Fake News, Mass Hysteria, And Induced Insanity

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Submitted by Charles Hugh-Smith via OfTwoMinds blog,

The "fake news" is that we've never been healthier, healthcare costs are under control and our economy has fully "recovered."

We've heard a lot about "fake news" from those whose master narratives are threatened by alternative sources and analyses. We've heard less about the master narratives being threatened: the fomenting of mass hysteria, which turns the populace into an easily manipulated and managed herd, and induced insanity, a longer-term marketing-based narrative that causes the populace to ignore the self-destructive consequences of accepting the fad/ ideology/ mindset being pushed as "good" and "normal."

In terms of "fake news," it's hard to beat the mainstream media and its handlers' attempts to whip up mass hysteria via unsubstantiated claims that Russian hackers working for Putin deprived Hillary of the presidency. The campaign to spark mass hysteria was launched with great precision, unleashing the overwhelming forces of endless repetition (the marketer's favorite tool) and appeals to national security authorities: The C.I.A., F.B.I, and all the other security agencies purportedly concur that Russia "hacked" (whatever that means) the U.S. election.

The intent of the campaign was painfully obvious: by wheeling out the big guns of authority without any actual evidence, the campaign's designers hoped the public would automatically assume the bizarre, outlandish claim must be "true," even though no evidence was submitted to substantiate this fact-free claim, and respond as planned, i.e. willingly join a mass hysteria herd in favor of discrediting the U.S.election results.

Did the "hackers" change the election results issued by voting machines? Did they "hack" the election totals? Wouldn't there be tell-tale forensic evidence of such tampering? How else could "hackers" change the election other than by changing votes and vote totals?

Or was the media campaign to generate mass hysteria based on nothing but purposefully vague and unsubstantiated claims of Russia-inspired "fake news" that undermined the election by questioning the mainstream media's biased coverage of the presidential campaign?

"Fake news" is of course the staple of marketing products that end up killing the unwary consumers who buy the hype. The classic example is the cigarette/ tobacco industry, which ran adverts for decades proclaiming absurdities such as the health benefits of smoking (other than dying a horrible, needless death), the "fact" that doctors preferred one brand of cigarette over the other brands, and so on.

The industry famously went to truly monumental lengths to hide the facts about the destructive consequences of smoking from the public, and aggressively attacked any evidence that smoking was remarkably unhealthy as "unscientific," i.e. beating back the truth with The Big Lie.

That a form of consumption that killed the consumers was unquestionably accepted not just as "normal" but as cool/hip for decades illustrates the staying power of induced insanity. Mass hysteria eventually wears off, as it overloads the emotional circuitry of the target audience; humans soon become desensitized to the triggers used to generate mass hysteria, and it takes heavier and heavier doses of propaganda to maintain the feverishly herd-inducing hysteria.

Eventually, the populace habituates to the stimulus and becomes exhausted by the hysteria.

Induced Insanity, on the other hand, is not an emotional state--it is a state of mind and a state of perception that filters and interprets inputs to produce the desired output-- an acceptance of insanity as "normal" and "good."

For example, eating mountains of food that "tastes good" is positive and normal. Never mind that we're eating/consuming ourselves to death:

Or that our medical costs are so out of control that they're bankrupting households, enterprises and eventually,the entire economy:

Or that much of the money is spent on shuffling paperwork/ claims and counter-claims, complying with thousands of pages of regulations and dealing with the systemic fraud our system invites and rewards:

Induced insanity doesn't just describe our acceptance of ill health and a doomed healthcare system; it also describes our blind acceptance of an economy that's throttling small business:

The "fake news" is that we've never been healthier, healthcare costs are under control and our economy has fully "recovered." These sustained "fake news" campaigns are intended not to induce hysteria, but an enduring acceptance of what is visibly destructive and insane.

Food for thought as we enter 2017. Always start every inquiry with a simple question: cui bono--to whose benefit?

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two hoots's picture

Add truth and confidence to the things we lost under this administration/DNC/their candidates manipulation of information.  It wasn't the Russians that lost it, we never trusted them anyway.


"let this develop" is no longer relevant as we are not sure we even start with the truth or will end with it.   Thanks media for destroying that for us. 


"......  One headline, why believe it?  Everybody wants to rule the world"  Tears for Fears,




Cui Bono's picture

Thanks Charles, It's always nice to meet a fan.


FiendNCheeses's picture

Yeah, yeah, 'Freedom is Slavery', 'Ignorance is Strength', 'War is Peace', 'To Serve Man' is a cookbook. I'm so sick of the propaganda in mainstream news. I swear, the only reason I go to MSM sites like The Washington Post anymore is to troll Hillbots in the comment sections. Nobody goes there for news.

