Why The Italian Government Can't Stop Refugee-Smuggling Boats? Because It Doesn't Want To

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The rule of law is often invoked by as a Western value that “populist” movements want to destroy, yet the establishment’s own governments have long suspended that very same rule of law when it comes to immigration. The most evident example of this is the immigration policy started by the Italian Letta government in 2013 and continued since then under the Renzi government.

In October 2013, the Letta government, facing waves of refugees escaping the chaos of Western backed-Arab Spring in Libya, which later transpired as nothing more than insurgencies of Islamic radical groups, launched the operation “Mare Nostrum” or “Our Sea”, which consisted in the use of the Italian navy near Libyan waters to rescue asylum seekers from the African coast.

As noble as its motivation may be, a side effect of the operation was to encourage even more people to undertake sea travel because now they are certain that the Italian navy will rescue them. The result was a 224% increase in the number of boats leaving Libya, which translates into an average of almost 10 million euro a month for the Italian government.

In November 2014 Mare Nostrum was replaced with the EU-coordinated and funded Triton, covering a smaller part of the Mediterranean at the cost of 3 million euro a month. The official reason for the Triton operation is to control borders, however once we look at facts the goal of the operation is simply to bring in as many people as possible, regardless of whether they are refugees, economic migrants, legals or illegals. Since then, smuggling channels instead of being stopped have multiplied.
An established practice since the “Mare Nostrum” operation, continued under Triton, was for smugglers to launch a rescue signal to the patrolling navy and request assistance. In the meanwhile, NGOs pursuing the “open borders” have joined forces with them, assisting anyone, legal, illegal, refugee, who wants to reach Europe.


The European Commission that is responsible for Frontex, and what follows border controls, has a clear opinion on the matter. Commissioner for Home Affairs, Migration and Citizenship Dimitris Avramopoulos said: Another important element that emerged strongly from the discussions on countering smuggling is that NGOs – and local and regional authorities – which provide assistance to smuggled migrants shall not be criminalised. I fully agree with this, of course, as I also agree on the need to protect the fundamental rights of those who are being smuggled. Those who we need to punish are the smugglers!”

Punishing the smugglers, unless they are part of NGOs, meaning the problem can’t and won’t be solved, because NGOs will always be free to smuggle migrants. This continues a well established tradition; during the Monti government in 2011-12 a Ministry for Immigration was created and given to Andrea Riccardi of the “Comunità of Sant’Egidio”, the prominent Italian open borders NGO. “Comunità of Sant’Egidio” runs projects such as “Humanitarian corridors”. The project funds an alternative route to bring people into Italy. Andrea Riccardi told the French media that he is convinced that Europe must open its borders. The Ministry was then given to Cecile Kyenge, a black woman born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, who set herself a task of drastically reducing the requirements for acquiring Italian citizenship. She proposes a law that would give citizenship to the children of immigrants if they are born on Italian soil. Under Renzi, the ministry was reduced to a department within the ministry for Home Affairs, and handed to Mario Morcone, again affiliated with the “Comunità di Sant’Egidio”.

But what happens once migrants of all kinds reach Italian soil? They are sent to refugee centers, where they can apply for the status of refugees. It should be noted that Italy has long run out of places for asylum seekers, and so the government is paying hotels, hostels or citizens in general to take in people.

Here a common practice for those who know that their application will be rejected is to destroy their documents beforehand so that the time to identify them increases exponentially. Experience has shown that centers eventually become overcrowded, which turns out to be an occasion for migrants to riot, destroy properties and finally escape and become illegals. If they do not escape and their application is rejected, they are expelled. Expulsion however is voluntary and data shows that approximately only 50% of expelled migrants actually leave, probably to an other EU-Schengen country, the rest become illegals as well.

Moreover, as the “Mafia Capitale” scandal has shown, a collusion between members of the ruling Democratic Party controlling immigration-related institutions within the Italian state, including refugee centres, NGOs and the organized crime ensures that migrants are employed at the expense of Italian taxpayers and for insignificant hourly rates ensuring massive illegal profits for the racketeers. An infamous quote of a member of organized crime reveals how immigration is now a more profitable business than drug trafficking.

