Trump Responds To Obama's Russian Sanctions: "Time To Move On"

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In a relatively weak initial statement, president-elect Trump has rather diplomatically commented that:

"It’s time for our country to move on to bigger and better things.


Nevertheless, in the interest of our country and its great people, I will meet with leaders of the intelligence community next week in order to be updated on the facts of this situation."

As The Hill reports, the statement did not define “this situation,” but the transition team earlier in the day had promised a response to the announced sanctions would be forthcoming.

Trump has repeatedly denied any Russian involvement in the hacks of the Democratic party that intelligence officials have said were an attempt to “interfere” in the U.S. election.


He has characterized any reports to that effect as an attempt by Democrats to delegitimize his election.

Trump's refusal to accept the IC's conclusions has put him at odds with congressional leaders in his own party, who largely praised the sanctions on Thursday.

Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) called Obama's action "overdue" and "appropriate," though he slammed Obama as having an "ineffective foreign policy."


Ryan added that "Russia does not share America’s interests. In fact, it has consistently sought to undermine them, sowing dangerous instability around the world."


Trump has also faced scrutiny for declining some of the daily intelligence briefings normally given to incoming presidents.


"I'm, like, a smart person," the president-elect said during a recent interview. "I don't have to be told the same thing in the same words every single day for the next eight years.”

As we noted earlier, Trump is relatively boxed in for now, so this initial statement is unsurprising...As's  Alexander Mercouris noted, like many of Obama’s other recent moves, this one is not really targeted at Russia.  The additional sanctions will hardly affect Russia, though the wholesale expulsion of Russian diplomats will undoubtedly complicate the work of Russian diplomatic missions in the US.

The true target of these sanctions is Donald Trump.


By imposing sanctions on Russia, Obama is lending the authority of the Presidency to the CIA’s claims of Russian hacking, daring Trump to deny their truth.


If Trump as President allows the sanctions to continue, he will be deemed to have accepted the CIA’s claims of Russian hacking as true. 


If Trump cancels the sanctions when he becomes President, he will be accused of being Russia’s stooge.


It is a well known lawyer’s trick, and Obama the former lawyer doubtless calculates that either way Trump’s legitimacy and authority as President will be damaged, with the insinuation that he owes his Presidency to the Russians now given extra force.


Like so many of Obama’s other moves in the last weeks of his Presidency, it is an ugly and small minded act, seeking to undermine his successor as President in a way that is completely contrary to US tradition.

Still, tomorrow will bring the bigger headlines as Putin lays out his response.

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gatorengineer's picture

How about Trump get assange to identify the dead guy as the source with credible evidence?

Truther's picture

How about Trump stomping every mother fucker that betrayed this country.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Petty politics by petty minded politicians. I am never surprised by how low they can stoop.

bobbbny's picture

Dear Mr President Elect,

Please hire your own security to stand next to the SS.

greenskeeper carl's picture

That guy is right, smal minded, petty politics by a small and petty person. I think trumps response was perfect. Nothing more needs to be said. Let obama stomp around and act like a petulant child for the next few weeks. There is nothing trump can do to stop him, and bitching about it too much just drags him down to obamas level. Once he is in office, he can quietly undo all of this nonsense anyway. No use crying over spilled milk.

Mr.Sono's picture

I give credit to Obama. Nice move, you mother fucking peace of shit. But Trump has not going to take the bait. I am sure Donald had dealt with much more farce people then Obama. All he has to do, is tell the American people that there is not enough evidence if there is any. Obama got nothing.




Vageling's picture

No twitter account  so I can't vote. But I clicked the President of mother Russia for what it's worth before it demanded me to log in to something I don't have.

EDIT: And there I was thinking I see hot Russian gurls. You fake pimp ;)  You tricked me.

BTW Ukranazie bitch Yulia Marushevska (The chick from the maidan video, people. Not those silly wannabee Ukranazi volunteers that don't know how to hold a weapon burning the Luxembourg flag while it was supposed to be directed at the Dutch (Hee-Hee)), bought and paid for by Soros is now being charged with corruption? How strange.... Only in Russia right? /S (Cuz it ain't the Russians charging her). The Irony.

archon's picture

Isn't treason still a crime?

Vageling's picture

... He ain't even a nigger. But nothing about the faghouse is real. Surprised Barry didn't go Michael Jackson on us as well justt like that Michael Obama didn't went full transgender on us. Meaning... Faghouse wants his the thing up his no entry. Lousy actors. His momma was white... You know that don't you? They adoupted some kids (ugly as fuck, IMO). Wham there is the ("Christian") family man. 