DjangoCat's picture

The Marketwatch comments section can be fun too.

Bondo's picture

i look at them to get a heads-up on what the lie of the week will be. 

I've noticed lying distorts peoples looks. Stephanopoulos is staring to look like Judge Judy in drag. 

DetectiveStern's picture

It's working. I'm hearing people refer to things as fake news oblivious to the idiotic nature of their statement.

Casey Jones's picture

Yes, it sure is working. I've heard people say things like "well we live in the post-truth era now", throwing up their hands as if to say we can never know anything for sure. That's total BS. We can know if we use our logical minds to discern truth from BS. If we give into this Orwellian fake news meme for real, any chance we have of recovering any shred of a free society is going to be gone. A new 9/11 investigation under Trump would go a long way towards establishing what science and evidence can prove as truth, but I losing much hope that it will happen based on his cabinet picks.

bobbbny's picture

I heard two guys in the deli today who were angry over the Russians hacking the election.

Much like the force, fake news is strong with the weak minded.

malek's picture

While true, I'd say it has been like that for a while already, only the application now changed from implicitely to explicitely.

The main point which I realized a few weeks after the Snowden revelations,
is that YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN now when it comes to sorting facts from lies, protecting your privacy and other rights, and making sense of the big picture and therefore your life.
Society/government/state/church/parties are in at least 9 out of 10 cases not trying to help you with any of that, they're working AGAINST you.

Many people cannot cope with that responsibility (they never were taught/learned to), so they throw up their hands and...

GraveDancer's picture

Is Trump the new Churchill & Putin the new Stalin?

Book> The Road to World War III: "Can the dark forces of anti-freedom "Trump" humanity?" 

Kindle> https://www.amazon.com/Road-World-War-III-anti-Freedom-ebook/dp/B01MT31A...

south40_dreams's picture
There Are None So Blind As Those Who Will Not See
A. Boaty's picture

None so deaf as those who will not hear

A. Boaty's picture

None so mute as those who will not speak

DjangoCat's picture

"Eyes wide shut" keeps coming to mind.

photonsoflight's picture

God speaks truth.. The devil is the father of all liars. Who is Obama's father?

GRDguy's picture

Abraham lied. Remember that he was already rich.

Mimir's picture

God is irrelevant, just like to Devil in order to answer the question : who benefits ? or better use the thumb rule: "follow the money", which might be more relevant for the future, where the US will be governed by a get-together of billionaires.

hooligan2009's picture

if you start from the position that the MSM editorial boards are staffed with the kind of libtard pond scum that has not made a red cent by hard work in their lives and instead prefers to flounder in a swamp of detritus of its own making, the complete lack of objectivity, honesty, quality and intellect becomes explicable.

these libtards make money out of selling lies to their advertisers who in turn, propagate these lies to their customers.

it is plain that the advertising of products and services in the MSM is no different from the begging that occurs on any street corner of the failed libtard controlled ghetto cities - the advertisers are begging for money for products that serve no purpose or have any value.

combine this road to ruin and poverty enabled by central banks and you have the scope of the swamp.

drain it like the abcess it has become.

pizza for demonrats and the MSM

GRDguy's picture

In order to steal without confrontation, one must lie.

orangegeek's picture

20 days to go - out with the dinglebarry

Never One Roach's picture

"If you want to keep your health insurance, you can keep your health insurance. I promise!"


~ Soweeto bin Bama

NeedtoSecede's picture

Slightly OT, but has anyone (Tylers included) heard anything about this?  Maybe I missed it...




Seems a former Clinton Foundation CEO has gone AWOL/MIA.  As part of the bizarre criminal world of Cankles you would think someone would be looking for this guy, and maybe even "report" on this guy's "disappearence."  Arkancide? Witness protection?  Tylers, do you have anything on this?

Farmer Joe in Brooklyn's picture

George Webb has a whole YouTube series entitled "Where is Eric Braverman"...

NeedtoSecede's picture

Thanks Farmer Joe.  I have not had a lot of time to view Webb's work, but it looks good.  Just one more case where a fringe blogger has outdone the entire MSM, the DOJ/FBI, and Congress.  The level of corruption is breathtaking.


I hope Webb has a really good escape plan and off-the-grid bugout location already scoped out and stocked up.

Solomonpal's picture

Don't dig too deep and ask too many questions lest you end up disappeared as well. Fake news is as much what they say as what they don't.

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

dead men tell no tales..the misdirection of media is working 24/7 to keep lid on the corruption the wikileaks opened up.

