Bilderberg Website Taken Over By Anonymous Hackers

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A group of anonymous hackers has a message for the 120 - 150 "Wealthy Political Elitist 1% Dominant Pricks" that gather each year at the annual conference known as the "Bilderberg Meetings" and they decided to takeover the organization's website to share that message with the world.

Apparently the hackers, who refer to themselves as the "Hackback Movement," are fed up with the "1% Richest Dominant Pricks" of the world perpetually exploiting the weak in favor of their own private interests and gave them exactly 1 year to remedy their bad behavior.

=== Message to the WealthY Elitico-Political 1% RIChEst dominant pricks ===


WoRDs are not enOugh To TeLl you how much we dispiTe you and your dominant behAvior


No HumAns stanD above otheRs and you WIll have to learn IT


Dear Bilderberg mEmBers, From NoW(), each OnE of you have 1 year (365 days) to truly work in faVor of HumaNs and not youR private interests

The message continues on with a threat, very much reminiscent of Project Mayhem, warning that failure to comply with their demands will result in relentless hacking of everything "your expensive connected cars" to "your favorite escort girl's smartwatch."

OtHerWIse, we will FinD you and we Will hAck you


MiNd the cuRrent situation: We conTrol your expensive connected cars, we control your connecteD house security devices, we control your daughter laptop, we control your wife's mobile, we tape YoUR seCret meetings, we reAD your emaiLs, we control your faVoriTe eScort girl smartWatch, we ARe inside your beLoved banks and we Are reading YoUr assets


You wont be safe anywhere near electricty anyMore


We WiLL watch yOu, from NoW on you got to WoRk for Us, Humanity, the People

We suspect those threats are a fair bit less cordial than the world's "1% Richest Dominant Pricks" are accustomed to.

Here is the full statement posted to Bilderberg's website:


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SomethingSomethingDarkSide's picture

YES.  FINALLY.  BAHAHAHAHAHA, LEAK THEIR PERSONAL FILES PLZ!!!  It will be Christmas part 2.  Which philandering satanic pedo is on blast first?

Holy hand grenade of Antioch's picture
Holy hand grenade of Antioch (not verified) SomethingSomethingDarkSide Dec 30, 2016 5:19 PM

See what happens when you start using HRC's network tech?

Perimetr's picture

Can you imagine how much pedophila and S&M porno 

is being frantically erased from Bidlerberg hard drives right now???


E.F. Mutton's picture


Sorry if you're eating.  Were eating that is.

HRH Feant's picture
HRH Feant (not verified) E.F. Mutton Dec 30, 2016 5:31 PM


bania's picture

Looks like billbanzai's trademark upper/lower case mix. LOL nice job wb7!!!

beemasters's picture

why the capital letters in all the odd places? Is this a hidden message disguised as a hack? Why is it still not taken down? I would have suspected Bilderberg would have a quick off switch somewhere...or maybe the webmasters are on minimal hourly wages.

spastic_colon's picture

as robertsgt40 says below............the answer to your question is so they can keep the russian narrative going.........flase flag again in order to escalate the ongoing fake news.

Jim Sampson's picture

I want to see these hackers move these fucks' money into regular people's banking accounts.

macholatte's picture


No teeth in this threat. It’s merely entertainment.
To get some real action going, they need to do something dramatic and theatrical, like blow-out the electronics in Soros’ jet or put porn on CNN at Davos with another nice message. Have the room service connection at Davos go to a call center in India.


Herd Redirection Committee's picture

I like that they gave them a warning.  I mean, yeah, who doesn't want to just declare war and boom, surprise attack the shit out of your enemy, but this is still an information war, and you have to win in the court of public opinion as well.

Tarzan's picture

Why warn them, they're going to repent?  I don't think so.


Wierd, When I go to on my old desktop I get the Anonymous message.  When I go to it on my Iphone I get the Bilderberg normal home page.  What's up with that?

sleigher's picture

There is probably code to render a separate page based on the browser you use?

I am just guessing...

Soundgardener's picture

DNS cache on each being different, is one likely cause. Are they both on WiFi, or is your iPhone using mobile data?

weburke's picture

if the hackers really knew what to say, they would say something else. 

I am amazed at the untouchable subject. so, I must assume it has a death sentence attached to talking about it. 

Donnie Duvanie's picture

Why did they even give them a warning?

