Turkey's "Long Arm" In Europe

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Submitted by Burak Begdil via The Gatestone Institute,

  • Turkey has finally won the title of having the world's first spook-imams.
  • Turkey is exporting its political wars and tensions to Europe. That is not a good sign for the Old Continent.

Officially, Turkey's General Directorate for Religious Affairs (Diyanet in Turkish) has a mission about offering institutional religious services independent of all political ideologies. In practice, Diyanet's understanding of "offering institutional religious services" can be different from what the term should mean. Recently, the office of Istanbul's mufti, an official of Diyanet, described the location of a mosque as "... it was [in the past] a filthy Jewish and Christian neighbourhood." After press coverage, the depiction was removed from the web page.

Diyanet's "institutional religious services" may sometimes even overlap with what in other countries people call intelligence. In a briefing for a parliamentary commission, Diyanet admitted that it gathered intelligence via imams from 38 countries on the activities of suspected followers of the US-based preacher Fetullah Gülen, whom the Turkish government accused of being the mastermind of the attempted coup on July 15. As if it is the most normal thing in the world, Diyanet said its imams gathered intelligence and prepared reports from Abkhazia, Germany, Albania, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Georgia, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Japan, Montenegro, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Kosovo, Lithuania, Macedonia, Mongolia, Mauritania, Nigeria, Norway, Poland, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Turkmenistan and Ukraine.

After several other political absurdities, Turkey has finally won the title of having the world's first spook-imams -- and that is official.

This is unnerving for many European countries hosting millions of Turks. In October, a Turkish-German political scientist, Burak Copur, warned that growing support for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan could lead to Germans of Turkish descent creating a violent Turkish nationalist movement. In July, Cem Ozdemir, an ethnic Turk and leader of Germany's Greens Party, warned of the influence of the Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs (DITIB), which he claimed took its funding and its orders directly from Erdogan's Justice and Development Party (AKP). A similar statement was made the month before by integration commissioner Aydan Ozoguz.

The Dutch government has warned people about "agent imams" from Turkey, and has solicited complaints about malfeasance.

The Netherlands also said it would challenge every instance of the "long arm" of Ankara extending to its territory, after a report that the Turkish embassy had sent home many Dutch Turks who might have sympathized with July's failed coup. Turkey's ambassador to The Hague was summoned after reports that a Diyanet official acknowledged he had compiled a list of "Gülenists".

Germany was less diplomatic in expressing its discontent about Turkish spies. Earlier in December, German police arrested a 31-year-old Turkish man suspected of providing information on Kurds living in Germany to Turkish intelligence agencies, according to the German federal prosecutor's office. A statement from the office said:

"The accused is strongly suspected of working for the Turkish intelligence agency and providing information about Kurds living in Germany, including their whereabouts, contacts and political activities".

Turkey is exporting its political wars and tensions to Europe. That is not a good sign for the Old Continent.

Mehmet Gormez, President of Turkey's Directorate of Religious Affairs. (Image source: ?lke Haber video screenshot)

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I love that dudes toque... I wonder if it comes with batteries?

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Whats a toke?


To me, it's a Tokarev.


They dont use batteries.

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You have never been to Canada...

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Of course not!


I'm not a draft dodger.

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article is skype tripe

checking on the org that put it out reveals this:

Distinguished Senior Fellows


Ambassador John R. Bolton, Chairman



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"Long Arm?"

Ummm, they're called drumsticks on Turkey.  Duh.

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Italy is beginning to move on kicking out illegals...:


* * *

We were on a train in Italy once being hassled by a muzzie.  When it reached the border w/ France, the Italian cops came aboard and hauled his ass away.

ITALY may be a bellweather for Europe.


Internet-is-Beast's picture

You probably recall that Sweden was going to expel 80,000 a couple of years ago. Did that happen?

