How A United Iran, Russia, & China Are Changing The World

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The two previous articles have focused on the various geopolitical theories, their translations into modern concepts, and practical actions that the United States has taken in recent decades to aspire to global dominance. This segment will describe how Iran, China and Russia have over the years adopted a variety of economic and military actions to repel the continual assault on their sovereignty by the West; in particular, how the American drive for global hegemony has actually accelerated the end of the 'unipolar moment' thanks to the emergence of a multipolar world.

From the moment the Berlin Wall fell, the United States saw a unique opportunity to pursue the goal of being the sole global hegemon. With the end of the Soviet Union, Washington could undoubtedly aspire to planetary domination paying little heed to the threat of competition and especially of any consequences. America found herself the one and only global superpower, faced with the prospect of extending cultural and economic model around the planet, where necessary by military means.

Over the past 25 years there have been numerous examples demonstrating how Washington has had little hesitation in bombing nations reluctant to kowtow to Western wishes. In other examples, an economic battering ram, based on predatory capitalism and financial speculation, has literally destroyed sovereign nations, further enriching the US and European financial elite in the process.

Alliances to Resist

In the course of the last two decades, the relationship between the three major powers of the Heartland, the heart of the Earth, changed radically.

Iran, Russia and China have fully understood that union and cooperation are the only means for mutual reinforcement. The need to fight a common problem, represented by a growing American influence in domestic affairs, has forced Tehran, Beijing and Moscow to resolve their differences and embrace a unified strategy in the common interest of defending their sovereignty.

Events such as the war in Syria, the bombing of Libya, the overthrowing of the democratic order in Ukraine, sanctions against Iran, and the direct pressure applied to Beijing in the South China Sea, have accelerated integration among nations that in the early 1990s had very little in common.

Economic Integration

Analyzing US economic power it is clear that supranational organizations like the World Trade Organization, International Monetary Fund and the World Bank guarantee Washington’s role as the economic leader. The pillars that support the centrality of the United States in the world economy can be attributed to the monetary policy of the Fed and the function of the dollar as a global reserve currency.

The Fed has unlimited ability to print money to finance further economic power of the private and public sector as well as to pay the bill due for very costly wars. The US dollar plays a central role as the global reserve currency as well as being used as currency for trade. This virtually obliges each central bank to own reserves in US currency, continuing to perpetuate the importance of Washington in the global economic system.

The introduction of the yuan into the international basket of the IMF, global agreements for the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), and Beijing’s protests against its treatment by the World Trade Organization (WTO) are all alarm bells for American strategists who see the role of the American currency eroding. In Russia, the central bank decided not to accumulate dollar reserves, favoring instead foreign currency like the Indian rupee and the Chinese yuan. The rating agencies - western financial-oligarchy tools -have diminishing credibility, having become means to manipulate markets to favor specific US interests. Chinese and Russian independent rating agencies are further confirmation of Beijing and Moscow’s strategy to undermine America’s role in western economics.

De-dollarization is occurring and proceeding rapidly, especially in areas of mutual business interest. In what is becoming increasingly routine, nations are dealing in commodities by negotiating in currencies other than the dollar. The benefit is twofold: a reduction in the role of the dollar in their sovereign affairs, and an increase in synergies between allied nations. Iran and India exchanged oil in rupees, and China and Russia trade in yuan.

Another advantage enjoyed by the United States, intrinsically linked to the banking private sector, is the political pressure that Americans can apply through financial and banking institutions. The most striking example is seen in the exclusion of Iran from the SWIFT international system of payments, as well as the extension of sanctions, including the freezing of Tehran's assets (about 150 billion US dollars) in foreign bank deposits. While the US is trying to crack down on independent economic initiatives, nations like Iran, Russia and China are increasing their synergies. During the period of sanctions against Iran, the Russian Federation has traded with the Islamic Republic in primary commodities. China has supported Iran with the export of oil purchased in yuan. More generally, Moscow has proposed the creation of an alternative banking system to the SWIFT system.

