Why Politicians Are To Blame For Most Terrorist Attacks

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Submitted by Patrick Coburn via Strategic-Culture.org,

European political leaders are making the same mistake in reacting to the massacre at the Christmas fair in Berlin, in which 12 died, as they did during previous terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels. There is an over-concentration on the failings of the security services in not identifying and neutralising the Tunisian petty criminal, Anis Amri, as the threat he turned out to be. There is too little focus on bringing to an end the wars in Syria and Iraq which make this type of atrocity unstoppable.

In the aftermath of the killings the visibility of Amri, who was shot dead in Milan this morning, as a potential threat looks misleadingly obvious, and the culpability of those who did not see this appears more glaring than it really was. The number of possible suspects – suspected before they have done anything – is too great to police them effectively.

No politician or security official wishing to retain their job can tell a frightened and enraged public that it is impossible to defend them. Those in charge become an easy target for critics who opportunistically exploit terrorism to blame government incompetence or demand communal punishment of asylum seekers, immigrants or Muslims. At such times, the media is at its self-righteous worst, whipping up hysteria and portraying horrifying but small-scale incidents as if they were existential threats. This has always been true, but 24/7 news coverage makes it worse as reporters run out of things to say and lose all sense of proportion. As the old American newspaper nostrum has it: “if it bleeds, it leads.”

But in over-reacting, governments and media play into the hands of the terrorists who want to create fear and demonstrate their strength, but whose greatest gains come when they provoke an exaggerated self-destructive response. 9/11 was the most successful terrorist attack in history, not just because it destroyed the Twin Towers but because it lured the Bush administration into invading Afghanistan and Iraq. Subsequently, Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, rendition, torture and “targeted killings” (otherwise known as assassination campaigns), all justified by 9/11, have acted as recruiting sergeants for al-Qaeda type organisations.

The war on terror has failed more demonstrably than most wars: al-Qaeda numbered in the hundreds in 2001, but today – along with Isis – it has tens of thousands of fighters and supporters spread across dozens of countries.

Political leaders are not blameless, but they tend to be blamed for the wrong thing. Contrary to talk about “lone wolf” terrorism, most people like Amri turn out to have had sympathetic or supportive connections. In his case, US officials say he had communicated with Isis and was in contact with a Salafi preacher. He would have needed little more than inspiration and encouragement, since driving a truck into a crowd of people celebrating Christmas requires no special expertise.

Isis remains crucial to the present wave of terrorist attacks in Europe because it provides ideological motivation and justification and can, as in Paris and Brussels, control and sustain a terrorist cell. So long as there is a well-organised de facto Isis capable of providing these things, terrorism cannot be defeated; there will always be a “breakdown in security” to be exploited.

The continuing existence of such a state is proof of the failure of US and European leadership. It is they who created the original conditions for the rise of Isis by invading Iraq in 2003. They allowed Syria to be torn apart by civil war after 2011 and believed the consequent anarchy could be confined to Iraq and Syria. It was only in 2014 and 2015 – after the creation of Isis, the flood of migrants fleeing to central Europe and the terrorist attacks in France and Belgium – that politicians and officials really took on board the potential danger.

Yet two-and-a-half years after it was first declared, Isis is still in business. Some 2,885 Iraqis were killed in November alone, most of them as a result of fighting between Isis and the Iraqi security forces. Over the last month international focus has been on the fall of east Aleppo and too little attention is given to the fact that Isis has been holding its own in Mosul and has recaptured Palmyra in Syria.

There is a dangerous disconnect in the minds of governments and news organisations between what happens in the war in Iraq and Syria and the long-term consequences this has on the streets of Europe. When the Iraqi armed forces and their Kurdish allies began on 17 October their advance on Mosul, by far the largest urban centre held by any of the Salafi-jihadi groups, it was widely believed that Isis was about to be defeated in its last lair.

