John McAfee: 'I Can Guarantee You, It Was Not the Russians'

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In case some of you were duped into believing this was evidence that proved Russia hacked the US elections, John McAfee would like to remind you that you're probably a high tier retard and would believe virtually anything your government told you.

Crazy, but brilliant, John said “if it looks like the Russians did it, then I can guarantee you it was not the Russians.”

The Joint Analysis Report from the FBI contains an appendix that lists hundreds of IP addresses that were supposedly “used by Russian civilian and military intelligence services.” While some of those IP addresses are from Russia, the majority are from all over the world, which means that the hackers constantly faked their location.
McAfee argues that the report is a “fallacy,” explaining that hackers can fake their location, their language, and any markers that could lead back to them. Any hacker who had the skills to hack into the DNC would also be able to hide their tracks, he said
“If I was the Chinese and I wanted to make it look like the Russians did it, I would use Russian language within the code, I would use Russian techniques of breaking into the organization,” McAfee said, adding that, in the end, “there simply is no way to assign a source for any attack.”
However, McAfee does see a problem with the National Security Agency (NSA) being able to listen in on every conversation and read every text message and email of every American. Rather than focusing on disrupting the bad guys in foreign countries, McAfee thinks that “all of that effort has been placed on a country that is afraid of its own citizens.”
He claims that the only way he has been able to fully block the NSA from infecting his phone with spyware is by using a flip-phone too old to be hacked. He even goes as far as to call the iPhone the “ultimate spy device.”

Since the stakes are so high, thermonuclear war and all, the least the CIA and other wonderful intelligence agencies can do is provide sufficient evidence to the American people before they get annihilated under the winds of a 10,000 degree winter breeze. Or is that too much to ask? Judging by just about everything they've told us over the past 15 years, I'm inclined to believe the exact opposite is true.
Kim dot Com agrees with McAfee's assertions. This isn't exactly rocket science.






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Fuck the Russians.

Fuck the Americans.

Fuck the Europeans.

Fuck the Muslim terrorists.


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It's been bothering me quite a bit.

Obama is a tool of "the Globalists" who are not always on the same page
The Globalists are mostly Jews

So why then does Obama reward Iran, literally flying them hundreds of millions, and an incredulous "deal" on their nuclear arms program, and then attack attack Israel at every opportunity.

Wouldn't the Jew leaders of the Globalists want to protect Israel?

One thing should be clear, Obama is a Muslim, pretending to be a Christian. So that is enough reason there to attack Israel. But why would his handlers allow that?

And that is the question on the table, why so indeed? Anyone have any hunches or intuition on this? We need a hypothesis that can be tested and refined.

Below is an insightful link that analyzes the a possible Globalist coup attempt by Soros and current blowback. Be nice if that guy just died.

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If Obama is a Muslim how could he attend Reverend Wright's mega racist Christian church for 20 years?

steveo77's picture

Its part of the plan, the deception, 1 year or 20 years makes no difference

steveo77's picture

Its part of the plan, the deception, 1 year or 20 years makes no difference

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Maybe the Globalists are Satanists using the he bru as cover?

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let's look at this from a "who benefits" position:

1. Nothing of a national security nature was released in the phished emails.

2.  Things were only slightly embarrassing to John Podesta.

3. The Democrats have been accusing Trump of being the next Hitler and in league with Putin for some time.

4. Blaming this on the Russians would serve to re-inforce the Trump-Putin narrative.

5. Obama has succeeded in weaponizing most agencies of government, which includes the intelligence agencies

6. The CIA, NSA and a few others have ability to perform this phishing and make it look like someone else did it.

7. The likelihood of this being a false-flag operation by our own NSA is much greater than zero.

8. That it's effect was minimal during the election does not eliminate No. 7.

9. That it's being trotted out now at a very convenient time to benefit Obama and the Democrats improves the odds of it being a false-flag operation by our own NSA.

10. The unwillingness or inability to provide conclusive proof this originated by the Russians improves the odds of the "report" to be misinformatiotn.


Things ain't over yet for Obama and the Democrats.  They're going to try like hell to make Trump's presidency as difficult as possible and cause as much confusion and chaos as possible in their effort to claim his win was illegitimate.

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That Malicious Mulatto would burn down the country rather than admit how shitty he was

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I'm going out on a limb and stating unambiguously that the data that was leaked came from a person or persons who hate that lying, perverted, skanky witch cunt named after Sir Edmund (according to her) Hillary.

