified Roman law for twice denying Caesar was God: to become the single Entity - "the real Anti-Christ" "engine for enslaving mankind" -  America's "whig" Founder and Prophet, Mr. Jefferson, correctly identified and against which warned us.

We would do well to revisit Our Founders' "Whig Interpretation of History": All history unfolds as a result of the conflict between Rome (and their partners and mercenary armies - note the "Jewish" cemeteries in Rome's 'safe deposit box' Switzerland, with Roman obelisks as headstones), and everyone else.

This is demonstrably true, as all evil visited on America since The Founding can easily be shown to be created by Rome or their Khazar agents.

Rome's bankers, assassins of POTUS's, Organized Crime, and pedophile priests' FedScam false-elite has usurped God's actual prophesied "Zion," America: their Fifth Column is comprised of #Pizzagate adherents riding atop the Beast of (((Gog))) and Babylon all know funded Hitler, killed JFK and MLK, did 9/11, backed the pedophile homosexual Clintons and Obamas, installs blackmailed pedophile homosexuals, degenerates, false-Jew ZioTalmud Khazars, and witting papists in Congress and SCOTUS, promotes illegal immigration by Hispanic Roman Catholics as an organized army of pawns for invasion and conquest of our whig Jeffersonian Republic's rule under Truth, Justice, Reason, and Honor, by God Almighty, the Creator of the universe, alone...and papers it all over gaslighting we the Electorate from 'fake news' Big Media they took over during the Circulation Wars a hunded years ago, and the fallen and debased Ivory Tower.

All across our Great Nation, Ashkenazim descended of Rome's Khazar cult-impaling Christ-killers, awarded "Judaism" as controlled opposition after the Hebraic Jews were exterminated in AD70, are Rome's partners in perfidy, the 95% of "Jewish synagogues" which practice atheist Herzl's "Zionism" and Godless Rabbinical Talmudism.

They teach their children from birth all not of their satanic cult psychosis - ever justifying their ancestors' actions crucifying for Roman gold the prophesied Messiah they reject - are "sub-human animals," "Goyim," "a mindless herd of cattle" their duty is "to lie to, cheat, rob, enslave, and kill, with impunity" for they are "gods" "chosen by God" to "rule the world." 

Listen to their rabbis or simply look up "Rabbinical Talmudism."  

This is who we should tolerate as countrymen though they openly declare their treason on Saturday mornings, and during the week serve those who send us to die for lies in false-war?

God is America's First Principle. Those who do not seek to establish Justice in Our Land, in Truth, are not of us.

True God-fearing Jews (of which Trump's family members and appointees are hopefully a part) help God's Truth flourish in Our Land, the true and prophesied "Israel Restored." You all know the only true Jews killed in Germany were killed by atheist Zionists partnered with NSDAP to form the NA-ZI party, that Rome through Rothschilds steal Palestine...named by Rome as the "palace district," "palatine," the jurisdiction of a "palast," a Roman knight, or "baron."

America: One Creator - One Creed - One People
Annuit Coeptis - Novus Ordo Seclorum - E Pluribus Unum

Death for Treason 

inosent's picture

Thou shalt not tell the truth, rule #1.

People are so afraid of the jews because the jews have massive control over everything. That doesn't make them smarter, they just operate differently.

Remove them from their federal reserve counterfeit money system then we'll see how much power they have.

Convince the American taxpayer of the fact that 100% of the $5Ts post 1948, and the 2 world wars and several billions paid to jews for the establishment of the jew state and perpetuation thereof, not on d0llah was ever paid back, we received no return on the investment, we literally not only got nothing positive in return, but we got a substantial negative return, inasmuch as American men and woman have been dragged over there to die for the jew cause. Cut all that foreign aid and let israhell sink or swim on its own.

I have asked the question many times what good was it to any non-jew american to make such a massive investment of their taxes and blood to establish and perpetuate the jew state in Palestine. To date, nobody can answer. They literally draw a blank.

The politicians will say we need israhell bcz it is our 'friend' bcz it is strategically placed to ward off from America all the bogeymen from the region from hurting US interests. I have heard that line of crap all my life (almost 60 here).