A. Boaty's picture

NPR lead their year in review with "fake" news. They play up the Pope endorsement hoax as their favourite straw man.

General Titus's picture

The Bablyonian Tanith worshipping Podesta's & DemocRats got exposed for their real "Faith" and if there is justice in this world, they would all be jailed or executed.


Take note of the symbols in each chevron of the Commet Pizza sign in the photo


Oldwood's picture

Small business has always been the backbone of a strong and resilient economy, which is why it must be killed. Small business is individuals, independent and not reliant on government largess purchased by lobbyists. As they see individuals with guns as a threat to society, they also see small business with the biggest gun in the world, economic power.

The State is their infallible God, and all others shall kneel is it's presence.

So much for separation of church and State when we have the Church of Marxist Progressivism ruling the world, doing battle with the heretic naysayers, silencing when cannot outright destroy them.

monad's picture

The truth is harmful to parasites. The obvious attempts to squash underground sources of truth illuminate this principle and expose the parasites. They will fail.
Truth is Trump won by a landslide and has a popular majority of Americans with nationalist value to tap. This is why the whitewash paints the opposite.
Self governance failed. This is tyranny. Watch your step.

Cassandra.Hermes's picture

LOL ZH is fighting fake news mass hysteria with FAKE NEWS

Millman Medical Index graphic is a fake news, premiums for individual coverage averaged $321 per month while premiums for family plans averaged $833 per month for unsubsidized plans.
The "Net annual change in the number of firms" actually is Net annual change in the number of NEW firms, so it is sort of fake news, plus the graph is offset with 2 years.
Obesity is fake news as well, it is true it grew up but it is around 26%, It actually went down in the states where the school boards started to follow Michelle Obama anti-obesity guidance, so states with highest obesity are, and we all know why:

Mississippi 34.4%
West Virginia 30.6%
Alabama 30.1%
Louisiana 29.5%
South Carolina 29.2%
Tennessee 29.0%
Kentucky 28.4%
Oklahoma 28.1%
Arkansas 28.1%
Indiana 27.7%

LyLo's picture

1.  You give numbers, but no source for health insurance premiums.  Actually, Forbes agrees with ZH.  http://www.forbes.com/sites/danmunro/2016/05/24/annual-healthcare-cost-f...

2.  Yes, that graph about firms is poorly labeled... On the website that it originates from.  So you should complain to eig.org.  I agree ZH probably could have labeled it themselves better, but it's not really fair to blame ZH here.

3.  Again, numbers and no source.  No, obesity rates are around 36%, according to NHS.  https://www.niddk.nih.gov/health-information/health-statistics/Pages/ove...

4.  You are conflating Michelle Obama's Let's Move program with the Heathy Hunger-Free Kids Act, which is law, or the new USDA standard, which is law.    Her "guidance" is a bunch of recipes.  As far as I can tell, her group helped put a few salad bars in schools, but I don't think that's what you're talking about.  So what are you talking about?

So, if you could rewrite your post, this time with sources and maybe a few more actual facts, I'd really appreciate it.  As far as I can tell, all you are saying is you are bad at reading.

Bondo's picture

i'm sorry, I don't know "why" so we don't "all know why"...

what is the source for your obesity figures?

NewHugh's picture

Her mirror while viewing her fat sista ass...


kareninca's picture

I noticed that that obesity chart was totally wrong.  The obesity rate of U.S. adults is NOT 50 percent.  WTF.

MedicalQuack's picture

I have used that physician chart in posts now for about 5 years, it's a good one.  Good old Milliman chart, but wake up, they are one of the biggest healthcare data sellers around, make millions selling your prescription data.  Not only selling data, but their analytics along with other companies doing the same like OptumRX and Optum "score" the crap out of you and you are denied access to something.  See how you are PBM scored every time you get a prescrption, Milliman is buying their share of that data as well, been doing it for a long time. You get scored by a bunch of quant models on how they think you will or will not act when taking your meds.  


Fake news is around because it makes money and 60% of what you read today in the news is written by bots.  Here's a post I did in 2015 about News Rigging and Nanex and I were talking then about this crap getting fed into the SIP stock feeds and well, what do you have today, dumb algos trading on it too:)


It's the attack of the Killer Algorithms, a page of videos I put up with people smarter than me a few years ago, but nobody wants to see the truth I guess or at least understand what's going on, so we have the Dupes of Hazard society as I call it.


scatha's picture

Obama went berserk , he went insane showed himself as a puny vindictive partisan weasel not worthy presidency in the first place regardless of his murderous and imperial policies and utter submission to Wall Street thieves, with despicable character that shows itself in his childlike temper tantrum rants unworthy of any any federal employee not to mention POTUS.