Vageling's picture

Nah. Italians still have pride. The police there (as in Spain for example) are known to be people you don't piss off. They don't take bullshit from no one. The ones who try gets hurt. Plain simple. They know that sometimes respect, if it's not given, will be enforced on you the hard way. IMO at least they get it, my country doesn't. But that's the reason police in my country are a joke. You can openly fuck with them.

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It's no secret that the pedigree of the "HATESTONE INSTITUTE" embeds into the deepest entrails of the sio-CON MEDIA-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX. Their pathetic stable of ultra-sioniest scribbers was busted for overt connections to the web of telaviv's phony journals/weeklies/mags/rags/and sundry agit-prop efforts.

THIS however, is a major score for the cause - of anti-Muslim, AIPAC style divide and rule politics! Because the author - Burak Bekdil - is, or was at any rate - a REAL journalist, that rarest of commodities these days, from whose pen flows torrents of anti-erdogan/akp writings. And from his perch inside of Hurriyet, the west's one remaining window on turkiye which presents 'the appeareance' of "moderately critical press coverage" of the Ankara regime... Burak brutally cudgels the pretensions of the Caliphists on any number of fronts.  Score one big victory in the perception war for the bad guys!

At least till we look under the hood - of this apparent miracle of a Turkish self-driving Tesla of loquacious locomation. Here we find some interesting advances in the computer programming of the drive train... which confirms some of the most "outlandish" ideas proposed by "unauthorised" journos in the wake of last summer's phony coup.  And proof that noboby can say that the masterminds behind the controls of the Turco-israeli  (E)xxcess of Evil(tm)don't listen and respond to criticism of their performance!

When this small sally in the war for truth in media was released, I was already certain that most of it's very slender readership would be those very elements who it most critiqued. The complicit medias(both "alt"&"default)coverage of the events of summer last betrayed a remarkable uniformity of interest in ignoring the facts on the ground in favor of high-flying spins of the kind we've now grown accustomed to being sold as "the news." Caught out at every angle in the pitiable errors of both reportage and interpretation of the "events," the spindoctors of the new "internet medias" were clearly working together - under the guiding hand of a "supreme power" to induce hypnotic trance consensus in their readers. The kind of trance which only works when you make sure all competing/critical voices are silenced.

Gatestone, like other elements of that vast army of disinfo agents employed by the usual suspects, having been rendered in the eyes of the intended victims, a huge joke, it's backers haved clearly retooled in order to retrieve lost cred; the results are impressive! Yet ultimately empty of credibility to the same degree. Close inspeaction of Mr Burack's dossier shows but the same pattern of parallel scribbles - his work featured in such momuments to duplicity as

https://www.breakingisraelnews.com/80373/erdogans-gritted-teeth-peace-is... ... or


Nuff said. What is the upshot of this mechanical safety check? Another complicit scribe outed as bought n paid for. To those reading this - in their duty of monitoring all such internet traffic - Nice work... no cigar. And a final question for Burak and his bosses...

when will our man turn his formidable talents onto talking about the mentorship role of "rabbis" in plowing the ground for the idea of religious figures as tools of state intelligence networks? After all, the Turks are simply playing catch up - under their new sionist masters direction - in an old game mastered millennia ago by the talmudist pioneers of disinformaion medias!

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"Awaitin' for the train that goes home, sweet Mary
Hopin' that the train is on time
Sittin' downtown in a railway station
One toque over the line..."

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Looks like a fancy bed pan on his head.

It's ribbed for his pleasure.

So, when does Turkey restart taking oil from Syria again?

They was loving that ISIS was doing it for them.

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Ribbing is supposed to be for HER pleasure.


For his, neon colored!

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Muzzies go in all directions, they just do not advertise it.

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It's not a Quebecois "touque", nor an American "beanie".

It's a Central Asian hat. If it had a brim, it'd be a Kazarian hat, worn by Orthodox Jews.

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That would look bad ass riding the Hog... maybe in black leather with some silver trim...

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Turkeys dont have arms.


They have wings.


And drumsticks.

