Unhappy Holidays: Houston Police Force Homeless People To Throw Away Food

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Submitted by Derrick Broze via TheAntiMedia.org,

Local activists attempting to hand out food and gifts were shocked on Thursday afternoon when Houston police forced the homeless to throw away the donations.  Around 1 pm on Thursday,  several individuals met in downtown Houston to distribute plates of hot food, blankets, and other supplies to the city’s growing homeless population. Soon after, Houston police arrived on the scene of two different intersections where the homeless advocates were giving out gifts and food.

According to witness testimony posted on Facebook, the police instructed the homeless to throw away everything they had been given. Not only were the police called, but they brought a large waste management truck and are forcing the homeless to throw away their food, pillows and other items,” reads one post.

A video from an ABC13 social media correspondent shows the police and trash vehicle parked under a freeway while a man narrates the situation. Covers, Blankets, different things like that, pillows. They are throwing all of that away,” he says.

Shere Dore, a local activist who works with several organizations, including Food Not Bombs Houston, was involved in the food sharing and says the throwing away of the gifts was uncalled for. I’m highly disturbed because lots of these items were not only given to the homeless by the community, but some of the blankets and jackets were literally purchased by homeless advocates like myself,” Dore told Anti-Media. “HPD and the City of Houston are taking our cash and throwing it in the trash. At what point will our police stand up and say that this is wrong to do to people?

Only moments before throwing away the gifts, the Houston police stopped Dore and a fellow advocate. Dore said her friend was taking photos of the police vehicle when the officer began questioning them, claiming someone had called and complained about people feeding the homeless. In a video posted on Facebook, Dore tells the officer she will feed the homeless whether it is legal or not.

These types of situations are likely to increase in Houston due to a 2012 city ordinance prohibiting the sharing of food with more than five people at a time without fulfilling certain requirements created by city council. The controversial measure, known as the “Anti-Food Sharing” ordinance by critics, was passed in 2012 despite resistance from one of the largest coalitions of political, activist, and religious organizations in Houston. The criticisms of the ordinance range from beliefs that it represents an attack on the homeless population to assertions it is another example of government restricting freedom.

The ordinance requires applicants to fill out a form and seek permission to feed someone while on someone else’s private property. If you would like to feed someone in a public park you must fill out another form. The city argues that feeding the homeless food that has not been cooked in a certified kitchen could spread illness and that feeding them is only enabling homelessness. Although Houston police have yet to issue a citation for violation of the ordinance, it has been an issue of concern among activists since the moment it passed. In late November, ABC13 reported that activists delivered 75,000 signed petitions to City Hall calling for the repeal of the ordinance.

As Houston prepares to host the National Football League’s Super Bowl 51, there is concern that the homeless population will be forced out of the downtown area or subject to increased harassment from the police.  In November AP reported, “fences have gone up and dozens homeless people living under a Houston freeway overpass have been ordered out amid speculation the city is trying to make the area more presentable as it prepares to host the Super Bowl early next year.” The Texas Transportation Department claims the move was not related to the Super Bowl and insists they were responding to safety concerns for drivers and pedestrians.

If the City of Houston is attempting to remove the homeless for their incoming sports event/ economic boom, it would not be the first. In April 2016 the International Business Times reported on the Brazilian government’s attempts to beautify parts of Rio at the expense of the homeless and other at-risk groups.

“‘Cleaning the streets,’ as the project is euphemistically known, is not an effort to haul garbage but to sweep away homeless people and drug dealers — including the often drug-addicted children who live on the sidewalks of some of Rio’s wealthiest neighborhoods.

Advocates for homeless youth say children are being detained arbitrarily by police — or in some cases simply vanishing. They warn that the “cleanup” is likely to make life worse than ever for the thousands of children who have already been forced out of their homes by abuse or desperate poverty.”

Rio and Houston are not alone in their mistreatment of homeless individuals. In October 2014,   the National Coalition for the Homeless released a report that found 21 U.S. cities have passed measures restricting feeding of the homeless since January 2013.

As we enter the “holiday season,” take a few moments to reflect on whatever abundance you have in your life and think of those who have less. If the police, city officials, and sports-obsessed public have their way, those without a home (by choice or circumstance) will be harassed, pushed out, and eventually rounded up. Let’s each do what we can to prevent this nightmare from becoming reality.

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PoasterToaster (not verified) Dec 28, 2016 10:31 AM

Not surprising people are starting to shoot cops.

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Dallas-Ft. Worth Police pension fund needs a bailout.  "Sorry, we threw your money in the trash. Retire with your broke fund and don't loiter or look for handouts here in town."