Private Banks, central banks, ratings agencies and supranational organizations depend in large part on the role played by the dollar and the Fed. The first goal of Iran, Russia and China is of course to make these international bodies less influential. Economic multipolarity is the first as well as the most incisive way to expand the free choice before each nation to pursue its own interests, thereby retaining its national sovereignty.

This fictitious and corrupt financial system led to the financial crisis of 2008. Tools to accumulate wealth by the elite, artificially maintaining a zombie system (turbo capitalism) have served to cause havoc in the private and public sectors, such as with the collapse of Lehman Brothers or the crisis in the Asian markets in the late 1990s.

The need for Russia, China and Iran to find an alternative economic system is also necessary to secure vital aspects of the domestic economy. The stock-market crash in China, the depreciation of the ruble in Russia, and the illegal sanctions imposed on Iran have played a profound role in concentrating the minds of Moscow, Tehran and Beijing. Ignoring the problem borne of the centrality of the dollar would have only increased the influence and role of Washington. Finding points of convergence instead of being divided was an absolute must and not an option.

A perfect example, explaining the failed American economic approach, can be seen in recent years with the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), two commercial agreements that were supposed to seal the economic trade supremacy of the US. The growing economic alternatives proposed by the union of intent between Russia, China and Iran has enabled smaller nations to reject the US proposals to seek better trade deals elsewhere. In this sense, the Free Trade Area of ??the Asia Pacific (FTAAP) proposed by Beijing is increasingly appreciated in Asia as an alternative to the TPP.

In the same way, the Eurasian Union (EAEU) and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) have always been key components for Moscow. The function these institutions play was noticeably accelerated following the coup in Ukraine and the resulting need for Russia to turn east in search of new business partners. Finally, Iran, chosen by Beijing as the crossroad of land and sea transit, is a prime example of integration between powers geographically distant but with great intentions to integrate vital structures of commerce.

The Chinese model of development, called Silk Road 2.0, poses a serious threat to American global hegemonic processes. The goal for Beijing is to reach full integration between the countries of the Heartland and Rimland, utilizing the concept of sea power and land power. With an investment of 1,000 billion US dollars over ten years, China itself becomes a link between the west, represented by Europe; the east, represented by China itself; the north, with the Eurasian economic space; the south, with India; Southeast Asia; the Persian Gulf and Middle East. The hope is that economic cooperation will lead to the resolution of discrepancies and strategic differences between countries thanks to trade agreements that are beneficiary to all sides.

The role of Washington continues to be that of destruction rather than construction. Instead of playing the role of a global superpower that is interested in business and trade with other nations, the United States continues to consider any foreign decision in matters of integration, finance, economy and development to lie within its exclusive domain. The primary purpose of the United States is simply to exploit every economic and cultural instrument available to prevent cohesion and coexistence between nations. The military component is usually the trump card, historically used to impose this vision on the rest of the world. In recent years, thanks to de-dollarization and military integration, nations like Iran, Russia and China are less subject to Washington's unilateral decisions.

Military deterrence

Accompanying the important economic integration is strong military-strategic cooperation, which is much less publicized. Events such as the Middle East wars, the coup in Ukraine, and the pressure exerted in the South China Sea have forced Tehran, Moscow and Beijing to conclude that the United States represents an existential threat.

In each of the above scenarios, China, Russia and Iran have had to make decisions by weighing the pros and cons of an opposition to the American model. The Ukraine coup d’état brought NATO to the borders of the Russian Federation, representing an existential threat to the Russia, threatening as it does its nuclear deterrent. In the Middle East, the destruction of Iraq, Libya and Syria has obliged Tehran to react against the alliance formed between Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United States. In China, the constant pressure on South China Sea poses a serious problem in case of a trade blockade during a conflict. In all these scenarios, American imperialism has created existential threats. It is for this reason natural that cooperation and technological development, even in the military area, have received a major boost in recent years.

In the event of an American attack on Russia, China and Iran, it is important to focus on what weapon systems would be used and how the attacked nations could respond.

