Trump Wins Again: House GOP Reverses On Ethics Office Overhaul

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President-elect Trump is on a roll today. Following House Republican's vote to strip the Ethics Office of independence, Trump lashed out with a tweet suggesting Congress' time be better spent on other things... and just minutes ago, following an emergency meeting, Republicans have confirmed the amendment has been pulled.

As a reminder, House Republicans abruptly voted on Monday night to eliminate the independence of the Office of Congressional Ethics, the chamber’s nonpartisan ethics board which investigates lawmakers' alleged misconduct, largely stripping it of its power, leading to pushback from Democrats and government watchdog groups. House Republicans, meeting as a group Monday night, approved an amendment from House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte that would place the office under the oversight of the lawmaker-run House Ethics Committee.

And Trump responded...

Which led House Republicans to hold an emergency meeting, resulting in... (via The Hill)

House Republicans at an emergency conference meeting on Tuesday withdrew a proposal to gut an ethics watchdog.


House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) offered a motion to restore the current OCE rules, and that was accepted by the GOP conference.


The new Congress hadn't even formally gaveled in on before GOP leaders held an emergency conference meeting to discuss the blowback against the party's vote Monday evening to gut the chamber's independent ethics watchdog.

More details from Bloomberg, which notes that "the amendment was stripped from a rules package by voice vote, three lawmakers said, in a last-minute meeting called Tuesday as criticism mounted. The controversy over the office that investigates lawmakers’ alleged misconduct was starting to overshadow the opening of the 115th Congress, normally a day of glad-handing as lawmakers bring family members to the floor to join the festivities."

And so it appears Trump wins again.

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SloMoe's picture

The word "Trumped" needs to be added to the dictionary...

WernerHeisenberg's picture

Drain the Swamp, Bitches!  Or get drained yourselves!

localsavage's picture

It may have to do with him being right.  WTF? were they thinking?

Overfed's picture

C'mon, Mr. President, stop it! I'm getting tired of winning so much!! Ok, no I'm not. Keep it up Mr. President! Trump hasn't even been sworn in yet, and he's already the best president we've seen in at least a generation.

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

Obama: FAKE hope and change - fo sho.  Guy was a total fraud.

Trump:  REAL hope and change - maybe, at least there's a chance.

robertsgt40's picture

Just curious what the "ethics watchdogs" have been doing the last 20yrs? Watching?

flapdoodle's picture

They've been doing what dogs have been doing from time immemorial - sniffing each others butts. Watching? Not so much...

CuttingEdge's picture

Is Trump an abbreviation of Triumph?

Like the inverse of Obama being a shortened form of Useless Cretin.

D. G. Neree's picture

licking their balls I guess

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Bob Goodlatte* got frapped'd.

"Bounce, bitch!"

* What kind of a BS made up name is that?

legalize's picture

Just look at this guy's wikipedia page:

He's a career politician that figures "now that the R's are in control of everything, who needs oversight?  Let's get this party started!"

Let's give him the Clarey test:

  • +1 B.A. in Political Science from a liberal arts college in Maine
  • 0 parents don't appear to be wealthy
  • +1 has no significant private sector experience (lawyer for 13 yrs, but that's not a value producing career)
  • +1 has been in government since 1993

So he scores a whopping 3 out of 4 (you want a low score).  This guy's a career politican.  Drain the Swamp!

MissCellany's picture

Glad to know Goodlatte listened to Trump at least, given how little he listens to his constituents.

11b40's picture

Here is the way it should have gone down:

T - Good Morning, Mr. GoodLatte.

G - Good morning, Mr. President.

T- Are you alone, Mr. Goodlatte?  Speaker phone off?  I ask because I want to have a private conversation with you.

G - Yes Mr. President, it is private.

T - Good, because I would prefer that we be friends and I not cause you any embarrassment.  Now, I'm quite certain that you are not a total and complete fool, which is why I am taking the time to have this conversation.  On the other hand, I am baffled why you think it is a good idea to propose changes in the House that run 180 degrees contrary to what got me elected.  Are you hiding something you are afraid will be exposed?

G - No Mr. President, I simply believe this will be a benefit to the public, blah, blah, blah.

T - Well, maybe I was wrong.  Maybe you are a total fool, so let me give you some direction.  You see, I intend to build a team in Congress that will work with me to Make America Great, and to be a part of that team you will need to be very cooperative.  So, If you want to be on my team, you are going to immediately withdraw that proposal, and one of my cabinet members will be in touch about actually strengthening this civilian Ethics Commission.  Now, hopefully you understand, but I want assurances from you that you do.  I need those assurances now, Mr. Goodlatte, or my next phone call will be to the RNC to let them know we need a good candidate from your district who DOES want to make America Great Again....and 2 years from now, you will be no more than a footnote in the history books.

G - Yes, sir, Mr. President.  I understand.

