It's Not Just The Russians: Ex-CIA Chief Claims "More Than One Country Involved" In US Hacks

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Following Trump's earlier Tweet, the following from current House intelligence chair and a former CIA chief seem very notable...

"I think the possibility that there’s more than one country involved is really there," warned former CIA Director James Woolsey during a recent CNN interview, suggesting that political hacks in the U.S. could be the work of more than one foreign country.



As The Hill reports, Woolsey, who endorsed President-elect Donald Trump, said:

"I don’t think people ought to say they know for sure there’s only one. I don’t think they’re likely to be proven correct. It shouldn’t be portrayed as one guilty party,"


“It’s much more complicated than that. This is not an organized operation that is hacking into a target. It’s more like a bunch of jackals at the carcass of an antelope.”


Woolsey suggested China and Iran could be behind cyber breaches in the U.S.


“Is it Russian? Probably some,” he said. "Is it Chinese and Iranian? Maybe. We may find out more from Mr. Trump coming up today.”

This follows Trump's comments on Sunday hinting he would reveal new information about alleged Russian hacking during a New Year’s Eve celebration at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Fla.

“[I know] things that other people don’t know,” he said. "I just want them to be sure because it’s a pretty serious charge. I think it’s unfair if they don’t know.”

Additionally, House Intelligence chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) says there is no evidence Russia assisted President-elect Donald Trump in winning the White House. (via The Hill)

"There’s no proof that we have from intelligence sources that I’ve seen that show that the Russians were directly trying to help Trump,” he said in a Washington Examiner interview published Tuesday.



“We have been screaming here in the House of Representatives for many years that the Russians, Chinese, Iranians, North Koreans and other bad actors, every day, were attacking every imaginable place that you could think of, whether it be political parties, to the United States Congress, to the Department of Defense, to our intelligence agencies, to our financial institutions,” he said.


“Specifically, I’ve always said Russia was the most sophisticated actor in this arena,” Nunes added. "This is something that [Democratic presidential nominee] Hillary Clinton knew damn well when she got her private server, that the Russians could have the capability to get in there.”


“I know, every day, that the Russians likely have the capability to try to listen to my phone calls or read my emails and I just have to make the assumption that they do – or the Chinese or other bad actors.”

Trump has vehemently denied Russia helped him win the White House, and incoming White House press secretary Sean Spicer on Monday said “zero evidence” exists for Moscow’s interference.

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knukles's picture

Oh Jesus H Fucking Crippled Christ on a Pogo Stick, Stop It!

Luc X. Ifer's picture

Be'jesus can't stop it ... ww3 was vouched by the globalist aristocracy terrified that they loose the cattle control & ownership, anything goes now, any false flag assignable to a country in Russia's entourage would make it, the more the better chances to start ww3 asap

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xythras (not verified) Luc X. Ifer Jan 3, 2017 9:58 PM

It's China ! If Obama can't start a war with Russia he'll try his hand with China

Meanwhile the Chinese flap their wings around South china Sea:

Manthong's picture

Of course the millions of US government employee records (all personal data) that the Chinese lifted (confirmed) a little while ago cannot hold a candle to the possibility of an evil Russian attack on the DNC records of corruption, right?


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tazs (not verified) Manthong Jan 3, 2017 10:02 PM

The RUSSIANS are coming!
The CHINESE are coming!
The IRANIANS are coming!
The NORTH KOREANS are coming!
The TERRORISTS are coming!
The MEXICANS are coming way too much!

Can someone please tell me what's in the water in DC?

peddling-fiction's picture

"Can someone please tell me what's in the water in DC?"

Chlorine, flouride and heavy metals?

Manthong's picture


Maybe a lot of THC, too.

El Vaquero's picture

Oh fucking hell!  Every country with sufficient infrastructure to do so hacks just about every other country.  The Chinese hack us all the time and we return the favor.  We probably hack the Aussies and Brits, and I'm sure they also return the favor.  We hack ourselves for fuck's sake! 


This is like bitching that your food has green chile on it in New Mexico.  No shit!  We put green chile on our fucking green chile!

Never One Roach's picture

Moar proof these shills have no clue who hacked into the system. So far impartial experts all say the Russians were not the hackers.

philipat's picture

And more than anyone else, it's The USSA (At least with the Billions spent annually on the alphabet soup Agencies I would hope so). Get over it.....

stizazz's picture

I say it's the Canadians :-))

tazs's picture
tazs (not verified) stizazz Jan 3, 2017 10:57 PM

Obama's "Russia Hacked The Election" is CODE for "Trump Stole The Election."

TeethVillage88s's picture

Ah the Chaldeans from Iraq and Mesopotamia!

sushi's picture

I say it's the Canadians :-))



In a dark corner of their parents basement, huddled over a TRS-80 and sucking back straight maple syrup. Those funckers control the world and are just too polite to let anybody know.