Maritime Strategy and Deterrence

Certainly, US naval force place a serious question mark over the defense capabilities of nations like Russia, China and Iran, which strongly depend on transit via sea routes. Let us take, for example, Russia and the Arctic transit route, of great interest not only for defense purposes but also being a quick passage for transit goods. The Black Sea for these reasons has received special attention from the United States due to its strategic location. In any case, the responses have been proportional to the threat.

Iran has significantly developed maritime capabilities in the Persian Gulf, often closely marking ships of the US Navy located in the area for the purposes of ??deterrence. China's strategy has been even more refined, with the use of dozens, if not hundreds, of fishing boats and ships of the Coast Guard to ensure safety and strengthen the naval presence in the South and East China Sea. This is all without forgetting the maritime strategy outlined by the PLA Navy to become a regional naval power over the next few years. Similar strategic decisions have been taken by the navy of the Russian Federation. In addition to having taken over ship production as in Soviet times, it has opted for the development of ships that cost less but nevertheless boast equivalent weapons systems to the Americans carrier groups.

Iran, China and Russia make efficiency and cost containment a tactic to balance the growing aggressiveness of the Americans and the attendant cost of such a military strategy.

The fundamental difference between the naval approach of these countries in contrast to that of the US is paramount. Washington needs to use its naval power for offensive purposes, whereas Tehran, Moscow and Beijing need naval power exclusively for defensive purposes.

In this sense, among the greatest weapons these three recalcitrant countries possess are anti-ship, anti-aircraft and anti-ballistic systems. To put things simply, it is enough to note that Russian weapons systems such as the S-300 and S-400 air-defense systems (the S-500 will be operational in 2017) are now being adopted by China and Iran with variations developed locally. Increasingly we are witnessing an open transfer of technology to continue the work of denying (A2/AD) physical and cyberspace freedom to the United States. Stealth aircraft, carrier strike groups, ICBMs and cruise missiles are experiencing a difficult time in such an environment, finding themselves opposed by the formidable defense systems the Russians, Iranians and Chinese are presenting. The cost of an anti-ship missile fired from the Chinese coast is considerably lower than the tens of billions of dollars needed to build an aircraft carrier. This paradigm of cost and efficiency is what has shaped the military spending of China, Russia and Iran. Going toe to toe with the United States without being forced to close a huge military gap is the only viable way to achieve immediate tangible benefits of deterrence and thereby block American expansionist ambitions.

A clear example of where the Americans have encountered military opposition at an advanced level has been in Syria. The systems deployed by Iran and Russia to protect the Syrian government presented the Americans with the prospect of facing heavy losses in the event of an attack on Damascus. The same also holds for the anti-Iranian rhetoric of certain American politicians and Israeli leaders. The only reason why Syria and Iran remain sovereign nations is because of the military cost that an invasion or bombing would have brought to their invaders. This is the essence of deterrence. Of course, this argument only takes into partial account the nuclear aspect that this author has extensively discussed in a previous article.

The Union of the nations of the Heartland and Rimland will make the United States irrelevant

The future for the most important area of ??the planet is already sealed. The overall integration of Beijing, Moscow and Tehran provides the necessary antibodies to foreign aggression in military and economic form. De-dollarization, coupled with an infrastructure roadmap such as the Chinese Silk Road 2.0 and the maritime trade route, offer important opportunities for developing nations that occupy the geographical space between Portugal and China. Dozens of nations have all it takes to integrate for mutually beneficial gains without having to worry too much about American threats. The economic alternative offered from Beijing provides a fairly wide safety net for resisting American assaults in the same way that the military umbrella offered by these three military powers, such as with the the SCO for example, serves to guarantee the necessary independence and strategic autonomy. More and more nations are clearly rejecting American interference, favoring instead a dialogue with Beijing, Moscow and Tehran. Duterte in the Philippines is just the latest example of this trend.

The multipolar future has gradually reduced the role of the United States in the world, primarily in reaction to her aggression seeking to achieve global domination. The constant quest for planetary hegemony has pushed nations who were initially western partners to reassess their role in the international order, passing slowly but progressively into the opposite camp to that of Washington.

