Duterte Says US Ambassadors Are CIA "Spies" As Alleged US Plot To Overthrow Him Emerges

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Coming at an awkward time, just as the US accused Russia of doing (once again, without a shred of valid proof as opposed to a report which the DHS was quick to disown) what the CIA has done to other nations for decades, earlier today everyone's favorite volatile, vulgar and outspoken Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte derided U.S. ambassadors as "spies", responding to a media report of an alleged American plot to destabilize his government, a job he said some envoys were appointed solely to do.

Quoted by Reuters, the former mayor said though had received no intelligence reports of any U.S. plan to undermine his presidency, he believed most ambassadors were in cahoots with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), which had a track record of meddling in other countries' affairs

The reason for the latest outburst is because the Manila Times newspaper on Tuesday reported a former U.S. ambassador to the Philippines had prepared a "blueprint to undermine Duterte", citing a document it had received from a what it described as a "highly placed source".

The Manila Times said Philip Goldberg, who recently ended his term as ambassador in Manila, had outlined various strategies over an 18-month period to destabilize Duterte. That would include supporting the opposition and co-opting the media, the military, neighboring countries and senior government officials to turn against Duterte and isolate him economically.

Duterte has previously called Goldberg a "gay son of a bitch" and referred to him in three successive live television interviews on Thursday, as Washington's "superstar" with a track record of trying to undermine governments.

He may well be right: Goldberg was expelled as ambassador to Bolivia in 2008 by then President Evo Morales, who accused him of siding with his rightist opponents and of orchestrating street protests. The United States rejected that and said his expulsion was a "grave error".

"Maybe he will deny it but it's not good," Duterte said of Goldberg's alleged blueprint, which he said was plausible because of Goldberg's history.

The U.S. State Department, which has yet to admit on the record that it is in the government overthrow business, naturally described the allegations as "false."

Duterte, however, had a more cynical view: "most of the ambassadors of the United States, but not all, are not really professional ambassadors. At the same time they are spying, they are connected with the CIA," Duterte said in a television interview.

He added that "the ambassador of a country is the number one spy. But there are ambassador of the U.S., their forte is really to undermine governments."

Meanwhile, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for East Asia and the Pacific Daniel Russel dismissed the Manila Times report.

"No such blueprint exists," he said in a statement on Tuesday.

"The United States respects the sovereignty of the Philippines and the democratic choices made by the Philippine people."

Sure it does, and just to "prove" it here is a paper which showed that between 1946 and 2000, the US intervened in foreign elections "only" 81 times, of which 65% were covert.

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tazs (not verified) Dec 29, 2016 10:04 PM

It's about time the USG took care of America and stopped meddling in other people's countries.

peddling-fiction's picture

Duterte, like Putin, are both right.

El Vaquero's picture

Operation AJAX, Pinochet, "Yats" (Arseny Yatsenyuk,) etc...


It's not like the US hasn't done this before.  Duterte is a nutter, but the US does not like it when a country pivots away from the US. 

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

I'm sure that in the Philippines the CIA already "found" nuclear warheads, chemical weapons, and a statue of Lenin.

PT's picture

Soon they'll give the Russkies a break.  "It woz Phillipino Hackers!!!"

beemasters's picture

Putin is probably/should be now urging Duterte to expel 35 American diplomats....and execute the rest.

yrad's picture

His mutter was a nutter.

Fathead Slim's picture
Fathead Slim (not verified) El Vaquero Dec 29, 2016 10:33 PM

Well, he called Obama a son of a bitch. Sounds like a clear thinker to me.

Krungle's picture

I believe the actual words he used were "son of a whore." Your point stands either way.

In any event, the State Dept. should be thankful that he hasn't threatened to toss any spies from helicopters yet.


UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

More like a Berserker than a nutter. Berserkers know who the enemy is and how to deal with them.

Luc X. Ifer's picture

What of a despicable cancer US has become at the hands of Obama and the Democrats...

Duc888's picture



The dumocrats just carried over Bush Senior's Policies, and Clintons and shrubs...

sessinpo's picture

US has been involved with the Philipines way before bush. It was once a territory as far back as 1898

DjangoCat's picture

Been living under that rock Luc?  The US has been this way since WWII, as far as I know, maybe much longer.

Donnie Duvanie's picture

Regardless, I can't wait until Duerte's flight crew announces that "He just fell out of the helicoptor!"

Giant Meteor's picture


He's a plucky little guy ain't he ..

Something tells me the world is getting a bit fed up with big brother. Things just aren't going according to plan. On the other hand this would indicate an escalating game, cuz big brother isn't a quitter .. I can hardly wait to see what his next move will be,  the next transparent false flag, that is going to be. Most assuredly those spooks are workin overtime, for the betterment of mankind of course.

silverer's picture

I call people like him "fearless". It's a good quality to have, most of the time.

Giant Meteor's picture

Yes agreed. Most of the time. 

Proctologist's picture

Spreading free-dumb and dumb-ocracy.

There must be some living relatives of Marcos' that want to get back into politics.

Thebighouse's picture

Get the hell out of the Philipines NOW

Bye Bye

No mo money

Get it from China

How do you spell that in mandarin?

