Trump Slams Obama "Inflammatory Statements", Tells Israel To "Stay Strong, Jan 20 Is Fast Approaching"

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Just when you thought it was safe to turn Twitter down from '11', president-elect Donald Trump unleashes a triple whammy tweet-storm against the Obama administration, "shocking" the mainstream media with his frankness.

First, he took direct aim at Obama, assuing the outgoing president of hobbling the transition to the Republican’s administration by unspecified "inflammatory" statements and "roadblocks," as tensions between the two men spilled into the open less than a month before Inauguration Day.

Then unloaded a double-tweet aimed at the treatment of Israel. As a reminder, last week, Obama ordered Samantha Power to abstain from a vote on a resolution declaring Israeli settlements in the West Bank illegal, allowing the measure to pass. Obama also said in an interview published by CNN on Monday that he would have beaten Trump, had he run for a third term.

As Bloomberg adds, the recent theatrics override the attempt by the two to mend relations: "after years of insults between the two men predating Trump’s run for the presidency, the real estate developer met with Obama shortly after the election and praised his character while promising to retain some initiatives, including portions of Obama’s signature health-care law. Both men have said they’ve spoken by phone more than once after that meeting. But their relations, at least in public, appear to have recently broken down."

And, as Obama ends his 'reign' with scorched earth tactics - somehow aimed at protecting his legacy - we suspect Trump's first 100 days will be spent busily unscrambling these eggs.

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Put a cork in him.

The Donald, that is, too.

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Trump to 0bama in Al Swearengen’s voice “Get a fucking haircut. Looks like your mother fucked a monkey.”

Looney   ;-)

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

'President O' - he he he!

>>> President O

>>> President 0

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Aww Donny snowflake is flustered

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TRUMP just told the world that it's okay for thieves in Israel to go on stealing land that's not theirs.

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Trump's a THIEF like the Israelis.

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I don't know much about Hitler. Except that last thing, about the Jews. There has never been a country that put its heel down on the Jews that ever lived afterwards."

— Huey Long (Williams p. 761)

U.S. Senator Long assassinated by Carl Weiss Baton Rouge, Louisiana 1935

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If trump can’t even handle criticism from Obama, how is he going to negotiate with world leaders? He has such a fragile ego, it’s embarrassing. Deal with it, Trump – the American people voted for Hillary. You’re only President elect because of Russia.

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Trump is beholden to Jewish Money Power. He'll do what his master says.

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You fucking spammers blow.

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Yup. And that was the end of my support of Trump. America first my ass. Fuck off, Donald. Go suck Bibi's cock!

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where are




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The one and ONLY thing Obama did that was good. I thought you dipshits were certain he was Muslim but the cunt's been killing the fuck out of us, so I FAIL to see the fucking logic.

Still, I hope he fails with his next resolution and filthies actually annex the entire West BAnk against world opinion. Come what may after that, the world will never believe their 'playing the victim' bullshit.

Cmon Trump, support your masters like the good cucked American you are - I will look forward to 8 years of high intensity rape of the U.S public for the purposes of murder of Palestinians... and possibly Iranians. This will SURELY precipitate a world war.... and when the dust settles, when you survey the ruins of the great Judeo-Western civilisation, searching for answers you'll gaze skywards towards the creator and on the top of the mountain, against the sunset, your eye will catch the silhoutte of a muzza (quite possibly me) fucking his goat....and you will say to yourself...... Motherfucker!! The jews were right, it was the Muslims controlling us all along, with their technologically advanced donkey-based missile delivery systems and arse-scratching-finger-sniffing-effigy-burning-spontaneously-combusting-allahuakbar-chanting social sophistication, they have outwitted us all.

I'm beyond caring. At this point, fuck everyone!

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The Saint (not verified) ali_baba Dec 28, 2016 12:20 PM

0bama is a spitful little school boy.  We need to kick these children out of government.


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Eastern 'Lebensraum' for ISISrael...NAZI Germany had similar ambitions...

