The Russian Hacking Frenzy (Summed Up In 200 Words)

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Authored by's Bill Blunden,

The New York Times has published an interactive piece which encapsulates, in all of 200 words, the alleged campaign by Russian hackers to influence the outcome of the 2016 election. Yet the media’s framing of events eschews basic facts – the actual content of the leaks - in favor of screaming “thief” at the top of its lungs.

And so the following 200-word summary is presented as an antidote to the establishment’s clumsy post-election messaging...

Someone delivers exact copies of emails written by Democratic Party mandarins into the public record. These messages are subsequently posted online. Thank you WikiLeaks!

Several email threads demonstrate that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) secretly ganged up on Bernie Sanders to undermine his campaign.

Hillary Clinton, who made over a hundred million in speaking fees with her husband, furtively reassures American oligarchs that her “private position” on economic issues won’t threaten their bottom line. In one related email which highlights big money in politics, a wealthy donor jokes “I guess it takes a study to point out the obvious.”

Voters learn that the DNC leveraged its extensive contacts with the media to manipulate coverage in an effort to elevate Trump. The DNC’s strategy document includes a list of Republican “Pied Pipers” which the media was told to “take seriously.”

The Democratic elites become desperate. Rather than accept their party’s role in Trump’s victory and their betrayal of the working class, they decide to blame Russian Hackers.

The Washington Post hyperventilates about Russian Hackers “penetrating” a utility in Vermont. The headline is exposed as a shameless distortion.

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Here's one word to sum it up: BULLSHIT

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Last graphic should be Clinton voter dipshit with head in sand, refusing to acknowledge any of the above.

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I’m still giggling at how masterfully the Russians outplayed our MSM at their own Fake News game.

1. 0bama expels 35 Russian diplomats

2. Everybody is expecting the Russians to reciprocate.

3. The same evening, a tiny on-line tabloid breaks the news “Russia closes the school for children of the US and Canadian diplomats”. By the way, the same tabloid, right next to this “news”, published a story about George Michael still being alive and seen singing with Elvis in Las Vegas!

4. Reuters’ and AP’s algos, sifting for the string “35 diplomats”, automatically find the School Closure News and bump it up the news feed.

5. Next morning, CNN, Fox, NBC, et al., start running the story in the never-ending loop “THE RUSSIANS CLOSE THE SCHOOL!!!” (you see it’s the children, again!). None of those “journalists” or their bosses even bothered to check with the school or our embassy in Moscow.

6. A few hours later, Russia debunks the story and, in fact, invites all diplomats’ children to the Kremlin’s New Year Celebration.

Well played, comrades! Well played, indeed.   ;-)


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"Democratic National Committee (DNC) secretly ganged up on Bernie Sanders to undermine his campaign."

And there, that's what I call real hacking.

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xythras (not verified) beemasters Jan 2, 2017 7:31 PM

Trump is riding the news like a Master Troll. Breitbart gurus taught him well. He's giving MSM punches from every angle. You gotta love it. Is like Idiocracy in beta testing.


and the best of it is that is using a bankrupt platform for this: Twitter. They have wet dream$ every time he's tweeting. 

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tazs (not verified) xythras Jan 2, 2017 8:09 PM

Obama's "Russia Hacked The Election" is CODE for "Trump Stole The Election."

espirit's picture

It only takes about 5 fucking minutes to...

Figure out who's doing who.

Edit: EMP the attackers and watch how quiet things get.


Cynicles's picture

on point 2...everybody?

OK OK, I have a fondness of hyperbole too.

Elvis is dead, but Vince Foster will never die. 

MsCreant's picture

It's better to burnout,

Than be played for pay

Arkansas hacks never sleep


Arnold's picture

So very little in passing from the Podestra Pizza Party.

Pedestre went on for months.