“Do you have any idea how much I make on these immigrants?” Salvatore Buzzi, a mafia affiliate says in a 1,200-page wiretap from early 2013. “Drug trafficking is not as profitable”. “We closed this year with a turnover of 40 million but… our profits all came from the gypsies (Roma people),on the housing emergency and on the immigrants,” Buzzi said. That was in 2013, when 20.000 immigrants arrived in Italy. In 2016, 180.000 immigrants arrived in Italy.

Corrupt politicians like Giuseppe Castiglione (NCD, partner of the ruling Democratic party), working for the Home Office, with the official mission of ”favouring the integration of those in need of international protection” in reality work to ensure profiteering from the crisis.

Illegal activities range from all levels; starting with the assignation of the construction of refugee centers to Democrat-related cooperatives in exchange for bribes; asylum seekers and illegals are then transferred to the Italian countryside and employed in the agricultural sector for an hourly rate between 1 and 3 euro.

When it comes to women, immigrants themselves organize prostitution rings within the refugee centers or sell them to work in the Italian streets.

Immigration, a tale of willingly lax enforcement of rule of law, smuggling, dishonesty, slavery and destroying Europe.

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Invinciblehandaxe's picture

close the border with italy. let her become african. italians are gypsy looking anyway. so they are almost like those africans anyway.

HowdyDoody's picture

Its punishment for not bowing down to Israel, and whining when it tried to pass off goods made in the occupied west bank as made in Israel and therefore eligible for trade subsidy.

Ghordius's picture

is that the same Israel full of warmonger extreme Zionist propagandists asking for an all-out war against Islam?

or the Israel that even recruits Muslims in it's armed and security forces?

or the Israel that can count on Trump's son-in-law to defend it's interests?

or the Israel that hates Obama's guts? or Kerry's, when he says that Israel can't be a unified state and a religious state at the same time? or the UN, when it endorses the recent disapproval of the settlements on the West Bank?

or the Israel that is still allied with the US... only?

or the Israel that thinks NATO is bad... for Israel?

or the Israel that has excellent arrangements with Russia, Saudi Arabia and Turkey but is terribly upset about everything that comes from Iran?

which Israel? as countries go, there is practically none that is as complex as Israel

Squid-puppets a-go-go's picture

on fire tonight, ghordius. the downvoters must have some agenda other than intelligent debate

Skateboarder's picture

It's the Israel that is "Is-real?" that you seek. That's the true spelling (including the question mark).

unicorn's picture

you wanna talk about the real stuff? read this:





superbe analysis of who profits. follow the money.

in short: the ones who sale the bombs to bomb the people profit from "defending" the EU borders... almost a bloody perpetuum cashmobile. and yes, israel plays its part too. all big players do.

the sadest part is, with all the money and technology we could have a nice world, yes, we could.


Bahamas's picture

Italians are some of the best looking, classy and elegant people in the world. Class itself is defined by the Italian attire and style.

Invinciblehandaxe: you comment is one of the dumbest to have ever appeared on ZH.

angry_dad's picture
angry_dad (not verified) Bahamas Jan 3, 2017 4:37 AM

100% correct

Everybody loves italian babes, italian cars, and italian food

Just don't ever lend them any money or ask a favor.

Above all, stay the hell away from the vatican.

Omen IV's picture

that is true but it is the past

g'kar's picture

Most all western countries are following dictates issued by the Global Central Banking Mafia families. Massive debt, massive immigration, massive welfare state, massive unemployment, massive mis/dis information through all the Global Central Banking Mafia controlled medias and massive Global Central Banking Mafia controlled governments.

There will be no Giant Meteor or Nuclear Holocaust to rescue us. The only wars that are allowed are cullings that suit the Global Central Banking Mafia families. Slavery is and has always been a fact of life. The same few families running it thousands of years ago are running it today.

WernerHeisenberg's picture

Agree with all of that G'kar.  But it is even worse than that.  The Global Central Banking Mafia families worship Lucifer, shed innocent blood and consume human flesh. 

"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places"

Never was a bible believer before, but I find this NT verse to be right on target.  This is a spiritual war.  The Global Central Banking Mafia families are just foolish tools.  When their true master is through using them, they will perish. We do not need police, courts, or governments.  Truth is vital.  But, no amount of facts alone will allow us to prevail.  We also need faith, and love for all of our fellow humans who have good souls.