It has not happened. The elite units of the Iraqi armed forces, notably the 10,000 strong “Golden Division”, have suffered as much as 50 per cent casualties. They are being ground down by skilful tactics in east Mosul whereby mobile Isis units rapidly shift their positions in built-up areas using holes cut in the walls of houses and a network of tunnels. They avoid permanent fixed positions where they can be located and targeted by artillery and the US-led air coalition. They ambush the Iraqi military forces in their vehicles as they move through narrow streets. The UN says that almost 2,000 members of the Iraqi security forces, including paramilitary Shia units and Kurdish Peshmerga units, were killed in November alone.

The offensive is largely stalled and still has not reached the main part of Mosul city on the west bank of the Tigris River. Districts in east Mosul captured weeks ago have to be captured again. The main thrust of Iraqi government forces attack on Mosul was meant to come from the south, but this front has not moved for six weeks. Isis is even reported to have sent 500 fighters from Mosul across the desert to retake Palmyra, in the first important territorial gain by Isis for 18 months.

This is not an organisation that is going out of business fast, or even at all. The failure of Jabhat al-Nusra, Ahrar al-Sham and other insurgent groups to defend east Aleppo more resolutely and successfully will probably lead to a haemorrhage of the most experienced and toughest fighters to Isis. It will have the advantage of being less dependent than the other rebel groups on outside support from Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar who are close to accepting defeat in Syria. This may not save Isis in the long term because of the sheer number of its enemies, but it has shown once again that it is more resilient than the Pentagon had supposed.

There are serious consequences here for Europe: Isis can keep going for years with the low-level terrorist attacks like that which just happened in Berlin. It does not have to do much by way of exhortation or material aid to achieve this. When a terrorist incident does take place it is capable of shifting the political agenda in a country as large as Germany. Isis knows this and while it exists the terrorism will not stop.

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LetThemEatRand's picture

This would have been a more satisfying article to read if the author had pointed out that 9/11 was an inside job and that the US created ISIS.  I would even be satisfied if he had said that 9/11 may have been an inside job and that the US may have armed ISIS inadvertently.

War Machine's picture

inside/israeli but +1000

ISIS is so obviously an Anglo-Zionist golem or proxy (and ffs - its 'isises' - there's compartamentalized franchises here not one organic unified org)

one must stand back in breathless awe at what a PsyOp all mass media must be that people arent seeing it and that no one in nedia pursues as possibility based on history, and logic.

means motive opportunity who benefits who had the money etc.

9/11 is a powder keg buried within Deep State.

And with that 'boom' goes the **Israeli-Neocon Policy Coup** in .gov.

xavi1951's picture

Transfer of guilt.  MUSLIMS are to blame.  Invite them into your country and they will eventually try to kill you.

Nemontel's picture

Not just Muslims, all ethnic, racial and religious diversity will always create conflict.


tazs's picture
tazs (not verified) Nemontel Dec 30, 2016 10:40 PM

Yes, politicians are to blame. But Israel is doing the bribing, the terrorism, and the wagging.


stizazz's picture

Yep. It's that shitty country in the Middle East, Israel, doing all these false flags to be blamed on Muslims.

For Ages We Shall Reign's picture


The human brain can not come to terms with the idea that everything someone tells them is a lie. They rationalize and say, "Well some of it has to be true.".

These people are psychopaths.

They have no guilt.

They have no fear.

They have no morality.

They are terminators.

People then begin to believe "Well it all can't be a lie.". Too bad it is. You are watching a grand fucking illusion meant to rob your rights as you worship at the alter of fear, indoctrinated to the religion of 'Terrorism".

Nemontel's picture

Dude, not everything is part of some grand conspiracy. Some thinks are just random, unpredictable occurances.


Vatican_cameo's picture


"Transfer of guilt.  MUSLIMS are to blame.  Invite them into your country and they will eventually try to kill you."