Get out.

Make him crawl back.

Muslims have a nice foothold there.

Too bad

Giant Meteor's picture

What about the call centers. I'd miss that ...

Jethro's picture

I kinda like those phone calls from Esmerelda.  Its funny when you get them off script and talking about lumpia.

Duc888's picture



Dude, Duterte will deal with the muzzies.  Carrot and Stick.  Looky who's been pretending to fight Abu Sayef.... and helping them all along.


guess who?

DjangoCat's picture

How long since you've been out, cowboy?

native grunt's picture

Duterte calls Obama a 'SOB'. I'd take his so-called authenticity more

seriously if dares to call any one of of Xi, Putin or Trump the same. Till then

he is just a loudmouthing gasbag.


The Phillipines for one reason or another has missed out on the 'Asian

Miracle', but those days are long gone. China is not about to make up

for it.

chunga's picture

Unkle Skam needs to kill Russia because moar countries are going to gravitate away from it. and it's fraud. The only country left that can fight back is Russia so that's where they'll go.

Idaho potato head's picture

Unfortunately they seem to think Russia has no limit of shit they will take. 

When they find that limit it will be too late to say your'e sorry.

Small Government Is Better's picture

I wonder if Russia could imitate the USA's "secret rendition program" and move Barack Obama to a new permanent home in Siberia?

That would help relations with Russia, China, and the Philippines.

Of course, Russia would need to disclose they had done the "secret rendition" so that real Americans could cheer about it.

pocomotion's picture

Duterte will be dead within 2017 year. 


Under dragon blood will flow.



Giant Meteor's picture

Perhaps a favor, granted by Godfather, don trumporleone, would save him. Of course he may be called upon one day to do a small service for the don ... at a later time. 

sessinpo's picture

I too think Duterte will meet his end prematurely. I like his brass calling out the UN and the US. I  have issues with the way he is handling his drug war.

illuminatus's picture

I would say Mr Duterte has very good reason to be paranoid.

Skiprrrdog's picture

Barry Obortion will blame it on the Russians...

Withdrawn Sanction's picture

"Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte derided U.S. ambassadors as "spies", responding to a media report of an alleged American plot to destabilize his government..."

If that's true, Mr President, then treat them like drug dealers:  Arrest them and then summary execution.  After all, the drug problem and the CIA operatives posing as diplomats in your country share something in common.  

yellowsub's picture

Only 81 times, seems a bit low...  

rlouis's picture

The CIA has been really sloppy for a long long time, but this is just plain embarassing.  If we didn't have a community organizer as president I would be seriously humiliated.  It's almost like having a high school grad and former bus driver, turned army synchophant, as president of Venezuela.   /s

Jethro's picture

"Voy al la luna, Alice!  Voy al la luna!"

Skiprrrdog's picture

Duterte needs his own posse here; maybe some native, gay male prostitutes with exploding dicks. Have them hang around bath houses...

peddling-fiction's picture

They need to learn ping pong and eat pizza.


<--Pizza consumers and spirit cookers. Watchout.

CHoward's picture

Of course they're spies you stupid son of a bitch!!  LOL

dlweld's picture

The USA seems bent on ruining its “brand”. Now, instead of being the gleaming “house on the hill”, a great example and home of freedom and liberty, it’s regarded as a duplicitous, dangerous manipulator and supporter of dictatorships – and clearly not to be trusted. Came about by the CIA and others not moving with the times – where now, thanks to the internet, facts can get out and not be hidden or spun by the main stream media. Can’t do the old covert evil so easily – usually counter productive now. As any big business will tell you, brand recognition is everything – makes life easy if people like and trust you. No wonder things are falling apart for the US..

DjangoCat's picture

So, if they can keep the manipulation secret, and look like they are working for "freedom and liberty", then its ok? 

Fuck you, slime ball.

Falcon49's picture

Generally a brand earns its place in the market through customer trust and satisfaction with products and services.  They tend to lose market share when they no longer focus on customer satisfaction and value.  With this team....it all adds up to arrogance and willingness to accept the premise that the ends justify the means.  We have allowed these clowns (our leadership) to destroyed our "brand" and institute a foreign policy founded on corruption and greed.  Anything that is in the way of satisfying that greed or expanding the corruption is considered a threat to the US.  Rather than leading the world by example, we have overtly and covertly attacked those that would oppose our unipolar solution.  We have become what we have fought against since our founding...rather than being that great shinning light on the hill that all could strive to obtain we have allowed psychopaths to take control...and make us the most feared and destructive power in the world...using that power to impose our will across the planet.  Through greed and corruption we have squander our gift and the chance to lead the world (by example) to greater freedom and prosperity.  When things go south (and they will) those corrupt psychopaths will destroy the chessboard rather than accept losing control. 

SgtShaftoe's picture

Duerte is a crazy sumbitch, but he's not necessarily wrong.  You're not paranoid if they really are after you.  I am certain the CIA is working up a firing solution. 

Dilluminati's picture

I'm trying to isolate the fake news story in all of this.

Isn't this something the two could discuss amiacably in the helicopter?