GraveDancer's picture

Muslim warriors (terrorists) have breached the "Gates of Vienna". Trump the new Churchill has arrived on the scene. WW3 rages on..!!
Brexit is similar to European alliances breaking down before WW1/WW2... 

Book> The Road to World War III: "Can the dark forces of anti-freedom "Trump" humanity?"

Kindle> https://www.amazon.com/Road-World-War-III-anti-Freedom-ebook/dp/B01MT31A... 

TheVoicesInYourHead's picture

This is acutally the biggest crisis currently threatening the western world.

Needs to be stopped asap.

Kaeako's picture

It's only going to get worse. I'm sure you are aware of population projections in sub-Saharan Africa. Millions upon millions will keep pouring north and Europe doesn't have the stomach to stop them. The only way it stops is a collapse and permanent reduction of living standards in Europe.

GreatUncle's picture

Only one caveat, most of this is because of the exploitation and corruption like the Clinton Foundation / globalists exerting its wealth and influence on other parts of the world. For them a war is preferable for profit if necessary then you wonder why people flee.

navy62802's picture

Importing an enemy army is never a good idea.

Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes.

back to basics's picture

Tylers, are you turning ZH into a political commentary website? For a while now, I am seeing way more political articles on here than financial. You've either given up on the sky is falling narrative or just decided to just concentrate on what earns more clicks. In my opinion, but also judging by the significantly lower relevant comments by posters others must share the same opinion, by going down this path ZH has lost its mojo. 

Ghordius's picture

see there, I have to agree with "back to basics", +1

one thing missing out from this article, btw, is that thing called...

...Christian compassion

one of the more important drivers in this migrant/refugee drama

outside of Italy, Germany and France, but also outside the whole North of Europe minus the UK a lot of ink is being spilled running around this core theme, never touching it

it seems it's too difficult for people used to a different view on Christianity to see the facet of compassion as a virtue that drives the european Continent, particularly it's core

the Parable of the Good Samaritan comes to mind

as a reminder, the Samaritans were the terrorists of the times Jesus lived in

Lore's picture

@ Ghordius:  Cloward-Piven strategy. Look it up.

Ghordius's picture

I did, and no, it's again an external narrative that does not fit

starting with "too simple"

counterexample: there is one million refugees that can go back... if nobody tries to scuttle the Turkish-Russian attempt at peace (even if it's their New Order) in Syria and a few other places

that "somebody is trying to kill the White Race" narrative is external, to the continent of europe. it is being imported, and no, it does not hold on minds and hearts

even Nazis under Hitler's leadership would have looked upon it as a bit... weak. limp-wristed, to boot

Romans would have scoffed at it even more forcefully

it's a narrative of snowflakes, for snowflakes. it even smells of decay, moral and racial

Lore's picture

Organized religion is just another instrument of manipulation, Marx's "opiate for the masses."  

The psychopaths are COUNTING on your caritas. You seriously believe that they'll suffer an attack of conscience?! Things are going to get progressively more terrible unless / until real Christian soldiers stand up and say ENOUGH.

Ghordius's picture

our Caritas is Our Value

meanwhile, are you calling up the "real Christian soldiers"... while claiming that organized religion is just another instrument of manipulation?

our Caritas extends to victims, not to criminals, be them psychopaths or not

how many of them are victims, and how many of them are criminals?

the relation is something around 50'000 to 1 and... that's very human, to boot

as a reminder, some forces external to europe target specifically small criminals for their horrors

rondellio's picture

So where is your compassion for the victims?   Have you personally paid any price for enjoying the warm feeling of compassion?   This is not compassion it is sentimentality: enjoying a virtuous feeling without paying for it (h/tip Oscar Wilde)

Lore's picture

I'm reminded of a conversation with an idealistic organizational behavior progressivist who kept trotting out the PC line "Hate The Sin But Love The Sinner" -- so naggingly glib and muddled!  The only way to stop a bully is to take his power away, and that includes his arsenal. Be sure that the migrants and their political-system-that-poses-as-a-religion are regarded by their sponsors as multi-functional instruments of warfare. And listen to some of their own speeches before you call any migrant an unwitting pawn.

iLLivaniLLi's picture

Liberalism is a trolling operation of the Roman Catholic Church to undermine "Protestantism."

malek's picture

our Caritas is Our Value

Another non-statement evasion masked as an answer, by Ghordius.