More like Transfer of Power.  The Government takes away more of your Rights everyday while increasing their own.  It's a Foolproof Folly.  Invite all the Muslims you can muster into the country, pull a "False Flag" and blame them.  Remember the WTC Bombing in 1993?  The FBI grabbed a few disgruntaled Muslims, gave them a plan and sent them on their way.  They didn't anticipate they'd go Off the Reservation and get their explosive material from someone else, Oopsie.  It's not difficult to find Militant Muslims and lead them in the desired direction, or even blame them when they're not involved.  It all fits the .gov narrative no matter what the outcome.  We have the Patriot Act, DHS, TSA, FISA Courts, and more Gun Control (not to mention a whole slew of other Government Agencies that now have more control than they did yesterday).  This will Never stop until this entire shit-show is Razed to the ground and we start over.  Too many cook stirring this pot of soup to eliminate just the bad ones.  It's only going to get worst.

SoDamnMad's picture

WICHITA, Kan. (AP) — A Mexican man accused of raping a 13-year-old girl on a Greyhound bus that traveled through Kansas had been deported 10 times and voluntarily removed from the U.S. another nine times since 2003, records obtained by The Associated Press show.

The immigration system is broken Thank you President Obama.

not dead yet's picture

Although the article makes some good points he leaves out a lot of meat. Contrary to what he stated the war in Syria was never a civil war. Same with Libya. All financed by Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the good ole USA. Hillary in her emails pleaded with Obama to start a war in Libya and destroy it to send a message to Assad to step down. Libya was just a sideshow for the real target Syria. Libya was easy to crack because they had a very small basically untrained military but Syria had a large and well oiled military and would be a tough nut to crack. Obama and the CIA set up training camps in Jordan in 2012 for jihaidsts to be sent into Syria. Ambassador Stevens and the large CIA contingent in Benghazi were running "liberated" Qaddafi arms and jihadists that fought in Libya to Syria when he died. Activities on this scale by terrorists are very expensive and can only happen by funding from governments or governments allow them to be funded, such as the huge quantities of stolen oil from Iraq and Syria to be loaded on tankers in Turkey and sold, as operations on this scale are too big to be funded by suitcases of cash and the financial system must be used. The US has total control of the world financial system, how else can they threaten countries to obey US sanctions or else, and can sanction individuals and companies yet cannot dry up the billions needed by Al Qaeda and ISIS. I watched a video by a guy who said he worked for a US government contractor in the military who was convicted of chicken shit stuff, supposedly lying on his base rental agreement and having an unregistered gun in his base housing, of military offenses and was illegally tried in civilian court and sentenced to 3 or 4 years in Club FED. This after he sent a memo to his superiors asking why the US government was not making any effort to dry up ISIS funding. While in the slam he met Swiss banker who came to the US with the numbers of 22,000 accounts used by ISIS and other terror groups and was promptly thrown into jail, without a hearing or trial, for his efforts. Eventually they paid him a few million bucks and let him out if he kept his mouth shut. Germany's Deutche Welle went to the Turkey Syrian border and filmed the hundreds of trucks waiting to enter Syria, this was a year or so ago, with most of the goods, coming from all over Europe, headed to ISIS territory according to the drivers. These trucks  were a daily occurance not a one off. So even if Obama and crew can lie their ass off and claim they didn't train jihadists or supply them arms the fact that the US has not dried up their funding, funding that has to come through banks as suitcases of cash aren't enough for an operation on this scale, shows the US is a willing partner of the terrorists. The author writes that Al Qaeda all but dried up after 2001 and that was because the US went after the Islamic charities all around the world that funded them. Yet ISIS and the rest of the terrorists are far bigger than Al Qaeda was back then and needs far more funding yet Obama with the biggest and most invasive spy agencies on the planet at his disposal, along with control of the financial system, can't find a single dollar of terrorist money. What's even worse is the "real honest to goodness non fake" mainstream media never asks Obama why he isn't doing anything about drying up terrorist funding.