DontGive's picture

These are some dumb kidnappers. Don't know how to use the Shift/Capslock.   

peddling-fiction's picture

Anonymous also sent an interesting message to David Rockefeller.

It is a video taped prank, lurid expose on his 9/11 involvement, and ultimatum.

FinalEvent's picture

You still don't understand it.

*They OWN the bank*

They can just adjust the numbers in their favor again.


The answer: Cryptocurrency and bitcoin in particular

No. More. Double. Spends.

Ecclesia Militans's picture

Probably some wierd dark net text editor

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Yeah, I would doubt these guys are using Word on Windows 10, what with its keystroke capturing and sending back to 'Microsoft' every 30 minutes...

Croesus's picture

Anthony Wiener's Laptop, Strikes Again!

robertsgt40's picture

It's got to be the Russians. 

Obadiah's picture

check bAnZiA's IP!!


; )

JRobby's picture

Nicely done. Couldn't they have used the situation to lure them to a site other than the one where the actual meeting was to be held and.......

You know what happens at a site other than the one where the actual meeting was to be held I hope?

Clara Tardis's picture

Yep, still missing,

Anon should be bugging their smart devises and broadcasting their Snidley Whiplash background noises.
When I feel down news like this brightens my spirits.

Lorca's Novena's picture

If these anons arent careful, (((they))) will shut off the whole damn intrwebs... I'd expect a real HAXXOR to be ahead of the curve on this scenerio. We shall see...

bobbbny's picture

They won't change in 365 days, so start putting the shit out now.

overbet's picture

Why do the hackers always have to use the upper lower case random text? It gives me a headache trying to read it. Is there a valid reason for it or are they just attempting to show non-conformist behavior?

Giant Meteor's picture

Kinda like ransom notes issued from kidnappers using assorted periodicals. Nice sense of dramatic style ...

wisefool's picture

It is an expression of art and cryptography. Our very own resident great artist Wb7 employs it frequently.

yogibear's picture

These hackers should be awarded.

Good to see the Blunderbergs vunerable.


refill6times's picture

get real.

The elite use no computers.


No harm will come to them until the prolls destroy the Fed.


Computers were designed to entrap the prolls

The NSA knows all.

Im begining to think that the Podesta e-mail thing is just a plant.

All our raa-raa clap-trap online is to establish who goes first.

The entire web is fake-news.


Destroy the fed, destroy the Rothchilds.


Then, peace on earth.

Dugald's picture


Yur, what a waste of time.......

Citizen G's picture

Well now, ain't that interesting.

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Yep, explains why they drug the population (makes their 'coefficients' more predictable in their computer models). 

Explains why they operate via 'shocks' to the system.  They want to see how society reacts, individually and en masse, and compare that to their existing models, which then get refined.

What people have yet to understand is that many of the events these days are not masterminded by individuals.  I am fairly goddamn certain they use supercomputer(s) that plan out the event(s).  Nice truck attack, Sandy Hook shooting, Charleston church shooting.  The computer even tells them what the newspaper headlines should say, if there should be a follow-up attack, how long afterwards, etc.

Call it a hunch.

divingengineer's picture

Fuck their shit up, boys! And not a year from now.

ClassicCommodity's picture

Don't they mean 0.001%?

Mr.Sono's picture

Wrong, 0.001 will not have a website to promote there meetings. 1% will. At least in my theory.

therealestg9's picture

1% of the world's population of 7 billion is still 70 MILLION PEOPLE. That's quite a lot to say the least.

Milton Keynes's picture

"You're both wrong.

There are only

2 people in China...

and I know both of them.

2 people in China? I love it.

OK. If there are

2 people in China...

how many are there in the world?

There are 5,000 people

in the world.

That's it--5,000.

And I suppose, Mr. Van Arkady,

that you've met them all.

Five thousand?

That's all that counts?

What about

the starving millions?

A million isn't a number

in any real sense.

There's murder in nature.

Millions are dying right now--

starved, bombed, in camps.

Nobody gives a damn.

You may deplore it,

but it's a fact.

Those 5,000--who are they?

How many of them are...British?





None, and more Arabs

than you might think...

but they're all here in London.

I suppose the rest are American.

And naturally, Mr. Van Arkady,

you're one of the 5,000.

Bien entendu."



refill6times's picture

A single death is a tragedy, a million is a statistic.

J Stalin