The consequences of this process have sealed the destiny of the United States, not only as a response to her quest for supremacy but also because of her efforts to maintain her role as the sole global superpower. As noted in previous articles, during the Cold War the aim for Washington was to prevent the formation of a union between the nations of the Heartland, who could then exclude the US from the most important area of ??the globe. With the fall of the Iron Curtain, sights were set on an improbable quest to conquer the Heartland nations with the intent of dominating the whole world. The consequences of this miscalculation have led the United States to being relegated to the role of mere observer, watching the unions and integrations occurring that will revolutionize the Eurasian zone and the planet over the next 50 years. The desperate search to extend Washington's unipolar moment has paradoxically accelerated the rise of a multipolar world.

In the next and final article, I will throw a light on what is likely to be a change in the American approach to foreign policy. Keeping in mind the first two articles that examined the approach by land theorized by MacKinder as opposed to the Maritime Mahan, we will try and outline how Trump intends to adopt a containment approach to the Rimland, limiting the damage to the US caused by a complete integration between nations such as Russia, China, Iran and India.

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pachanguero's picture

Simple, we can link gold to our currency and become a super-super power!

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now if we just had any gold.

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If these 3 countries were able to stop western hegemony relatively on the cheap (i.e. No aircraft carriers to speak of) we should have no problem keeping others at bay in the coming decades as we sort our own mess out.

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"The desperate search to extend Washington's unipolar moment has paradoxically accelerated the rise of a multipolar world."

For every action there's an equal and opposite reaction.

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The Internet was created for the military, but then satellites happened, and they gave it away. it's the Internet that has been their undoing.

The people don't want war, but a few very powerful people do want war.

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Almost all internet traffic is by fiber optic cable.

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If you like your unipolar world's policeman global hegemony, you can keep your unipolar world's policeman global hegemony.

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As Kissinger said, Soweeto is a failure and endgangers the USA like no former president in modern times with his bungling misguided foreign policies aided by the clowns in the state dept.

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No doubt.

"Over the past 25 years there have been numerous examples demonstrating how Washington has had little hesitation in bombing nations reluctant to kowtow to Western wishes. In other examples, an economic battering ram, based on predatory capitalism and financial speculation, has literally destroyed sovereign nations, further enriching the US and European financial elite in the process."

So I guess the author is saying, generally, it was really bad ideas to bail out greed & corruption on the backs of taxpayers in the EU & US (thereby capitalizing the gains and socializing the losses) and then compound that gigantic error of injustice by providing jihadist nutcases in Libya & Syria with friggin air power & ground support.

Which is pretty much what we've been saying all along ;-)

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Yes, as Ignatius says above 'For every Action there's an Equal & Opposite Reaction'

Putin's Third Law

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It's good that the unipolar world is going. Less war, more peace.

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Holy hand grenade of Antioch (not verified) Nemontel Jan 2, 2017 11:13 AM

What do Russia, Iran, & China have in common?


Answer: Less JEWS (compared to the WEST) in MSM, political activism, jurisprudence, banking, policy steering.


Imagine that?

Implied Violins's picture

That word, 'Multipolar' - I don't think it means what THEY want us to think it means.

One World Currency. That is still the goal. They'll couch it in terms of nations banding together to take down the 'evil empire' - but it is just one more step towards their ultimate Borg collective.

BobEore's picture

the past 25 years there have been numerous examples demonstrating how Washington has had little hesitation in bombing nations reluctant to kowtow to Western wishes. In other examples, an economic battering ram, based on predatory capitalism and financial speculation, has literally destroyed sovereign nations, further enriching the US and European financial elite in the process.

Wow. What a chunk o change that was! If the battering received by any number of ISLAMIC nations situated in the general vicinity of a tiny terrorist statelet in the south east Med "in the past 25 years" has "enriched the US and European financial elite" - rather than exponentially inreasing the economic, military and pollitical power of that same TERROR STATE...

I guess it's time to give up and just watch I LOVE LUCY RERUNS till Ricky Ricardo returns to Havana as American Ambassador.