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Cue idiotbot BritBob spamming about the Argentinian port of Gibraltar and/or the Spanish Malvinas Islands.

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Don't you just love "kindred thieves" visiting one another bearing "gifts" when the luck run out?!!!

michigan independant's picture

Europas secular think tanks and genetics studies pagan groupies considers this a normal interaction over time. The actual digs found evidence the previous real estate owners vanished. They consider it a globalist card game and you simply must play the hand dealt. Look it up yourself since the ivory towers will be the last prison.

Soul Glow's picture

Turkey controls the choke point from the Mid East and Europe.  It will always stay relevent for that reason.

BobEore's picture

Corrected: Israel controls Ankara,[since July 2016] which putatively controls the choke point from the Mid East and Europe.

It's been a bone of some contention in the drawn out negotiations between Tel Aviv and Moscow, but accomodation seems to have been reached, via an arrangement to share a joint monopoly of energy supples to Europe. Israel's Leviathan field production to client state Turkey's Ceyhan, then connecting to Russia's Black Sea line into compliant satellite state Turkey's main trunk line.

Money solves most diplomatic dilemmas. On the other hand, sharing the spoils of international intrigue seldom works out to the satisfaction of either party. Many a shooting/bombing/and/or other form of theatrical production must oil the gears of cooperative venture from time to time.

Sudden Debt's picture

Just throw them all out...

38BWD22's picture



See my above comment, SD!  Italy may be leading the charge before long.

max_leering's picture

Hi, we're Turkey... if the wind is blowing from this > direction, we follow Nato... if wind is blowing from this < direction, we follow Russia... we make shitloads of lira from illegal oil theft and resales, unless my son tells you we don't... we have always helped and supported ISIS, unless they're losing and then we reject those terrorists


Turkey- as the name aptly implies

Omen IV's picture

I think you describe Obama Foreign Policy - Turkey has been a NATO member for decades - Obama told Erdogan defacto with Obama's coup attempt and his Gulen support to get lost - same for Duerte in Philippines and countless other defections undoubtedly  in the works


The USA is not a dependable ally



max_leering's picture

neither the u.s. nor Turkey are dependable allies... both would be worthless support if ever in a foxhole type scenario

Dugald's picture


Time to cook their Goose....er, you know what I mean....!

blue51's picture

An Iraqi guy at the gas station this morning ( he has been in the US about 15 yrs ) thinks the shooting in Turkey last nite was retaliation for the abandoning of the isis merc's in northern Syria by Erdo & Friends .
Erdo has invited waaaaay to much desire , from multiple entities, to see him dead .

Internet-is-Beast's picture

Turkey is playing ball with the Russians now. Maybe ISIS is angry about that.

MPJones's picture

Loads of turkeys around - we need more Christmasses...

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Are they "jive" turkeys?

navy62802's picture

Ottomans are regrouping.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Could no longer care what those emasculated, liberal bozos in Europe do to destroy their countries, cultures and civilization.

They will survive only if they DESERVE to, per Darwinism 101.  It's as simple as that.

Internet-is-Beast's picture

Social Darwinism tends to be hard on children and old people.

Benjamin123's picture

Hard lives are often short, so at least they have that going for them.

Vageling's picture

True. If one considers the Darwin award an achievement you deserve it. Me? Lets just say I'm ready for it. Saying more would be fishing for a Darwin award considering there is no 2A here. 

DosZap's picture

"Turkey is exporting its political wars and tensions to Europe. That is not a good sign for the Old Continent."


Nope and appears a lot of it is staying /starting in Turkey also.Ergodan will be seeing a lot more of this himself, after the fake coup the prick pulled off.

The Old Continent has screwed itself by PC, and immigration, and socialism, so these tards the majority have bee emasculated and no longer know how to really win anything, are going to get their worlds rocked.

falak pema's picture

Not so fast ; the trilateral of USA-EU-china interlocked financial economies, via the CBs and TBTF banks, is now decoupling fast, with Putin waiting in a balancing act to see how the China/EU/US combined cookie crumbles. 