Define "US interests". More like mega corp international oil interests if anything, and nobody has accurately defined the link to israel. And considering the US has all the oil it needs to power itself, we don't need the oil in the ME anyway, so this whole argument about a benefit to keep oil flowing is total BS.

Basically, itr is all bulls-, for real. The jews control the narrative, so they say whatever s- they want but in the end, all that money was pissed away to the wind, and Americans slave away every day to pay for moar. f- that. Give me a return on my investment of f- off with your lame assed propaganda.

The religious ppl come up with all their superstitious BS, like god will curse America if we don't kow to the jews and israhell. But the last I checked religious ppl are opposed to abortion, homosexual marriages, the take down of prayer in school and the posting of the golden rule because jews argued in court to jewish judges these violate the separation of church and state.

Anyway, religious ppl are totally nuts, and they simply don't count in this argument. I am not willing to be taxed for no definable and precise benefit, as well as warming up to a 'friend' who dictates foreign policy in the region that raises hell on earth. Ever since the jews forced their way into Palestine based on all their frauds and trickery, murders and genocides, there has been nothing but trouble over there since, and that is a fact.

jews have what they have in the public sphere because they are extremely clannish, stick to each other like glue, are obsessed with advancing their cause, and , most importantly, will stop at nothing to get what they want, no matter how low they have to go, what lie, what theft, what murder, makes not difference.

That is not an 'IQ' issue, as some suggest. That is a moral issue. Craven, power hungry manipulative and evil materialists are not well suited for the phrase "store not for yourselves treasure on earth". And those who are more concerned about the condition of their soul than the balance in their bank account are obviously no match for the hyper-obsessed in-it-for-the-worldy-goods type, esp these so-called 'jews' with their fake labeling, fake myths, fake claims, fake news, fake pretty much everything.



Fourth Horseman's picture

Extensive research over the last 12 years. The jooz are in fact the root cause of most of ours and the worlds' ills.

Dive into the history and facts that are never taught and there you will find the truth about these hook nose cockroaches.

joey stalin's picture

In the earlier part of the last century, elite US universities limited their intake of identifiable Jews to about 3%.  At the time, the US was dominated by what was called WASPS (Whites).  They rightly saw the Jews as a threat to their power, and thus excluded them from the pathways to power--Harvard, Yale...  Now that the Jews dominate, they exclude Asians from these same pathways to power through Affirmative Action, and for the same reason--Our Jewish overloards see these uppity Asians as a threat to their near-monopoly of US state power.  Funny thing, this Affirmative Action--it guarantees almost open admissions to Jews (they come in under the White quota, thereby excluding working-class whites).  According to Jewish media sources, around 25% of Harvard's student body are Jews.  This discrimination has little to do with the supposed intellectual superiority of this group, and much more with a concerted effort to keep academically superior Asians down.

Of course, the Jews see little threat from Blacks, for example.  They are happy to provide Affirmative Action for the knuckle-dragging members of this group.  They use them as stooges and suckers ie. Obama. 

mastersnark's picture

Jews don't run anything, they are not anti-white, and they are just like you and me…except you will lose your job if you say they run stuff, are anti-white, and they are different than you and me.

iAmerican3's picture
iAmerican3 (not verified) mastersnark Dec 29, 2016 1:32 AM

Of true Jews, God-fearing who seek only holiness and righteousness alone, you are correct.

Unfortunately 95% of those who falsely call themselves "Jews" practice Godless Rabbinical Talmudism and atheist Zionism and openly declare their treasonous intention to "lie to, cheat, rob, enslave, and kill, with impunity" all we Black, White, Yellow, Red, and Brown Americans, whom they regard as "sub-human animals," "Goyim," "a mindless herd of cattle" during "worship" on Saturdays. 

They are partners of Lucifer-worshipping Rome as "the real Anti-Christ," and comprise the biblically denoted "Synagogue of Satan." 

Attend services. Hear it yourself - their confidence in success is so great they are very open about it and profain we, the People, even with obvious patriot American Gentiles in the audience.