Vatican_cameo's picture


It's nice to see Paul Ryan continue to perform "Interracial Fellatio" with the Brown Clown, even as he has one Mulatto foot out the door.  He should sign on with John McCain and Lindsey Graham in the Brokeback Mountain sequel "Return to Saddle-Sore Canyon".  The GOP Establishment doesn't need Comet Ping-Pong, they are too enamored with each other.  I hope that Trump makes their existence miserable for the next 8 years.

Vageling's picture

DIEveristy... You know... Forced interracial where you swallow everything opposed to multicultural. The rest gets vague for me. And I love it. As my nick is in Dutch the Vague One. Brokeback was some fag flick, that much I got from the media. McShame is a joke. Damn waste of oxygen.  Lindsey...? Another US fucker I should list on my shit list? Being hearing that name a lot lately.  Seeing a search... The feminine bitch trying to pose as boy. He was a Colonel? ... Damn... Miserable? NEUTRALIZE! McShame thought he was top gun too. People died. 

Mr Pink's picture

He has his own trusted security...he's not dumb

beemasters's picture

Or Trump could just do what his opponents would have done, say he will order an independent investigation based on past Iraq-WMD intelligence debacles; in the meantime, he could safely suspend the sanction, restore diplomatic ties until adequate evidence is gathered, dragging the investigation for four years or more.

False_Profit's picture

These actions are directly from the desk of dr. Evil (soros)...and his direction is from the United states bureau of the vatican...

Lock and load...

Gott mit uns...

GUS100CORRINA's picture

I agree ... it is time for the swift sword of justice to be used. Even the GOD of the Bible agrees that recent events now justify a just response to the corruption, theft and murder.

It is time for Obama to STAND DOWN, BE SILENT and MOVE ON and think about AMERICA's future and future generations.


whatamaroon's picture

Trump needs to give Assuange imunity first then let him spill the beans.

Cynicles's picture

"It's a well know lawyer's trick" that some lawyer told the usurper.

aka  double edged sword

No problem, simply require viable evidence supporting the claim.

aka easy out 

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

Obama is not a lawyer.  He surrendered his license in 2007.

According to Snopes: Like Michelle, Barack Obama had no need for an active law license for the work in which he was engaged, so in February 2007 (after announcing his candidacy for the presidency) he chose to have his law license placed on “voluntarily inactive” status, and after becoming president he opted to change his status to “voluntarily retired.” Neither of the Obamas was irrevocably stripped of a law license through the action of "surrender".

Supposedly Barry gave up his license to escape charges that he 'fibbed' on his bar application.

HRH Feant's picture
HRH Feant (not verified) Dec 29, 2016 6:19 PM

I watched the weasel, Ryan, make his comment earlier. What a pussy.

Truther's picture

He's a weasel, did you expect anything more? You know what weasels do.

philipat's picture

Let me see if I can recall. Something about "Of the People, by the People for the People". Acting in such a petulant and irresponsible way simply for political gain is very close to being treasonous?

_SILENCER's picture

Typical wrist flapping, bathouse baby gargler of cock-snot, Obama just can't help being a petulant fuck and leaving the incoming President a deliberate mess.

Racer's picture

He is just trying to cover up all the lack of 'hope and change' that didn't come about that he promised and failed to deliver on!

dexter_morgan's picture

I think he and congress are really trying to hide war crimes in Syria Russia is likely to uncover and act on.

MsCreant's picture

This might back fire on Obama BAAAAD. If Putin can supply clear evidence of US backed attrocities in Syria (I think he can), it might give Trump what he needs to clean house and DRAIN THE SWAMP FOR REAL. All who knew and voted for it anyway are "war criminals." Can Sessions do something with that, my fellow Bitchez? Put Hillary in this package, tie it up in a fucking noose/bow.

Miss Expectations's picture

Agree!  This is the biggest cliff hanger, post election.

localsavage's picture

They have had this "base" for 40 years.  On day one, Trump should ask for the CIA directors resignation for letting this happen.

rejected's picture

JFK didn't care for the CIA either...

alexcojones's picture

Move On? Soros hacked Trump's Twitter account?

socalbeach's picture

Cancel the sanctions, who cares if the libs claim Trump is Russia's stooge.  That tactic didn't work during the election, did it?