As the Duck tries to pull the money to the US market using protectionist logic to make $ strong and push int. rates up in FED so that all the "hot money"-- all 30 Tr of it-- moves to the  US market to dry the financial swamp in EU & China by creating a liquidity trap that suffocates their economies.

He will be faced with the China Eurasian alliance combine 'silk route-fast train network' of its REAL economy (not the US paper economy); whence the desire to dislodge the Putin pivot to China. A disastrous result as unintended consequence of Hillary/Obama's 2014 ploy of the US takeover of Ukraine by a coup; that has driven a wedge between Mutti's Germany and Putin's Gazprom; something Schroeder had made the plank of Greater Europe's supply line as alternative to US/ME wahhabist alliance of old which has led to the evisceration of Bush's/Obama's ongoing Sunni buddy buddy alliance that is now uncontrollable in Syrac and will become more so in all of MENA as Turkey could move away from Nato more and more.

SO the mad dog CIA/Marine strategy in ME is now a thing of the past, UNLESS the US takes out Iran/Putin militarily and puts the genie of the ISIS/Al QAEDA back in the bottle... something which is now looking virtually IMPOSSIBLE... and will play out to the end of Sunni petro-regimes demise militarily, probably the result of Putin and Iranian reset of the region, once China joins the alliance.

Which means the China/EU weak duo-polar alliance --which is now on the horizon as possible future knee jerking in 2017  to Trump's jingoism--  could be the result of a FURTHER hardening of the US military arteries under TRump...

Unintended consequences and black swans... I hope the God Emperor does not lock himself up in his golden tower come Jan 20 2017 and behave more and more like an American Yelstin on a self fulfilling meeting with destiny which will accelerate the further breakdown of US democracy's internal fabric; just like during the Yelstin years for Russia. 

Not saying the EU is not in dire straits and has to make huge sacrifices to join forces or... to implode...

American Gorbachev's picture

nothing wrong with accelerating the further breakdown of US internal fabric

as long as it is managed properly

Consuelo's picture



 Until the Haus Frau is de-installed, nothing changes.   Germany pulls the cart.    Vlad could turn this spigot off on a phone call, but the State Department has the last word on German/Euro foreign policy, so there ya go.   Meanwhile, how many more white ethnic Germans need die at the hands of sub-humans...?   I guess we'll have to stay tuned to find out...

Ghordius's picture

on one side your:
"the State Department has the last word on German/Euro foreign policy"
on the other:
Russian tapes with the same department's envoy discussing "Fuck the EU"
meanwhile... in 2016 the same dep stopped even talking with Russia
meanwhile... France, Ukraine, Germany and Russia still having meetings to iron things out among them

Vageling's picture

And how is that working out? Exactly! It gets nowhere because we support a shithole run by unreasonable Ukranazi's that are the root problem. Accept France and Germany think otherwise. Also meaning he's right. Why do France and Germany get to decide? But I'm sure as the europhile you are you will wave some stupid piece of paper to me telling me to accept that specific truth and ignore reality. It all looks so much better on paper doesn't it?

Amun's picture

"“We sell weapons to Israel because we believe that Israel must defend itself and is often attacked. We also believe that Germany has a special obligation to support Israel," said Merkel in response to a student's question about German arms sales to Israel."



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angry_dad (not verified) Jan 1, 2017 3:16 PM

"Turkey is exporting its political wars and tensions to Europe. That is not a good sign for the Old Continent."


The turks have taken a lesson from the greeks.

when the eu central banks created wars, terror, and millions of displaced people, the greeks fought back by shipping  the problems back to the source.

This is the only way to end the monetization of endless mid east wars, energy production fraud, and banker created conflict.

Refugees are the new weapon against banker oppression.

The turks have a tsunami of refugees who will happily be relocated to western europe.

problem solved!

Longarm's picture

That's the first time I've been mentioned in a title on ZH.