Author failed to mention that Obama's drone program is the biggest recruiting device for terrorists as they claim for every innocent person killed at least 10 turn to terrorism. Those drones have killed thousands of innocent people and million live in terror of death from the skies. A great deal of the battlefield leadership of ISIS and others is by former Saddam military leaders. When the US took Iraq one of the first actions was to disband and throw out into the street all the military personnel and the police and disband the Bath party and put their leaders and membership out of business. Imagine having fought for your country and though you still want to serve but under a new master you're thrown out into the street in disgrace and humiliated as if you and your fellow countrymen who served were all rabid Saddam supporters. The US leadership under the delusion of the Iraqi's treating us as liberaters took their sweet time rebuilding the military and police forces allowing the terrorists in Iraq to reorganize and grow. Most of the terrorist leadership were hardened in Agu Graib where they were humiliated and tortured then went over to the terrorist side when released.


DosZap's picture

Basically ALL the NWO/Globalist POTUS's starting at G H W Bush forward are to blame.

ALL of them.

Badsamm's picture

It wasn't my idea to bomb 7 countries in 6 years

apadictionary's picture

lol. comments prove that the author is out of touch with reality

larz's picture

No it's me it's us  The terrorists hate us for our freedoms  It can't be the politicians. Well, indirectly they do allow us our freedom

Skiprrrdog's picture

Lets not put too fine a point on it; politicians these days ARE terrorists, just creating job security for their work force(s), ISIS, al Queda, etc...

chunga's picture

Politicians are to blame for just about everything that sucks.


buzzsaw99's picture

the "terrorists" never attack "our" politicians. ever wonder why?

stant's picture

I got a pretty good idea

Ignatius's picture

The Strategy of Tension:  attack the innocent and use the horror to move the public mind.  Fear, as the organizing principle.

Modern terrorism.

Modern theatre.

Cheka_Mate's picture

MINDWAR by Michael Aquino 

Michael Aquino- top level military advisor also known for founding Temple of Set, discipline of Anton LaVey as a worshiper of Satan.

His strategy is full force PSY-OPS,  written in the '80s as a preview to current "War of Terror"

You can't make this stuff up. 

HungryPorkChop's picture

@buzzsaw99 : Yeah, I've always wondered the same thing.  Instead they like to attack random unknown people at a shopping mall or athletes running a marathon.  Doesn't make much sense when you think about it, does it?

buzzsaw99's picture

it makes perfect sense. you will never see any of those maggots on a muzzie hit list for a very good reason.

HowdyDoody's picture

A Russian diplomat got whacked, though.

Oh, you mean one of our politicians!


Skiprrrdog's picture

Nope... never wondered why...

CosmicSauce's picture

Barry Soetoro, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, GW Bush all helped create ISIS. All of these people are polticians equals article is real news.

billwilson2's picture

Actually Bush gets 99% of the credit. No Iraq war, no ISIS.

gladih8r's picture

Well, let's not get too generous here.  Hundreds of millions of $ if not billions went to these fuckers over the last few years.  Equipment shipments were organized, satellite photos provided to facilitate attacks on key areas, convoys of oil-hauling trucks were allowed to travel freely into Turkey to help co-fund the shit show in Syria. 

Bush started this campaign in Iraq but it could have been stopped in its tracks years ago.  It was accelerated and supported instead.

4 wheel drift's picture

they are also criminals and need to be dealt with accordingly

War Machine's picture

leaving aside how golden or division it is and who they are really fighting - who's causing, in the pure sense of 'causing'... directing and developing... most terrorism, its the Downward Triangle

Gentlemen, the Downward Triangle is:

Vichy Washington
Salafist Barbaria
Ersatz 'Israel'

and their intelligence agencies.

You want to stop terror, unleash military hunter killer teams and start killing the spooks' executives. The neocon mic cunts, not rank and file.