PTR's picture

It's not called "oh shit!" moments for nothing.

bobbbny's picture

Last graphic should be a teetering Hillary wearing a diarrhia spotted pantsuit.

knukles's picture

These next four years are gonna be one helluva trip!

nmewn's picture

Nice little write up on the timeline, editing without attribution, non-vetted, non-fact checked story by the Washington Post of the non-hack by RUSSIANS! of the power grid.

In other words, the fake news, Red Baiting, non-nuuuz story ;-)

Latina Lover's picture

Best news of all, Obama will be gone on the 20th of January,  to do what he does best, deciding what color of hot dog to suck.


Another word or two.




Problem solved.  

American Gorbachev's picture

or as it is called at Langley... PSYOP

JustPrintMoreDuh's picture

But if we dont start a war(s) ... how will the banksters make their ubelievably excessive profits? 

MJ4Vets's picture

China stockpiles iron, underwrites fiscally unsound junk bonds for oil/gas/marine fuel, U.S. Carriers all in port despite the undisputed 'one in each ocean' War Doctrine, and there's the oldest population, that culturally shuns muslims, and a currency primed for default right across the sea. Sux 2 be Japan - the next proxy war.

Rey dTutto's picture

With a declining population and a stagnant economy, Nipponese warfare may kill or save them.

beemasters's picture

No profit is deemed excessive or immoral to criminal bankers.

CRM114's picture

They won't; they'll be going down faster than a ho when the Fleet's in port.

YHWH is greater's picture

Should we spank him ?  Gobama ?

Mr.Sono's picture

Propaganda at its finest

VWAndy's picture

 Im guessin they are big Monty Python fans.

cry-me-a-libaturd's picture

your 'corruption' category could be 200 words alone....

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Sounds like the idiot neocons (Republitards) are channeling Mojo Jojo:

The problem:

The leaks, the collusion, the corruption

The solution:

No leaks, No collusion, No corruption

Bondo's picture

if the media spewa propaganda and nobody is there to hear it, does anybody give a shit?

CRM114's picture

IF I gave a shit, the media would be the first people I would give it to.

ronaldwilsonreagan's picture

The Russian hacking story is BS and Trump is an Idiot anyways. 

VWAndy's picture

 The only hacking I noticed was the DNC hacking up that hairball called Hillery Clinton.

MsCreant's picture

They got hacked all right, they hacked themselves to bits. No Russians required.

Atomizer's picture

Legion has it, michelle obama will dress as Big foot and the NYT will provide sightings to keep the newspaper afloat. 

zorba THE GREEK's picture

for Michelle to look like bigfoot, all she would have to do is undress

MsCreant's picture

...shampoo, condition, rinse, and blowdry her fur; trim her claws, brush her teeth...

I mean, what do you think? That bigfoot is a savage or something?

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Oh that image just popped into my head. Time to go to gore chan to find a worse one to replace it with.

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The stupid believe.

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Excellant article.

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This is the Word Fence (WordPress Security) Report on the alleged Russian influencing of the 2016 Elections.

Amazing that the US Government allegations could have been so stupid and so clearly false.

adjudged's picture

This is the Word Fence (WordPress Security) Report on the alleged Russian influencing of the 2016 Elections.

Amazing that the US Government allegations could have been so stupid and so clearly false.

warsev's picture

"Who do you trust?" NOW A SERIOUS ISSUE.

OK, not the NYT or WP, nor CNN and MSNBC. But there's shitloads of disinformation out there even on the supposedly "alt news" sites.

Used to be "Can't tell the players without a scorecard." Now, can't tell players 'cause there's no reliable scorecard. We're on our own.

SweetDoug's picture

He forget the most important one!

Complicit mainstream media in a now continuous state of self-denial, continues to play their role by ignoring all of these details, further alienating their viewers and public in general, who are already leaving their locus in droves for 'alt' media, who are scorned for subscribing to what is now referred to as 'fake news' talking down to them, in what has become a perpetual cycle, as the media attempts to show up the establishment and elites.