SafelyGraze's picture

if only there a way that we could be Secure in our Possessions

Muddy1's picture

This would be the time for Obama to say, "The cops acted stupidly."

Maybe it is something the water.  Afterall, Houston is the place where people elected Sheila Jackson Lee.

Cruel Aid's picture

very good, lmao and true

can they see the landing sight, genius

peddling-fiction's picture

Oh yes, the Christmas spirit is alive and well.

rccalhoun's picture

the downtown basketball courts (and surrounding park) are filled with homeless.  my dumpster dogs hang with the homeless

while i play basketball.  i like the people there for the most part.  the police run them out..so they have to 'hide' somewhere to sleep at

night....but come back during the daytime.  what is the solution? 

Donnie Duvanie's picture

The solution? Put up lights for basketball at night?

Handful of Dust's picture

Houston has had Democrat management for way too long. The last election showed a close race between a solid Rep whose platform was more jobs, more incentives for small businessmen to relocate to Houston, road repairs, etc. His Democrat opponent (who was heavily funded by Soros, BTW) promised simply mo' entitlements.


Can you guess who won that election?

marathonman's picture

The legacy of that rug munching Mayor Anise Parker lives on and on and on...

asteroids's picture

"Give us this day our daily bread" .... Very Christian of them.

peddling-fiction's picture

Ding ding, and we have a winner...

Giant Meteor's picture

Indeed and nice to meet ya asteroids. If only more peeps would have voted for me .. this shit wouldn't be happening.

Of course, a lot of other shit wouldn't be happening either.


Donnie Duvanie's picture

Reading this made me sad and hungry.

DosZap's picture

Houston,Austin and Dallas(proper) due to white flight 20-25yrs ago, are the three hellholes of Texas.

daveO's picture

Drunks, druggies and overall crazies. The left uses the word "homeless" to whitewash them. The left started using this term in the 80's after the mental asylums were flushed out. It was against their "civil rights" to keep them housed forever, the left said. The left created this mess.

Antifaschistische's picture


- I recognize these pictures...

....this article is highlighting the stretch or real estate between the downtown community college and "downtown" about a mile up the light rail.

....I walk this stretch occasionally where you can watch the drug deals taking place...last week I heard one of the 'gentleman' suggest to his buddy that I was a cop. (I'm not)

....there are several "hang-outs" along this piece of land where there are piles of "donated" clothes 4 feet high and 12 feet long.  I don't know what the boys do with all these clothes, but I'm sure when the trucks arrive to "clean them up" the political action crew will sweep in and cry that we are throwing away their ONLY COAT...

...the guys don't threaten me, but I'm special.  You would NOT want your daughter walking this street at any time of the day/night.

...the funniest thing to me is how these guys get cast as just guys that have hit a streak of "bad luck" in their lives.   Those guys do exist...and I haven't always been lucky either, but the dudes along Main Street downtown are NOT those guys.

Dave Thomas's picture

They did this the last time the SuperBowl came to Houston. They're getting ready to sweep downtown of all the hobos before the next SuperBowl extravaganza comes to town.

Check out the Greyhound station on Main they'll all move to another city for a few weeks before coming back then nobody will care.

In other news there is a new Texas shaped pool Sylvester Turner unveiled, maybe they could move them all there temporarily till the festivities blow over.

Handful of Dust's picture

Houston's last mayor (another democrat0 devoted most of her time appointing committees to clear stray dogs off Houston streets and her push to create that Houston-Dallas Rail System which no one wanted and no one would use. She helped confiscate thousands of acres of farm land between H and D for that railway forcing people off their land or selling it for much lower price then its worth to the Gubmint for her railroad.

Luckily, that boondongle handout to contruction companies died out when some of the backers realized there was no way EVER to make money from it. The smelly pile would simply be another lead weight debt around Texas taxpayers' necks.

kekekekekekeke's picture

Yep the next step is one way tickets to skid row LA 

Tall Tom's picture



Yes. I agree. The Reagan~Bush Administration was extreme left wing and socialist. (They were. No satire intended.)


They closed the "asylums", mental heath care facilities, and then marketed the cocaine which they imported from Columbia, through Mena, Arkansas, under the auspices of the bribed state attorney general, then Governor, William Jefferson Clinton, so that they could finance their war in Nicauragua.


Without proper and suitable medications provided, along with the lack of professional supervision, the mentally ill flocked to the street drugs to manage their symptoms. George HW Bush, by acting in the manner in which he did, not only created an abundance of supply, but also created the demand side for his Crack Cocaine imports. That is a damned good business move I must admit...creating the conditions for both the supply and demand, then using Government power to corner the market.


