Obama Takes In 606% More Syrian Refugees Than Last Year, 98.8% Muslim

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Submitted by Joseph Jankowski of PlanetFreeWill.com

The Obama administration’s refugee resettlement program took off in 2016 with 15,479 Syrian refugees having been admitted to the U.S, a 606% increase from the resettlement numbers of last year.

In his last month of the presidency alone, Obama admitted 1,307 more Syrian refugees to the states.

Overall, 98.8% of the refugees the president has welcomed into the country are Muslim.

CNS News Breaks it down:

  • 15,302 (98.8 percent) are Muslims – 15,134 Sunnis, 29 Shi’a, and 139 other Muslims
  • 125 (0.8 percent) are Christians – 32 Catholics, 32 Orthodox, five Protestants, four Jehovah’s Witnesses, and 52 refugees described only as “Christian” in State Department Refugee Processing Center data
  • 43(0.27 percent) are Yazidis
  • eight are “other” religion and one is described as having “no religion”
  • 3,904 (25.2 percent) are males between the ages of 14 and 50
  • 3,521 (22.7 percent) are females aged 14-50
  • 7,428 (47.9 percent) are children under 14, of whom 3,824 are boys and 3,604 are girls.

While there were 13,287 less refugees admitted in 2015, the religious ratio was similarly skewed: 2,149 Muslims (98 percent) and only 31 Christians (1.4 percent).

Sunni Muslims account for a majority of Syria’s population – an estimated 74 percent were present in the country when the deadly Syrian conflict began in 2011.

The Obama administration has acknowledged the violence being perpetrated against Christians, Yazidis and other religious minorities by the Islamic State in areas under its control but has refused to work with lawmakers to prioritize the vulnerable groups.

Last year, Obama condemned Republican presidential candidates for considering bringing in more Christian, describing the idea as “shameful” and “not American.”

“When I hear folks say that, ‘Maybe we should just admit the Christians but not the Muslims,’ when I hear political leaders suggesting that there would be a religious test for which person who’s fleeing from a war-torn country is admitted, when some of those folks themselves come from families who benefitted from protection when they were fleeing political persecution, that’s shameful,” Obama said, most likely striking at sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Marco Rubio (R-Florida).

As polls find that admitting Syrian refugees into the U.S. is an unpopular policy amongst the American people, fiscal year 2017 is already on pace to have more refugees enter the country.

Through the first 11 weeks in FY 2017 (Oct. 1 through Dec. 17), the United States welcomed 23,428 individuals as “refugees,” according to the Refugee Processing Center. At this rate, the U.S. will resettle roughly 110,580 in the new year.

Through the first 11 weeks of FY 2016, the Obama Admin. only welcomed 13,786 refugees.

3,074 refugees who arrived in the fresh fiscal year are from Syria, putting the nation on track to welcome more than 14,500 people from the warn-torn country by year’s end.

“Get them here before Trump takes office on Jan. 20, because you don’t know exactly what Trump will do with regard to this controversial program,” Leo Hohmann of WND said of the outgoing administration’s attitude towards taking in refugees. “The left is in panic mode because this program has run on autopilot for 35 years, and now for the first time we have a president who has expressed an interest in taking a hard, critical look at how it is run and the effects it’s had on our cities, states and country.”

Along with the thousands of Syrians, the U.S. has also resettled 3,269 Somali refugees in FY 2017.

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2017 End of Year Headline: TRUMP BOOTS OUT ;

  • 15,302 (98.8 percent) are Muslims – 15,134 Sunnis, 29 Shi’a, and 139 other Muslims
  • 125 (0.8 percent) are Christians – 32 Catholics, 32 Orthodox, five Protestants, four Jehovah’s Witnesses, and 52 refugees described only as “Christian” in State Department Refugee Processing Center data
  • 43(0.27 percent) are Yazidis
  • eight are “other” religion and one is described as having “no religion”
  • 3,904 (25.2 percent) are males between the ages of 14 and 50
  • 3,521 (22.7 percent) are females aged 14-50
  • 7,428 (47.9 percent) are children under 14, of whom 3,824 are boys and 3,604 are girls.
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LordDampNut (not verified) 1980XLS Dec 30, 2016 4:42 PM

No no your getting fucked by the brown clown and that bothers you. You want to get fucked by the cheeto Orange Clown

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The Saint (not verified) LordDampNut Dec 30, 2016 4:43 PM

I hope they all have the address to Obama's new home after January 20th.


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Obama firmly belives that it isn't racist to want to destroy the white race.  He considers it "payback".



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Obama Takes In 606% More Syrian Refugees

It seems his rear entrance is very accommodating.