So, we have millions (at least 60M Trump voters) of suspects-of which I'm one. The only question remaining is when are those white trailer trash Clinton detritus going to be behind bars? (Or will she die first?) Lets start a ZH betting pool. Dead or in jail (or both)?

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McAfee "security" was jammed down the throat of a new computer purchaser, while ago, as I recall.

Whena asked about that business model on an interwiev / story about his narrow escape from Belize, he just chuckled it off.

Kinda big finger to anybody who shows up for honest work.

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What was being jammed down the throat of new computer purchaser's was not the original McAfee product. The free version was/is a remake of his original product using his name.

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The point is that our goverment is so unprepaired.  They should have anticipated Cyber Attacks years ago and God only knows what little they have done to prepare for a possible biological attack.  Stop blaming others.  The United States Government is failing the people miserably, marching us towards Ohama's and Clinton's " Alinsky's goal - One World Order!!!"  ( shout out to yuo tiredofit )


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Whatever happens in the US is what the gov allowed to happen.  NSA has been tapping every major internet / cellular carrier right after 9/11 or at least that's when it's known.

Perhaps you need to re-think the Sony hack wasn't actually NK...


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It's like the RNC. It does nothing to put in place efforts to counter vote fraud, but every election it complains, "If only we'd known this could happen, we could have done something to prevent it."

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Whomever the hacker( s ) might be--and I don't rule out an 'internet agent' working loosely with the FSB or another Russian bureau--it was wrong to hack the DNC and Hillary Clinton.  Apparently the RNC was hacked as well...remember this, folks ?

After the Trump administration takes charge, real inquiries can begin.  Right now, the FBI, CIA and others are still too 'partisan' to Obama's circus.  Neither Obama, Clinton nor our intelligence services have yet presented us with any detailed data and 'smoking guns': merely broad pronouncements.  Both the Trump and Obama camps are just farting predictable phrases through their lips at this point.

Obama and HIS agents, meanwhile, are busy trying to sabotage the incoming administration and do as much damage as possible: it is pathetic, but he has done significant harm to Israeli-American relations and some of the damage will take time to undo.  One wonder if he and Michelle will also leave piles of used cat litter under the bed in the Lincoln Bedroom or sprinkle itching powder on the upholstery in the Oval Office.  Obama is a malignant narcissist if not an actual Psychopath.  This should be plain to just about anyone by now.

Obama, Clinton and their ideologues want to blame everything and everyone else for their own failings and having all of their illusions shattered by a real-life election is just too much.  It's much easier to blame others on your own shortcomings instead of taking stock of what you did wrong and how your own beliefs got in the way of reality.  Just a week ago, Obama criticised his slavish, lap-dog press pundits for 'focusing' on the emails instead of helping 'support' Hillary Clinton in her efforts to win the Presidency.  He basically condemned the mainstream media for not being biased enough and focusing on real news ?  I don't think the irony will ever sink in properly with these narcissistic louts.  Bye-bye time.

The facts are Julian Assange announced repeatedly that WikiLeaks would be releasing the data publicly in well-timed bursts and then proceeded to do just that.  Everyone was waiting for them.  Comey had no other choice ( given Lynch's reticence on the subject ) than to release his final letter.  By then, it was quite obvious that the dog-and-pony show was basically over for Hillary and Obama.  The only reason that 90 % of the pollsters and mainstream media were still predicting a victory for Hillary was because they'd bought into their own propaganda.  Most Americans outside of the large, Liberal cities and the Liberal coasts knew otherwise...and their votes were the ones that finally counted.  Pull up the election map: you can literally drive straight across the United States and never hit a county that Hillary carried.

To review:

0.  The mainstream news media was essentially 'cooperating' with the DNC and Hillary's people instead of being impartial reporters and a free forum for the news.  This was consistently repeated during the debates and CNN and others were apparently quite fine with such an arrangement.  Where was the outrage on the part of other segments of the mainstream media when this was 'discovered' and 'released' by WikiLeaks ?  It was still 'business as usual' whilst, meanwhile, 'flyover joe's' were outraged.  But the 'basket of deplorables' votes didn't count...right ?

1.  Hillary's and the Clinton Foundation's funding was from everywhere it should not have been.  To their credit, THEY were even 'somewhat concerned' about the funds from Saudi Arabia and Qatar and admitted that they knew these countries were basically funding and nurturing Islamic terror.