“After Rabin died, our path to the future was clearer than it ever was before,” activist Daniella Weiss tells Updike and Ephron. “We won the land, and we won the politics.” For 40 years, Weiss has been a vocal proponent of expanding settlements.

In 1975, when Rabin was prime minister for the first time, he opposed the settlements, famously calling them a “cancer in the tissue of Israel’s democratic society.” Then, Weiss was on the fringe of Israeli society. At a campaign rally before the recent elections, she introduced Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

ODD: Sharon suffers 'stroke' shortly after having IDF physically remove ISISraeli Gaza Strip settlers...

Inconvenient to assassinate TWO Israeli Prime Ministers over settlements...

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and filthies actually annex the entire West BAnk against world opinion

you obviously resent Muslims stereotyped as arse-scratching-finger-sniffing-effigy-burning-spontaneously-combusting-allahuakbar-chanting, but you label Jews as "filthies".

have you got a nice full-length mirror? maybe a fresh approach at resolving the Israeli-Palestinian issue with mutual respect?

and... who's killing who? is not the entire fundamental Shiite/Sunni conflict between Muslims killing each other over sectarian differences in the same religion?

in America, that would be like Baptist killing Methodist. we don't do that here. we accept each other's differences in belief and live together, work together, shop together, have sex together... you get the point. what's the big deal??

in my experience, every time someone points a finger, there are three pointing back at themself.

just sayin...


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Dag Hammarskjold was more controversial as UN Secretary-General in his own time than the afterglow of later decades might suggest. At the time of the Suez crisis in 1956, his critics denounced him as pro-Egyptian while David Ben-Gurion of Israel proclaimed that he was “our number one enemy after Russia.”

Report: Israel Passes U.S. Military Technology to China


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By supporting Israel's illegitimate land grabs, Trump essentially is giving a green light to occupy Trump Towers.

ali_baba's picture

Mate you don't really get it. I define my people as arse-scratching-finger-sniffing etc etc and I don't resent people pointing that out AT ALL. I'm not fucking blind. How would you define YOUR people in India? Clean? Free of body odour? Respectful of other people's personal space?

What I resent is people making out that these simple fuckers who burn their own shops and buses when someone 2000 miles away draws a picture of a dead man, are capable of SOMEHOW running and controlling the entire Western Civilisation. 

Of course the intelligence and achievements our filthy, baby-foreskin sucking friends is undoubted.

And man, do you really think that finger pointing shit is a clever thing to say? Who the FUCK says that to a grown up? I'm guessing you're not really integrated into Western society very well because that shit would only get said if someone was being... like.... ironic! otherwise it's moronic.

Salam - alahuakbar BANG!


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Oh now you're pretending to be a Muslim now! You dont have the slightest fuckin clue of the religion, and even if you did you're a fucking disgrace what you said... No Muslim could possibly say "He just a dead man" or not condemn cartoon of the Prophet... Even most of the Christians condemn cartoons of Jesus taking the piss... Let me guess you're either a Jewish or Hindu scum..  Or maybe you're some pink brit/american sheep shagger who occasionally doesn't spare his family either. Something you westerners are well known for Incest and paedophilia

ali_baba's picture

And here we have one of my arse scratching brethren.
You need to calm the fuck down-let the adults deal with this shit.
In your fit of rage, DO NOT, i repeat DO NOT burn your own possessions because of something you read on the internet.
Judging by what youve written, you have a limited capacity to reason. Try and read the meaning behind all my words collectively, rather than reacting to individual words. "I read the word fuck and now im sooooo angry"
Let me help you. If i was a jew, i would first claim that i was DEFINITELY NOT a jew and was an athiest or even catholic or some shit. I would then proceed to link anything and everything with Islam because thats what i want!!! I want all white people to give me their hard earned cash to eliminate the people whos land i want to steal. If iwas a jew pretending to be a muslim, i would write the sort of stpid post youve written which makes muslims look like nutcases (which for the most part, we sadly, are). Being a good jew i would thengo and suck my baby's foreskin to comfort myself.
If i was hindu, i would say stupid random shit that would make little sense (like the finger pointing shit above) then back the jews to the hilt because ultimately i want the muslim lands to the north of india where the women have lighter skin but are ALL muslim :(
Moreover, please keep your mouth shut. Stop burning things, blowing up things and arguing about your religion to anyone who will listen. Theres a verse in the quran that tells you to keep your mouth shut whne someone slags off your religion. It says nowhere that you should torch the nearest vehicle. Thats the saudi version. And the saudi version is edited in Israel.Stop just being offended at everything. You are a VERY bad advert for my religion. TRUST ME we've got this!