Who the hell does Ferderico think the WallSt/City of London nexus of international finance capital works on behalf of? Washington elites? London Peerage? Annuki aliens? A co-opted, corrupt western power structure directed to turn it's engines of mass destruction onto oil-rich enemies of Israel in sequence has = in the process of transferring it's technological copyrights, weapons and software industrial advances, wealth and power en toto - to a mad millenarianist sect driven by an urge towards global hegemony,

not only destroyed it's moral authority, legacy of cilvilized society, pretension to advancement beyond savagery, it's very will to survival,

but handed the reins of power they were "elected" to manage directly over to a clique of dual-citizened agents of a foreign power which pursue the bankrupting of those same western countries as a side project to emptying the middle east of people and resources/ and somehow... in this paean to witless fantasies of Russia is our Savior/China will democratize our world/Iran's corrupt and intolerant extremist Mullahs will ensure our future as a pluralistic and broad minded society...

it's all because of "America" that more than half the world's population(when you include the current madness in India)is under unremitting attack of socio-economic kind, which seeks to return us all to a feudalist nightmare wherein only a chosen few of the New Jerusalem/Old Babylon get the weatlh of this world whiile dumbing our children down gradually into drone-like slaves of the moneypower.

Yup. Amerika. Too stupid to save itself from a tsunami of bullshit spread by a team of willing workers for a cult of psychopathic talmudists. What an epitaph.

GreatUncle's picture

Call it balance ...

Works in many things and my favorite...

If you no longer have those rights of free speech, to defend oneself and to own and enjoy your own property (that really is the constitution in so many ways) you cannot give it to another.

So no nation with slavery and like many western nations getting there can you give freedom to any other nation, they may in fact liberate you.

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yeah, the pouting skirt... chuckle

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the best description of the lying puppet ever

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The Fed has it.  They get nationalized.  Same for all the National Parks and Forests.  Bulldozers on deck to expand our gold reserves. Revalue gold to ten thousand and you could pull a lot of metal from the jewlery stock of America.

squid's picture

It WILL be revalued but not to 100,000 but to 100,000.....they will have no choice.

They would never contemplate turning to gold unless confidence is completely lost, in which case they have no choice. But, assuming the treasury actually has the 261 million ounces they say they so, let's run some numbers:

10 trillion in US domestic deposites,

6 trillion in over seas deposites,

20 trillion in outstanding fed gov debt,

Let's stop there......

36 T /261 m = 138,000 per ounce.


If you add in state, municiple and corporate outstanding debt.....

We're close to 300K per ounce.


Now, if all the 261m is not actually there....yah, you get the picture.



Clock Crasher's picture

I'll go with  10% of that (130K) number.  People like their fiat, can't go 100% backing on "folks" all at ounce.  I hate the term "folks".

GreatUncle's picture

From your explanation you can see what they will likely have done.

Converted all the precious into gold ETF's from their buddies who now own the real stuff.

Then SHTF those gold ETF's become worthless.


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Or, you can add another 10 trillion to your debt, have no GOLD in hand, and be a SUPER, SUPER, SUPER, really bigely SUPER power

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SBRC,spider backed reserve currency.

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this whole article can be summed up as, "this is how we wish the world would work, but it's not how it actually works"

c'mon Tyler, these guys are registered out of Moscow and are a rag-tag group of notorious anti-US progressive hacks... you know the premise is bad when it starts off with Russia, China, and Iran sitting in a room and working together without trying to rip each other's eyes out... talk about wishful thinking...

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Meh, I think the larger inaccuracy is that Russia and USA are on track (under Trump) to become closer friends whereas China and USA are set to become more antagonist vs each other (under Trump).

So there is the possibility that it will be Russia & America vs China for the next decade or so (i don't think hot war between superpowers really benefits anyone except genocidal sociopaths/aka the 'elite').

post turtle saver's picture

I agree with that assessment... I also expect that, as US/Russia relations warm, the narrative from sites such as the one referenced here will change... they just haven't gotten the memo yet

Wulfkind's picture

All Empires towards their end lash out for one last desperate attempt at retaining power.