2.  The Clinton Foundation was accepting funds from Chinese and Islamic sources, among others, whilst she headed the State Department.  Based on her actual performance, it is not such a hard thing to understand that the State Department had been suborned by this.

3.  Her frequent--and increasingly negligent--use of multiple 'public' devices ( including laptops, smartphones, etc. ) with top secret information and intelligence data negligently flittering around in the 'unprotected' cloud was an unforgiveable breach and this alone constitutes multiple, federal crimes.  The fact that at least one of these devices was in use by one of her assistants ( a Muslim ) and her assistant's husband ( a paedophile ) only adds strychnine to the icing of that cake.

4.  Hillary's constant lying and then subsequent 'partial admissions' of this lying each time she was 'challenged' by further investigations and revelations, adds another lair of mendacity to the stew: Hillary is not largely a person who minds lying to duly-appointed investigators from the FBI or Congress.  At one point, she finally 'admitted' to having a head injury and having forgotten facts AND SECURITY PROCEDURES.  ( This was her DEFENSE ! ).  This was of course a lie, but in her universe, it was a 'less damaging' lie than the truth.

5.  Her layer of lies got continuously 'peeled back' like an onion by Trey Gowdy and others.  Each layer that was finally peeled back never revealed the truth, just another lie ( more damaging than the original lie, but--still--less damning than the truth. )  WE STILL DO NOT HAVE HER STATING THE TRUTH OR ADMITTING TO WHAT SHE DID WRONG.

I trust Putin not very much ( we seem to have forgotten he ran the FSB / KGB / NKVD, remember ? ) and to be frank, Medvedev would be a much better head of State for Russia's and America's interests.  But Putin is, at least, consistent and predictable.  It IS of benefit to both nations to normalise relations economically and politically and we do have common enemies that need trouncing.

If Russian agencies did hack our political parties and Hillary's 'unsecured devices', well...shame on them...and they will be taken to task for it and we will probably improve our own digital security in the process.  But they will still have done us a tremendous service for us in the process.  

Whomever hacked and 'leaked' the emails, what's left of our mainstream media should understand that if it took hackers to do their job for them, then they'd better start taking a good, hard look at where THEY went off the rails and became a 'tool' of the power elite instead of a 'free' press.

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There's a lot of useful information in the main body of your comment. But it is difficult to square your first and last paragraphs. I'll keep it short. It was not wrong to hack Clinton's illegal server. It was, in fact, an obligation. Regarding the DNC & RNC, I'm for shedding as much light as possible in those dark chambers.

Peter41's picture

One of the very best posts of the year! Your analysis and organization of the facts and your conclusions are first rate.

Lilly Skywalker's picture

Great post!   Happy New Year

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McAfee is right. This whole thing is a red herring.  I always thought Google and FB were govt fronts. Apple could be partially gov run.  Look at sw company Oracle for instance. It was a project run out of the C1A and Nsa with the code name Oracle.

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I'm down with McCaffee n'all, but he's mad as a box of frogs. People just point and laugh when he speaks. Not a great advocate to sway the useful idiots into changing their delusional ramblings about Russkies under the bed

oncemore's picture

Every sysadmin will tell you hown to 

1. fake tcp/ip

2. fake MAC

3. hide behind VPN

4. access remote comp & use it as a relay or troyan

if you have unlimited resources, then you can do practically anything.

Amd Russians do not know it or they do not  have any sysadmins over there? MSM is  BSing simple people again.

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It is hard to see that exposing the Clinton crime cartel as a crime. They make no attempt to even pretend the emails of their crimes are untrue.

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People who don't actually routinely PROGRAM tend to disbelieve this, but think about it:?

Everything in a computer is under control of software.  If someone builds software sophisticated enough, that SOFTWARE can imitate any "indicators" needed in order to make software and any "evidence" left behind in a breakin 100% imitate a known intruduer.  I can envision what some of the software would look like.  We would have a repostiory which holds metadata "indicators", and a middle section which handles substitition of debug strings, and code strings, sets the system time, to comport with the "work hours" of the imitated hack group.  

There are very top level experts out there, who have videos which explain this:  It is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to be certain of ATTRIBUTION (the process of assigning WHO DUNNIT, to a hack, or the payload, and residual evidence upon target computers).  In fact, I would personally go farther.  Russia, China, USA, Israel, UK, and several others likely have software already developed which can IMITATE any known hacking group. They have libraries of the attributes needed to do the imitation.