ZeroSense's picture

BTW Its Allah Hu Akhbar you ignorant lying fuck

ali_baba's picture

You know these arent english words right?.......they therefore....have no....english spelling. Facepalm. I canliterally spell it one hundred correct ways ALL of which, it could also be argued, were incorrect. We would spend months doing that shit and the juws would have built 50,000 more settlements and sucked the foreskins off of 2000 newborns.

ZD1's picture

"I hope he fails with his next resolution and filthies actually annex the entire West BAnk against world opinion."

You actually believe that most people in the world give a fuck if Israel annexes a few acres of land when Muslims control all of the Middle East?

ali_baba's picture

No I don't. Most people outside the West really detest Israel even if they didn't annex the west bank. You haven't managed to muzzle them.

Muslims control all of the Middle East because they were all born there. It happened naturally. It didn't take billions of $s of bribes and threats and tanks and screwing the common American who foots the bill for you.

Terp's picture

If you´re really a muzzie you deserved that upvote...lmfao
You´re now, fuck everyone.


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"I'm beyond caring. At this point, fuck everyone!"

ab, I know its hard to see any silver lining, but hang in there, please.

Troy Ounce's picture


Where is Marc Braverman CEO of the Clingon Foundation, now either a stiff, in Russia or in FBI'S protective custody?

ZD1's picture

Ya'll need to join your fellow NeoCon Islamists in the Democrap Party where you belong.

greenskeeper carl's picture

Ya its getting harder and harder to defend him. Idon't see how this falls under America first either. No matter what a candidate says, they ALWAYS bend to the will of israel. Rand Paul did the same thing when he said he would end all foreign aid. He quickly backtracked and said that 'of course I didn't mean Israel, too. They still get theirs, just no one else'.


Poor little lsrael. Maybe some more of our money would make them feel better?

roddcarlson's picture

Obviously Trump had been compromised by his Jewish son in law marrying Ivanka. It seems these people know how to marry into the key successful and wealthy families and convert to their old wineskins and hatred of goy over about two generations. They start subtle with the programming until the second generation has reached it's climax and then grandson takes of grandpa's place at the helm of being a zionist hating Christian. If I were one of these people I'd home school my kids possibly with tutors I could watch over and spy on, because it's the private schools that turn them against their parents just like the public ones. I'd teach my kids to stay in their race and faith.

I've seen this for years in my family, various white people claiming to be the Holy people of Israel with blue eyes. I mean if you are a Christian you are the Holy people, all else takes second place. It's almost as hard to swallow as the same kind of people always claiming to be Cherokee indian and having blonde hair and blue eyes and many being German thinking that is cool or something. In my insecure years of formative thinking I too would play I'm the "chosen" race just to see the response, nothing like trying to pretend to be Jesus Christ yourself and see how all the feeble minded Christians want to roll out a red carpet everywhere you walk.