Look for the U.S. to do the same.  The Dirty Tricks era has only just begun.  2020-2030 is going to be VERY INTERESTING in a Chinese proverb kind of way.

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When Kanye West becomes world emperor, things will be fine.

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Hey!  I have dibs on Benificent Dicator of the world.

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Kanye as The Antichrist

Kim Kardashian as the Whore of Babylon

Makes perfect sense now......

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Hay Bamster you DID BUILD THIS.  Quite an achievement.  Congrats.

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5% Gold Backed Trade Currency?

Grant Williams is brilliant:
in case you missed it. The China angle with a new oil future contract priced in RMB could be the game changer – the black swan. With gold totally convertible from SGE (Shanghai Gold Exchange) or SGEI (Shanghai International Gold Exchange) for any and all RMB payable oil exported to China, Russian and Saudi exporters to China may very well decide to convert their RMB oil revenue into physical gold. Russia was the world's largest producer of crude oil including lease condensate and the third-largest producer of petroleum and other liquids (after Saudi Arabia and the United States) in 2015. China is the largest importer of oil in world and Russia and Saudi Arabia are China’s biggest suppliers.

Also intriguing are Trump's appointments of Exxon's Tillerson to Secretary of State, Vincent Viola former NYMEX CEO as Secretary of Army & David McCormick Bridgewater President (Ray Dalio buddy) as Deputy Secretary of Defense. Both energy and financial wherewithal are inseparable concerns for the well-being of the United States.

A further thought inspired by Grant’s article: Of the total world oil production of 35B barrels per year, total exports (or imports) are 16B barrels per year valued at $800B at $50 per barrel average price for year 2015

According to Grant Williams, China imports 3B barrels per year (8M/day) or about 19% of all world oil imports. China also produces about 15% of 2016 world gold mining production amounting to 15M ounces (475MT). Consequently, a 100% gold trade-backed RMB could fund 100% of China oil imports via China’s annual gold production as long as RMB Gold price is at least 200X the price of 2015 RMB Oil
(3B barrels/15M gold ounces). That is about $10,000 per ounce of gold based on 2015 oil price supply/demand data. With China’s oil futures priced in RMB, both the Russian and Saudi powerhouses can easily hedge as well as convert RMB payment into physical RMB gold from SGE or SGEI for any and all RMB payable oil exported to China. And China has the gold just from their annual production.

What about the rest of the world? The balance of non-China world gold production amounts to about 86M ounces. If valued at $9,000 per ounce it would be worth $775B enough to pay 100% of the non-China world oil imports of 13B barrels worth about the same – as long as the importing nation actually has the gold. If not, then they have to buy it to pay for their oil.

But an oil only gold backed-trade currency will not work. All trade goods and services need to be considered. But there is not enough gold in annual production to fund a 100% gold backing without 6 figure gold prices. So instead, transform a trade backed petro currency that is 100% backed by gold, valued at 200x the price of a barrel of oil, into a trade back currency for all international trade of all goods and services including energy. A 5% backing would suffice at the same $9-$10,000 per ounce

Here’s the math: All types of worldwide imports (or exports) in all goods and services amounts to about $18T. If total annual world trade is $18T worldwide and had to be backed by 5% in gold or $900B and funded by 100,000,000 ounces (3200 MT) of annual gold mining worldwide, then gold at $9,000 per ounce would do it exactly. Every single good or service that is imported would have to include a gold backed trade note as part of the letter-of-credit on deposit with a physical gold exchange that is the real deal. And since about 4.7% of all trade exports (or imports) are actually the value of worldwide oil imports (or exports) a 5% gold backing of all trade makes a good starting point.

For China, they actually run a $450B trade surplus - meaning that China will accumulate physical gold with a worldwide gold backed trade currency. Whereas the U.S. is toast because the U.S. runs a $600B trade deficit and produces ½ the gold China does with doubtful reserves.

If we saw an 800% increase in price of gold to $9000 per ounce and all imports worldwide are backed by 5% gold, then US imports will immediately be priced at plus 40% (5% of 800%) more than today.