The ordinary decent criminals of the intel/black ops groups etc have some fragging to do.

Or this is gonna get out of control.

Gentlemen - Sweep the leg.

The neocons need to be removed as a virus in Washington's OS.

TuPhat's picture

A few facts surrounded by lies does not make a good article.

Overdrawn's picture

For those of you who haven't watched George Webb yet, here is an eye opener.  He names names, shows what they have done and backs it up with evidence.

The politicians created the terrorist, ultimately to make themselves more money. 


billwilson2's picture

Yup. George Bush was a prime example. One attack and then $5 trillion dollars wasted later, no better off. Republicans are idoits, always fighting wars and trying to act tough. 

ISEEIT's picture

"who want to create fear and demonstrate their strength" 

The author attributes this characteristic to "terrorist"?

Sounds like government to me.


So are terrorist "fake government".....Or "fake news"?

flaminratzazz's picture

governments always hurt the very people they take an oath to protect.


no big shocker in this article.

Herdee's picture

The head NeoCon warmonger John McCain seems to be the head ringleader of the present NeoCon cult within the Senate. President Carter couldn't have described the scum sucking pig any better.

Ms No's picture

That guy has been riding the wave of his "war hero" bullshit way too long.  Apparently if you go to war and get captured you can then fuck the entire country with immunity and be celebrated for decades by star-struck combat worshippers.  If anybody questions you then your minions will get all emotional because you dared question the actions of THE GREAT HERO who is permanently beyond reproach.



red1chief's picture

Don't forget the false flags and dumb patsies.

buzzsaw99's picture

you will never see a billionaire, or a ceo, an mic general, or a politician, or a banker, or any of those maggots on a list of the terrorist's enemies. that should tell you all you need to know right there.

delacroix's picture

something about biting the hand that feeds?

Ms No's picture

And if they are listed as enemies it will just be for show because nothing will ever happen, unless it's staged.  Looking back, the world should've had this figured this out after the Sirhan Sirhan incident went down.

Aquarius's picture





"Terrorism" is a 100% ONLY Political tool - USED ONLY by politicians and wannabee Politicians for Political Purposes, of "Totalitarianism".

"Violence" is a natural people reaction to Political "Terrorism" and Hypocracy aka LIES

Politicians make racial divisions so as to Control, and loot, via "racism".

There are no Races in Humanity, it is all about "Tribal Nationalism: and it is all Bullshit.

"All ideologies are offered as Dogma to the human community as a substitute for individual thinking. All ideologies, or at least the most popular ideologies, morph into Cults that become politicalized. Once politicalized and influential, these Cults become Power entities where Dogma rules supreme and which is enforced and disobedience criminalized. At this stage, these politicalized Power Cults become Collectives from where the Principle of "Tribal Nationalism" takes over as an entirely new personality and attitude. Power Cults are numerically dependent and hence their innate nature is growth through numbers. Tribal Nationalism sees all outsiders as evil and enemies; it sets about to purify itself and adopts irrational and inconsistent viewpoints of bestiality, extreme cruelty and sadism while marching in a path of destructive fanaticism towards its preferred state of Totalitarianism. There is no despicable act that is unacceptable to this Power Cult."

"Politically speaking, tribal nationalism always insists that its own people is surrounded by "a world of enemies", "one against all", that a fundamental difference exists between this people and all others. It claims its people to be unique, individual, incompatible with all others, and denies theoretically the very possibility of a common mankind long before it is used to destroy the humanity of man": Hannah Arendt, The Origins Of Totalitarianism




A Gift for ZH Readers:


Please contemplate seriously; The message may be biblical but it remains true to this day; moreso.

Ho hum




DFCtomm's picture

There are no races in humanity? You're a fucking moron.

koan's picture

Don't forget the media, without it terrorism is nothing.

Dilluminati's picture

agree ferguson, baltimore, dallas, black lives matter

the msm inciting violence and soros funding it needs to stop