If he were honest, he would need to write:
"our *limitless* Caritas is Our Value"

But Ghordius isn't interested in honest dabate, if his preconceptions are in danger of falling short...

bookofenoch's picture

Rape, rape, rapity, raping, rape. Then murder.

Who suffers for your bullshit, Ghordo?

Hint: you'll love these photos, and the stories will keep you in stitches:


Ghordius's picture

I speak of compassion for victims. you speak of rapists and murderers

if some Samaritans are rapists and murderers...

.... are all Samaritans rapists and murderers?

some Swedes are rapists, too. some Swedes are murderers, too

the old statistic that I remember out of Germany, before the times even of Re-Unification, was that there was one rape every two minutes

I repeat: every two minutes a Western German rapist raped a Western German girl

according to your worldview... all Western German men are...

the horror of one rape is enough to fill a mind with rage

the horror of one murder is enough to fill a mind with rage

if you go down that path... only total vilification of all men, period, is enough

rondellio's picture

If Germans are serial rapists-your suggestioin not mine- why aggravate the situation by inviting more rapists?  Why do young women have to pay the price of your compassion?

Put differently: is there any price too high for other people to pay for you to enjoy the satisfaction of  boasting about your compassion on ZH?

bookofenoch's picture

NEVER interrupt a Gordo when he's virtue signalling his nonsense. 


I've learned my lesson.  He'll only misquote the Bible and shriek about his compassion.


Disgusting.  Yawn.  Wake me up when his family gets raped.

rondellio's picture

True, but G represents a murderous philosophy and it's an act of compassion to point out his many errors for the benefit of the unsuspecting :)

rondellio's picture

You're wrong on the facts-again-cf le remplacement theory in France, for example.

But that is not important .  What is important is is it true?   If you have not noticed in the political/intelligentsia complex an ideological drive against whites -and Christianity-then I congratulate you on your peace of mind.

scintillator9's picture

Compassion can go out the window after reading articles such as THIS, in which over 1.3 Million "migrants" can flood into Germany, but about 34,000 find jobs.

While one may have valid points about compassion, what about compassion for the people who have been displaced in their own country, with examples such as this:




Taking the high road often has high costs.

While some may question the political bend to this, there is a HUGE financial cost to all of this, as well as an incalculable human cost.



Squid-puppets a-go-go's picture

wrong approach. ALWAYS have compassion - but see my post below - you can be against migration on compassionate grounds

Humanism has traditionally come from the Left. But as the Left has lost its marbles, I'm seeing a faction of the Alt-Right emerging as the 'Humanist Right'

Squid-puppets a-go-go's picture

Ghordius, you're a Humanist first, and I love you for it - and thats why I've loved ZH for so long - Tyler, whilst an unbridled Capitalist - remains a humanist.


Can you not see - given the radical extent of migration - that there is a HUMANIST argument against migration? You see those streets of paris where the siewalks for blocks upon blocks have matresses and tents and cardboard boxes - what the fuck are they gonna do as winter arrives? So many destitue men - the crimes of depravity are a humanist nightmare for both themselves and the indigenous Parisians / Colognians etc. How can you be a feminist and a pro-migrationist given the rapes? (thats not a comment on ethnicity - its human nature when in deprivation)

Are they really able to appraise themselves of better conditions in a strange land that is overwhelmed by the numbers and cannot accommodate them? 

Yes we have a duty to aid in the capacity that the West is so instrumental in CREATING refugees. And that is the first thing we must fix. 

But you can be a Humanist and be against migration

Ghordius's picture

+1 "you can be a Humanist and be against migration"

I would add that it is also possible to be that and be for asylum... since asylum is a temporary thing

the danger is, from my perspective, which is also Centrist, to try to fight fire with fire

to try to apply extreme measures... which lead to more extremes and more extremism

as a reminder, the Old World had a World Order, for a while. aka Colonialism

if a country failed... an empire, a Power occupied it, and owned the shit there

I'm strongly missing the "Own Your Own Shit" in all recent developments

meanwhile, Owning Up to Your Own Values... well, it starts there

and compassion is one of our values. does not extend on criminals, of course. only to victims

Squid-puppets a-go-go's picture

oh, fuck off.