Fourth Horseman's picture

You are either incredibly nave or you are a kike running interference on here.

Fathead Slim's picture
Fathead Slim (not verified) Fourth Horseman Dec 28, 2016 8:53 PM

What's "nave"?

Passer by's picture

Its not about jewish conspiracy, its about the fact that jews are smarter than euro-whites (IQ 115 vs IQ 100), so jews rule white euros, the way a few whites ruled South Africa or India.

The jews are the people with the highest IQ on this planet. The difference between an askenazi jew (IQ 115) and a white euro american (IQ 100) is like the difference between a white euro american (IQ 100) and an african american (IQ 85). Nearly 87 percent of US jews have been to college, a very high number, unlike any other group in the US, they have a very large number of professors, the number of Nobel Prizes they won is also very large. Jews, 2 percent of the US population, are nearly 25 percent of the students of America's best Universities. In Harvard, there are more jews (2 percent of the US population) than white euros (63 percent of the US population). Jews earn more than anyone else in America, as 44 percent of jewish families earn over 100k compared to 19 percent of regular american families. Jews, 2 percent of the US population, are one third of US billionares and nearly 40 percent of US nobel laureats. Jewish donors, from a group that is only 2 percent of the US population, contribute a whopping 50% of funds received by the Democratic Party and 25% to the Republican Party. Top 5 of Clinton's donors and many Trump donors were jewish. It is not a coincidence that they rule over euro people, since euro people are not smart enough to rule themselves.

They can verbally manipulate most people in a way most people can not understand. They are the best at ethnic warfare. They are so good at it that a several million jews could destroy one billion white euros (not with weapons, but with their brains), if they want to. And now they want to. Even if it takes one hundred years to do that.

Jews specialize in verbal IQ and the ability to control and manipulate others via words. They are great at ideology and media. The jewish brain wins in its ability to recognize emotional states and opportunities for psychological manipulation. In this world, those who are smarter rule over those who are not that smart.

A few jews rule over a billion of euros just like a few whites ruled over South Africa.
The euros are also somewhat intelligent, they are capable of creating a high tech civilization, this is why jews are interested in using these relatively smart euro people as a proxy and a puppet, so that jews, via the larger number of euros, could control the planet. Just like the physically weak woman who, if she could control the king, could control the world.

The white euros are good at creating machines (have spatial intelligence), but they are not that good at ruling themselves (not enough verbal intelligence). And this is where the jews come in, as the brain behind the body. The jews are like the smaller, but smarter woman, verbally controlling her larger husband, who is good at driving or using tools, but is not that good at talking.

Whites euros blew it with the Hitler thing, though. Now they are designated for extermination because of it.

What is happening now is that jews decided to get rid of white euros in order to prevent "another Holocaust" from happening, so that jews could be "safe". In order to do that, they will turn white euroes into minorities everywhere, so that white euros could never threaten the jews again.

Is this right or wrong? Hard to say. Its about genetic competition. Various genetic (ethnic) groups compete with each other, and try to replace the competition. Thats normal. Thats how it is in nature. Some species survive. Others go away. The better group will defeat the weaker group. Right now, jews are doing are great job at getting rid of white euros. As of now, they are better than their competition. And nature is ok with that.


jfb's picture

BS. The sole test where they outperformed was the verbal test, which is highly correllated with vocabulary and cultural bakground, not brute force, and this test involving barely 100 people was taken in the 1970's in the US. Israel has run such IQ tests on hundreds of thousands of conscripted soldiers and the Azkhenazim Jews had an average of 100 or so. Jews are not over represented in engineering, rather in fields like Law or dentistry (where they are useful) or thefake "science" of economy, which is just a pompeous philosophy which posture as a science. True that their parents push them hard, but if you search for objetive tests about brute force like the International Mathematics Olympiads, their average rank over the last 15 years (Israel) is just in line with many European countries with a population of 4 to 10 million people. And they trail far behind Iran and Turkey, who have a population 10 times more important of course.

scaleindependent's picture



Did you change your avatar, or are you cruising for troll lordship?



Don't feed the troll.

