Trump Reveals "Very Strange" Delay In Russian Intelligence Briefing

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The tweet storm continues into the night as President-elect Trump reveals that the intelligence briefing he is supposed to receive on the alleged Russian hacking has now been delayed until Friday...

A few things jump out immediately:

First, we are sure opposition members will feel the need to comment on Trump's revelation on the timing of the briefing (was it confidential?);


Second, the use of quotes around "intelligence" is a not so subtle stab at the current agencies (all 17 of them);


Third, calling the hacking "so-called" makes it clear Trump remains unconvinced, and that is reinforced by the comment that they need more time to build the case; and


Fourth, describing the delay as "very strange" seesm to strongly implies 'CIA plot'.

We await the 'shock' from The White House at Trump's tweet.


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Laowei Gweilo's picture

Doctored Strange Love, or How I learned to love the Con

Canadian Dirtlump's picture

Putin ate their fukkin homework, so they needed time to buy more crayons, summon the creative writing conglomerate, and re write the memo.


p.s. edit. Another hilarious username. LMAO. side story, in Calgary Alberta Canada, some "safeway" grocery stores have a selection of buffet style takeaway chinese food dishes. As closing time approaches, they take it all and throw it into mixed dishes and throw it out into coolers at a steep discount. My brother dubbed this move the "Gweilo cleanout" and it is every bit as delicious ( when drunk ) as it is hilarious.

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I gotta say, Trump seems pompus, arrogant, and an asshole. I think he wants to do the right thing. I think he is also schooling us on a brand of "alpha" male.

I'm impressed.

Canadian Dirtlump's picture

It's like getting your ass beat by your dad when you're young for a seemingly trivial reason. Then years later, you realize he did you more of a favor than you could ever have realized.


I'll go back to the time I told my Parents I was sick of their shiit when I was probably around the age of 5 or 6. My dad made me a peanut butter sandwich and drove me to the city limits. LMAO.

auricle's picture

The media source(wikileaks) has said that it was not Russia. If they wish to fight the fourth estate, the .gov must produce indisputable proof to the contrary. 

Occident Mortal's picture

Any evidence (if it exists) will be too technical and esoteric to sway public opinion.

The Dems are trying to delegitimise Trump before he is sworn in, but I think they are just making him mad.

He is now hell-bent on dismantling the entire Obama legacy and selecting ultra hawks for the Supreme Court.

Canadian Dirtlump's picture

On the base level evidence indicting them or setting them free is too complicated. CNN uses movie / videogame footage to illustrate how they did it so the idea that we have some smoking gun is crazy.


To use a tired pun, the trump card here is when someone drops a dime on them by revealing the real source of the leaks / hacks. When someone says "yo seth rich gave this to us before he got beaten to death then shot for good measure" or some intelligence person gave this away, then the bad guys will collectively shit their pants and we'll be in bugout mode soon after.

tazs's picture

Obama's "Russia Hacked The Election" is CODE for "Trump Stole The Election."

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The Saint (not verified) tazs Jan 3, 2017 9:15 PM

Trump has to be sure of his facts before calling Obama a blatant LIAR before the entire nation.


Kidbuck's picture

Trump has been calling Obama a liar and a criminal for ages.

beemasters's picture

Now Trump should publicly tweet Obama and the CIA are conspiracy theorists as Hillary would have if it was the other way around.

Luc X. Ifer's picture

Tptb hopes to have ww3 started officially by Friday so that the briefing becomes obsolete by the onset of the desired reality:)

Never One Roach's picture

I'll wait to form an opinion until an expert like George Cloony and Martin Sheen give me their conclusions and it's confirmed by Woof Bitzer and Kim Kardashian.

whatamaroon's picture

Man. this was a good going thread, until you shit on it. Why?

HopefulCynical's picture

'cuz s/he is a spamming fuckbucket.

Bubba Rum Das's picture

"Obama's "Russia Hacked The Election" is CODE for "Trump Stole The Election.""

Courtesy of "Jackaszs", the Bible Beater; owner of an additional 5 (count 'em. five) Zero Hedge spam shill accounts.


Bendromeda Strain's picture

5? No way - the dude has a sock for every day of the week, minimum.

markpower49's picture

Trump should pull us out of the UN and dissolve the CIA. Both do nothing but cause unneeded trouble and waste our money.

Canadian Dirtlump's picture

We all know it isn't Russia, but as the wheels fall off we know that this bullshit elite can only peddle bullshit through their bullshit propaganda channels to their decreasing mass of anti depressant addled shitheels. It almost makes one wonder who they are trying to convince ( i.e. themselves ).


It's totally shitty, but I said before, we're probably coming to the end of the line, whatever the fuck that looks like. We all know that governments are corrupt, criminal, self serving - and that's just the surface. Outright demonic and unspeakably evil is probably closer. As they get a whiff of losing their grip, there isn't anything they won't do.Most of them are fukkin dumb assklowns and will end up in a box, but let's face it, there's gotta be a few deadmans switches out there which will fuck us up collectively.


dexter_morgan's picture

a shitticane is coming. the elites are trying to climb a shitrope.

