Obama Brags About "Remarkable Progress" Of Past 8 Years - Our Data Paints A Slightly Different Picture

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As we close out 2016 and draw nearer to the end of Obama's 8 years in the White House, our commander-in-chief decided to celebrate by once again telling us all just how awesome he thinks he is via a lovely little tweet storm. 


Of course, as he often does, POTUS decided to highlight the number of private sector jobs that were added under his presidency as proof of his "remarkable progress."


And while the gross numbers may look impressive, a quick look at the "employment-to-population" ratio reveals that, even after Obama's "recovery", we still have the lowest percentage of our population actually employed than at any point since the mid-80s.  This looks slightly less like "remarkable progress."

Employment to Pop


Next, the President decided to boast about the number of "folks" that have been able to get health insurance under his reign.


Of course, he failed to mention the staggering premium increases that came with his "Affordable Care Act," increases which even Bill Clinton admitted are crushing small businesses and the middle class. Somehow we suspect the people of Phoenix, AZ, who will see a 145% increase in their healthcare premiums in 2017, would define Obamacare as "remarkable progress."



The following two maps below that beautifully illustrate the epic collapse of Obamacare coverage in just 1 year probably also would be described by many as "remarkable progress."  Notice that, despite Obama's promises of increased competition, in reality, the majority of the country will go from having 3+ options for healthcare in 2016 to just 1 option in 2017 (charts per the New York Times).

2016 healthcare insurance carriers by county:

Obamacare 2016


2017 healthcare insurance carriers by county:

Obamacare 2017


Obama also implies that U.S. oil imports have fallen because of his "clean energy" initiatives.


When, in fact, the majority of the country's crude oil imports have simply been offset by higher domestic production...production that increased despite Obama's best efforts to stop it.

U.S. Oil Production


Finally, Obama closes his tweet storm with yet another vow to "stand with you as a citizen"...which we presume means that, unlike past presidents, he plans to take in active role in undermining the incoming administration.


Keep sailing "Forward" Obama...everything is just fine.

Obama Legacy

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LawsofPhysics's picture

Yes... yes...  "Markets at all time highs"...   "no inflation"...  "full employment"...


And yet....


the FREE money (ZIRP/NIRP) keeps flowing to bankers and financiers...


Fuck em...

get long sharecropping and guillotines.

Raffie's picture

He left the biggest skid marks in America's toilet.

Raffie's picture

For 8 years he was truly the turd in American's Punch Bowl.

No wonder no one wanted a cup of American punch, but rather looked on LOLing at it.

wee-weed up's picture

A legend (only) in his own little mind.

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The Last 8 Years of Obama's Social Idealism, my thoughts:


The rapid rise of liberal extremism in the US was its downfall.  President Obama, the leader of such, created, then rode the tsunami wave that crashed into the shores on election day, ending it and his not so glorious ride.  It spread to foreign shores in the same manner.  Tsunami?  Yes, a single large wave that comes quickly then, as quick, ends.  The destruction is obvious and will leave permanent scars on the movement.


 The world and its people are a giant juggernaut that turns slowly and any attempt to deviate the course must be done with careful deliberation and slow guiding action.  It, liberal extremism, was neither.


Obama knew he had 4, then 8, years to make a change and it was unlikely anyone with his take on forced equality would replace him anytime in the near future.  He had to attempt the change even at the cost of the security and wealth of the nation; it was his own self-imposed manifest destiny.  He was and is one who disdains the sins of the past which he unfairly places on those with and then uses his power to force redistribution and rule changes  with executive orders to favor those without,  responsibility be damned.  We could only tolerate that for so long, as his guised appearance of benevolence for all was exposed and then we ended it. 


We are not sheep to be guided as sheep do not rebel, rise up in protest and oust leadership with the power of votes.  We have the same instincts, same sense of threat and self/family protection as those in Washington.  We are the same animal; it is only the delusion of power, especially long incumbent power, small circle power, that grows with time that makes them forget.  Leadership is tolerated; control and manipulation will not stand even when wrapped in the flag covered by fake news. 


The juggernaut is regaining its balance that keeps it on its methodical journey.  It can tolerate change but changes to millions of years of human evolution will not happen in a few years or with a major event.  Homo’s will always seek and return to their natural state.  


*We will face similar threats in the future with the additional silent work of genome and nano technology added to the list.  These have the ability to change the "homo" itself.


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A giant wave of store closures is about to hit the US

He said he's expecting a number of retailers to file for bankruptcy next year, in addition to mass store closures.

Nearly every major department store, including Macy's, Kohl's, Walmart, and Sears, have collectively closed hundreds of stores over the last couple years to try and stem losses from unprofitable stores and the rise of ecommerce. 

Despite recent closures, the US is still oversaturated with stores.



Moar of Soweeto’s Legacy.


“Change you can believe in. I promise!”


For 8 years Soweeto and his lapdog media have been headlining the Fake News of the “robust recovery.”


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Bezos loves it when a plan comes together.


bobbbny's picture

Rigged "statistics", rigged "economy", bullshit conclusions.

Please just leave, take Chewbacca, and leave the silverware.

monk27's picture

Remarkable progress indeed: from 9 trilions in national debt, to 20 ! And all of this in just 8 years...

drendebe10's picture

LMFAO. Moar peddling fiction from the lying illegal Indonesian kenyan alien muslim chicken legged fudgepacker imbecile who needs its skin sand papered off, buried in salt then thrown out in the middle of a Syrian desert with a can of Pennzoil.

JRobby's picture

One can only imagine what people around the world think of a nation who's leader is either delusional and or every word spoken is a lie? A leader who personally commands the execution of people including women and children, world wide without due process. Including US Citizens?