TeethVillage88s's picture

Hm...$50 Billion annual for Foreign Aid from International Aid

Total—International Assistance Program Outlays 2014 = $49.37 Billion

I guess Israel is pissed we increased the total to them to like $35 Billion Annual... go figure

Well it is line items in different fields maybe. 2014 IAP is $50 Billion, but it goes up each year and not long ago $20-30 Billion was the range of payments to Israel. I think the Acronym is IAP & IS International Security, international Aid, International Security Assistance, ...

So... we sell weapons to Israel and give them grants (funds) for this,... and we pay them to Lobby the US Congress for more support????

Itinerant's picture

Yes. I'm sure Angela Merkel and other NATO leaders now take into consideration that bad actors such as the USA are listening to them, since this is a proved fact, not just speculation based on interests, capabilities, or other BS. The USA has done the trail-blazing here.

tazs's picture


beemasters's picture

I'd never imagine to say this, but those in DC are a bunch of conspiracy nuts. :)

Giant Meteor's picture

Fuck me, Axis of Evil 2.0


TeethVillage88s's picture

Harry Dent Identifies a Generational Gap, a Population Gap..

Perhaps you mean a Geritol Gap?

Chupacabra-322's picture

@ tazs,

It's the "Fuck It" blame everyone strategy. Throw shit at the wall & see what sticks.

micmac's picture

wait wait! you mean all those fiat spending in defense made it more hackable??? 

Mazzy's picture

The RUSSIANS are coming!
The CHINESE are coming!
The IRANIANS are coming!
The NORTH KOREANS are coming!
The TERRORISTS are coming!
The MEXICANS are coming way too much!

"Can someone please tell me what's in the water in DC?"

Maybe John & Tony Podesta and their buds at Comet Pizza were coming a bit too much too.  All that water gets recycled from.....somewhere.

TeethVillage88s's picture

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Mazzy, Mazzy, you can't say we never tried.

* Is Anthem?
* Is Chorus for Battle Song
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* Is Ballad for the Republic
* Is song for the death and dying of USA, Song for sadness of the passing of the US Constitution, Is Epitaph?

Future Jim's picture

"Multiple Countries" = US + Israel

BennyBoy's picture


Politicians need BOOGEYMEN.

Politicians vote for FEAR.

Politicians take bribes from corporations that create, maintain and kill BOOGEYMEN.

xythras's picture
xythras (not verified) Manthong Jan 3, 2017 10:02 PM

The problem is that Trump might go along with such a plan (China war) Economical war at least is warranted

Lumberjack's picture

BRIEF-Greenland Holdings unit to buy 4.9 pct stake in China Greenland Broad Greenstate Group Co., Ltd.

Mr Pink's picture

Somebody tell this clown that the Assange interview is live streaming on ZH

Normalcy Bias's picture

Notice how these cunts NEVER challenge the veracity of the 'hacked' emails...

nmewn's picture

Why do that?

Look! Over there! Squirrels!!!

Normalcy Bias's picture

Yep. The Bastards are just pissed that they were exposed.

Captain Chlamydia's picture

Yo Tyler! 

ZH is infested with Android viral advertisements. 

That SUCKS  !!!

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

My desktop PC had both the Chrome and Firefox browsers redirect all ZH links to another site (yummly).  Have to use Tor.


TeethVillage88s's picture

Carl Talbot from the Planet Gor Series... sorry "Tor" reminded me.

To your point... looks straight forward. If you have big thumb drive or have old computer you can erase all the old date and probably boot in Tor(not the real name)

Holy hand grenade of Antioch's picture
Holy hand grenade of Antioch (not verified) knukles Jan 3, 2017 10:15 PM

@knuck ~ LMAO


Thanks my friend! I was running out of adjectives to describe... (you might have left out 'hotplate' though) ~ lol

Invinciblehandaxe's picture

fucking murikan idiots...trying to hide own incompetency by blaming other country - now countries...

sometimes I wonder which nation is more retarded zee stupid germanz or the incompetent fatass murikans

Mareka's picture

And the USA tapped the phones of world leaders.

None of this had anything to do with Hillary losing the election.

Democrats ran a thoroughly corrupt despicable woman for president and she lost... where is the surprise?

It's the Liberal mindset.
If I don't like any given outcome, someone has victimized me.

WillyGroper's picture

CNN...nuff said.

malek's picture

Well we shouldn't rule out extraterrestrial influence either...

nmewn's picture

There is a "certain theory" of modern economic sciences being taught today that says a little broken glass caused by a Martian invasion will lead to moar shovel ready jobs for everyone...for the survivors anyways.

Hey, they say ya gotta have grave diggers too ;-)

Stan522's picture

I'm tired of the opinions on this... how about STFU and release a real report....

chunga's picture

They can't because none of these outfits have any credibility.

Giant Meteor's picture

They don't have a report yet. Just shootin up some trial balloons, fine tuning the ever changing narrative etc. Testing stuff out. It's the same ole story, can't dazzle em with your brilliance?

Baffle em with the bullshit.

Julian, better be extra careful on this one, that's when the final report will likely be written.

Fake this, and fake that, Russians this, Chinese that, Iran .. all one big head fake, to continue unmolested to take down the deplorable enemy's within. So far I'd say they're loosing all the way around, but I don't think their gonna quit tryin, anytime soon.