Fourth Horseman's picture

Nope, the jooz steal others ideas and use lies and deception (allowed by their religion as written in their religious texts) to gain the upper hand and exploit the goy.

They are not smarter, they just know how to deceive better.

I've won almost ALL arguments and shot down a kikes' prognostications with my own that were always spot on accurate. This jew boy was carnegie mellon educated and me... I dropped out of college and started my own biz.

I owned him repeatedly, and he was not the only one. So in my first hand dealings with these people, NO they are NOT smarter.

iAmerican3's picture
iAmerican3 (not verified) Fourth Horseman Dec 28, 2016 9:25 PM

They are not smarter. What they have is the power that comes from sharing the "inside skinny," Big Lie Magick with those of their de facto satanic cult psychosis - the Synagogue of Satan.

They know what they're doing: their rabbis remind them each Saturday: meeting their destiny to "own the world" and all on it they choose to allow to live. 

Time for we Black, White, Red, Yellow, and Brown Americans the ZioTalmuds call "sub-human animals" to excise the Christ-killing cancer on Our Land, by God. 

joey stalin's picture

Germany got rid of most of its Jews during WW2, and the Germany economy has been the most successful in Europe since that time. Without financial parasites sucking the wealth out of the country, Germany has been better able to succeed.  Germany can even afford to support millions of dead-beat muzzies and other assorted riff-raff, but it could not afford to support a far smaller number of parasite Jews.

joey stalin's picture

Germany got rid of most of its Jews during WW2, and the Germany economy has been the most successful in Europe since that time. Without financial parasites sucking the wealth out of the country, Germany has been better able to succeed.  Germany can even afford to support millions of dead-beat muzzies and other assorted riff-raff, but it could not afford to support a far smaller number of parasite Jews.

joey stalin's picture

B.S.  Intelligence tests administered to draftees at the beginning of the US involvement in the first World War showed eastern European immigrants (mainly Jews) having some of the lowest IQ scores.  It would be better to look at standardized test scores--SAT, LSAT, GRE, which show Asians at the top of the scale.

Vigilante's picture

So..a muslim Europe will be safer for Jews and Israel???


Btw..Cernovich /Milo etc were NEVER altright but what we call altLIGHT.

The core of the altright is Richard Spencer and NPI/Radix...various other outlets are orbiting around it (RedIceTV,AmRen,VDare)

He's making a convincing case for a 'civilized' version of identarian/nationalist politics.

Cucks like Cernovitch,PJWatson are just opportunists they make money out of a slightly edgy rightwing stance

My favourite RS speech


Iconoclast421's picture

If jews really wanted to take over the world, they wouldn't build their homeland in the middle of what is essentially a giant cultural volcano. You'd see them taking over places like hawaii.

Fourth Horseman's picture

It's there because they ARE just that stupid.

indygo55's picture

And yet they truely do and there they live. Think about that.

StreetObserver's picture

Mosquitos and Hawaaians. Plus everything there is imported, it's so expensive!

StreetObserver's picture

I'll bet this whole thing is being institgated or promoted at least by the DNC, Soros et al.

Adhere to your own beliefs and don't let anyone speak for you--That's freedom!

Disgruntled Goat's picture

Let the gays stay with the rest of their bed wetting friends, they' re not needed. I am both morally opposed to, and physically sickened by their actions. To accept them into the alt-right fold only furthers societal acceptance of their sick homosexual lifestyle as somehow normal and equal, which it is not. Thanks to Common Core and the liberal think tank that masquerades as our educational system, our primary schools have become little more than homosexual indoctrination centers. Beware of gays in the new right movement. They are Trojan Horses. 

dexter_morgan's picture

I guess I live in a cave. Never heard of either of these turds. 

I naively thought alt right was stuff like ZH, Breitbart, ATS, alex jones and stuff like that. 

I feel stupider for having learned of these asshats.

Skiprrrdog's picture

I feel dirty... like I need several showers...