It is just too bad that it is absolutely EVIL and what is far, far worse is that you SUPPORTED THIS.


And for you to reply that you had no clue IS LYING. You'd have to be INTENTIONALLY BLIND NOT TO SEE IT.


Please...Please continue.

Proofreder's picture

Easy for you to say, asshole

you've still got a mom with a basement.


PrometeyBezkrilov's picture

It was created by NWO operatives, who masked themselves as lefties. This is big difference and you should understand it.

Offthebeach's picture

If they told cops to round up the Jews, they would.

PrometeyBezkrilov's picture

No, they would not. They know who owns their mortgages.

Offthebeach's picture

Jew gone, mortgage gone.

It's call incentive.

DosZap's picture

The cops could care less it's the Nazi health dept.

Ghost of Porky's picture

All food must be "Wookie Approved" by Moochelle.

hedgeless_horseman's picture

“fences have gone up and dozens homeless people living under a Houston freeway overpass have been ordered out amid speculation the city is trying to make the area more presentable as it prepares to host the Super Bowl early next year.” 

Mayor gots ta get da house picked up real clean 'fore Massa McNair's friends come down for da big game.

Rich from PDT's picture

Leave it up to the Libertoons to continue the cop bashing... Because they want to clean up the scum on the streets. You can't have it both ways folks. Either you want these people off the streets or not?


"No Cucks, No Fags, No Weak White Men."

Consuelo's picture



Yeah, I guess you're right.   Because after all, they're just 'following orders', correct...?   Such 'heros' are they.   I'm getting all teary eyed just thinking about their 'bravery'...



More Ammo's picture
Officers Oath

I, [name], do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.

Your Oath NEVER expires!
It''s time to keep it! Just "following orders" does not mean they are not committing a crime much less violating their oath which is a much bigger deal to me...

Tall Tom's picture





...under penalty of perjury.

SmackDaddy's picture

Seriously. A bunch of degenerate drug addicts. Or perhaps child molesters. Their own families have turned their backs on them.

And I don't want to hear about how there are no jobs. I work in a factory that starts people out doing east work at $19 an hour. You should see the losers we're forced to hire. Several of them quit before they made it through orientation.

Handful of Dust's picture

They need to ship these people off to Barry's house in Palm Springs or in DC. He helped create them thru his Hope & Change robust recovery.

CrankyCurmudgeon's picture

Please PM me, or better yet post the name and address of this factory. There are thousands reading who know someone who would be interested. Or, of course, you might be a lying conservatard.


Tall Tom's picture





Then why in the hell do you not arrest the Government Officials that rape babies on the streets of Phoenix, Arizona, or arrest the Government Officials who smuggle the drugs into this nation, their couriers acting under the auspices of "diplomatic immunity"?


Oh. I know. They sign YOUR PAYCHECK.



Bill of Rights's picture

Scum on the street? maybe you should offer then a room in your basement since your in a caring mood.

rejected's picture

and then there is Karma,,, one never knows what the next hour will bring.

DosZap's picture

You joining the call for A WHITE GENOCIDE?.

Mass_hysteria's picture
Mass_hysteria (not verified) Dec 28, 2016 10:35 AM

You Americans need to get this false illusion called America out of your heads. It doesn't exist, you've been tricked

Global Douche's picture

It was swept away like the homeless, government taken over by the Bankers! Remember Ol' Hickory? He killed the banks. That's why Treasury, essentially run by the Fed Banker SCUM wanted his picture off the Twenty, yet 99.99% of Americans are totally clueless of this fact.

Dr. Richard Head's picture

And the land of the thieffffff!!!!!  And the home of the slave........


Mass_hysteria's picture
Mass_hysteria (not verified) Dr. Richard Head Dec 28, 2016 10:38 AM

Yupp, that's the truth...this false illusion called america is gone.


A republic if you can keep it...


Obviously the americans have failed. all the coca cola, fluoride and the brainwash program has been successful.

E.F. Mutton's picture

I wonder if they also shoot people attempting suicide. You know, so they won't kill themselves.

SoDamnMad's picture

Hey, that's why that NATO auditor in Belgium was found suicided with the gun in the glove box.  They shot him dead because he was thinking about shooting himself. 

Offthebeach's picture

.357 suicide bullet can travel a mile, upon skull exit. So, it's a PUBIC safety issue requring deadly force by trained GED level professionals. By shooting suicide shooters, no telling the lives saved. Even if it's just one.

The_Dude's picture

Cultural Marxist made this country throw away its morality. ..we are reaping the spoiled rewards of that act.