We just do not know.  Get used to it.  It's a sign of maturity to realize that there are certain things we simply cannot be certain of.  

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Personally, I don't care if it was the Russians. They did us a favor by "outing" crooked Hillary!

deth's picture

It wasn't the Russians. But send them a thank you card if it makes you feel better.

lakecity55's picture

Great point. Nothing would have happened if she was not corrupt and had obeyed the rules.


SixIsNinE's picture

she's got to come out of the closet herself now ...

you know how she made everyone believe she's a lezbo - now all the LGTBEZAR&Qs think she a certifiable lezzzie...

time to come out of the closet Hillskank....


here Hildabeast, here Hildabest.... come here lil' Hildaskank .... here lil' skank.... come here lil skanky puss .....



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I think the Russian Hack is just to cover up that a department of the US .gov was the hack. Obumner just doesn't want the shame of his own .gov agency against him and the shill!

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Happy New Year Hedgers!  I hope we can share another...

Did someone say Mcafee?  How to uninstall Mcafee.....


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That clip is brilliant, how could someone downvote that?

SixIsNinE's picture

i didn't - but any zero could - just for shitz & grinz

Grinchezzz BitcheZZZZ


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Probably some shmuck who doesn't light their cigarettes with a $100 bill lol......

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O'butboy still dreams of being Dear Leader to the world. Dreams of his father Satan.

Sturm und Drang's picture

I'd have voted for him. He's my kind of crazy. That said, he absolutely knows how to game the system. I mean, you'd have to be the wrong kinda crazy to think that McAfee was really running for office.


Oh, and John, if you're reading this, I never did get my bumper stickers, bitch. Love the coffee cup though.


floomby's picture

Austin Peterson was better in my opinion, a better communicator and not crazy.

SixIsNinE's picture

put Austin Powers up as his running mate and we'd have Austin Squared FTW !


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scsherman (not verified) SixIsNinE Dec 31, 2016 10:15 AM

1990s movie reference combined with 2000s gaming reference = not funny in 2016

yellowsub's picture

All your freedoms are belong to us...

JailBanksters's picture

The real crime is NOT the Hacking, it's the Crimes the political party was doing that is the Crime.

It's just Obama and the Media bent on Punishing those responsible for exposing the Crimes committed by people in Government.

musimann's picture

The only evidence of real hacking was by DHS. Apparently that does bother Obyebye.

koan's picture

They set the narrative for those that believe.
Russia hacked us.
Hillary should have won.
Diversity is good.
Refugees and unlimited immigration is good.

If you believe that shit you get what you deserve.

Jeffersonian Liberal's picture


You know this was all part of the pland hatched by Soros et al. in that three-day meeting in DC right after the election. I keep adding to the list all the tricks they've been playing since that meeting.

It will be interesting to see how many schemes they hatched in that meeting, but I suspect they simply keeping adding new tricks and schemes as they need them.

Sanity Bear's picture

> Any hacker who had the skills to hack into the DNC would also be able to hide their tracks, he said

Um, no.

There are probably a million "hackers" out there with the skills to hack into the DNC who are still playing with LEGOs. With the infosec awareness of guys like Podesta, hacking the DNC would be literal child's play.

I'm more concerned about the proven hacking FROM the DNC than the alleged hacking OF the DNC, anyway.

Jeffersonian Liberal's picture

OK. Maybe not "any" hacker, if you must be literal.

But I interpret that as, "any hacker who was hacking the DNC with the aim of finding criminal activity that could keep the Clinton Crime Syndicate out of the White House and was willing to publish any findings through a broadcast medium..."

Sanity Bear's picture

The Clintons' criminal activity is in broad daylight. All that is needed - all that has ever been needed, for decades - is the will to prosecute. Nobody needs to hack the DNC to figure out that they both belong on a gallows.

PitBullsRule's picture

Nothing like an author that call's his readers "higher tier retards" in the first sentence.  Zero Heads writers always tip their hand.

The_Real_Fly's picture

This coming from a high tier retard is indeed rich with irony.

kgw's picture

Dispute that with facts, if you would be so kind. 

silverer's picture

It's true. We should focus on a better description, rather than including all 80% of Americans in unrelated circumstances.

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MSM, paging MSM, oh well, they are all in "lets go to war to please Obama" mode...