Giant Meteor's picture

It matters not that the civilian ethics commission was all democrat, pom pom weak tea, entirely loaded with hacks, who clearly have done nothing of note. As you correctly point out, and as President elect Trump himself has clearly articulated, why this, why now? If nothing else, it did give the appearance of further corruption, business as usual. My strong sense is that the President Elect's "surrogates," if not the don himself, follow our deplorable "alt news" sites, and are smart enough to remember who it was exactly, that brung them to the party. Another shrewd move. Well played Sir!

groaner's picture
groaner (not verified) SloMoe Jan 3, 2017 12:50 PM

Please Trump.. Go after Obama's fake Birth Certificate and then you can Null and Void all the Treasonist acts he legeslated that has destroyed this country


Korprit_Phlunkie's picture

THis could be the area where TRUMP s ego doesn't like to lose he will go after this quietly just so he can do a see I told you so, without gloating afterwards. Just get the info out there and be proven right all along. Another WIN for TRUMP. ANother loss for the lying manipulators. It might convince a few people how they are being lyed to all along on EVERYTHING. THis would be as big as exposing the truth about aliens and Antarctica, whatever the hell it is.

post turtle saver's picture

here's a pro tip to the Dems and Obama in particular...




D.C. hasn't had a leader with a pair on him in 8 years, they've forgotten what it's like to deal with someone who isn't a doormat... right or wrong, Trump will _not_ shy away from his Presidential role as LEADER, you can be sure... I lol'd when I read the piece on Gingrich worrying about people losing their nerve... not to worry Newt, Trump has enough nerve for all of them combined, that's why he WON

GraveDancer's picture

Obama is the outgoing Chamberlin; Trump is the incoming Churchill; Putin is the sidekick Stalin!

Book> The Road to World War III: "Can the dark forces of anti-freedom "Trump" humanity?"


evoila's picture

thats what 45m twitter followers can do for you


ShrNfr's picture

The chap is not twittering, he is trumpeting.

Joe Davola's picture

He might single handedly save twitter from the bit bucket of digital history.  I wonder whether twitter's management is kicking themselves for attempting to bend him over the barrel on the custom emoji.

Gert_B_Frobe's picture

The beauty of bypassing the MSM fucknuckles is GLORIOUS!!!

4 wheel drift's picture

no shit !....

beautiful to watch....  and accentuate the iirelevancy of those useless [lying] idiots

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Get out the scooper for A Pooper.

CNN and MSNBC are more irrelevant each day. As are Martha Ratass, Charlie Brown_nose, Schitzer, John Plywood, John King and others.

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

And there's millions more like me who have no twitter account but watch, uncounted, here:

cherry picker's picture

This Twitter communication is finally paying off for Americans

post turtle saver's picture

no kidding... as for Trump reining in his use of it, why stop when it works?

Bemused Observer's picture

Rein in his use? Hell, he should BUY Twitter...

chunga's picture

Get them working on term limits and having Top Gun McCain committed and take the rest of the day off.

E.F. Mutton's picture

Yes.  McCain (R-MIC) and Graham (R-Homo) need to STFU.  Their days of influence are numbered and they know it.

activepatriot's picture

Apparently Republicans not onboard with draining the swamp.

Hope a number of them get drained.

cheech_wizard's picture

You can certainly expect to see future Trump tweets that read as follows:

Senator __________ doesn't want to make America great again.... - or - Congressman ___________ doesn't want to make America great again.


11b40's picture

Tweet to RNC.....find me someone in _____ Congressional district whoe DOESwant to make America Great Again.  Current guy needs to go.

Citizen G's picture

This is where we the people can help, take names and vote these assholes out!

Nobody For President's picture

Bi-Partisan Swamp Draining.

It's a concept...

Darktarra's picture


TeethVillage88s's picture


Hill-air-eous. I should check if that is real.


11b40's picture

No one with dusl citizenship allowed to have a security clearance.

If you can't cast a vote, you can't make a campaign contribution. (no Unions, no Corps., no foreigners, no Lobbying firms)

All laws that apply to Citizens also must apply to congress and staff.

gladih8r's picture

Donald is getting it done before he is even in the office.  Way to go. 

People who committ crimes-against-the-economy are shitting their collective panties.

mtanimal's picture

LOL.  Congressional Hokey-Pokey dance.  What a bunch of assclowns.  This is hilarious.  Every time they vote from now on, their first thought will be - "Shit, is Trump going to Tweet me a new one for this?"

11b40's picture

I love it --- "Tweet me a new one"

Al Huxley's picture

Who could have guessed that a group of the most untrusted, untrustworthy, self-serving sociopaths in the country taking an action to remove oversight on their plundering  would be so poorly received?  Honest mistake on their part, I'm sure they didn't think anybody would have a problem with them gutting the ethics watchdog that might prevent them from doing anything they want.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Pretty entertaining to watch indeed.  The hypocrisy of our "representation" is fucking astounding.  No matter, the "let the majority eat cake" monetary, political, social, and economic experiment continues...

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

Now, put that Judge Jeannine Pirro lady in charge of Congressional Ethics Committee.

She'd slap those little bitches like McCain and Ryan and Rubio silly.

The Merovingian's picture

Man, I like where you are going with that! She's got a ball sack on her that would make most men jealous.

Kind of like Mrs. Merovingian now that I think of it. Thankfully my wife appreciates my sack hanging where it is, and fondles it often.

Vardaman's picture

Trump needs to make a simple list - you want to work with me or not?  Those on the "no want to work with" list get hammer damage at appropriations time.

LawsofPhysics's picture

I wonder what "appropriations" there will be when The Fed normalizes interest rates...

No matter, Trump has extensive experience with bankruptcy.


SillySalesmanQuestion's picture

Hmmm, those Congresscritters really can get things done in a hurry...if properly motivated.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Just imagine what they might do if we all refused to pay our income taxes... know, like the way it was before The Fed...