What The Russian Hacking Report DOESN'T Say

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Today, the Department of Homeland Security and FBI released a report alleging Russian hacking.

The report itself is only five and a half pages long in large print (with another 7 pages for future security recommendations).

It’s important to note what the report does NOT say …

It does NOT allege any of the following:

  • It doesn’t claim that it’s accurate. Instead, the report starts with a disclaimer, and uses the same type of weasel words – “as is”, “does not provide any warranties of any kind regarding any information” – that someone selling a lemon uses when he doesn’t want to talk about the fact that the blasted thing won’t run and doesn’t want to get sued for intentional misrepresentation or wilful concealment:


  • It doesn’t mention Wikileaks … not even once.  In other words, the report does not allege that the Russians gave any Democratic Party or Podesta emails to Wikileaks
  • It doesn’t raise the fact that recent intelligence service allegations that Russia hacked the NSA and Germany turned out to be false
  • It doesn’t address American intelligence services’ less-than-stellar history of truthfulness, and the fact that they routinely skew intelligence to justify preordained policy outcomes

In other words, the report really doesn’t say much of anything

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It says everything that Obama thinks he's reading, except Who, What, When, Where

Otherwise it could be written by anybody on a skateboard in Central Park.

It sounds so lame, it's almost as if they got their Intel from CNN.


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LordDampNut (not verified) Dec 30, 2016 5:03 AM

I am Glad to hear the Trump is never going to lie to us. Now I can get back to trying to get rich selling this Amway detergent. Any day now 

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It appears to me that we have entered a phase of human history where facts and evidence have become irrelevant.

Lies are the order of the day and nobody seems to give a shit.

So the question becomes, what (if anything) are the perpetrators of these bogus facts and unsubstantiated evidence intending to do about the narrative they are peddling?

We come to the following choices in this Russian hacking the election circus:

The liars will:

1) Do nothing.

2) Start WW III with Russia.

3) Demand a new election. .... A Mulligan.

4) Arrest President Elect Donald Trump as a Russian agent and (3) or (5).

5) Declare a National Emergency, declare martial law and call in the UN to arbitrate.

My money is on (1) IF the liars are smart.

Are the liars smart?

Live Hard, Barry Strikes Me As Not Too Smart And A (5) Kind of Moron Actually, Die Free

~ DC v4.0

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Never forget that evil is also stupid.

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The report says, we are going to start that war that Clinton was working on before she lost the election. It is the one that she would have been able to provoke with Putin in a New York minute and now we have Trump soothing Russia for the next 22 days. It is saying that if this report can get out to enough liberal EU states they will help Obama to do what he is intending to do by provoking the war with Russia themselves and we will go rescue them like we rescued Iran one minute and Iraq the next and we are basically picking up Syria and illegally annexing it to America. So, no it does not have proof of anything but that does not matter to Liberals as usual it is the emotions that count.

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The sum of the testimonies of two liars equals another lie.
Homeland hacked various State's election rolls: http://www.pcworld.com/article/3148710/security/georgia-says-its-traced-...
The FBI M.O. is to lie: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2015/04/23/our-troubled-fbi-what-american...

Why did not our capable government tells us right away about the hacking? Is this Barack/Cankles' latest ploy to influence the vote of Congress affirming the electoral college vote?

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Suprise! Obama & Co. LIE!


There is good news though: Only 21 days to have to put up with this kind of BS.

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The report says a lot!
It says: We don't need proof or even a hint of reality for any accusations, threats, sanctions and any other retaliation we wish to make anytime, any place, any way against anybody for anything. We are blatant liars and dangerous control freaks. If we can do this to Russia, what do you think we can do to you silly little insignificant citizens?

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And it probably also did not mention Israeli intelligence operations, telecommunication companies, And possible blackmail schemes even once either. Now, let's consider the source.

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Blackmail AND bribery

Carrot and stick

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... and it does not say why US hackers are a bunch of dumb-asses that can not defend themselves from Russian, Chinese and North Korean hackers even though Intel, IBM, Apple and Microsoft were all US companies ...

... not only are US hackers a bunch of dumb-asses but US Intelligence, for some strange reason, has no problem in essentially confessing as such to the whole wide world ...

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well, that would be the implication of this report if it and, more, its implications were true.

but of course they aren't. the dnc was leaked and probably seth rich was killed for it.

thank george.  good work as usual.

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Yeah, I like pushing this angle for the can of worms it opens but in reality I believe in Santa before I believe Russian Hackers rigged the election.  After all, several people have "evidence" that Santa exists ..., errr, well little kiddies have "evidence" Santa exists, anyways...

Never mind, soon they will change their minds and it will be Phillipino Hackers.