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turnball the banker (not verified) Shemp 4 Victory Dec 30, 2016 6:31 PM

Prolapsed i suspect

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I've mentioned these numbers before. Funny how nearly all of the admitted refugees are of the same religious persuasion as the terrorists doing all the head chopping over there. You'd think it would be the non-sunni muslim refugees who would be in the most danger, yet we continually choose people from the most violent, jihadi prone group in the world. We bomb them into oblivion for over a decade, then invite them to live next door to us. What sane person would think that was a good idea? We know why obama is doing it, but the millions of Americans who agree with this, and want to do moar of it are what baffles me.

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Why wouldn't he want to depolaye a country he's trying to take over?


Fucking hegomonic warmongers!!

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15,000 is much more manageable than Germany's 1.2 million, less than 5 cruise ships.

Load'em up send'em back. Let them keep the boats.

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Main_Sequence (not verified) LordDampNut Dec 30, 2016 5:06 PM

I think Israel needs to open its borders to the muslim refugees and learn to become more multicultural.

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Israel is 20% Muslim and 2% Christian.


It's Islamic countries like Turkey and Iran that are almost 100 percent Muslim that need some diversity.


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Would rather play beat the Brown Clown pinata till candy comes out.

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A whole %0.8 Christians. The Christians are the ones being murdered by the muzzies and covered by MSM as 'PEACEFUL MUZZIES' which do not exist because by their own religion they should be killed for not commiting the crimes called out in their own religion. 

Get the book "The People vs Muhammad" and see what the Koran is truly about.





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It is part and parcel of the Jewish agenda. That cannot be denied and so they push to ban free speech from the internet.
Thank God for the brave Tyler Durdens who bring us Zero Hedge.
The last bastion of true news and FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

Sam was fired from National Review by Bill Buckley for telling the truth about a certain group:
Mass Immigration Eats Through The Melting Pot
March 04, 2004 Sam Francis

It's also interesting he acknowledges the Jewish connection, since it's becoming increasingly obvious. Mr. Karnow, as he makes sure to tell us at the end of his column, is Jewish himself, and so, he also made sure to tell us, was Kallen. And one reason they like immigration so much is precisely because of what it does to the "Anglo Protestant core" of American civilization.

A couple of years ago, the Forward, the principal Jewish newspaper in the country, reported a remark made by Leonard Glickman, president and CEO of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, in explaining why his organization was promoting the resettlement of Somali refugees in the United States: "The more diverse American society is the safer [Jews] are." Mr. Glickman is not alone.

Perhaps for much the same reason, Jewish John Podhoretz, David Brooks and several others don't much like the very concept of an "Anglo Protestant core."

Unlike most conservatives, almost all of them rushed to endorse President Bush's amnesty proposals as soon as he announced them, and some like Mr. Brooks have rushed to denounce the Huntington article.

Jewish Americans played a crucial role in pushing for mass immigration throughout the last century, and there's no more reason that should be a secret than there is that Roman Catholics have pushed hard for banning abortion.

Unfortunately, there is a secret about it—because people who mention it tend to get smashed as "anti-Semites."

Elco the Constitutionalist's picture
Elco the Constitutionalist (not verified) Laddie Dec 30, 2016 5:00 PM

Keep on telling the facts and eventually more people will come around. I just hope it is not too late.

"Conservative Inc." has been brainwashing the masses since Reagan to make it difficult to get people to listen to these facts.

Kidbuck's picture

"The more diverse American society, the safer Jews are."

This explains why the Jews are fleeing France for Israel now?

BobEore's picture

Indeed it does - once you peel away the layers of distorting propaganda which veil every salient truth now.


The antecedents are not hard to trace either. The demand by Irgun & other radical sionist terror outfits circa the 1930s...

for Jews to flee to "Israel"[Palestine]was backed by programmatic action designed to uproot unwilling Ashkenazi from their E European homes, and FORCE theim into complicance... or the sio-nazi inspired concentration camps for those who proved recalcitrant.

Likewise  now, the flood of "refyousgees" into Europe by which the destabilization of society in general - and targeting of Jews in specific - is achieved, returns to the same template. A bankrupt, non-productive pirate state which can barely stay afloat fiscally EVEN WITH the hundreds of billions of stolen US taxpayer loot shipped off ever year, needs the wealth of the European element of Jewry to be brought back to the mothership ASAP.

That same ethnic element is still needed to stay on duty in Merika for now, however. The work of destroying the social fabric is not quite completed. When it is, you can bet that the (90%+ Jewish)1%ers will have found a new nest to snuggle into - far from the shores of either USA or Israel. They're too smart to buy they're own B.S.

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Tell me why that 13 yr old boy has a full beard and is losing his teeth?