Dave Whiteman's picture

jews need several Golden Showers

roadhazard's picture

When it comes down to it I don't like anybody with an agenda unless it's to leave me the fuck alone.

amadeus39's picture

How alone do you want to be? Alone, alone?


besnook's picture

you guys don't get it. the altright is the enemy so it willbe fragmented into a million pieces. the question is wghether it can come back like the tea party did with trump. how many people here remember the santilli rant about taking back america in the form of a tea party. as soon as the status quo realized the how big the interest was the party was coopted by crazy people then returned to the republican party(or so they thought) cuz obambam.

RafterManFMJ's picture

So some liberals advocate white genocide - and? How's that relevant to what Mike's doing?

And his employee makes accurate and cogent statements of Jewish media ownership (I'm sure it's all just chance and they in no way have an agenda, especially an anti-white agenda - that's crazy talk) and he is subsequently fired?

And Mike won the "divorce lottery?" So ... what? Good for him. Now I'm curious how his ex got so rich.

This is a pretty tepid hit piece and makes me wonder what's going on behind the scenes at ZeroHedge.

Neochrome's picture

I can see blacks who drive buses, do construction, work in hospitals, banks, stores and every other aspect of life and I appreciate their service to the community. Not every black man is a criminal and a valid target for offing by a police, and it is sad that it is even an issue. 

Not every Jew is a professor, doctor, lawyer or a banker. While they may be harder to notice compared to blacks, I assure you they work in every other imaginable field and we should appreciate their service to the  community and the country. Being convinced that main goal of our Jew neighbors in life is to take over the world is a sad testimony to how racism works. 

And yes, the same works for Muslim as well, except the difference is that if you have a few radical Jew or Christian they will go about it by talking (yeah, sometimes really loud) and being obnoxious in general , while those few radical Muslim will go about it by plowing trucks in the crowd.

inosent's picture

You are suffering from an information gap. Read The Controversy of Zion, by Douglas Reed (online free pdf), 1956, and check his bibliography. In order to understand the 'jewish' issue you have to know your history, not the fake one the jew controlled media/education-brainwashing system has fed you. The entire jew thing, esp modernly, is an epic fraud. And it all starts with attaching the 'jew' label to oneself, because that alone is a completely deceptive reference. But you will have to dig a lot deeper to get the facts on that. And believe me, they are all over the place. You can also check out Brother Nathaniel. He is the quintessential expert on the subject.

Seasmoke's picture

Jews Lie. And there is nothing good or righteous about that.

besnook's picture

lol. so the alt right is trying to purge the (bowel) movement of the 40% of americans who think too much aid is given to israel and jews have too much influence in all manner of american life. the penduluim swings. i remember when wasps were the enemy. maybe the chinese will take the mantle from the jews but in the meantime they should grow some gatorhide because prominence makes for easy(and fun) targets.

any_mouse's picture

Perhaps, we can come up with a more specific term for those who own the media and own the debt creation to the detriment of society at large, regardless oftheir connnections to a larger group.

It is the same as disliking niggers is not the same thing as disliking all people with African ancestry.

I have always thought German laws on freedom speech regarding the Thrird Reich were misguided. Suppression is not the way to deal with a specific idea. Now those laws prevent any rational discussion of immigration policies.

Winston Smith 2009's picture

The is no need to come up with a new term like "alt-right" to describe most Trump supporters, but it serves the purpose of allowing someone else to give them a name which they can then associate with a FRINGE element. MOST Trump voters fit the category of paleoconservatives - the ORIGINAL meaning of "conservative" which is why their adversaries want to invent a new term for them to hide the fact they are very far away ideologically from the current debt loving, war mongering neoCONs. Read:


Paleoconservatism (sometimes shortened to paleocon) is a conservative political philosophy found primarily in the United States stressing tradition, limited government and civil society, along with religious, regional, national and Western identity.


Neoconservatism (commonly shortened to neocon) is a political movement born in the United States during the 1960s among conservative leaning Democrats who became disenchanted with the party's foreign policy. Many of its adherents became politically famous during the Republican presidential administrations of the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s and 2000s. Neoconservatives peaked in influence during the administration of George W. Bush, when they played a major role in promoting and planning the 2003 invasion of Iraq.