The only person who did that is the perp, notwithstanding the dark irony of her naivety

bookofenoch's picture

Ghordo, you are full of shit.

read your Bible before you pretend to be a Christian. Your utter lack of knowledge betrays you.

1. Jesus was not an immigrant. FACT.

2. The Parable of the Good Samaritan was to pay an innkeeper to put up the injured traveler till his wounds healed. No taking the guy home. Real wounds, not economic migrant snowflake complaints.

Ghordius's picture

did I claim that Jesus was an immigrant? no.

I'm claiming that the Parable is about a Samaritan, i.e. a member of a tribe utterly despised by Jews, helping a Jew

the traveler is a Jew. first, a Jewish priest passes, and refuses to help. then, a Levite passes, and refuses to help. then a...

... < read today whatever the most despised group of people you can find, and insert there >

... and that one helps the traveller. our of compassion for victims. real victims, yes

it's really funny how that Parable draws people to vehemently claim that they know it better... up to the often read claim that it has nothing to do with compassion with victims, or some obfuscation thereof

rondellio's picture

Another error.  The point of the parable is not compassion but answers the question: who is my neighbour?    

Ghordius's picture

another attempt at obfuscation

yes. who is your neighbour? that's a choice

that Samaritan choose to include someone that was for sure not his neighbour in the common sense of the word. in a world where a Samaritan could not live near Jews, nor a Jew near Samaritans

that Samaritan choose to include that Jew in his definition of "who is your neighbour"

his choice. his deed of compassion beyond the standards of the times

and our choice of listening to our version of the Parable... and one that grates, eh?

rondellio's picture

Well, that's settled, you did not understand the parable.

Now that you do understand the parable let's ask a question: who is your neighbour?  Is it a young man from Syria?  If it is and you (not the taxpayer)  take him in and feed him you have my sincere respect and I wish you well.   

But before you send out the invitation consider this: is not the 18 year old gang raped and impregnated at Cologne also your neighbour?  What will you do for her?   

MalteseFalcon's picture

Ghordius, you speak of compassion, but why are these people refugees?

Because of a war the west forced on the middle east.

Wouldn't it be more compassionate to end the wars and leave them alone?

Instead, the refugees are exiled into countries that have no work for them or need of them.

The refugees are also predominantly poor, unskilled, military aged men.

This population does not look to be random.

If I wanted to inflict the maximum damage on a host, these is the refugee stream I would design.

Lastly, the "leaders" who devised this plan, aren't Christians and have no compassion for the average European. 

These leaders sprang the plan on Europe without any previous discussion.

So they are not democrats either.

On what basis do they rule?

rondellio's picture

Nonsense: look at the attitude of, for example, d'Estaing in drawing up the poposed EU constitution.  The EU apparatchiks in control are far closer to Caesar than they are to Christ.  Ask the Greeks.

Sure, the pols make a big noise about their compassion whilst refusing to send their children to immigrant rich schools and there is always a man with a badge and a gun to protect them when they are out and about.  If you are a Christian you pay the price of your compassion yourself  and you do not boast about it.

History does not record the response of the man aided by the Good Samaritan, but we can be sure that it did not include raping his daughter. 

Resistance Is Hope's picture

Am responding to a few of your posts on this webpage. Anyone who has been to the isle of Lesbos and helped the "Syrian refugees" knows that they are from about 30+ different countries. They are gaming the system because people like you will help them destroy what is left of Europe.

That being said, it is Europes fault for being so spineless, for rejecting God, and embracing feminism. Since Europe does not embrace "be fruitful and multiply" they feel they have to import youngsters to support their social welfare systems. Hopefully the chaos and terror they have imported will teach them how bad feminism is and how necessary traditional sexual roles and divisions are...

Paul said "he who does not work should not eat". There is a realism to Christian compassion that defends it against the evil aide of human nature.

I think that Europe is trying to imitate Christian compassion unsuccessfully. The psyche of those who have rejected God is that they must openly and loudly find a more moral way than Christian ethics via virtue signalling. Their shows of strength are signs of weakness.

bookofenoch's picture

Ghordo, 1000 muzzies light Germany's oldest church on fire. you were saying something about Christan compassion? Pray go on.


Bahamas's picture

There are severe economic implications with the immigration problems concerning Italy, since it is funded by an ever increasing national debt with no prospects for a healty economic growth. If and when Italy falls it will be very nasty for the worlds economy.