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How many did Netanyahu take in ???

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-7000 dead.

606% <-- Beasty beast

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Israel is 20% muslim and always has been.

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turnball the banker (not verified) Seasmoke Dec 30, 2016 6:29 PM

How many did you?

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16 tons and what do you get? another day older and deeper in debt... Saint Peter don't you call me....

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Mass_hysteria (not verified) Dec 30, 2016 4:39 PM

This will create culture clashes.


The government will put more police/military on the street. "security"


You? Less freedoms.


This is all a grand plan, don't think anything else. The refugee streams, the fake wars in the middle east. All a plan that is available for anybody to read online. A grand plan by the jew and muslim.


But you american want to dance on flowers and listen to britney spears, I get it.

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"Fundamentally changed America."


~ Soweeeeto bin Bama

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LordDampNut (not verified) Dec 30, 2016 4:40 PM

Oh boy we can get them all voted democrate in sanctuary cities.

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The Vichy government was more Patriotic to the french people than this guy - Benidict Arnold was a better fiduciary

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Of course. When your liberal bullshit fails, bring in the savages. Everyting to bring down the conservative shenanigans of preservation.

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Yeah, we are bombing pretty much every country in the middle east, but they are the savages. We have people in Nevada drone striking funerals who then go around for a second pass when people try to pull out survivors. Fuck all you hypocrites and get back to me when you have drones in the sky sending down hellfire missiles simply because you are a 16+yr old male because that's the broad definition our country has deemed as targets!

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Mark Zuckerberg says he’s no longer an atheist, believes ‘religion is very important’


mary mary's picture

:-)  Mark Zuckerberg learns he has to pay his dues, just like everybody else THEY have allowed to become rich and famous.

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"we are bombing pretty much every country in the middle east, but they are the savages."

No....THAT'S your boy, Soetero - the drone killer.

...and YOU have the stones to call others "hyporcrites".

Jayda1850's picture

You are a fucking idiot! Yeh it's all Obama's fault. Let's completely forget about the torture and atrocities of GWB because he was on your red team. Fuck you! And yes that is the exact fucking definition of a hypocrite you moron.

mary mary's picture

Tweedledee and Tweedledum: Bush and Obama.

BabaLooey's picture

Nice deflection, Soetero taint licker.

I NEVER voted for Bush (or Gore - OR Kerry) either dumbfuck. 

Sorry fuckwad -  YOU are the fucking hypocrite asshole. Obama CODIFIED what Dubya did - made it even worse.

So nice try - not really. YOU believed Soetero when he said he would end the wars - and he didn't.

No fuckchops - it's on YOU.

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turnball the banker (not verified) BabaLooey Dec 30, 2016 6:26 PM

He represents you The american public voted for him twice.Whether you like it or not you are complicit.The american public thru apathy has let it devolve to what it is now

BabaLooey's picture

I didn't vote for the fucker - twice. Morons did. Dindus did (multiple times, in fact, all over the fucking place).

He never "represented me" - ever. 

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Bla bla bla.

Kill them both. I didn't drop bombs on hospitals in Syria, why should i accept raping savages.

Jayda1850's picture

You're paying for it asshole! Everyone hate muslims and says I'm not involved in the killing of innocents but you support the shit with every goddamn paycheck.

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Like i said, kill both of them.

mary mary's picture

Yes. I feel so thankful that our Nevada Drone Bombers go to confession after they make the second pass over funerals to kill anyone helping those they bombed on the first pass.  That's the difference between The One True Church and Those Filthy Muslim Savages.  And President Obama has done everything a man could do to help those Nevada Drone Bombers, and he's a Nobel Peace Prize recipient, so that proves it.

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turnball the banker (not verified) Jayda1850 Dec 30, 2016 6:21 PM

 fucking mind blowing.Most of the fuckers on here would burn their neighbours house down and when their neighbours ask them for help they have the sheer afront and audacity to tell them to fuck off

buzzsaw99's picture

i wonder how many pardoned drug dealers and syrian muzzies will commit violent crimes in the usa over the coming years? the war isn't on terror, the war is being waged against decent folk. we tortured some folks.

Dode415's picture

Likely to be a far smaller number than violent crimes committed by people born and bred in the good old US of A. A bit of perspective is a wonderful thing

Dode415's picture

A down vote for a fact - we do indeed live in a strange world

buzzsaw99's picture

-1 it wasn't what you said so much as how you said it. in other words i don't like your attitude mister. /s

as to what you said on a per capita basis when adding in all the decent folk and not just the scumbags in chicago i very much doubt that your statement will be true.

Dode415's picture

Haha and here's me thinking I was being quite reasonable in tone :)