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What Liberals Will Say From This:

Everything is fucking awesome! Best President Ever!



JRobby's picture

What 95 Million People That Wish They Could Work For A Living Will Say?

J J Pettigrew's picture

Give me $10 Trillion to add to the national debt

Give me $4 Trillion for the Fed to buy up toxic assets and treasury auctions

Give me Zero interest rates for 8 EFFING YEARS...

And I can make it look good for a while....

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What a horrible disgusting blowhard he is.

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Nose up in the air, an arrogant smirk on his face, the word uppity comes to mind.

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Niggers always fuck shit up, especially the Kenyans.  Why did anyone think that monkey would be any different?  He's a subversive traitor to the USA.

sheikurbootie's picture

Worst President EVER.  The magical negro failed completely.

Billy the Poet's picture

Lincoln, Wilson and FDR were far worse.

The Chief's picture

I think they are all tied for "Worse"

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Some say that Merkel is the Wurst.

And that Obama likes the Wurst.

BetweenThe Coasts's picture

"Worst President EVER"

Was said about Bush2. Smell a trend here?

sheikurbootie's picture

You're obviously too young to remember Carter.  He was the worst President, until the magical negro.  Nothing good can be found in Obama's 8 years, absolutely NOTHING. 


Magic Negro makes Carter look like a fucking saint. 

Strip the Warmaker Droner In Chief of his Nobel Prize, and give it to Carter.  

NewHugh's picture

Jimmy's got one already. JIMMY's UPSET AT KRAMER... :-)

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Oblumpkin... are you still here? I thought we told you to go get your fucking shoe shine box, boy...

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Top adviser: Obama had no scandals while president


One of President Obama top advisers touted the president’s record as free of controversy and scandal on Sunday, as he nears the end of his second term.

“The president prides himself on the fact that his administration hasn’t had a scandal and he hasn’t done something to embarrass himself,” Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett said on CNN on Sunday, as reported by the New York Post.

Billy the Poet's picture

According to the Pentagon the Obama administration gave support to Al Qaeda so that they would form an Islamic State but I suppose that that was a feature rather than a bug.

Scuba Steve's picture

Haha, what was the Clinton shenanigans under his watch?

Haha, fukkin lying sacks of pus this whole damn bunch is.

Send a message.

mkhs's picture

Fast and furious was just a movie?

olebugger's picture

This fucking chimp BANKRUPTED our country and the media is singing his happy song. He spent so much money my grandkids will have to pay it off. That bastard should be jailed for treason and embezzlement. 

not dead yet's picture

You're kids aren't going to be paying for it. They will continue to print and manipulate the financials as it along with the military is what keeps the US on the road to hegemony. Eventually the scheme will collapse and whoever is left alive will be living in an apocolypse while the rich abandon the country for better pastures. The rise of robots and AI is less about jobs than being able for the rich to have a society where they no longer need us "uneducated deplorables" to produce their food and goods. We tend to worry about nukes devastating the populations but a far better scenario is the elites will cozy up in their bunkers and launch missiles loaded with bio death instead of nukes. Get innoculated and go underground and come up when 7 billion have died and turned into fertilizer.

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Lyin' and stealin' to his last breath.

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Go to Hell, Traitor to America
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  18 more days.

not dead yet's picture

Yep 18 more days until years of complete hell descend upon us.  The cry babies and those manipulating them are not going to pack up their security blankets and their puppies and go home especially when the manipulators have the media in their pockets and ignorant sheep to do their bidding.

enough of this's picture

This fraud of a president thought he could spin bullshit into cotton candy.

But we're were wise to him from the jump. 

Now he's trying to Baghdad-Bob us about his so-called "achievements."

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In the future, our Muslim Halfbreed will be looked upon as the end of the rise of National Socialism in the US.


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Violent crime in L.A. jumps for third straight year as police deal with gang, homeless issues



“Change you can believe in!”




After bloody year in Chicago, no clear path forward




“I fundamentally changed America!”

Charming Anarchist's picture


“I fundamentally changed America!”

The whole of USSA now looks fabulous!


What kind of map-maker covers an entire country with purple, pink and....... peach?

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Part Time President. Part Time Employees.

29.5 hours's picture

But wait! The NY Times has discovered, and is shocked, that we have suddenly entered a world of "crony capitalism!"

Full editorial board signed:

Why Corporations Are Helping Donald Trump Lie About Jobs

"This is crony capitalism, with potentially devastating consequences."

Disgruntled Goat's picture

Yes, remarkable progress for the Free Shit Army of the unskilled, uneducated and unmotivated . More welfare, more illegal immigrants welcomed, more mandatory minimum wage hikes. more "protected" groups attaining "victim" status, more people seeking to attain "victim" status than employment, more progressive indoctrination of primary school students, more normalization of LGBTQ mental illness, more demonization of the white male, and more white, self-hating social justice warriors seeking retribution for our black self-hating underclass. And more Islamic slime being force-fed to our country. Yeah, Its been a great year for scumbags.

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Aubiekong's picture

Obamas goal was to destroy our nation by destroying our economy and lead us to one world government.  He has been a highly successful in attaining his goal.  We are all doomed...

shimmy's picture

Leaders of cults don't care about reality or facts so not a surprise to see this deluded shit from his admin. 

4 wheel drift's picture

This muslim mother fuckers is one despicable human being......   I hope he dies of aids very slowly


Fuck him, his lies and all his GODAMNED acolites

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The Trojan Horse kept all the bankers out of jail and now he wants an atta boy for it. I have a fucking $5,000 deductible and my wife is pregnant again. Fuck Obama. Forever.