It all comes to this at some point if you are 98% of something and you look 100% like some race then you are that race not the other 2% you look nothing like. In fact I'd argue that the genes or races are so unique they are kind of like hydrophobic polar/nonpolar to other races genes, they go either one way or another and generally sift back out so that hybridization is hard to maintain long haul. Would it make sense that melanin would be thick in the say the skin but not Iris? Or that you'd have blonde hair but dark skin? It happens but usually only in first generation mixing, within one generation the whole mix becomes homogenized so that eccentric outliers become more matched over the entire bodies construction. In other words I'd say the genetics have a tendency to self polarize one way or another just like molecules tend to isomerize based on seeding. It makes no sense why someone would have bright blonde hair with blackest of skin, and quite frankly such a contrast would be hard on the eyes but also impractical in reproduction. So it is with semtic and caucassion, you breed blue eyes into a semitic Jew with non curved nose and you got a egotistical white guy that wants to be Jesus Christ himself.

Everyone wants to be superior, but the truth is that every race is superior at specific things and not at others. White people are known for their genius and 6 sigma deviation and our attactive features, I'd be happy with that and accepting Jesus as a savior from the brotherhood of Shem. I don't have to be royal heritage to still feel extremely rich and valuable in the greater picture of things.

Israel and Zionism is a lie! It's a costly lie! And the curse of Scofield and Darby being false prophets has led an arrogance that is undoing civilization for a false ego. As it is I'm proud to be European in heritage, proud to be Irish and German and Swedish and Christian. These are very wonderful things and if I had children I'd try to persuade them to stay true to a society and civilization and even race that was welcomed by Jesus like a fellow brother to carry his candle to the rest of the world. In short we are the new and only real Jews as followers of Jesus the messiah. No need to make up royal bloodlines that don't exist, when grafting is as good as any to claim the roots.

Trogdor's picture

This is pretty interesting - Isaiah 53 as the "forbidden chapter" in the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible):

Things that make you go "Hmmmmm" ...

logicalman's picture


A country founded on theft.

What the fuck would anyone expect them to behave like?

Run by criminals, populated by people who think they are better than everyone else.

An open sore on the face of humanity.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

I have a picture somewhere of Netanyahu's entire face tattoo'd with an Al Qaeda black flag!!!

Anybody that can find it please post it under h_h's pictures!

20-20 Hindsight's picture

Yup... well millions of suckers such as yourself swallowed all of Trump's bullshi--  hook, line and sinker.  So yeah, you're allowed to express your bitter disappointed now, I guess.  You're right and I'm glad you figured it out, albeit too late: Donald Trump is a cocksucking cocksucker.

Mustafa Kemal's picture

 as yourself swallowed all of Trump's bullshi--  hook, line and sinker."

To begin with, as they say Hindsight is 20-20. Some of us voted for Trump because of our disgust with the Hildebeast. Now we have to deal with this.  We regret nothing.

ZD1's picture

Good. Go join your fellow NeoCon Islamists in the Democrap Party where you belong.

auricle's picture

Trump just lost my vote. I could give a shit about Israel as much as I do about Ireland. America first, second, third asshole. As long as we support Isael the war machine in the middle east will keep churning. 

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----_- (not verified) Troll Magnet Dec 28, 2016 2:07 PM




trump truely is a sneaky ass bitch jew dick sucker

i dont know why people are surprised. trump was openly pushing isreal ever since day 1.

the only thing trump cares about is kikes and himself this is how he does buisness.

garcam123's picture

Yep, I'm betting that Jan. 21 it's open season for "ALL" "law enforcement" on niggers, spicks,  chinks,  white trash protesters and other wise undesireable "trash" as opposed to those who have already robbed everyone else successfully! Meaning if you get dead....too bad nigger, this is Great America!  Get it Motherfucker?   Get ready for Isreali  Nazi Amerika.....drain the swamp, this motherfucker is the swamp, he just didn't want to launch nuclear war like that physco, criminal bitch would have on inaugeration day! That's a far stretch from being the right one for the job......I'm hangin on to my ass!

Mustafa Kemal's picture

"I'm betting that Jan. 21 it's open season for"

Also, I suspect there will be an almost instantaneous onslaught of lawsuits regarding the Emolument clause in the Constitution.


JLee2027's picture

Don't think we need you.