Canadian Dirtlump's picture

absolutely, and as has been said this is a generational plan. Afterall , a shit apple never falls far from the shit tree. Therefore, as I've said ( liberally paraphrased to quote an alcoholic brother in arms ), it is in the best interest of people like us to haul in the jib, and prepare for a shit storm.

dexter_morgan's picture

It'll be like a tropical earthquake

Canadian Dirtlump's picture

If this goes the way it could, it will be like something that happens so infrequently that the only way you ever get any news about it is from cave drawings or shit dug up by archaeologists. We'll be part of the next ancient aliens series in the year 2582.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture


We'll be part of the next ancient aliens series in the year 2582.

NEWS OF THE FUTURE: Cave drawing found of ancient alien with pop-bottle glasses and writing which approximately translates to "Julian, what's a shithawk?"

RightLineBacker's picture

Haul in the jib. Love it.

Reminds me of encountering a strong storm South of Cancun when I was teaching my teenage daughter how to sail. It was a bad storm but we made it through in fine shape.

I mention this story because it forever changed my daughter. She has been a strong and successful Corporate leader for several years despite a few severe storms.

TheMeatTrapper's picture

Trump is an existential threat to the status quo. To the intelligence agencies. To the MIC. To the NWO. To the globalists. 

If Trump calls for armed patriots, I will answer that call.

Grumbleduke's picture

I'm old enough to realize, that any lie which was printed and/or broadcast, will eventually end up in school history/civics books. That's probably why they keep on peddling this and other bullshit.

When war breaks out, the history is pre-written for the "why"! And coming generations are non the wiser.

"Sieger sind die Helden - Tote können sich nicht melden!" Winners are heroes, the dead can't complain.

Occident Mortal's picture

For the next 4 years, Trump is the news.

His opponents and the press cannot do shit as he relentlessly steamrollers the daily news cycle to suit his own agenda.

dexter_morgan's picture

I did similar things with my daughter, and now she is a very independent and successful engineer. Very headstrong girl, which is a plus if channeled positively. She's like John Wayne and cheap toilet paper, doesn't take shit off anyone yet respectful. 

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

I think we're far better off with a president who is an arrogant dick that doesn't mince words and might actually care about the country than the current prancing, smooth-talking schemer or his broom-riding would-be successor.

GreatUncle's picture

+1000 The truth wether you like it or not comes to mind.

dexter_morgan's picture

But the current president and his husband make a charming couple. 

Kefeer's picture

Is that a double-fudge pack?  Oopps I really digress.

Tarzan's picture

Trump is writing the narrative, and fucking up their news cycle. 

It's like playing chess with a guy whose every move is an attack, and your only option is to react.  The press can't get out front, constantly playing defense, no time to attack.

Awesome to watch him play them for fools, as he smashes their fake news.

MsCreant's picture

OODA loop training, don't know if he has it, but that is what you are describing.

From Colonel John Boyd, Air force fighter pilot. In the air you have to get inside the other guys OODA loop. He was apparently revolutionary with his thinking.

RightLineBacker's picture

Great observation! Thanks.

"The approach favors agility over raw power in dealing with human opponents in any endeavor."

Trump's Got It, and raw power when required. Win-Win.

PacOps's picture
Machines don't fight wars. People do, and they use their minds.~ Boyd
The Marines incorporated his OODA loop into their training as soon as they became aware of it.
Boyd never was promoted to General - he had every General in all services pissed off at him. He was always right and let them know it. He was also an engineer -
OODA looping has even made it to the business community.
Bearwagon's picture

Could be. Personally, I'd regard that behaviour as sort of TOTE.     ;)

Chupacabra-322's picture

@ Tarzan,

Trump is brilliant. He must be making the Deep State Scum Fuck Pure Evil Criminal Psychopath PsyOp False Narrative Script Writers heads explode.

They don't have enough authors & Presstitute Media Scum to keep up with Trump.

The Deep States days are numbered. At least the Rouge Elements of it are.

Tick Toc MotherFuckers. We're coming for you.

Jethro's picture

I want to see Vicky Nuland out of a job.  Actually, I want to hear about her last known whereabouts as the trunk of a Russian mafia car.

nmewn's picture

Trump just trolled Clapper, the NYT's, the CIA, Obama and Hillary all in one fell

"We have 17 intelligence agencies, civilian and military, who have all concluded that these espionage attacks, these cyberattacks, come from the highest levels of the Kremlin, and they are designed to influence our election." - Hillary Crony

...ummm, no. Just two, DNI & DHS. Two.

And she knew it was a lie when she said it.


No doubt some special snowflake will want pooof (as Lanny Davis would so here it is...


I would remind everyone the Director of National Intelligence is...perjurer, James Clapper ;-)

therevolutionwas's picture

Yes, and if a person read the 2 agencies release they would find that there is no hard fac ts, no real evidence, not even circumstancial evidence to say that "Russia did it."

RightLineBacker's picture

And a fucking disclaimer to boot. Crazy.

Nobody For President's picture

No, 'The Russians Did It' is not crazy, it's FUBAR.

Obamacare is Crazy.

Croesus's picture

Trump is rocking the boat pretty hard...the last President that did that had some trouble in Dallas.

dexter_morgan's picture

Yeah, but that one was attempting to deny Israel something they really,really wanted - nukes. 

Croesus's picture

You're right, but all they had to do was's like us taxpayers don't give tons of freebies to the heebies.

If asking wouldn't have worked, they could have always called on their dual-citizen spies that work throughout the gubmint.