I, as a harsh critic of Trump incoherent style must admit that Obama's abhorrent behavior made Trump look like statesman.

Obama unnecessarily, senselessly, horribly embarrassed the office of POTUS and destroyed any chance for another African American to be near the WH for another century. And what for?

For sore looser claims that elections were rigged against Hillary because of Podesta email hack? That's the nonsense, the only document rigging attempt was DHS in few states. People must understand that any information could influence a voter but as long it is true it is legal, an act of due influence performed by all candidates themselves, their campaigns as well as supporting special interests, investigative journalists and independent bloggers who work to reveal true picture of a candidate in relation to their qualifications, skills, experience and moral values that would inform his/her choices in office.

Podesta emails told the truth about Hillary and her insidious or even illegal manipulation of the primaries and her attitude of entitlement informed by her imperial hubris and likely illegal money manipulation. So told the truth disclosed of Trump scandals with Trump University or sexual harassment or bankruptcies.

And for that reason alone [the truth in Podesta emails] there could be no connection between elections outcome and alleged Russia hacks.


So now lets address alleged Russian hacks devoid to any possible connections to the outcome of elections since this the fact.

If it was a hack which they alleged, revealing the trace-route log, a smoking gun, would not be classified at all open to any disclosures.

So why they say it is classified and cannot disclose the proof, the smoking gun.

It is all made up. It is nothing but act of puny vengeful weasel, as Obama showed himself to his black friends like Cornell West who opposed his neoliberal policies;

he showed his helplessness and futility by imposing meaningless sanctions with no impact whatsoever on alleged Russian activates providing no evidence whatsoever except of conjectures and speculations that are specifically listed in a disclaimer stating that none of that stated in the DHS/FBI document  may be true.

Obama simply went berserk destroying last shred of his legacy
and actually obstructs peaceful transition of power which is an act of treason
prosecuted under espionage act. In fact this is an argument to speed up transition to a month, since the delay stemming from slow transportation system in vast US territory in most countries transition takes one to three weeks.

Here is what experts senior executives from CIA and NSA said; it was a leak not a hack conformed by a British ambassador:








The MSM is precisely designed for fake news, it is their bread and butter, and that is the only thing they know how to do.

What in individual interactions would have been called manipulative deception, conning, misleading for benefit or pandering, pleasing drawing emotional state of mental arousal also sexual to distract from certain action or reality or to deny knowledge of events, in impersonal mass media world of MSM it is called news, the "real" news.

In this context, term "fake news" seems to stem directly from a CIA Psychological Warfare Manual and is one of those master keywords of indirect denial that are used to respond when a false narrative is discovered for what it is, a lie or misrepresentation of reality, and fact of this discovery cannot be ignored. 

In other words, "fake news" term is used to discredit any news that are not consistent with "facts" and "ideas" peddled by given MSM medial organization run for profit and ruling elite propaganda purposes.

The keyword "fake news" would also be used to attack a messenger arbitrarily deemed as uninformed, gullible, mentally retarded incapable to understand the truth, unreliable, having access only to incomplete partial picture, peddling a hidden agenda even by disclosing true facts that cannot be denied. 

When big media business had a near monopoly such a "fake news" appearing on fringes of society were utterly dismissed and ignored, it was easy, now Internet reach made suppression more problematic and becomes especially acute when massive economic collapse and social disintegration is ignored or peddled narratives blaming or explaining such a state of people's reality fail to fulfill its designated function to peddle manipulative deception or drawing emotional state of mental arousal to distract from undeniable reality of viewers or listeners.

Now in the realm of concentrated digital media power similarity or more concentrated as in the past, US cyber-intelligence outcrops like FB or Google "social media" controlling of information flow in the Internet are creating phony world of astro-turf communities click farms and troll armies and using this "false news" "mantra" as a tool to discredit independent information flows, to ignore sources of information deemed contradictory to their own agenda, truly Orwellian agenda of Digital Ministry of Truth as much as SV corporate oligarchs trying to vehemently deny it. It is exactly what they do.

In fact that's is exactly what they are heavily invested for and specifically designed to do. Everything else is secondary corporate perk,

FB now has implemented Digital Ministry of Truth run by a robot name Zuker and an army of fact-denying/ignoring trolls and it is just an initial attempt to familiarize us with the Orwellian future that awaits us when we will be afraid of "fake news" and we will choose anti-intellectualism, lack of intellectual curiosity or abandonment of rational thought process as a manifestation of our freedoms.