All China’s PBOC and SAFE need to do is come clean in their gold reserves, bust paper gold price discovery, and Kuroda to play ball and gold becomes the de-facto trade currency.

"Any route out of the problem means ousting the currency of the US as the main one for international invoicing and store of value. It is not surprising that the IMF, where the US holds veto power, will prefer to bury its head in the sand."

sinbad2's picture

"5% Gold Backed Trade Currency?"

What sort of backing is 5%?

100% at US$1,000 a gram.

s2man's picture

I love Grant, but a gold-backed trade, post USD, is something that crazy Jim Willie has been touting for years.

Unfortunately,  Jim quit writing and started doing podcasts.   Ugh.  I can't stand to listen to him scream.

War Machine's picture

why not a dual backing with silver? could that ever work?

tonyw's picture

I have read that for various reasons silver supplies will run out in about 20 years (e.g. energy needed to mine each ounce is growing rapidly as yield falls), if this is correct then there is not enough silver for a silver backing since most silver is already used commerically and lost unlike gold which is usually reclaimed.

East Indian's picture

that was difficult to maintain even in the best of times.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Puh-lease. Nothing original about what that guy is suggesting. He's merely repackaging stuff from others.

Is he related to Brian Williams?

Snípéir_Ag_Obair's picture

more simply, the megalomaniacal, supremacist International Jews who, largely, have seized control of banking and media and political influence as to foreign/war policy in the US, UK, France, and elsewhere,

.. and used it to kill hundreds of thousands, and in alliance with Saudis and Turks and Americans, have used and directed terror proxies to murder thousands of Christians while driving mostly Muslim refugees and economic opportunity (freebies) seekers north to de-Whiten Europe and the US...

want you to not see their transnational role in all the bloody chaos.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Millions of naive and malleable people (sheeple) will keep falling for their Fables, Narratives and Philosophies.

How do I know this?  Easy.  When you see them on Sunday morning, reading from the OT: the original Ponzi. Which led to rev.2.0, the NT Ponzi.

If you want to be truly FREE, you must first give up all Illusions, Pretenses, Fables, Myths and Lore, and all Fairy Tales for Grownups -- which are designed to give your lives pre-processed 'purpose' and belonging, so that Secular and Clerical rulers can use you like sheep, cattle and chattel.

Newsflash: You do NOT need a subscription to any of the preprocessed Organized Religions (Judaism, Christianity or Islam), to give your life meaning, purpose, a sense of belonging, to be part of something greater and more enduring than yourself, etc. All these are entirely possible without these Slave Masters, and are far healthier, wealthier and happier without them.

I wish you true peace that comes from true enlightenment, at which point the shackles on your mind and spirit are thrown aside forever.


new game's picture

while the dollar is king there is no choice. until a world war evolves the dollar will be the trade choice.

gold will never be used again to back anything other than theories. digital currency is the next step.

like it, lump it or dream on...

authority backed by violence.

imaginary numbers's picture

Past is prologue. History repeats. When new systems fail, ol systems are reactivated.

Time for Titus's picture

Sounds like your "enlightenment" gives you another couple decades of freedom. Then you're dead. 

The great religions, particularly the most acclaimed one, deal with death, and life continuing after death. Your talk of shackles is as old as "Ye shall be as god." 

Killdo's picture

and kleptocrats/totalitarians understand that too - that's why they focus on brainwashing sheeple while young (because nobody over 10 would  believe that they are going to live after they die - if only they are slavish enough while alive and other BS pedophiles are teaching them to believe) . 

It's the brainwashed /brain-damaged slavish parents who let this scam go on after so many centuries of fraud. 

Just look at children and dogs - and how they live with life/death - they love you while you are alive, once you die - they move on. Humans woudl do the same without pedophile priests to trick them into fearmongering and delluded BS

Atomizer's picture

It's called trade deals in which we are losing out on based on NAFTA and TTIP

Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)

Never One Roach's picture

Some economists say the TPP would cost over 8 million American jobs, not to mention it will give Big Corporations unprecedented powers.

shovelhead's picture

But that's only the ones that read it and who aren't on the payroll. ; )