Ecclesia Militans's picture

Just wait until Trump tells everyone that he never wants to see a Powerpoint presentation longer than 5 slides.  'Bout time for all of this I think.

dexter_morgan's picture

Trump is playing it smart. Meet with the spooks, digest the info, then after inauguration, release info showing this is not proof, fire a bunch of cia shitheads and reverse this EO in the name of normalizing relations, and specify if the spookst can come up with a smoking gun he will consider better action to deal with it.


Urban Redneck's picture

Better yet, let Putin retaliate.  After the inauguration announce a YUUGE deal where everyone gets something and saves face, and everyone else goes back to work, and life goes on...

DarkPurpleHaze's picture

I think it's wise of Trump to ratchet this down and not get caught up in Obama's flailing response.

All govts. hack each other. If Hillary wasn't so careless or reckless with sensitive US State Dept matters this wouldn't be an issue.

She was the issue and she's still an issue.


radio man's picture

Yo Donald, the swamp just got deeper at home. Two children were just robbed forcibly of seventeen dollars at their lemonade stand. Black Lives matter are quick study's at the Soros school of fund raising. Hillsborough county, Fl.

Sizzurp's picture

Trump is going to have to do a large amount of house cleaning when he gets to DC. 

Vageling's picture

Like I said before. The closer Trumps inauguration comes, the further away it seems. Thanks to the Brown Clown. 

yagbols's picture

Russia's stooge! Russia's stooge! Russia's stooge!



Maestro Maestro's picture

You are a fucking hypocrite Trump.


Trump is as much a bitch of Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, the Rothschilds and Israel, as Obama, Hillary, Bush, Reagan, and Nixon.


Fuck the Americans.


Get 'em off the planet already.





Vageling's picture

While I can find myself in your doubts about Trump... I strongly disagree on the sentiment of the Americans peoples are to blame and must bleed. Same trick over and over. It's helping the ones responsible to get off easy. Maybe because I live under EU tyranny that I feel the Americans. I didn't agree nor ever gave them (the EU Collective, which are to blame just as much) my blessings but they act like they do and go ahead anyway. Going kollektiv on me. Group pressure, shame me, calling me names... How is that different in the US? Hate is a very negative self consuming emotion. Guys like EML parade around here with it. Declaring themselves as solutions while they preach fascism.  Counterproductive. Sure lets whipe out entire nations and ethic people. You do know that's called genocide? It's not the solution...

Maestro Maestro's picture

America was founded on the genocide of the indigenous Americans the Indians.  America was also founded by Freemasons who orchestrated the genocide of the First Christian nation of history.  To this day, the Americans deny both the genocide of the Indians or the genocide of the original Christian nation.  What's good for the goose is good for the gander.


But please don't feel left out.  Here we go: FUCK the Europeans and fuck you.



Vageling's picture

While I can't deny what you're saying. As it's true. As European I know my history too well too. The Christian thing too. Though bring your complaints to the Satan lovers in the Vatican! The pope sucks the devil his dick! Because they really destroyed Christianity.  However... If we take all of history. Well... It's kettle meets pot everytime. Turks denying genocide on Armenians I don't hear you about and so I can go on... My point is to learn from it. Not to cherry pick when it's convenient.

And since you love ad hominem. Fuck you as a person. Somebody who belongs to nothing and is Satans toy. Loves to be buttfucked by Soros and comes on here to tell us how he stretched your anus. A person who is nobody. Always the same copy paste message.  Waste of the air you breathe. See... It ain't hard. But it's easy to blame it on everybody else. Kill a buncha people, then find next victims. 

DarkPurpleHaze's picture

Tourettes Syndrome is treatable with medication.

Clara Tardis's picture

The more focus shipped to Russia, takes the eyes off the activity of CF/RHC, the criminals are still in charge, the syndicate is still calling the shots and Russia knows, so everything is going to be done to muzzle them... Watch and share

Onehundredpercentofnuthin...'s picture
"Time To Move On"


That's it? That's the best he can come up with? He tells the Israeli's to just hold on a few more weeks and he'll save the day for them. But Russia, meh...time to move on. WOW!

rejected's picture

Maybe he's learning not to let his ass overload his mouth. Keeping his next move quiet will bother the shit out of them.

Onehundredpercentofnuthin...'s picture

Then he should just keep his big mouth shut period if he really wants to bother the shit out of them. Because just about everything he's done and said so far really bothers the shit out of me.