"The propaganda of "fake news" is all about new McCarthyism, new campaign of terror and blank, baseless grave accusations against anyone who dares to question supposedly official, MSM spewed stories, viscous campaign of alienation of journalists from their readership under cloud of criminality, spying and FBI investigation against those who do not peddle official narratives who are not buying utter nonsense and who do not draw absurd conclusions based on lies and innuendos without any shred of evidence. 

The basic goal of provocateurs is that we accept evidence-free McCarthyite slanderous construct of "Enemy of America". Only because they say so in very emotional way calling for exigent circumstances as to circumvent the rational thought process and hard evidences. 

Once we accept their lies and their arbitrary determination of who are "American Enemies" we give them credibility and accusatory power. The power to accuse anyone of anything since in our own mind anyone behavior or opinions could be consistent with what treachery of our enemy, releasing us from a rigor of rational analysis and necessity of evidence based conclusion that is a foundation of any moral judgment.

Pushed into hysteria, siege mentality, we become immoral bastards driven by primal fear of imminent enemy, we can't see or even name in, our midst aiming to harm us, a "clear" and "present" danger to our very survival or well being. 

That's the real danger of this new McCarthyism, a danger capable of tearing fabric of our society apart and a direct threat to fundamental social order.


Cassandra.Hermes's picture

Minute clinics such as those hosted by CVS and others have spread throughout the nation. These clinics have no physician presence and are expected to make clinical decisions based on protocols and algorithms.No longer are physicians autonomous. In Minnesota, for example, nurse practitioners are now allowed to practice independently without ANY physician oversight or supervision.

And i don't think is getting better just read 21st Century Cures Act and top lobbing companies:
Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Roche Holdings, Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America
Bill sponsor: Fred Upton (R-Mi)

MedicalQuack's picture

Wake up, don't forget all thos clinics owns and operated by United Healthcare/Optum and it's growing, seperate subidiary company just for that.  I see it in southern California where I live in the OC, Optum buying up medical practices right and left as MDs go broke.


They have a bank for you too, the Optum bank just bought out all of the Wells Fargo HSA accounts if you missed it.


With almost 300 subsidiary companies, United Healthcare/Optum is rocking and rolling in the money.

dsty's picture

The MSM cried a fake Wolf Wolf

so much that when the real Wolf came no one listened

And the Wolf ate the MSM, amen

VWAndy's picture

  They dont care what kool aid ya drink. Just as long as you do drink some.

  As an example. Equality as an ideal? It just dont happen. In my life Ive only been treated as an equal a handfull of times. My wife never did. She used a double standard from day one. My parents put themselves last. My friends look out for themselves first because they should. Equality just dont happen much because we are not equal thats not how the real world works. The thing is none of these people were wrong to treat me the way they did.

  Life aint fair! Get over it!

  Fake news would be a much harder sell if we were not so inclined to fall for every sweet sounding steamin pile of beliefs. The shit the greenies will eat hook line and sinker is a thing to behold. Sure some of it is true but they jumped the shark and are stringing themselves along. Wave power? It dont get much nuttier then that. Wind and solar? Plausable at best in a few select places. Wave power on the other hand is right up there with pixy dust. Salt water dont care what you believe!

  Fake news aint even an issue. That so many fall for it is.  We trick ourselves with the very same double standards we choose on everyone else and ourselves. By starting the work on ourselves in the mirror so we may learn to not lie to ourselves first we might learn to show others the respect they need. Telling another the truth is the best way to respect ourselves and others at the same time.

VWAndy's picture

  Its a wierd thing we do when we start calling ourselves part of any group. It does not matter what group it is either. We will simply ignore all of our groups faults. The mental gymantics we will do are nothing short of spectacular. An we willingly do it to ourselves.

  If its our group doing it, its all for the better. Or so we tell ourselves?

  One thing I was told one of the only times I was treated as an equal in my opinion. Set your standards where ever you want. Its all good.  Just make sure you hold yourself to them FIRST!

truthalwayswinsout's picture

What is really cool is all the left of left wing women that want muslims in the US and want to become part of the muslim experience.

Here is your certain future after you help the Dune Koons and Sand Niggers take over the country.

This would be a fitting fate for women who are stupid to advocate such nonsense.



Dilluminati's picture

CNN (Clinton News Network) lied last night about Russians closing a school.  I thought that was real and it was fake news.   best to avoid CNN


Avoid Radio free Europe! (spreeading fake news)

landauer's picture

The response to the election hacking accusations should include the addendum that if Russia had the ability to sway an election away from a candidate who would probably lead a superpower to war with their country, with a 50% chance that the war would be nuclear, then why the hell shouldn't they act on this ability?